Chapter 133 Back home

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Jin was resting on his bed and he was tired. "Man after all that war thing."

He then looks at a box underneath his bed and takes it out, he opens it and saw the mass produced decks he got from those soldiers.

There was some that survived that he was able to recover in case they can be useful later.

Shinku was watching him and said: "So you obtained the decks of the enemy."

"Hey i'm not stupid, what waste something useful." Jin said.

"I can see your point, just make sure nobody steals it." Shinku said.

"I have other problems now with the others knowing who I am, I have to work harder to make sure the image of the riders being multiple heroes still stands." Jin said.

"Yes, I know, if the people know theres many riders they're hopes will grow." Shinku said.

Anya comes inside making Jin push the box inside as Shinku plays doll.

"Oh hey Anya." He smiles.

"I wanna go out on a adventure." She said.

"Okay... You didn't watch too much of that spy show again did you?" He asked.

He saw Anya watching that show a lot and she just loves it even more when the news about the Kamen Riders appear... It makes him wonder if that's just a coincidence.

"Yes." She nodded.

"Okay, let's go." He goes out with Anya and she holds his hand.

They went out together and Anya looks around the city with a smile.

It's still surprising that Anya is my adopted daughter, not legaly since i'm not enough age but she's still my responsibility. He thinks to himself.

Anya goes foward and points at a store. "I want some peanuts."

"Okay, okay." He said.

He then saw Ren wearing normal clothes. "Oh... Hey."

"Hello Jin." Ren smiles.

"What are you doing here?" Jin asked him while he far enough from Anya who was looking at a window.

"I'm living here since we're part of the same squad, it would be better if we live in the same area." Ren said.

"I get it, I get it, just remember who the real leader is." Jin said.

"Yes, i'll be following your orders now." Ren said. "Sophie and Aria are here too."

"Goddamn it." Jin grunts surprising Ren. "I was trying to get rid of her."

"Well the crew thought it would be better that she comes too." Ren said.

"Really? It's not because she attacked others from the base?" Jin frowns.

"A little." Ren admitted.

"Well we will have to talk at a secret area that I have, so i'll meet you guys later." He said.

"Jin!" Aria came and she holds him by his shirt. "I'll kill you for doing that to me!"

"Your still with that!" Jin got mad.

Anya looks at them and was confused. Mama and papa are flirting.

"Let me go!" Jin said.

"No way!" She said.

Shirayuki came and saw the two and was shocked to see Aria so close to Jin. "You."

They noticed her and Jin got worried.

"Hey what's she doing here?!" Aria said.

"Your trying to take my Ji Ji away from me again!" Shirayuki takes out a sword and charges at her making the two fight away.

Ren and Jin stared at them as they went inside a empty building.

"Good thing the police isn't here." Jin said.

"Is that normal?" Ren asked.

"I was at a school called Butei, they had us carry weapons like guns a lot." Jin said.

"Really?!" Ren said. "I heard being overprotective, but really you had to carry weapons."

"There was a killer, I heard they caught him." Jin said.

The girls were still fighting as they growled before they saw Komi staring at them through the window scared.

"Oh Komi." Shirayuki said.

"Oh great, silent girl is here." Aria said. "Hey! Why are you two here while I had to find Jin on my own!"

Komi was shaking and Shirayuki got worried. "Oh no Komi!"

"Is she still afraid!" Aria said. "Come on! It's been so long we've done this!"

Anya was looking at them and said: "Kitty mama is scared."

Komi then blushes with steam coming out of her and she faints.

"What?!" Shirayuki and Aria looked at Anya.

Anya looks at Aria. "Are you with Papa too?"

Aria got shocked and blushes hard hearing those words.

"Here it comes." Jin said.

"Oh the Hell would even want a guy like him!" Aria said. "Plus it's not like I want a boy as relationships are a waste of time!"

Jin sighs and said: "There she goes again."

"Hello Jin." He looks to the side and saw Yor smiling.

"Oh hey Yor." He looks foward before looking back at her. "Yor!"

"I'm so happy to see you again!" She said.

"Yor!" Aria and Shirayuki said.

"How the are you even here?! You didn't transfer to this school?!" Aria said.

"I was in a exchange program." Yor said.

"Program?" Jin said.

"Yes, some of us are coming to this country to see the school you are in Jin." Yor said.

"What?!" He got shocked.

"Wait us?" Shirayuki said.

"You mean to tell me the others are coming!" Aria got mad again.

Anya looks at Yor and read her mind. Assassin. She got excited. So exciting!

Jin facepalms. I didn't want that part of my past to come back, I swear if I have to start to carry a gun around again i'm going to be pissed.

Ren looks at the group and wonders about the Japan of this world is since Jin has a insane life with it.

"How many of the others are even coming?" Jin asked Yor.

"A good part of our friends." She said.

"I see." He sighs. "Well at least tell me I won't have to carry a gun again."

"But won't that be needed for protection Ji Ji." Shirayuki was worried.

"We're in Paris, not Butei, the laws here are different since the moment I carry a gun i'm going to jail." Jin said. "So both of you stop fighting."

Aria crosses her arms and looks away with a frown.

Jin rubs his head, he was glad to see Yor again and he's not going to tell them about his legacy as a Akechi, since he doesn't even want to know what kind of reaction that will do.

Note: Heres the aftermath of the previous arc and Jin met with Yor again and Ren, Sophie and Aria are staying in Paris to be close to Jin's squad for safety reasons.