Bits and Bobs II

An Unusual Turn of Events.

Hermione raced after Luna, her anger growing as she chased the petite blonde.

"Luna, I want to talk to you," she growled.

Luna stopped and Hermione saw her shoulders rise and fall as she huffed in annoyance. She slowly turned until she was facing the brunette, her eyes narrowing as she waited for Hermione to reach her.

Before Hermione could speak, Luna shook her head lightly. "What you want and what you need are two different things," she stated softly but firmly.

Hermione drew up short, her anger turning to confusion as she took in what the blonde had said.

"What do you mean?" she asked bewilderedly.

"Just what I said, what you want and what you need are two entirely different things," Luna restated with a small smirk.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "And just what is it you think I need?" she asked with a superior attitude.

Luna stared at her for a moment, her eyes boring into Hermione's.

"This," she finally stated as she stepped close to the bushy-haired girl, taking her head into her hands and kissing her soundly.

At first Hermione was too shocked at what was happening to do anything, then she tried desperately to break the kiss and pull away.

The petite blonde was much stronger than Hermione had thought and steadfastly hung on, refusing to let Hermione go, keeping the brunette in her grasp, intensifying the kiss.

Slowly Hermione stopped struggling and eventually she began to return the kiss, even though deep back in her mind, she was saying she shouldn't be enjoying it as much as she was.

She moaned softly as Luna pressed her tongue forward, entering her mouth in a deep passionate kiss.

As shocked as Hermione was with the kiss, it increased when she felt Luna's hands slide down and cup her arse, massaging it gently.

The brunette couldn't believe how turned on she was becoming. She could feel the moisture beginning to drip from her slit, wetting her knickers.

She had never experienced anything like it before, at least to this extent.

Then in an unexpected move, Luna broke off the kiss. She leaned back slightly and stared into Hermione's eyes.

Hermione noticed that while there was still a dreamy quality to her look, she was more focused than she had ever noticed before.

"Hermione, you have a decision to make. We can go somewhere and continue this, or I can walk away and things can go back to the way they were," Luna stated softly. "This is your one and only chance, choose wisely."

Part of Hermione knew she should let Luna leave but more of her wanted to continue feeling what she had been just experiencing. Snogging Ron had never invoked anything near what being kissed by Luna did.

Taking a deep breath, she decided for once in her life to take a leap of faith and just go with it.

"Take me where you wish," she breathed softly.

Luna smiled at her, something that made her gut twist in a very delightful way. Luna grabbed her hand and began to lead her down the corridor.

"Where are we going?" Hermione asked.

Luna cocked an eyebrow at her. "You'll just have to wait and see," she smirked.

For the first time she could remember, not knowing didn't bother her. In fact she found herself breathlessly anticipating finding out where Luna would lead her and she found that amazing.