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Chapter 1 - X.A.N.A's RETURN


"Good morning Kadic! It's seven am so you better rise and shine and greet the day with a warm smile!"

Odd reached over from under the covers and turned off the alarm with a yawn before rolling back over and began to fall back to sleep when the force of a pillow to his head made him roll over until he fell off his bed with a hard thud.

"Ow! hey, what's the big idea?" Odd grumbled rubbing the side of his head as he sat cross legged on the floor with his blankets in a tangled mess around him.

"Time for breakfast Odd, did you oversleep again?" Ulrich's voice came from in front of him as Odd looked up at his best friend with a yawn as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

"What can I say? Galactic Battle really wiped me out, I was almost on the last level."

Ulrich shook his head in disbelief. "Well if your late for class again, you might have to repeat the entire grade over again next semester."

Odd groaned loudly as he made it to his feet while stretching. "Man if that happens, I'll never graduate." He whined as he looked around to hear the sound of Kiwi barking. "Shh, Kiwi calm down." Odd said lowering his voice to a whisper. "If Jim catches you in here I'll be expelled for sure. I can't believe I'm saying this but I really miss being on Lyoko."

"Really? Why's that?" Ulrich asked as he made his bed.

"Cause at least I never had to worry about Jim finding out about Kiwi cause if he did all Jeremy had do was a return to the past and Jim wouldn't ever remember a thing. Life was easy-peasy."

"Are you kidding me? life could never be anymore complicated with trying to balance schoolwork and saving the world on a daily basis." Ulrich replied as he crossed the room to the door. "Not to mention trying to find a way to ask Yumi out or even tell her how I feel about her was nerve-wracking enough."

"It's obvious you like her." Odd replied as he grabbed his tangled blankets from the floor and went to place them back onto his bed. "Besides now that we don't have to worry about fighting Xana anymore, now's your perfect chance to finally ask her to be your girlfriend and make it official."

Just then a sudden wave of dizziness made him stop. The blankets Odd held in his hands fell to the floor as he placed a hand to his head and closed his eyes against the dizziness as a sudden onslaught of flashes shot through his head. He could see Jim walking in just as Ulrich was opening the door and there was Kiwi sitting right in the middle of the room before Odd had any time to think of an excuse.

"Della Robia, you've really done it this time. Your in big trouble." Jim's stern voice said inside of Odd's head. "This time you can't weasel your way out of this one so you better pack your bags right now."

The vision stopped and the dizziness stopped as Odd opened his eyes again to hear Ulrich ask, "Odd are you okay? You don't look so good."

"Wait! Ulrich don't open the door!" He suddenly cried out remembering the vision. "Jim's right outside and I've got to hide Kiwi, stall him!"

"Odd, what are you talking about?" Ulrich tried to ask but Odd was already scooping Kiwi up in his arms who kept on whining and barking.

"Don't ask me how I know this just stall Jim and I'll explain later at breakfast okay? Now!"

Ulrich opened the door and sure enough much to his shock and disbelief Jim was indeed right outside the door ready to knock until he spotted Ulrich.

"Stern, What do you think your doing? Breakfast has already begun. Get a move on! Where's Della Robia?"

"Uh, Odd's already in the showers even as we speak Jim." Ulrich lied. "We'll both be there in a second."

"That second better not take a century Stern or you both will receive detention." Jim said with narrowed eyes as he walked off. Ulrich watched him leave until he felt the door open as Odd poked his head out.

"Jim gone?" He asked as Ulrich nodded. "Now, you mind telling me what happened?"

"I'll tell you when all of us are together." Odd replied in a soft voice still trying to make sense of what it was he saw. Was it some kind of day dream?


Yumi was on her way to school, when she nearly ran into William on his skateboard. She dodged out of the way as William maneuvered out of the way just in time but he somehow appeared to be having trouble regaining his balance as he rolled into the street.

"Whoa!" He cried out as the sound of an oncoming car almost plowed right into him.

"No William!" Yumi yelled fear locked in her eyes as she reached out her hand and suddenly the car that was heading for William was levitated a few feet into the air! Yumi's eyes widened in surprise as William managed to fall on the other side of the street onto the grass unharmed but his eyes shone full of shock as Yumi pulled her hand down by her side and the car levitated right back on to the road. Both the teens watched as the car continued down the street with the male driver gaping at Yumi in utter shock and confusion.

After a few seconds of disbelief, Yumi shook herself from the shock of what had just occurred and made it over to William.

"You okay?" She asked helping him to his feet. "Yeah I think so." William managed rubbing his arm in embarrassment. "Sorry about that."

"It's okay." She said softly.

"How did you do that?" William asked

"I-I'm not sure." Yumi replied still trying to grasp a handle of what had just occurred. I better find Jeremy and the others fast. Yumi thought determined as she broke off into a run not realizing William was right behind her. "Sorry but I'm not gonna be left behind again." He said with a smile on his face. I'm a Lyoko warrior aren't I?"

"Yes but those days are over now." Yumi said breathlessly. "We shut down the supercomputer so there's no way this could be Xana's doing."

"Are you really sure about that?" William asked. "I mean how do you know he really is gone? for good I mean." That question had Yumi's mind racing and she knew she had to get answers before something else went wrong or someone got seriously hurt.


