"I would like to introduce you to my wife, Regan Langdon."

Instantly everyone from the outpost exchanged looks as Michael opened his arm, revealing the petite young woman wearing what appeared to be leather pants, heels, and a black peacoat. She had fair skin, big doe brown eyes, and dirty blond hair that was done up in a loose bun, with two twirling strands that hung down framing her pretty face. Her eye makeup was light, but matched Michael's. She had little to no expression, instead she stood by his side, as his arm snaked around her shoulders. She stared ahead, her pretty eyes looking lifeless. Mallory watched her, and saw how close Michael was holding this young girl by his side. She looked at her, and instantly she noticed something. As Michael went on, talking about the "interviews" that were to be conducted, she gently nudged Coco, and leaned in whispering...

"She's pregnant."

Coco seemed annoyed, and raised an eyebrow before leaning in back to her.


She harshly whispered back. Mallory wouldn't take her eyes off Regan. She motioned with her head.

"Look, beneath the coat. She's pregnant."

Coco made a face.

"Maybe she just had a heavy lunch..."

Less than a minute later Coco began complaining that her money bought her a ticket to the outpost, and she found this whole interview nonsense stupid. Langdon didn't seem phased by this, and simply stated facts that if anyone refused to be interviewed, they would be left here to die. He showed off the glass bottle that would put the unlucky ones to sleep before the outpost became overrun as did the others. Mallory continued staring at Regan, and noticed for just a brief second her body seemed to start to slightly sway, before Michael squeezed her body firmly against his as he finished talking. This woman looked as if she was sleeping walking...like in a trace or something.

Instantly something didn't seem right.

A few minutes later everyone was dismissed as Michael and Regan left the room. Mallory ignored the caddy comments being spoken at the table as Coco complained and ordered her to head to the bathroom with her, all ready nervous about her interview. Mallory helped smooth out her dress. It appeared Gallant was going first. As they walked out into the driveway, they saw Ms. Venable was in the hallway talking with Langdon. His wife Regan was silently standing right beside him, eyes cast downward. Coco smiled before whispering to Mallory...

"Might as well try to butter up management..."

Before Mallory could say another word, Coco hurried down the hallway in their direction, dress swishing behind her. She passed Michael who had his back facing her, still talking to Ms. Venable, and approached Mrs. Langdon who slowly lifted her eyes to her. Coco smiled.

"Hi, I'm Coco. So very nice to meet you. Please forgive me in asking but I couldn't help but notice your pregnant. At least there's some glimmering hope for the future in this shithole of a wasteland! What are you having a boy or a girl..."

Before she could finish, Mallory watched in slow motion as Coco reached forward, hand opened the touch the gentle swell of Mrs. Langdon's stomach, which was practically hidden beneath her closed coat. That's when Michael glanced over, strands of his fallen red hair falling back as he glanced and eyes widened at what was about to happen. Mallory watched and within less than two seconds his own arm shot out like a bullet, striking like a snake as it snatched Coco's hand which was just about to touch his wife's stomach. Coco cried out in surprise as Michael's fingers dug deeply into her arm.


Coco yelled, before Michael turned, nostrils flaring as turned facing her.

"Word to the wise, keep your hands to yourself. You ever touch or so much as look in my wife's direction I'll make sure I'll break every bone in your arm. Understood?"

Coco stared at him with wide frightened eyes before nodding. Mallory glanced over and saw Ms. Venable seemed embarrassed and was staring down at the floor. Michael released Coco's arm, as she stumbled back, holding herself, her arm all ready beginning to turn an ugly shade of red. Mallory knew there would be fingermarks that would turn into ugly bruises by tomorrow. Coco seemed on the verge of tears before hurrying away, heels clicking. Michael smirked watching her, before he turned his attention to Ms. Venable.

"Our room please?"

Mallory watched as Ms. Venable led the two of them up the back stairwell. All the meanwhile, for just a fraction of a second she caught Regan's eyes and could have sworn there were tears in them.


"We won't be long, a few days at best. Ms. Mead will carry on the plan with that fool Ms. Venable, and we'll be able to move onto the next outpost."

He stood behind her before reaching around and unbuttoning the buttons of her peacoat, his slender fingers working quickly before the coat opened, revealing her black loose fitting blouse, that exposed her perfectly round pregnant stomach much clearer beneath. Taking the coat, Michael folded it over his arm before tossing it to the chair behind him without so much as a second thought. The fireplace was lit, casting dim shadows around the room as the flames flickered and crackled. Regan blankly stared ahead, as Michael smirked and nuzzled her neck. Tracing light kisses against the nape of her neck, he played with the strands that framed her face, before reaching around and placing both of his palms against her swollen stomach. Firmly placing his palms against her stomach, the faint dull kicks of their child fluttered.

Chuckling softly, he sighed before placing his chin on his shoulder.

"Just stay in here and only leave when I'm with you. I'll make sure you two are safe, and we'll collect Ms. Mead and leave this tomb to be forgotten..."

Michael had insisted she come with him, only after the doctor from the last outpost had guaranteed a newly made injection would prevent any effects of radiation. Michael wouldn't make the journey without his beloved wife, but wanted to be certain that herself, as well as their unborn child wouldn't be harmed. He casted a spell of protection around them, and had closely watched her, never allowing her to leave his sight.

This was their last stop, and everything was falling into place. He supposed she now truly saw who he was, despite their shared years together as he slowly rose to his legacy. He knew the night their child was conceived he had lost control, and since then...she seemed almost half there.

Still, besides Ms. Mead, she was the most important person in his life. The original Ms. Mead, and the warlocks had arranged it all. She was chosen to be his bride, and bare his heir. The only thing that frightened him was that what had happened to his birth mother would happen to her. No, he forbid it. He had prayed to his father, making a deal that no matter what happened, his child wouldn't kill his soulmate was it ripped itself into this world. He knew Regan was weak, but she was protected. A single tear rolled down Regan's face as she stared ahead as Michael began franticly kissing her neck and shoulder blades. His hands roamed up and down, rubbing her stomach where his seed deeply grew, cupping her swollen breasts, and slowly lifting her blouse.

In seconds it was off, and he snapped open her bra, before forcing her to turn. She swayed again, almost as if she was drugged. He took in her naked form, and like an eager child, licked his lips, before he backed her up, placing his hands onto her bare shoulder blades, and forced her to sit on the edge of the bed. He laid her back, before he ran his tongue over the swollen tight skin of the curve of her stomach. His long red hair swept over her breasts, before he half straddled her, making sure he wasn't laying any weight down. He unbuttoned her leather pants, and began to yank them off, before he stood before her and smiled.

Just like that his once brilliant blue eyes turned black.