New Bonds

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When Ozpin said that he would give Ichigo a place in his academy, he had assumed that the headmaster meant as an active agent or whatever.

Instead he had become a student of his academy.


It has been a week ever since Ichigo's arrival to this new world that they called, remnant.

So far, he had done some studying of the culture to understand his way around and it was surprisingly similar to his own world.

The four great kingdoms, the Faunus that were supposedly half-human and half-animal, the dust that basically powered everything and the monsters of Grimm.

He had also required a change of clothes since his Shihakusho was in tatters, so he was now wearing black pants and a black sleeveless shirt under a black jacket.

But one of the most worrying parts of his current situation was that his body had changed. Usually as a spiritual entity, he didn't require to eat, barely drink anything; But now he was changed out of all those conveniences.

What the hell, the current of the precipice world did to him?!

But he was snapped out of his thoughts when he saw the pla-Bullheads arrive to the school with all the new students, while Ichigo watched from his place on top of one of the many towers.

But a sudden explosion near the landing zone, got his attention. His curiosity getting the better of him, he got down from his spot and at the source of it there were two girls. One of them was a girl that looked younger, had short dark red hair, silver eyes, she was wearing a gothic-red outfit, black leggings, with a skirt and a red cape with a hood attached to her back, next to her in contrast was an older girl of his age with a very pale complexion, blue eyes, with long white hair made into a ponytail on the side a vertical scar on her left eye, dressed in a pure white dress, a white jacket, with white boots that gave her a princess-like vibe but right now she was covered in sooth from the explosion.

"Everything okay?" Ichigo asked, but the sooth covered girl simply exclaimed in frustration.

"No! I'm not okay! This dolt nearly exploded me out of the side of the cliff!"

"It was an accident, I swear, I'm sorry!" The red-hooded girl exclaimed in shame, but the princess wasn't done.

"What are you even doing here? This isn't a kindergarten, little girl!" The Blue-Eyed girl pressed in a haughty tone, until Ichigo stepped in again.

"Oi, she already apologized, beat it princess."

"How dare…!"

"It's heiress actually." A feminine smooth voice corrected, the caller was a tall young girl with black hair and amber eyes that was holding a vial of dust that had rolled on to her during the explosion. "She's Weiss Schnee, heiress of the Schnee Dust Company. The top producers of energy propellant in the world."

The Princess- Weiss smiled in content. "Finally, some recog-"

"Who?" Ichigo cut in, confused by the new information, making the heiress scowl in frustration but the amber eyed girl wasn't done.

"… The same company infamous by it's controversial labor forces and questionable business partners."

"You… The nerve of…!" Weiss ranted in anger.

"You're not going to deny it?" The swordsman asked amused by the ire of the princess.

"Shut up!" With that said she took her vial from the black-haired girl and left towards the school/castle in a huff.

The younger girl laughed at the scene before she turned to the black-haired girl, but she was already gone. Then she turned to the young man and tried to sound social even if she was a little intimidated by him.

"Looks like I'm not the only one having a rough first day; So, I'm Ruby, nice to meet you."

"Ichigo Kurosaki." He responded shortly while moving back to the academy with her following a little hesitantly.

"Uh, excuse me." Another male voice called, getting their attention. It was a tall blonde young man, dressed in a cheap white armor with a sword attached to his hip. "Do you guys know where the amphitheater is?"

"Is straight forward." Ichigo responded shortly, without stopping his walk with both of them following him, in silence until the blonde it.

"I'm Jaune Arc; sweet, short, rolls of the tongue. The ladies love it." He said in an attempt to sound smooth and confident. Instead he only got a blank stare from the substitute and an amused snort from the redhead until she tried to start a conversation on her area of expertise.

"So, I've got this thing." She said while pulling from behind her waist a massive red Scythe that was even bigger than herself, getting a risen eyebrow from the substitute but a scared yelp from the blonde.

"That's a scythe?"

"Is also a convertible Sniper rifle!" She said in pride.

"A what?" Ichigo asked in confusion, which she responded in a matter of fact.

"It's also a gun, so what do you have?"

In response the substitute unfolded the massive blade from his back catching both of them by surprise, "This is Zangetsu, the moon slayer."

"Cool!" Ruby said almost drooling at the beautiful craftsmanship of the sword, while Jaune stared in shock at how effortlessly the Orange-haired youth could move the blade.

So, this were real Hunstmen and huntresses in training huh?

Jaune could already see the giant line of difference between them and himself. How was he supposed to achieve this in so little time?


