Angels Lament

Hello, this is a story I've always wanted to do. This Story takes place during the latter days of the Indomitus Crusade. Which yes I know the Warhammer Community aren't the most enthusiastic lovers of the Indomitus Crusade but it's what got me into the game so I for one like it because it's what I was first exposed to when I found out about 40k, through the total war game for Fantasy. Sorry I've digressed back to the point at hand. This Story will be about 2 companies of Blood Angels (All Primaris) and the remainder of the Lamenters chapter (one company-ish, for the story there shall only be about 50 of them left that are fully alive. Also primarily Primaris except their older Dreadnoughts), and their exploits into the Mass Effect world. First off I want to clarify something, the Astartes will not go full-on kill all Xenos because I feel like that's been done to hell and back already. This Fic is also heavily inspired by Gabenator5's story "The Unknown Defender" and a fair bit from "Hammerhand" and it's sequel. But don't worry I'm gonna try and do my own thing. Also, this story will contain some OC's and canon characters from the books and games. This is also inspired by the 40k books about Mephiston, if you haven't read those, you most likely haven't, they are really good and informative for what I'm having happen in and before this Chapter takes place. But I'll try to not make reading the books a requirement. Also, no Antros is not a self-insert, he's from the books. I simply named my account after him because I liked his character and it was a quick name I could use. Now, this all said let the Chapter begin...

Chapter One: Angels Run

Much had changed in the last 100 years of Antros's life. He had joined the Blood Angels and even crossed the Primaris Rubicon(It's what Space Marines call ascending to become a Primaris Marine when you were originally a 'normal' Astartes). But the biggest of all was the death of his teacher, Mephiston. The Chief Librarian Mephiston, conqueror of the Black Rage, and near unmatched Psyker, was dead. He had died as he had dreamed, killing two of the worst plights upon the Milky Way Galaxy. He had managed to unleash The Gift and the Blade Petrific, upon the Lord of Change Cyros and the Bloodthirster Ka'Bandha finally putting a permanent end to the two Greater Daemons of Chaos. The battle had been fierce and when the smoke had finally cleared the two Daemons lay slain, but Mephiston in the act was left horribly injured, his armor and body both bent and cracked beyond repair. In his final moments, Mephiston had told Antros and Rhacelus who he wished to succeed him. To both of their collective shock, he had said that Antros was to take the rank of Chief Librarian. Rhacelus had simply said back to his lifelong friend, "As you wish it, My Brother." Thus Mephiston died and Antros was later named the Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels Chapter and Gaius Rhacelus would be his equerry and advisor. It had been many years passed, well over 70 years since the , but the image of the dying Mephiston was still burned into Antros's brain. The Chapter had taken the death of Mephiston to heart especially since with his sacrifice the Black Rage and those afflicted could be healed. With the death of the accursed Daemon who had caused the Rage in the first place, the Rage itself could be cured in those who were not yet affected by it and those that were. This all compounded with the successes of Belisarius Cawl with the new Primaris Space Marines meant that the chapter and her successors were now all but free from the 'Flaws' and their restraints.

Now many years later since these events, Antros stood on the bridge of the Blood Angels Ramilles class Star-Fort the Sanguine Spirit. It and two sister Star-Forts had been given to the Blood Angels by Roboute Guilliman, with their attending crews, after he had saved them from Hive Fleet Leviathan. With them, the reborn Blood Angels had cut a mighty swath through the Xenos and traitor forces in Imperium Nihilus. Even with her though they had been outmatched in their most recent engagement against the Red Corsairs and their Blackstone Fortress. The Blood Angels Strike Force had been mobilized to aid the Lamenters in their quest for vengeance against the once Astral Claws (now Red Corsairs) for what they had tricked the Lamenters into doing during the Badab War. the Lamenters had been blinded by their hunger for retribution and been cornered into a trap by the Red Corsairs. One they wouldn't have lived through if the Sanguine Spirit and her accompanying Battle Cruisers hadn't shown up. Antros had quickly ordered the attack upon the Red Corsairs Flotilla. They would have been pulverized by the collective fire if it weren't for what happened next. Suddenly the Astral Claws Blackstone Fortress had appeared, pulling itself free of warp space and into the Materium firing all of its weapon batteries into the escorts of the Sanguine Spirit, killing many of them. The Imperial battle group which had once numbered over 100 ships now only had a remaining 18 vessels. Two weakened Battleships, three heavily damaged Battle Cruisers, one Lamenters Battle Barge in moderate condition, one Strike Cruisers of the Lamenters, one Strike Cruiser of the Blood Angels, three Dauntless Light Cruisers, three Gladius vessels, three Azkaellon frigates, and one solitary Sword class.

