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Previously on Code Lyoko - "Guys, Anthea and Chuck are being held hostage on a special replica… and this file has the data for me to track it!" many cheers filled the room before a sudden silence settled in with the realization of the situation.

"What do you mean, trapped?" Ulrich asked. "This doesn't seem like something Xana would do. Unless he plans on making them his little puppets."

"Well you see, when they were taken, they must've been dumped on the Replica mentioned in this file" Jeremy was typing away when he suddenly stumbled upon a video file. Keifer and Aelita gasped as they took in the sight.

"Let go of us!" Anthea's cries fell on deaf ears as two men in black locked her ankles to some sort of pad. Next to her was Charles, who was also struggling to break free.

"Tyron, you'll never… get away with this!" Chuck desperately tried to punch the man he was referring to, who just laughed.

"Such bold, last words. Unfortunately for you, Hopper shut down his Supercomputer, trapping him and Aelita in it!" Anthea cried out as he said that. "And your Nephew doesn't remember a thing! such a sad shame I couldn't get X.A.N.A though… nonetheless, there are always losses in the face of victory!"

"We'll get out of your Virtual World you hear me!" Chuck and Anthea both cried out as the Pad whirred to life, virtualizing them into the special Replica designed just to contain them.

"Good. Riddance…" Tyron shook his head in frustration, before a gleeful smile replaced his face. "Some day, someone will re-awaken X.A.N.A, and when it falls due to its' adaptability, I will claim it as my own, and I WILL destroy the world with it!"

"Uh guys?" Piped up Odd's voice now who had been one of the only ones remaning quiet up until this point. "Is this Tyron guy someone we should be worried about? I mean if this guy has Aelita's mom and Keifer's uncle held captured then doesn't this mean we have two enemies to worry about now?"

Everyone in the room fell silent upon Odd's words knowing full well he was right, but just how powerful was this Tyron guy anyway? and what did he want with Chuck and Anthea?

"We can sail the Skidbladnir to your Replica and bring you home." Aelita was hopeful, both the trapped adults looking shocked at the children's words.

"Jeremy, how strong is your Submarine?" Anthea spoke next, seemingly focused on the Interface she and Chuck were at.

"It's very, very strong. It's withstood several attacks, and the only monster that could ever destroy it was X.A.N.A's Colossus, and even then, it was being powered by a hundred Replica's" Jeremie spoke fast, suddenly receiving a file from Anthea.

"You'll need this if you're going to enter Tyron's Network - it's a special piece of Software I've worked on for countless years. It will protect you from everything he should throw at you" Anthea was feeling bright and hopeful at the thought of escaping Tyron's clutches.

"Thank you so much Anthea, and you too Sir Charles" Jeremy opened another window and immediately began implementing the software into the Skid.

"Now hold on just a moment" Chuck took back over. "I'm excited and all, but Tyron is going to notice that we're missing" that put a major dent in their plans as he spoke. "And he's more than likely going to send monsters after your Submarine"

"We can fight them - most of the Skid consists of Nano-Skids.

They're primed with super-powered lasers" as Aelita said that last part, something clicked in Chuck's memory.

"Super powered… super powered why god, that's it!" Chuck suddenly took control of the interface and a few moments later, another file was being sent to Jeremie, but it was much, much bigger than the one before it.

"Yo Unc, what's the fuss about?" Keifer spoke up for the first time in a few minutes as Jeremie read the name of the program.

"Project Chaos.., what's it supposed to do Chuck?"

"It's for absolute emergencies ONLY. And it's a one-shot use too, because it's unfinished. It can crank a digital being up to maximum potential, but it will drain their Life Force" they took the information in but a term he said was new.

"Life Force?" Jeremie's curiosity was piqued at that point.

"You kids should know, it's the energy that keeps you alive on Lyoko, usually when it's depleted you de-virtualize" Anthea summed up.

"We've called it life points all this time" Aelita seemed a little confused as Chuck kept speaking.

"That Program, while it does drain you to a single bit of Life Force, has one major bonus"

"What's that Uncle?" Keifer wanted to hear of the programs' power.

"It can protect you from all harm, including the insta-death of the Digital Sea"

"No way - that's impossible!" Jeremie nearly shouted this, but unbeknownst to them Jim was in the Hallway not far from the door.

"But it is! The whole reason your Life Force, err Life Points are drained by it is to allow for such power. But like I said, we won't know the end result because it's un-finished"

"We'll keep it in mind, I promise" Keifer had a tired smile on his face.

"We need to sever the connection - Tyron is about to connect to us!" Anthea was moving some panels on the Interface. "I love you Aelita, and please, get to us as soon as you can!"

"I will mommy!"

"And stay way past cool Keifer!" Chuck had a sad smile on his face.

"I will Unc" Keifer wiped his tears away as the connection was severed. "Come on Jeremy, the sooner I get you to the factory, the better"

"Jim, is there any way that classes can be cancelled tomorrow?" the man's eyes lit up at Aelita's question.

"You'll have to help me cause the Rat-Pocalypse"


Chapter 13 - Ultimate Rescue Mission - Part 1

After dropping Jeremy off at the Factory, Keifer didn't immediately return to Kadic. Once he knew Jeremy was in the Elevator, he pulled his Power Ring out and thought long and hard.