At breakfast in the cafeteria, Ulrich and Odd sat at their usual table waiting for Jeremy and Aelita, while Odd sat and stirred his mashed potatoes in the gravy with his fork in a daze. Ulrich kept his gaze out the window hoping to catch a glimpse of Yumi but after a few moments of hearing Odd sigh loudly it was starting to get on his nerves.

"Okay, so since the others aren't here yet, why don't you tell me what happened then?" Ulrich asked turning his attention to Odd.

"Ever since we left the room you've been really quiet and not your usual self. what's going on with you?"

Odd stopped stirring his mashed potatoes aimlessly and caught a glimpse of the irritated look in Ulrich's eyes before leaning over toward him. "This is gonna sound really crazy but remember that ability I had on Lyoko? You know, the one that allowed me to see certain events into the future for very short periods? Future Flash?"

"Yeah what about it?" Ulrich asked.

"Well, I'm sure that I had saw a future event in which Jim caught Kiwi and that I was gonna get expelled." Odd explained. "I think when we shut down the supercomputer, maybe erasing Xana from the network somehow unlocked our abilities we had on Lyoko."

"Your right that does sound crazy Odd even for you." Ulrich said with a laugh.

"I'm serious!" Odd insisted just as the sound of Jeremy and Aelita's footsteps approached the table.

"What's Odd insisting about?" Aelita asked setting down her plate of food on the opposite side of the table in front of Odd.

"Yeah, think you flunked out of Mrs. Hertz's class for oversleeping again Odd?" Jeremy chimed in setting down next to Aelita witha slight laugh.

"This is bigger then that I tell you." Odd said leaning across the table toward them.

"I think I had saw a future event happen this morning just like when I was on Lyoko."

Jeremy and Aelita both burst out laughing.

"Come on Odd that's ridiculous." Aelita said trying to regain her composure from laughter.

"There's no way that's possible. The Supercomputer's been shutdown."

"Oh yea, well then how do you explain that I saw Jim catching Kiwi in our room this morning and me nearly getting expelled? If that ever happens for real we won't be able to make a return to the past anymore."

"Chill out Odd, it was just a coincidence that Jim was outside our door this morning." Ulrich said calmly. He does the same thing every morning. There's nothing different about it."

"Guys, we got a huge problem." Yumi said finally joining them along with William.

"What happened to you guys?" Jeremy asked. "You almost missed breakfast."

"Hiroki decided to play a prank on me and turn off my alarm this morning so that I would oversleep, that little weasel." Yumi grumbled in irritation.

"And I forgot to turn my alarm on last night so my dad woke me up this morning so I wouldn't be late." William chimed in.

"But that's not important right now, what is important is this. Follow me." Jeremy and Aelita both looked at each other in confusion and followed Yumi out of the cafeteria. Ulrich and Odd tagged along bringing up the rear in case Jim or Mr. Delmas spotted them.

Once the six of them were outside and out of the school's range of any students spying on them or listening in on their conversation, Yumi began to explain.

"This morning I was on my way to school and William and I almost bumped into each other while he was on his skateboard. I saw him start to lose his balance as he went into the street and was almost hit by a car."

"What? That's horrible." Aelita said softly. "I'm glad your not hurt William." She said with a soft smile."

"Thanks." William replied with a smile back to her. "Although if it hadn't been for Yumi levitating the car into the air I probably would have been hurt or even worse."

"Wait you levitated a car in mid air?" Ulrich asked in disbelief.

"Just like telekinesis." Jeremy noted with a puzzled look etched on his face just as Odd interjected, "See I told you I wasn't crazy. I'm having psychic flashes, Yumi can use her telekinetic power, what's next? Ulrich's gonna superspeed through Gym class?"

"This is all very strange." Jeremy noted. "Maybe we better go to the Factory and take a look around or something."


Once they were all together at the old factory, they all went to check out the Supercomputer to see that it was still the same as they had left it a year ago.

"Well I guess we came here for nothing." Ulrich said turning to leave. "Let's go."

"Wait, we can't leave yet Ulrich we still need to investigate what's happening." Aelita said as she closed her eyes and walked over to the Supercomputer.

She placed her hand on the Xana Symbol and concentrated not daring to open her eyes until a few seconds later when she let out a shrill gasp of shock.

"Aelita? What's wrong?" Jeremy asked with concern. "Are you okay?"

"I felt him." Aelita's voice was small and full of absolute fear as she felt her body begin to shake in terror. "I felt Xana. He's alive." Suddenly before anyone else had time to react, a bright flash of light suddenly enveloped the entire factory causing the entire earth to shake like an earthquake. When the light flashed and the earthquake stopped, much to everyone's shock and horror The Supercomputer was now up and running once more leaving the six friends to stare up in wonder and disbelief.

"Jeremy how is this possible?" Ulrich asked. "Xana should be gone from the network right? He should be destroyed."

Jeremy ran to the computer monitor and began typing furiously at the keys trying to get control of the situation when he suddenly stopped. "I don't believe it!" He cried out in shock.

"What?" Odd asked. "What is it Einstein? What's the matter?"

This can't be happening!" Jeremy cried out still in shock as he typed furiously on the keys again.

"The world of Lyoko it's all here again just like before." He explained still trying to make sense of it all. That means Aelita was right. Xana is back."

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