The Imperial battle group was now in full retreat making their way slowly to the edge of the system to exit the battle. The bridge of the Sanguine Spirit Suddenly shook violently sending many of the mortal crew careening to the floor. Sparks flew in from pict screens and many cogitators sputtered then stopped working, their hololith displays fading away. Antros was able to keep his balance leaning upon the railing of the Command Dias as did Rhacelus who stood behind Antros. Within the seat of the command throne sat the limp form of the Admiral. She had smacked the back of her head so hard into the marble throne that she had been rendered unconscious. Antros quickly pointed Mephiston's old force sword Vitarus at the Admiral and summoning upon his powers quickly roused her from her inert state. The Admiral awoke with a start but she quickly regained her composure and was barking out orders within a few seconds of her awakening. The Star-Fort shuddered again but the crew was more prepared and was thus able to brace for the impact lessening its effect on the crew.

Antros suddenly saw the scene before him change, where once there had been the bridge of the Sanguine Spirit there was now the vastness of space, but it was what Antros saw that caught his attention. There in the void lay the split husk of the Sanguine Spirit cracked like an egg, and death, he could feel the death emanating from it. Antros instantly knew this was a vision and so he prepared himself to return to the moment at hand. It took another few long seconds before he was suddenly thrust back onto the Bridge and back into his body. Antros nearly lost his footing but caught himself at the last second. Antros spun around and said. "Emergency warp jump, Now!"

The Admiral asked more out of reflex. "What's happening, My Lord?"

Antros simply said. "Do it or we will all die."

Her face blanched for a moment before she said. "But a jump so close to a gravitational body has severe risks."

"We are assured death if we don't escape now, I have seen it, Admiral." Replied Antros.

The Admiral's face hardened and she yelled out. "Prepare the Gellar Field, we need to make an emergency warp jump!" She broadcast the order to the rest of the fleet and was answered by several affirmatives from the other captains saying they would make the necessary arrangements for the jump. After another few minutes, the Gellar Fields came online, covering the remaining ships in golden shields or realspace. The Blackstone Fortress must have taken notice because its sporadic fire became a torrent of destruction. A firestorm engulfed two of the Gladius class escort vessels and one of the Dauntless Class vessels lost half of her mighty thrusters and her void shield generators were destroyed leaving the vessel open to further attacks. The Fortress meant to slow the Imperial ships that much was clear. The traitors wished to stop them from retreating and to deal with them here and now. But even with the immense power of the mighty ship, it was too late, the remaining 16 Imperial opened their warp portals and pulled themselves through the massive portals escaping the monstrous Fortress. In an instant, Antros was assailed by a chorus of horrible and deranged voices of the Daemons of the warp, some promised him things, power, knowledge, while others just stated their desire to kill him. He listened to none of it and used his discipline to block out the voices. Rhacelus's familiar Psyber Eagle screeched from its perch on his shoulder showing its disdain for the outcome of the battle. It sat proudly upon its perch but was poised to take flight at its master's command and assist him with any psychic undertakings. Rhacelus stroked the bird on both of its twin heads and told it to be calm, it did as its master bid and lowered its heads.