"I know we're gonna save them, but I can't help but feel worried" he held the ring up and his attitude changed as the energy surged through him. With a SonicBoom, he shot off hard, zipping through the forest until he neared Kadic. With a sudden change in stance, he sprang up hard, and landed on the roof above his and Jeremy's room. "I haven't star gazed since that day" Keifer thought back to all the times he and his Uncle had climbed onto the roof of their house and looked on at the stars.

Aelita, on the other hand, was trying to fall asleep. She knew that tomorrow she'd see her mother no matter what, but even then, she too, was worried. At least what she and Jim did would guarantee that classes would be cancelled.

"I promise mother, we will save you" Aelita spoke to herself as she finally drifted off into a dreamless sleep, Keifer soon following her example after sneaking back into his room.


The sun was shining brightly above Kadic as everyone gathered at their usual table for breakfast. Before anyone could speak, however, Delmas entered the Cafeteria.

"Good morning students, I hope you all had a wonderful break. I have come here this morning to tell you that classes are to be cancelled for the rest of the week due to a rat infestation that has seemingly developed recently" this caused much cheering which soon died down. "Now then, there will be pest control throughout the week and they will be coming into each and every room to inspect for rats" with that, he left and everyone was excited.

"What was that all about?" Odd was stuffing his face as per usual as he looked over to a smiling Keifer.

"Let's just say Aelita and Jim became the figurative rulers of our furry friends"

"You're kidding!" Yumi was flabbergasted as Aelita shook her head, Ulrich and William both laughing as Jim walked up to them.

"It's to buy us all time" Jeremy finally spoke. He seemed insanely exhausted, but he had a massive grin on his face. "It's time you guys. I've over-hauled the Skid. We're going to rescue Anthea and Chuck" his words got some cheers from the group and minutes later, they sat off.

"So what's the big plan, Jeremy?" Jim was next to the Blonde as they all ran for their Man Hole in the woods, the sun soon being covered by snow clouds.

"You are all going to enter the Skid, and from there, I'll re-establish my connection with Chuck and Anthea. They'll help guide us to Tyron's Replica. From there, it's all down to execution" everyone nodded as they stepped into the sewers.

"So on paper, it's childsplay, but in real time, it's going to be our hardest mission yet?" Odd got a nod in response as they all sat off through the sewer, soon reaching their destination.

"This, next to when we originally beat X.A.N.A, might be the most insane thing we'll do. And if Chuck and Anthea are right, we might have a new way to kill X.A.N.A. Permenantly" these words shocked everyone to the core.

"Then what are we waiting for!" Ulrich sat off even faster, beating everyone except Keifer to the elevator.

"I'm sending you all straight into Sector 5. From there, go to the Dock"

"Umm Jeremy, the Skid isn't big enough for all of us!" Odd called up as he, William and Jim stepped into the Scanners. Keifer was going in last.

"Just you wait guys!" Jeremy was rapidly typing as he finished virtualizing everyone. In a few moments, a new window popped up. "Chuck, Anthea can you hear me?"

"Yes Jeremy, we can!" soon, their faces appeared on screen.

"Well pack your bags, everyone is on their way!"


"Unbelievable" after running undisturbed for a few minutes, everyone was in the Skid's docking room. It was much bigger compared to the Original - it now had a bigger base, and nine Nano-Skids connected to it.

"Jeremy, there's no way you did this in one night" Ulrich was standing on the Virtualization spot, everyone soon being warped into the Skid.

"Guys, the Hyper-Skid was done by me, Chuck and Anthea all together. Now prepare to submerge!"

"I'm ready Jeremy. Diving in 3… 2… 1…" in a few moments, Aelita dived the Sub into the Digital Sea. "We're all okay"

"Alright Jeremy, here's the coordinates" Jeremy began inputting what Anthea sent him into the Hyper-Skid for Aelita.

"There we go!" Jeremy breathed a sigh of relief, taking a moment to sip on the coffee he had grabbed at breakfast.

"Alright Jeremy, I'm heading to those coordinates" Aelita was typing away on the pad in the head of the Skid as everyone sat in silence. Keifer watched ahead as the Hyper-Skid flew through the Digital Sea silently.

"Y'know, it's so… peaceful out here" Keifer looked at the Digital Bubbles floating up from the darkness below them and then returned his focus to the task at hand.

"We're nearing the Replica Jeremy!" Aelita was right. Ahead of them was a massive, dark, mechanical dome.

"We're already cracking the entrance code, so feel free to enter at any moment." Chuck said this as he finished inputting some code to the Interface. "Jeremy, we're going to sever the connection just in case things go South"

"No worries. Just be careful!" Chuck and Anthea nodded as their window closed. Jeremy then opened something else that he knew had to be done.

"We're entering the Replica Jeremie" Aelita's voice was a little shaky as the opening of Tyron's Digital Prison allowed them entrance, their Skid flying up. Everyone gasped at the sight ahead. The Replica was unlike anything they had ever seen before. The Sea was a dark gray, and the ground was almost as black as the night, cracks that looked the color of Magma ran along them, and there were several mountains and stalactites jutting out of the ground, and a gray mist filled certain areas.

