At first Harry was ok with the baby being around but it started to become to much to take, whenever he set foot downstairs he always stepped onto a baby toy of some sort, and the baby would cry all night long which made Harry have trouble sleeping at night. It almost seemed like this baby was taking over the house, but his spirits were high because in no longer than four weeks he would be boarding the Hogwarts express leaving the three Dursleys to take care of that baby. Since Harry was able to spend more time alone in his room he decided to write a letter to Ron and Hermione telling them about the baby, he only sent one because he got the news that Hermione was staying at the Burrow for the rest of her break. Dear Ron and Hermione, The craziest thing happened to me a few weeks ago, a baby wearing a business uniform and carrying a briefcase showed up at my aunt and uncles doorstep! And guess what, they were completely fine with it, it's almost like they've gone mad. Everything else has been normal though, I hope to see you soon, Harry. Harry read through his letter a few more times and decided to send it, but before he could call Hedwig down from her cage she was already ready with her leg stuck out for the letter. She had been acting like this ever since an owl from Ron's house came over to give Harry his birthday present, and Hedwig took that as a competition so Harry had to keep the windows shut to prevent Hedwig from taking blank pieces of parchment as if it were a letter.

Again Harry was working on his homework for school, but something was odd, it was just quiet really really quiet. All of the Dursleys were asleep, and when I say all of them, I mean all of them, even the baby was asleep. Harry tried to concentrate on his schoolwork but it was just too difficult, and and following his inner voice Harry got up and crept slowly down the hallway and stopped at the baby's bedroom door. Should I really be doing this? Harry thought, No you shouldn't you're just being an idiot, you'll just wake up the baby and get in trouble, but what if somethings wrong, this is really out of the ordinary. Making up his mind, Harry pushed open the door very slowly, and to his surprise he saw the baby sitting up and talking into it's baby phone. Harry crept down and listened hard, he was probably imagining it, obviously baby's can't talk, but as he listened Harry learned that this one actually can. "... the usual, sleep deprivation and a whole bunch of other stuff..." The baby's voice sounded so businesslike and it was deep but not so deep, Harry kept on listening, "The missions not going so well though, there's not so much baby love going around in this neighborhood, I'm going to have to make some -" The baby stopped talking Harry was visible in the center of the room and the baby could see him, Harry who was trying to leave and stepped onto a baby toy, slipped and fell down.