Antros turned to leave the bridge, giving a bow to Rhacelus and the Admiral saying. "If you don't mind I will be taking my leave, summon me if I am needed." Rhacelus nodded back to Antros letting him leave not saying a word. Antros took a straight path to his private chambers aboard the Sanguine Spirit. He wished to get out of his filthy and dirtied armor. Antros and his brothers from the Librarium, 4th company, and half the 10th company had been repelling boarding parties of Red Corsairs and their crazed fanatic followers for the past 28 hours. Antros's armor was showing signs of extreme wear, multiple breaches, heavy denting, and a thick layer of grime and vitae had accumulated on the cobalt blue plates. Luckily for Antros, he had accumulated only minor wounds, a few small burns, and cuts which had already healed thanks to his enhanced biology. He made good time to the chamber stepping inside the finely decorated room. On the ceiling and above the bedpost were paintings complementing each other with their beauty. The one on the ceiling was of Sanguinius uniting the tribes of Blood while the one above the bed was of the rebuilding of Baal Secundus and the small city that had sprouted from the desert. Angels Landing was the name of the city, it had been made by the Blood Angels and the Mechanicus to reward the people of Baal for their service in helping to stop the Leviathan. There was a fine and clean crimson carpet upon the floor. A strong ancient wooden cabinet lay in the corner of the chamber supported by Adamantium to be able to take the weight of Astartes weapons. There was a neatly tucked and decorated bed, made for the size and weight of an Astartes. Upon the bed lay Antros's Familiar, a Gryinx. She was rather large for her kind just under 2 meters in length, 3 if you counted her tail. She had dark crimson and grey fur with sparkling purple eyes that belied a smart and powerful mind. She had been sleeping ever since Antros entered though she did raise an ear upon his entrance.

Antros quickly said to her, "Hello Artemis, how was your nap?"

the Gryinx simply opened her eyes and looked at Antros square in the eyes and went. "Groumph."

To which Antros replied back. "Good to hear your nap wasn't too hindered by the boardings."

Antros's Thralls had already made it to the room and were ready to help him get out of his damaged armor and take his weapons. 2 attendees took Vitarus and another took Angel's Light, Antros's plasma pistol and placed them reverently in the weapons cabinet. Then came the power armor, first came the powerpack, Helmet, Psychic Hood, and chestplate. Then, they took the grieves, pauldrons, and gauntlets. When they disconnected from his interface ports it gave him an electric shock. All the items with the exception of the powerpack, psychic hood, and helmet were wrapped in clean linens sheets to be taken to the Sanguine Spirit's Forge Father. Who would rework and repair the suit. The powerpack, psychic hood, and helmet were taken immediately by a few of the Thralls and would be repaired by a master Techmarine and Librarian. Now came the boots thus allowing Antros to fully see his synth skin, the undersuit of the mighty power armor. Antros could also now smell himself, the smell was most unpleasant and unangelic. Antros quickly asked his personal friend and Thrall. "Dimitra could you start the bath for me?"

She slowly came from behind Antros and limping stopped in front of Antros and gave a deep bow saying. "At once, My Lord Antros."

"Before you dare to do that, please summon Aphek, I want him to come to check on you Dimitra you seem weak. Where you hurt in the boardings?" Asked Antros in a kind voice.

Dimitra stopped and turned around, showed him her leg and said. "I was attacked by one of the heretics. They were able to slam me into a wall before one of the scions got them. Ever since my leg has been hurting and I've been unable to walk correctly."

Antros face turned into a deep scowl, and rage built-in him for the pain suffered by his friend. He knelt before Dimitra and placed his hand upon her head and spoke in an ancient language words of power taught to him by Mephiston. "Verna."

Dimitra gasped as the healing energy flooded her and the pain waned and eventually fully disappeared. She quickly exclaimed. "Thank you, My Lord!"

"Of course my dear friend." Antros said back to Dimitra. "Now summon Aphek and have him look you over. I want you in your best shape." Antros turned to another Thrall and said. "Imola, could you start the bath?" Imola bowed and walked to the bathing chamber. Where Antros's gene enhanced senses could hear the sound of water pouring and slamming against stone.

Finally, Antros peeled off his Synth Skin and handed it to another Thrall, who quickly took it to be washed. Then another Thrall handed Antros a wet towel to wipe his face with. After Antros had wiped his head with the cloth and handed it back. Antros then walked to the Bath Chamber for the room. The walls were thick marble and other soundproofing materials to keep the sounds of cannon fire and engine thrusters out of the room. Antros walked to the first stage of the bath. A small chamber full of high-pressure hoses. The moment it detected his entrance the door closed encasing him in the tiny room. After about a second the hoses began spraying Antros with high-pressure heated water and soap. It burned but Antros was used to far worse pain. After the high-pressure shower, the doors opened and allowed Antros to walk back to the main bathing chamber. Antros then lowered himself into the main bath that was filled with steaming water. He instantly felt the hot water soothe his aching bone and muscles. Not long after Antros fell asleep in the water.

