Hi guys, because I like people to know what I'm talking about this is just for context.

Empire of Japan.

The newly formed empire of Japan has diverted from its fascist ways and embraced a traditional role similar to the empire of the past. While the Emperor is head of state, he is simply a figurehead while the modern-day Shogun is ruler of Japan. However, the Empire is bogged down in China due to the change in government.

Free American Empire (FAE)/ United States of America (USA)/ Peoples Communist Republic of America (PCRA or CRA).

During the early 1930's the different political groups in America began to take notice about what was happening across the world and felt like these new ideas could improve America. However, congress was divided on the subject, some wanted to discuss the topic while others did not. This fighting got so bad that the president, Roosevelt, was forced to dismiss congress until such a time they could talk. But this had the opposite effect. Several states seceded from the US and the nation split into three factions causing a three-way civil war. The strongest faction is the FAE who control 27 out of 50 states.

Nazi Germany.

With the fall of the former German Empire and the Treaty of Versailles making people starve in Germany, the Nazi party took dominance in all areas of politics. With the charisma of an actor Adolf Hitler turned the once falling nation into a fascist military state ready to take on the world. With the rise of the Nazi state, Europe is in flames and the British empire is in its eyes.

British Empire.

The saying 'The sun never sets on the British Empire' used to be true, now it's nothing more then a memory as the British empire is in flames thanks to Communist supporters. These rebellions have stripped the empire of its former glory, and with the Great war draining resources the empire's days are numbered.


With the world on fire it's hard not to notice the inactivity of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. With another global war on the horizon the quietness from the USSR is disturbing to say the least. But despite the quietness the USSR is dealing with a new rebel faction that has the backing of Nazi Germany. It's only a matter of time to see if the Union survives or falls.


Heavy infantry.

While the use of armour is largely unused due to how heavy it is, but due to new metals the idea of armoured troopers is coming back even if they are experimental. So far, the use of heavy armour has proven itself. Most heavy armour is attached to a powered frame which differs for function from nation to nation. For example, the British Knight heavy armour pattern is designed to be a multi-purpose tactical suit that sacrifices protection for a modular design. This makes it easy to maintain and outfit, but weaker in terms of majority and protection.


The term Mecha is a Japanese word for a piloted walker. A mecha or 'mech', as it's more commonly known, is a walking tank that bypasses the use of treads for tanks in favour of mechanical legs. Much like heavy infantry armour, mechs they vary from nation to nation. An example of this can be seen with the American Leeson A1M3 mech which is a quadruped anti infantry mech due to its quad machine guns on its back and it's carrying capacity for 8-man squad.


Despite the Hindenburg disaster, Airships are slowly coming back into use with the introduction of a new gas known as Helius gas. Unlike helium, helius gas is a lighter than air non explosive gas that makes it valuable for airship makers. Due to how recent the discovery is many nations do not have access to helius gas. Currently America and Nazi Germany have access to the technology, but in this age of war technology does not say with one nation for long.

Main characters:

Note, some historical characters will be included but I will be mostly using OC's.

Tenshiro Oda:

Recently promoted to Shogun, Oda was a former frontline general before the Kadoha coup. After, due to his leadership skills, he was promoted to Shogunate and lead the nation to victory. However, he didn't want the job in the first place. Reluctant and with the weight of on his shoulders, he has to pull though and bring a squabbling government together in order to achieve domination.

Alexander Jones:

A soldier in the British army, Alex is a career soldier despite his family's warnings about going to war. However, trapped in Europe, he needed to dismantle the Nazi war machine before another invasion begins.

Sophia Lancaster:

An American war-time journalist who's documenting the civil war in America she has an uphill battle to attend to as the FAE begins to control the media. Determined to tell the truth, she will not hesitate to step on toes she shouldn't.