Chapter 1: Hakuryuu

At first, when Kan Soo-Jin heard one of his soldiers informing him about a hidden village inhabited by people with white hair, Kan Soo-Jin told his soldier, "You must have been imagining things because how can a village filled with old men and woman even exist?"

"General Kan Soo-Jin, it is true that the village was filled with men and woman with that particular hair color, but most of them were young and even the children had white hair. Also, -" The soldier got interrupted by Kan Soo-Jin, who said, "Enough! This is nothing but a figment of your imagination! Get out of my sight!"

The soldier did what the general told him to do.

Later that day, Kan Soo-Jin spotted his 15-year-old son, Kan Kyo-Ga, reading a book to Kan Tae-Jun, Kan Soo-Jin's youngest son, about King Hiryuu. At first, Kan Soo-Jin wanted to interrupt Kan Kyo-Ga by reminding him some parts were fictional, but, when Kan Kyo-Gan mentioned the Dragons (specifically, the White Dragon/Hakuryuu), Kan Soo-Jin began to think about what his soldier told him earlier and if there was a possibility the White Dragon may live there. So, without any of his children noticing him, Kan Soo-Jin leaves to talk privately with the soldier, who had seen the hidden village.

"Where exactly did you see this village?" Kan Soo-Jin asked.

"Near the border of the Fire Tribe and the Earth Tribe. I can escort you there, General Kan Soo-Jin" The soldier said.

"From what you saw, were the people of the village trained soldiers?" Kan Soo-Jin asked.

"From what I saw, none looked to be trained warriors, but appearances can be deceiving." The soldier informed Kan Soo-Jin.

"Tonight, prepare to guide me to that village and get ready for a battle." Kan Soo-Jin informed the soldier.

That night there was no moon; General Kan Soo-Jin along with a handful of his soldiers (including the same soldier who had informed him about the village). Also, General Kan Soo-Jin had divided his army in two groups: One that would attack by the front while the other one would attack from behind. That way encircling the village and assuring an easy victory.

But, when they were close to the village, one of the village archers spotted them and warned the village; Kan Soo-Jin had no choice but to attack without the element of surprise at his side and he had severely underestimated the villagers, who started to attack both of Kan Soo-Jin's groups with all they had. The battle was so bloody that a huge puddle of blood was forming in the village. Yet, Kan Soo-Jin remained undeterred and continued to slaughter everyone in his way until one of the villagers told him where the Hakuryuu was. When they arrived at the place where the Hakuryuu was, Kan Soo-Jin killed the villager and entered the place while dragging the villager's corpse.

Inside, there were 4 villagers (or better said, warriors) armed with bows and swords ready to give there life for Hakuryuu, who was just a 6-year-old boy.

The young boy was scared and confused for he didn't know what was going on and feared for the worst.

"You should be using your weapons to defend everyone else, not just me!" The boy implored them.

"Hakuryuu-sama, right now you are the one who-" The villager shut up when a step was heard which made one of the villagers shoot an arrow. The sound of the arrow hitting something and a body falling was heard, which for a moment alleviated the villagers until an arrow hit the villager.

Quickly, the remaining villagers put themselves in front of the boy and started to throw arrows at the intruder, but to no avail for the steps were getting louder and closer until the intruder, Kan Soo-Jin, was in the room.

Kan Soo-Jin didn't hesitate in killing the remaining villagers until the only ones left were him and the young Hakuryuu who was crying and trembling.

"P-p-p-please l-l-le-leave." The young Hakuryuu said repeatedly.

A few seconds later, the first rays of sunlight lit up the room revealing the amount of blood and corpses. Upon seeing that, the young Hakuryuu screamed and passed out on the spot while Kan Soo-Jin, who was covered in blood, smiled upon seeing the right hand of the boy.

"I'll have a god by my side." Kan Soo-Jin thought while picked up and carried the Hakuryuu.

Everyone, except for Kan Soo-Jin and the young Hakuryuu, was dead and to cover up his tracks Kan Soo-Jin burned the village until ashes were the only thing remaining. The 'official' story that Kan Soo-Jin came up with was that there was a village which was actually a secret rebel group that was planning on overthrowing Emperor Joo-Nam and, upon receiving new of this, Kan Soo-Jin killed them all for the safety and prosperty of the Emperor and the Kouka Kingdom. Considering that Kan Soo-Jin was the only witness and that, after the years of war, the Emperor had become paranoid, no one questioned his story.

As for the Hakuryuu, Kan Soo-Jin knew that the young boy could be molded to be a weapon for the Fire Tribe, but Kan Soo-Jin had to be careful because he knew that, if the boy ever figured out the truth, the life of his family would be in danger and, upon remembering that the daughter of Prince Il was born with red hair, Kan Soo-Jin would do everything in his power to make the boy loyal to him.

So, when Kan Soo-Jin returned to his palace and put the unconscious child in private quarters, the next step was of Kan Soo-Jin to convince the boy but, luckily for Kan Soo-Jin, when the boy didn't remember (most likely due to the trauma) which Kan Soo-Jin took advantage of.

"I'm General Kan Soo-Jin and leader of the Fire Tribe. I rescued you from a rebel group." Kan Soo-Jin said.

The boy looked at his right arm and began to panic.

"My arm it's- Why!?" The boy said, but Kan Soo-Jin calmed him down by saying, "This was the reason the rebel group had you. Your right arm symbolizes that you have the power of a god."

"Why me?" The boy asked.

"I don't know that, but what I do know is that you have a mission which is to protect everyone in the Fire Tribe." Kan Soo-Jin said, then began to explain in lengthy detail how the Fire Tribe was composed of descendants of King Hiryuu and who King Hiryuu was.

When Kan Soo-Jin finished his explanation, the boy looked looked at his right arm in amazement, but then asked, "But, what's my name?"

For a moment, Kan Soo-Jin was in deep thought until he said, "I don't know your name and for what I have seen I'm inclined to believe your captors never gave you one. But, from this day, your name will be Hayan-Sek."

Hayan-Sek nodded, then slowly started to fall asleep, but he kept on grabbing Kan Soo-Jin's robe and asked, "Are you going to be here when I wake up?"

Kan Soo-Jin nodded which made Hayan-Sek smile.

Unbeknownst to Kan Soo-Jin, the actions that he committed would make the boy a legend.

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