The dreams Antros had were full of dark omens of the chapter losing apart of itself once more never to be seen again. Then amidst the nightmares came another sight entirely. When Antros was about to summon his powers to clarify the visions he came to him, the Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Hosts. Antros only had ever seen the Sanguinor aboard the Blade of Vengeance when it told the Blood Angels that hope yet remained for them and the Galaxy as a whole. Now it stood before Antros within his mind. The Sanguinor was as he always was, an Angel cast of white marble and burnished golden ceramite. The Sanguinor after a moment of staring at Antros cast its hand wide to indicate a greater presence. There in the vision stood Sanguinius, his presence was immense and awe-inspiring. He was dressed in white and golden Artificer Armor that only added to his already powerful presence. The voices that Antros once heard were driven back by his presence and silence reigned. Sanguinius had tears flowing down his angelic cheeks. The moment Antros's astral body allowed him to he bowed before the Primarch, all words and other actions were driven from Antros but the uncontrollable need to kneel and pay homage to his Father.

Then the Great Angel spoke, his voice was full of endless sadness and compassion. "Hello, My Son." A ghost of a smile streaked his face for a moment before he continued. "I am sorry to say My Son, but I have a task that I must impart upon you." his face became sad and he said. "I must lose you and the other sons of mine that are with you, Lucius(it was Antros's old name before becoming the Blood Angel Antros)."

Antros finally lifted his head and asked. "What do you mean, My Primarch?"

Sanguinius replied. "You shall see, My Son. But before you become lost to me I must tell you of what you must do where you will be going."

Antros quickly said. "Of course, My Lord, whatever you would have of me I shall do it."

Sanguinius simply responded with. "You will find this to be a hard task, Lucius. It is not simply fighting an obvious and apparent threat." He continued. "The galaxy you will find yourself in is quite different to ours, it is free of many of our problems, and host to many of its own. In this world, you will not be able to complete the task My Father has set for you if you rely on our rigid rules and standards, you will need to think for yourselves. This will mean that you will be forced to put aside your hatred for some of Mankind's oldest foes and focus it upon others. And you must try to perform your task while trying to remain hidden for as long as you can. You will show yourselves eventually, but you must practice restraint. You are to be this galaxy's Angels and defenders of all its life." the image of Sanguinius faded for a second and at that moment the voices of the Daemons returned. Then in an instant, the Primarch reappeared this time a mere meter away from Antros and again the voices were driven back. The Angel's face became even more saddened before he spoke once more. "In parting, I gift you with as much of my power as I can give you, My Son. So that you might one day return to our world." Sanguinius flickered again. Then he reappeared, Sanguinius pressed forward and hauled Antros to his feet where Sanguinius kneeled to look him in the eye then said. "Good Luck, Lucius. And know you have my love." with that Sanguinius laid his hand upon Antros's forehead. Antros instantly felt the holy power of the Great Angel flood into him and he felt a gift be given to him, one of power and a clear mind. It gave Antros the strength and determination to complete his unknown task. It was given to him by his Primarch and The Emperor himself, so Antros would die before failing either of them in this task.

After that, the Primarch disappeared leaving Antros with the Sanguinor for another few moments. The Avatar of Sanguinius nodded to Antros and spoke to the utter shock of the Chief Librarian. His voice was ancient and powerful. "Good Luck, My Brother." With that, the Exemplar of the Hosts vanished like the Primarch, leaving Antros alone within his mind. Then suddenly Antros awoke. He was still within the bathing chamber he was still in the water at the center of the room.

Antros quickly sensed something was off the moment he awoke. He could feel it. Then he realized what it was, the Gellar Fields had just been breached! He jumped out of the bath, uncaring to dry himself. Antros sprinted into the main chamber, smashing aside the wooden doors, and ran to the weapons case. Two Thralls yet remained in the chamber and they became petrified upon seeing their master's booming entrance. Antros flung the doors open on the weapon cabinet and ripped out Vitarus and Angel's Light from their cases. He grabbed two bolt-pistols loaded them and threw them near the two Thralls in the room saying. "You will need these to defend yourselves." he turned and sprinted to the room's wardrobe and grabbed the first robe he saw and threw it upon himself. Antros quickly yelled at Artemis saying "Come with me! We need to help get the ship out of the Warp, before we are lost to it."

