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11000 years ago...

"Keep pushing, My Lady!" the human slave anxiously supported her mistress as she struggled to give birth to her child.

The wingly writhed in pain. The condition was far from ideal, especially not for a wingly noble like her. However, there was no other option. Had they found out about this child, they would kill it just like they killed the child's father. So, there they were, in a small hut in the middle of nowhere. There was no bed or other furniture, only a pile of straw.

"Almost, My Lady! Keep pushing!"

She couldn't hold her screamed. That was when she heard a baby's cry.

"It's a boy, My Lady!"

She panted heavily, relieved that it had ended. The slave cut the umbilical cord and brought the baby to her side for her to see. The human woman called her husband to come inside. The male slave came in and congratulated her. Despite the human couple's joy, she looked at her newborn son with sadness.

She put her fingers on the baby's forehead and chanted in a language that the slaves didn't understand. A mark glowed on his forehead before it disappeared. With that, his power was sealed.

Poor child… He would lead a life of hardship, unfit for a wingly… No, unfit for any species! Nobody deserves to live in slavery. However, it was the only way for him to survive. He had to avoid wingly registration in the birth capital in order to not reveal his parentage.

Perhaps, it would be better for him to just die rather than to live the life fate had in store for him. However, she would like to believe in the prophecy. That one day, it would come to an end. One day, all species would be free. One day, humans and winglies would live side by side as equal. This child was a part of the prophecy. He would break the barrier between the two species.

She and her husband didn't believe it before, the prophecy. However, she could sort of see it turned into reality. Ironically, it was self-fulfilled. This boy would grow up to love humanity because he would be a part of it.

She tried to get into a sitting position and cast a spell on herself to hide the pregnancy bump. She then kneeled before the couple. The slaves were startled at her action.

"My Lady, what are you doing?!"

"Please… Take him…" she begged them.

"W… what do you mean?" the female human asked with a confused look.

"Take him away with you. Somewhere safe…"

"But how about you?"

The wingly shook her head, "It would take me some time to recover. I can't delay you. If I survive, I'll try to find you."

"Don't say that, My Lady! You will survive! You will go with Young Master to somewhere safe!" the maid insisted.

"Please… There would be no safe place for him among winglies, but nobody would expect him to hide among you. I have cast a spell. He would grow up to be like you. No magic. No platinum hair. Nobody would find out who he is."

The slaves were horrified. It's true, nobody would expect a wingly child to be raised among humans, but…

"But…, My Lady…"

How could a wingly allow her child to suffer the fate of humans?

"I'm sorry to burden you, but I have no choice." she said with tears in her eyes, "Or perhaps you could just leave him somewhere in human neighborhood… Let some human couple take him…"

"No! No, My Lady! How could we do that?! You and Master are our benefactors." the male slave quickly assured her, " It's just… Are you sure? He will grow up as…"

A slave...

"Young master deserves better..."

"I believe in him. I believe in you, in your fortitude. You are a strong creature, capable to withstand any hardship. He will grow to become like you." she said as she looked at her son affectionately.

"Very well… I promise you we will take good care of him," he said.

"Thank you…" she cried, "Thank you…"

"Anything else, My Lady?"

She shook her head, "No, you should depart now."

"Oh! What should we call him?"

She was about to tell them the names she had prepared with his husband for the child, but she threw the idea away.

"A human name… I'm not familiar with them…"

The couple looked at each other, not sure what to do for a moment.

The man suddenly got an idea, "How about Lloyd?"

"Lloyd?" the wingly gave the human a questioning look.

"It means grey-haired so that he could have a connection to his origin." the man explained.

The woman nudged him, "Can't you be more creative?"

"It's not bad! It also means sacred, just so it's not too obvious." the man defended his choice.

The wingly smiled a bit seeing the couple fight.

"Lloyd…" she mumbled the name.

Neither black nor white. Neither wingly nor human.

"Lloyd... would suit him well…"

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