They finally entered the amphitheater, it was full of people, but more than likely not even half of these people would be allowed to stay. Being a huntsman was an extremally dangerous job, not many were fit for it, even less for Beacon standards which only accepts the best of the best.

"Ruby, over here! I saved you a spot." A tall blonde young woman, called the shorter red head who reacted instantly.

"That's my sister, see you guys later." With that said, she left the trio, while Ichigo simply moved to find a spot to hear the speech properly, while Jaune stayed on his own to find a comfortable place for himself.

Ichigo's attention was suddenly drawn to the podium where there was Ozpin giving a speech with the professor Goodwitch standing next to him.

"In order to preserve the peaceful times brought about by our ancestors, you will all now commit yourselves to four years of training more harrowing than you can imagine. If nothing else be prepared, since what lies ahead for you is anything but peaceful. With that said you're still students, so let's make these school years fun, okay?"

"Quite a speech, don't you think?" A female voice called, getting Ichigo's attention.

The caller was a tall young woman, with ashen black hair, and golden eyes, dressed in a red dress and black heels.

"It almost sounds like he's warning us of something beyond the Grimm." The woman continued, while staring at his eyes in amusement.

"Pretty sure, I can deal with whatever gets in my way." Ichigo shrugged nonchalantly, but that only made the woman even more focused on him.

"Most people would call such words arrogance or foolishness. Which one are you?"

"Neither, I'm just confident." He responded, but this time in a serious tone while returning her stare at her.

They both ended up in a stare down, silently daring the other to back down. To be honest, this woman's gaze reminded him a little of Ginjo, he could see that thirst of power that he had gotten so familiar with in her. But she seemed more interested in him as an enigma that she wanted to figure out.

"I really hope we become teammates, you're far too interesting to be anything else." She declared with a smile, while walking away. Until Glynda's voice cut through the moment.

"You'll assemble in the dance hall tonight and the proficiency exam begins tomorrow. It'll be your chance to show off, as first years."


If Urahara ever found out, that he stayed in a room full of women in their pajamas, then he would never hear the end of it. And that's not even taken Yoruichi in consideration; the werecat would make it impossible.

But his thoughts were interrupted when he heard a female voice calling him in an almost singing tone. "Hellooooo~!"

She was a tall muscular young woman of his age with long blonde hair and purple eyes in her sleepwear while pulling a familiar red head by the hand against her will.

"Hey there! Heard you helped my sweet little sister here!" She commented in a cheery tone, while pointing at Ruby in emphasis much to the red head's annoyance.

"Yes, why?"

"No reason. The name's Yang Xiao Long, Nice to meet 'cha." She presented herself while offering her hand which he took.

"Ichigo Kurosaki." He responded but he could feel the strong grip of the woman. It wasn't a threat, but it was more of a warning of not messing with her sister. That was something he could relate, so re-assured her of his intentions.

"No worries, she just had some issues with an heiress or something."

"You mean of the SDC." An annoyed female voice stated, getting everyone's attention.

The caller was a short girl with long straight white hair and blue eyes, dressed in a blue nightgown with short sleeves. All in all, she was quite beautiful despite the glare she was throwing at him.

"Do I know you?" The swordsman asked confusedly, since while she sounded familiar, he was pretty sure he had never seen her before.

"Are you for…? Huh! I'm Weiss Schnee, you dolt! The person you were talking about a second ago!"

Say what!? She looked way different with her hair down.

"Did you get shorter?" Ichigo asked in an honest confusion, thought the glare of the woman grew even more heated, while Yang held back a batch of laughter with her hand and Ruby simply sighed, because she knew how loud the crabby girl could be.

"How dare you!"

"I'm sorry, that was the first think that came to my mind!" The orange haired teen yelped.

"So, what if you're taller? I'm still superior to you in every way!"

"Except in height, right?


"I'm just saying."

Yang on the other hand simply couldn't hold it back anymore and let out a thunderous batch of laughter for everyone to hear.

But the moment was interrupted when Miss Goodwitch suddenly barged in with an irritated look. "YOU FOUR, ENOUGH WITH THE COMMOTION!"

"YES MA'AM!" All four of them responded automatically with their faces paling in terror at the professor.

Both Ichigo and Weiss stood themselves as if they were soldiers and she was a commanding officer ready to whip them for their insubordination. While Ruby jumped to the air in fright with Yang instinctively catching her in her arms as if she were a newborn baby.

The End

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