To which Artemis growled and jumped from the bed. Antros turned to the Thralls and said. "Follow me and I shall protect you, stay on my heels and do not stray far or you will surely die." Antros slammed the rune to open the door and it quickly responded opening wide.

Antros was ushered into a cacophony of Daemons and Thralls screaming, the former in joy and the latter in desperate fear. Antros also heard the discharge of Lasrifles and the beastly roar of Bolters. Antros leaped out the door, and instantly had to dodge the knife-like hands of a Neverborn (another name for Daemons). Antros dodged the creatures swipe. And he sliced the monster in two with the fiery blade of Vitarus banishing the Daemon back to the warp. Antros turned on his heel sensing a Thrall in pain and shot out with Angel's Light pulverizing the Daemon that dared to attack the defenseless woman. Antros continued down the Hall saving as many Thralls, Scions, and crew members as he could and having them stay behind him as he advanced down the hallway slaying all the creatures of the Warp that dared cross his path or attack those under his protection. The Chief Librarian noticed his powers were far more lethal and far more powerful than they had been earlier that day. Sanguinius had truly blessed him. Not long after Antros ran into more of his Battle-Brothers, all in their battle-plate and slaying daemons with every shot of their Bolters and banishing Neverborn with every swipe of their swords.

Antros called to them. "Brothers, from up around the mortals under my guard, we must protect them. Then we must try to get to the infirmary to protect our wounded brethren."

The Sergeant of the squad replied. "Affirmative Chief Librarian. Squad defensive formation around the Mortals."

The squad formed up as ordered and they quickly advanced down the corridors. The Daemons that crossed their path were shredded under concentrated Bolter fire and Psychic fury. Before long they had made it to the primary Infirmary District. It was surrounded by Battle-Brothers from the 4th company and inside stood the ship's own security guards who were all well trained and disciplined fighters. Once the mortals were safely within the infirmary Antros departed and headed straight to the Bridge to see why they hadn't left the Warp yet.

It took Antros and Artemis some time to navigate through the corridors, which were now filled with Daemons and those they had slain. After what felt like hours Antros finally made it to the bridge. The Bridge was in an uproar. Astartes Neophytes of the 10th company were fighting back to back against tidal waves of Daemons. Then the crew were either dead, crazed from the sight of the Neverborn, or running off the Bridge. The Daemons had skin as dark as pitch and 8 spindly spider-like limbs. All tipped with claws strong enough that they could tear through Ceramite granted to them by their unholy powers.

Antros charged onto the Command Dias, followed closely by Artemis. The Admiral was luckily still alive, with Rhacelus standing before her smashing aside Daemons that attempted to get through him. Whether they were destroyed by his Psychic might or bashed aside by his Force Staff the Neverborn were still Banished back to the warp from whence they came. Antros ran to his brother's side, unleashing a concussive blast of light at a Daemon that made to stab Rhacelus in the back. The Daemon fell to the floor dead, the body slowly disintegrating back to the Immaterium. Once Antros was standing next to his Equerry Antros hissed. "Why haven't we left the warp yet Rhacelus?"

Rhacelus huffed and said. "The Admiral's unable to reach the rest of the fleet, and Comms to the Navigators in their sepulcher has been cut off."

"Then you and I shall contact them ourselves." Responded Antros. He then began reciting the Hymns he had been taught to clear his mind for when using Telepathy to speak to the Navigators. Rhacelus joined Antros in reciting the Hymns and they quickly summoned the Psychic will to communicate to the Navigator, they sent with all their might five words. "Get The Fleet Out Now!" After another few moments, the two Librarians and their Familiars felt the shudder of exiting the warp and entering back into realspace.

