A/N: Hey everyone! How's it going? I've been working on this new story for a while now. I would like to give credit to two stories in particular for inspiring this story.
1. Misery to a good life by The-crazy-lone-wolf77
2. Humphrey's Life by slenderisbeast
Two very good stories that I definitely recommend if you haven't read them already. Anyway, I think that's enough of me talking, and I think it's time to get into this new story!

Welcome to "The Hand I Was Dealt."

Chapter 1 – Explanations and Mishaps
Humphrey's POV

Waking up to the sun shining in your face and the birds chirping their wonderful songs is rather calming. For me, it gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation.
However, this is not one of those days. Droplets of rain raced down the window of the old, unkept, and miserable house I've unfortunately had to call home for most of my time alive, sharing the ride with the druggie of a father I have.
I feel a little backstory is justified. Since the day I could remember, my father has been abusive and a drug addict. I'll be lucky to go a day without being abused by him in some form or another, extremely lucky at that.
School is also just about of a nightmare as 'home' is. I don't have friends, nor do people seem to actually like me that much. I also have the classic bullies people like me have to deal with. I'm your classic TV show loner as some may put it. It's not a great life, but it's the hand I was dealt.
I lifted myself out of bed, reluctantly I must say, however, being beat for sleeping in is not on my to do list. I learnt that lesson a few years ago.
I made my way to the wardrobe and opened it; staring at the little amount of clothes I have. I grabbed out my usual outfit of my black and white striped hoodie and navy blue t-shirt, along with my dark grey jeans. It wasn't much but it was all I could afford at the local second-hand shop.
I do little things here and there for my neighbours for some 'pocket money' as some may call it. Things like mowing lawns, weeding gardens, washing cars, and others of the sort. My neighbours seem to think I'm a good kid, at least from what they tell me, and I enjoy the company as it seems to be some of the only friendly interactions I receive.
I try to save money, but every time I manage to get some saved, my dad finds it and takes it for what I assume is drugs. The most I've probably managed to save is about $350 before my dad found it. I would try hiding it better, but there really isn't much place to hide it from a crack-head.
Anyway, I took the clothes I had and made my way to the bathroom. I had a shower and brushing my teeth; knowing full well I wasn't going to have breakfast.
I got into my clothes and made my way down the hallway, as the house was only one story. I walked into the kitchen to find nobody awake, luckily. I probably could've gotten away sleeping in a bit, but I don't want to take my chances.
I didn't even bother looking in the fridge, knowing there is nothing in there for me to eat. I just sighed and grabbed my keys off the table along with my bag off the ground just made my way out the door and towards Jasper High School.
The walk to and from school is usually my favourite part of the day. It's generally pretty quiet and peaceful. Well, that's when I don't get jumped by Garth along with his petty gang. That also seems to be one of Garth's favourite past times; beating the living shit out of me. I've just seemed to grown to be used to it though. I don't workout, let along fight, so I'm not the bulkiest guy you'll meet.
The walk was usually about fifteen to twenty minutes; dependant on if I get jumped on the way to school. Usually I'd make it to school before I got beaten, but some days I was less fortunate.
Today was one of my more fortunate days; me arriving to school unscathed, however, I highly doubted it would stay like that for very long, as I sat down in my usual spot out the front of the school. Unfortunately the seat was a little wet from the rain earlier that morning.
As I waited out the front, I watched as people walked around and into the main building. Nobody really came near me, and if anyone did they seemed to just carry on briskly or just stared as they carried on. However, that kind of stuff is a rather normal occurrence for me, so it's nothing out of the ordinary or something I'm not used to.
As the bell neared, I scanned my surroundings and surely enough, Garth and his gang approached me, causing me to sigh, preparing for what was about to be given to me.

"Well, well. How's it going old friend?" He said, with an evil grin.

"Just cut the crap and get to it," I sighed, standing up and opening my arms out, hanging my head down in the process. I saw as a fist flew quickly towards my stomach and making contact, causing me to cough and stumble back, struggling to breathe from being winded.

"That was a good hit," I wheezed out, trying to gain my breath back.