"This place…" William was shivering as they flew around, trying to find the Tower where Anthea and Chuck were.

"This is the worst place in the Universe" Odd summed it up for him as they soon spotted what looked like a Tower. It was a little wider than Lyoko's, and much taller, with a Black aura swirling around the top.

"Okay guys, I'm struggling to stay connected to you!" Jeremy's voice was coming out glitched. "So please, hurry!" no one needed to be told that. In moments, everyone disembarked from the Hyper-Skid, landing on the ground of Tyron's Sector.

"Uncle Chuck!"

"Mommy!" both Keifer and Aelita were calling out. Their cries landed on open ears and moments later, the entrance to the Tower began wavering, allowing the two long-trapped adults to step out.

Anthea looked very similar to Aelita. She had the same outfit just about, but with darker pinks and blues.

Chuck, on the other hand, had what appeared to be the same caliber as Jim's outfit, but it was fitted with dark blues.

"Sonny boy…!"

"Aelita!" the two children ran to their family members, Aelita pulling her mom into a hug and Keifer hopping into his uncle's arms. Everyone watched the heart-warming scene unfold before them, so many wrongs being made right in that moment. It was perfect, even in the barren landscape.

"Alright guys, it's time to come home" after several minutes, Jeremie spoke through the Mic Piece, his connection seemingly becoming better. "I've cracked Anthea's and Charle's codes, so they can safely be energized"

"Then let's do it" Keifer turned to the Hyper-Skid as everyone began being being Energized. Unbeknownst to them, a certain someone had heard the silent alarm sat off.

"I won't let them get away… time to use the Red Codes…" from an Observation Monitor, Tyron was watching from his own Lab, seething at the sight of his hostages finally being freed.


"Alright Jeremy, I've input the coordinates for Lyoko!" as Aelita spoke, Chuck was marveled by the beauty of the Digital Sea, taking in a new sight for the first time in over a Decade.

"That's great Aelita, but we have problems!" as soon as Jeremy said this, a massive lazer was fired at the Hyper-Skid, its' alarms suddenly blaring. Jeremie audibly gasped as he began pulling up the window for it. "Oh gosh! Aelita, you have to get out of there! That did over 30% of the Skid's First Shield!" as jeremy said this, the monster revealed itself.

"That's the mother of all Sharks!" Odd's voice was panicked. The monster was at least twice the length of the skid. It was several feet wide as well, and much bulkier than any other monster, several scales running along its' dark blue body. Where its' mouth would be was a massive laser cannon, and its' eyes were glowing red with the symbol of X.A.N.A.

"No! Jeremy, we're going to stand and fight the beast!" Aelita began typing in some code. "Super Nano-Skids… Disembark!"

"LET'S DO IT!" Ulrich gave a battle cry as the Super Nano-Skids shot off towards the monster, all except for Chuck and Anthea, who Aelita hadn't launched as she began typing in more code.

"Aelita, please, we have to help them!" as Anthea pleading, several monster cries filled the air. She turned to see the sight of the Mega Shark summoning several smaller, normal sharks.

"William, let's flank around them and take em' OUT!" Odd was nose-diving around the beasts, weaving in and out of the path of their lazers.

"Ulrich, we need to start firing at the big one!" Keifer was flying alongside him as Yumi had joined Odd and William. The boy nodded and he and Keifer converged on the bigger monster, its' screeching piercing through the Digital Sea as it began firing off several shots from its' lazer cannon, a few of them connecting with the Hyper-Skid.

"Odd, needle-dive, NOW!" William flew right to him, and the two began pushing their Nano-Skids hard, their movements so fast it created a force field around them that it shredded several of the Sharks into nothing as Yumi kept attacking the seemingly endless stream of them, now joined by Chuck and Anthea as Aelita finally had the Hyper-Skid in position.

"Jeremy, I won't be able to fire with how low the Shield is - it's too dangerous!" Aelita was worried for the Hyper-Skid, as it's' shield was running critically low on energy, and one hit after that would be its' doom. Keifer overheard this as he and Ulrich quickly backed away from the Mega Shark, their hits seemingly doing nothing.

"Jeremy, you need to run the program my Uncle gave you!" Keifer shouted this as the monster screeched again, firing another shot at the Hyper-Skid, the Shield beginning to break.

"Keifer no, it's too risky!" the Blonde was beginning to stress, sweat dripping from his face as he watched the battle rage on from his screens.

"Jeremy, Aelita is going to DIE if you don't!" Keifer's words had a massive chance of coming true, as with another shot from the Mega Shark, the Shield on the Hyper Skid was destroyed.

"Jeremy, I'm sorry…" Aelita was beginning to cry as the Mega Shark began priming a massive lazer, the fight against the smaller Sharks still waging around it.

"JEREMY, DO IT, NOW!" as Keifer shouted, he did something insanely risky - he pressed the eject button on his Super Nano-Skid.

TOO BE CONTINUED...What's gonna happen next for the Lyoko Warriors? Find out as the next chapter will be up as soon as I can get it...