But something was off and they both detected it upon reentry to the Materium, the normal hushed presences and voices they usually felt even in realspace were absent and suddenly the screeching spider-like Daemons were now gone. The disintegrating bodies were gone as well Antros was left perplexed. Then they both felt it the clarity in the Immaterium, as they had never seen it, it was calm and silent. No dark promises and no threats of death just a clear ocean of what was somehow still the Warp. They both looked out the viewport and into the Void. The Red Scar was gone. The Maelstrom was gone. And most importantly the Baal sector was gone. None of it made any sense until Antros remembered what the Primarch had told him in the vision. "The galaxy you will find yourself in is quite different to ours." 'How? Could it be that we translated to an entirely different Galaxy?' Thought the Chief Librarian.

Antros turned to Rhacelus and said. "Summon the rest of the Librarium we must attempt a scrying to see where we have ended up."

The Equerry nodded slowly at first but he quickly gathered himself and Voxed the rest of the Librarium to meet in the Arx Libracon. Rhacelus then said, somewhat suspicious. "You seem different, Chief Librarian. Your aura is far brighter."

Antros smiled and regaled Rhacelus with the events of his dream and the blessing he had been given by Sanguinius himself and that the Sanguinor had spoken to him, wishing him luck. "...and then The Exemplar vanished his presence leaving my mind the same as the Primarch. We have been given a task directly from both the Primarch and the Emperor. Truly we are blessed Brother to be given such a task."

Rhacelus ever the skeptic looked Antros right in the eye and said. "Why would the Emperor and Primarch only show themselves to you Antros?"

Antros's smile faltered. "Why do you always doubt me, Brother? I shall show it to you if you are so quick to doubt me" Antros extended his had to begin to allow the memories to transfer to the Equerry.

But Rhacelus blocked out the transfer and said. "I believe in you, Brother, but I just find this a hard thing to fully believe myself. Another Galaxy? Why would the Emperor send us here?"

"I do not know Rhacelus, that is why we must convene with our Brethren and try to scry what we can about where we have found ourselves. Then we can start on the task the Emperor has sent us here to perform. But we must remember that the Primarch told us to be discreet, for as long as possible." Said Antros.

"Yes, of course, Chief Librarian." Said Rhacelus hitting his fist into his chest plate twice in agreement.

"As well I believe we should summon our brothers in the Lamenters and see if any of them had a vision or anything similar." Said Antros

After a few more moments of discussion they both turned to the Admiral. She was busy speaking with technicians and other members of the Mechanicus. They had finally repaired her ability to speak with the fleet and were now working on the navigation. The Admiral looked to her hololith which had just come back online. Antros could see the Data screeds run along it and he read them. They were casualty reports, the entire fleet had been struck by the Daemon pandemic, and was reporting mortal crew deaths at just under 60 percent and wounded at another 17 percent. The Admiral's face became saddened, but she ordered that repairs should be the primary concern of the remaining crew while they were, well wherever they were.

Antros walked over to the Admiral and said. "I am sorry for the loss of so many of your crew."

The Admiral looked over at the Chief Librarian, a tear welling up in her left eye, and after taking a second to wipe the tear away she spoke to Antros. "Thank you, My Lord."

Antros then asked. "If you could, please, send a message to the Lamenter's vessels and request that they send over their Librarian contingent?"

The Admiral nodded and keyed in the message upon her Command Throne, once it was sent she nodded again saying. "Message has been sent My Lord."

Antros replied. "My thanks, Admiral."

"Of course, My Lord." She bowed her head.

Antros bowed back and turned about and walked off the Bridge, Rhacelus, and Artemis following close behind him. They headed straight to the Arx Libracon where the rest of the Librarians would assemble. They had a task to complete and Antros would not shy from looking and seeing what he must do.

Thanks for reading the story and sticking around. This is a story I really wanted to make or see be made, where a 'large'(relatively) amount of Space Marines enter into Mass Effect. And like I said in the Authors Note at the top this will not contain mass Xenos Genocide, so if that's what you come to see sorry to disappoint. But there is a pretty darn good story about that in this same section, its called "The Lost Crusade." Now my story will be about the struggle of the Imperials as they come to grips that they are stuck there and the task the Emperor has given them and also the struggle to stay hidden from the council. Also, Gryinx can be familiars for humans, though are no examples of one being owned by a Librarian I thought she could be a cool semi-character. Now have a great day, please review, favorite, or follow if you feel like it. A big Thank you to Henri9897 for his help in this story and the lore of Mass Effect and Warhammer.

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