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The time difference aspect of the Dangai never was something Ichigo really cared to thoroughly understand, which was especially ironic given the means he used to defeat his greatest enemy, or rather gained the power to do so. That aside, it was still confusing as all hell to see the body of the man he defeated being carried off only to lose sight of it a moment later.

'Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter.' Ichigo thought.

He continued to run through the essential bridge between worlds, somewhat thankful that the cleaner was not being sent through it at the moment. In all honesty he had far too many unwanted encounters with the large unstoppable machine. It seemed that every time he was within this world, so was it, running up on his tail.

Abruptly, however, he caught sight of a point of light throughout the Dangai, causing the substitute to stop dead in his tracks.

Then the point of light started to get closer and closer, until Ichigo realized what it was. A projectile!

Immediately reflexes honed through training and countless battles kicked in causing him to duck to his left narrowly missing the projectile.

Then the substitute got on a fighting stance preparing himself for what appeared to be an attack, while trying to reason with his current predicament; He was being attacked in the Dangai? Who was it? Why?

Interrupting his train of thought, he noticed a figure walking towards him until it stopped a few meters from him.

It was a figure dressed in all white but his face was covered by the shadows.

"War Potential - Kurosaki Ichigo." The mysterious man said. "You have been determined to be far too much of a threat, therefore you must be eradicated."

That was pretty much all what the substitute needed to know, this was a guy looking for trouble.

"I don't know who you are or what do you want." Ichigo said while grabbing his Zangetsu. "But if it is a fight what you want, then you're going to regret missing your previous attack."

"I'm afraid you have already lost." The mysterious man countered confusing the substitute. "In fact all I have been doing is stalling you."

That only confused Ichigo more, until his eyes widened in realization and turned his sight behind him were the previous attack of the mysterious man landed, and for his shock it was an arrow made of Reishi that strongly resembled Ishida's.

Then the arrow exploded causing the precipice world to shake. The restrictive current that lined the sides of the Dangai began to flow at a rapid pace, faster than Ichigo had ever seen it before, and the ground itself began to move in a wayward fashion causing the substitute to panic.

The mysterious man on the other hand remained calmed and collected. "Farewell Kurosaki Ichigo - Brother born in the darkness."

After that a shadow of some kind covered the man completely disappearing his presence completely, only adding to the shock of the substitute. 'There is another way to get out of the Dangai?!'

But he left that thought to return to his current predicament.

The floor of the precipice world itself began to shift and turn in random directions, causing the substitute to panic a great deal given that he now knew very well that he no longer had control over where he was headed. At best he could pray he didn't get slammed into the restrictive current, and so that's just what he did.

Shortly thereafter, the ever shifting floor on which the young Soul Reaper stood began to move in a fashion that suggested it was about to slam into the wall of the precipice world, directly into the rapidly flowing ooze-like substance that lined it's sides.

'Just my luck…' Ichigo thought, immediately after which he felt himself being thrust into the restrictive current.

Just before this happened he knew very well it would be unpleasant. He simply hoped that the substance lining the walls was only half as vile and disgusting as it appeared, and even then being absorbed by it would still hold the potential to be one of the worst experiences in his entire life.

Despite knowing that, he honestly had no idea what would happen so he could only hope that if he wasn't be able to come out of this, then that his friends would be alright, Ishida, Chad, his sisters and…


The End

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