"Well you're going to enjoy the rest of this then," he replied, landing another hit to my gut, causing to fall to the ground. Then the rest joined in, kicking, stomping, punching, anything they could think of to hurt me. They eventually stopped, them leaving me laying on the ground, which I picked myself up from. I sat back down on the bench and something inside me just broke, causing me to start crying softly into my hands. 'What did I do to deserve this?' I thought to myself, while I continued to quietly sob into my hands.
Unsurprisingly, nobody even bothered to check if I was alright. People just walked past, ignoring my existence as per usual. After a couple minutes, I finally pulled myself back together and stopped. I don't think I'll ever know why people dislike me. I always try to be kind, I always try to be honest, but people just don't want to be anywhere near me. It's miserable.
As planned, the bell rang, signifying it was time for class. I picked myself up off the damp bench and brought myself into the main building. I took out everything I needed from my locker and made the short trek to my Maths room.
Now something about myself; I'm relatively smart, at least according to my test scores. I'm usually a straight A and B student, mostly due to the fact that if I don't do well, my dad will not let me hear the end of it. So if anything I kind of have to do well if I want to keep my beatings to a minimum.
Class is also another somewhat peaceful place for me. Garth isn't in my classes so I got lucky there, however that doesn't stop me from being bullied by other people in my class, Mitchell Henderson in particular enjoys picking on me.
Since I'm not really one to have friends, I just sit by myself in class for the most part. People usually only talk to me if they need help with something in terms of their work or just wanting to tease me. More commonly the latter of the two, but at least when I help people it's a little friendlier than being picked on.
There also happens to be one person in my class that I am rather interested in. That person is Kate Rollins. I don't think I've liked anyone like I do her; some would even say I love her, however, due to the fact I tend not to show much in terms of emotion, I seem to be the only person that knows that I like her.
Kate Rollins is easily the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Also judging by what I've seen and heard too, she is one of the most kind-hearted too. Unfortunately, she is not currently 'on the market' as some would say. She was scooped up by Garth, of course. So my chances of being even friends with her are pretty slim, if they weren't already, that is.
I took my seat in the front corner of the room and waited for the day to properly start. I decided to take out a grey book that I usually keep in my bag and did what I usually do; write stories. One of my neighbours gave it to me as a gift after I told them I like to write stories. Unfortunately for me, it also has quite the resemblance of a diary or journal, and has caused me to be on the ass end of a few 'mistreatings' so to speak.
As I started continuing to write a previous story I hadn't finished, the teacher stood up from his desk and wrote on the board. In black whiteboard marker at the top of the board in large, bold letters stood the word, 'TRIGONOMETRY.'
He cleared his throat as to get the attention of the class. I closed the book and put it back in my bag, rather disappointed having only being able to write two lines, however, I grabbed my maths book out to replace it on the table.
"Today we're starting our new unit; trigonometry," Mr Munro said, a lot of groaning followed suit.

Time Skip – Period 5, Science

"Okay, yeah that makes a little more sense," Jake said, getting up and leaving back to original spot. Another person asking for help, good times with Humphrey.

"Alright, everyone!" Mrs Jude exclaimed, "The bell is going to go in exactly 5 minutes! Any work not completed today is homework! I'll also be back in a minute! I have to go check something in the storage room," She said, getting up from her desk and leaving into the storage room.
Luckily, I had finished all my work, so I just had maths homework to do. I decided to just get out my writing book and continue the story I didn't finish, so I put my science book back in my bag and got the writing book out instead and continued to write the story.
Well, I would've continued the story, if a less than stellar being hadn't showed up.

"Nice diary," Mitchell said, "Mind if I have a read. Thanks," He continued as he took the book off my desk and proceeded to read it.

"It's not a diar-" I tried to speak, however being cut off rather quickly.

"Okay, then what is this bullshit you write in it?" He said turning the book to face me and flicking through the pages. "Are you gonna answer me?" He asked, aggressively shoving the book in face, causing it to slip out of his hand and drop on the floor, making a surprisingly loud smack as it hit the linoleum floor. Now anyone that wasn't looking now is, which is just fantastic if you ask me.

"It's stories I writ-" I tried to say, once again being cut off.

"Stories? What are you fucken 9?" He said mockingly, picking the book up and staring at it, before grabbing a group of pages and tearing them out, then dropping them onto the floor, and repeating the process until all that was left was a cover and pages strewn across the floor. I watched as all my writing was ripped out of the grey cover, and slowly plummeting to the floor.
After what felt like an hour which was instead about 30 seconds, he ripped the final page out and tossed the empty cover to me, leaving the pages strewn across the floor.
He went back to his seat and I just sat there, staring at what was left of the pages, unable to move. All of my creativity, just lay still on the floor. Surely enough, nobody did anything. I was just left to deal with it myself as per usual. Everyone just turned back and ignored me.
I ended up just picking up what was left of the pages, shoved them into the cover and put them in my bag. I swung the bag over my shoulder and left the classroom.

"Humphrey! Where do you think you're going?!" Mrs Jude shouted, as she entered to see me leaving the class. I didn't stop, I just left, not wanting to come back. The bell rang as I exited the front doors and I just went straight home, avoiding everyone and everything. Luckily, also avoiding Garth. Unlucky for me, I got by the rain as soon as I left the school, adding onto my already appalling mood.
After the short walk home, I arrived home, opening the door and immediately being grabbed by the hair by my father and dragged in the house, however, I tripped on the ledge of the door frame and fell into the house. He proceeded to kick me in the stomach and pick me back up off the ground and slamming me against the wall with one hand, the other being occupied by a beer.

"You'll never amount to anything, you hear me?!" He shouted in my face, "You're a fucken loser!" He yelled as he threw me towards the hallway in a drunken rage. I quickly got up and ran to my room, shutting and locking the door behind me.

I turned around so my back was to the door and slid down the door until I was sitting on the floor. I quietly cried into my arms for what felt like years. I don't think I'll ever know what I did to deserve this. I always try to be nice to people and help when I can, yet I'm treated like dirt most of the time. Yeah I have my friendly interactions with people, but it doesn't outweigh the bad ones. If only I was treated like a normal person by the people around me.
I wiped the tears of my face and got up off the floor, instead dropping on my bed and going to sleep, being heavily emotionally drained like almost every day of the week I experience.