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Chapter 33 – Two Artifacts, New Item

Harry looked over Sgàilean Rìgh Nathair that was on a transfigured mannequin made from stone and attached to the ground. He was giving it a last cleaning before the panel of Artificers arrived. Mukisa stood just a bit away while holding Umvikeli Wempilo in his right hand. The black and white feathers that adorned the head of the staff moving in the slight summer breeze. This was the first time that Harry would be presenting multiple Artifacts at the same time. So the teen Artificer wanted to make sure everything would go smoothly.

Voices from the front of Wood End Cottage caught Harry and Mukisa's attention. It would seem that Sirius was back with the panel. His godfather had offered to meet the group in Diagon Alley and then portkey them to the Cottage. Harry had most certainly appreciated Sirius' help with actually getting the other Aritificers to their home. Considering he'd only had his Artifacts tested at Hogwarts so far, this was a big help. Around the side of the Cottage, led by Sirius, were a group of four Aritificers. Harry didn't recognize any of them this time however.

"Very nice to meet you, Artificer Potter." The first new person spoke up. She was olive-skinned, and spoke with an accent. Her hair was black and she had sharp hazel eyes. "My name is Rosa Moretti; I'm an Artificer that works for the Italian Ministry of Magic. I've held the Title of Artificer for sixteen years and have two True Artifacts to my name. Master Trevisan speaks highly of you."

"Good to meet you as well, Artificer Moretti." Harry returned the greeting with a smile. "Please give Master Trevisan my regards the next time you see him."

"Good to meet you, Artificer Potter." The next Artificer stepped forward to shake Harry's hand. He was fairly tall, with fair skin and light blonde hair. His blue eyes were alight with curiosity, glancing occasionally at both Artifacts. "I'm Mathis Claes from Belgium. I've held the Title of Artificer for twenty eight years and have three True Artifacts to my name."

"It's nice to meet you, Artificer Claes." Harry shook the man's hand firmly. Mathis definitely had the hands of a craftsman. The other witch stepped forward to greet Harry next.

"Pleased to be here and meeting the youngest Artificer in history." The woman smiled with warm amber eyes. She was older, her brunette hair beginning to gray. But only a faint few wrinkles on her skin. "I'm Gitte Madsen, an Artificer from Denmark. I've held the Title of Artificer for forty years and have three True Artifacts to my name."

"A pleasure, Artificer Madsen." Harry shook the woman's hand with a smile.

"Good to meet you, Artificer Potter." The next Artificer stepped forward to shake Harry's hand. He was average in height, with dark-brown eyes, and a full head of dark-brown hair. "My name is Simon Eder. I'm an Artificer employed by the Austrian Ministry of Magic. I've held the Title of Artificer for thirty three years and have four True Artifacts to my name."

"Glad to meet you, Artificer Eder." Harry shook his hand as well.

With introductions finished Harry motioned the panel towards Sgàilean Rìgh Nathair first. The Basilisk Scale Mail was ready to be tested and Harry wanted Mukisa to actually see the testing process before the panel tested Umvikeli Wempilo. The four Artificers quickly surrounded the armor an started looking it over. Wands were drawn and the Artificers began to poke and prod at the Basilisk Carbon Steel. Harry stood next to Mukisa and watched on without worry. He heard the four talking amongst themselves but couldn't fully make out what they were saying.

"Is it always like this?" Mukisa questioned and Harry nodded. Sirius stood on Harry's opposite said watching the panel work. He'd never seen Harry's Artifacts tested before and was curious.

"Yep, they look the Artifact over, then make inferences of their own from their experience. They'll compare what they see to what I claim it can do before they start the physical portion of the test." Harry explained, watching as Artificer Madsen tapped the back of the armor in various places with her wand. "That includes throwing various types of spells at it, as well as hitting it with as much physical force as they can. Sometimes they'll set it on fire, submerge it in water, or attempt to freeze it too. It depends on the Artifact and its intended purpose."

"Will Umvikeli Wempilo survive such tests?" Mukisa looked worriedly at his staff.

"It'll be fine, I guarantee it." Harry smiled at his Animagus Teacher.

"Artificer Potter, we're ready to begin the trials, are you prepared?" Artificer Eder asked from the distance the panel had walked away from Sgàilean Rìgh Nathair.

"Do your worst, my Basilisk Scale Mail won't falter." Harry nodded to the panel with complete confidence.

"I like that confidence!" Artificer Moretti laughed brightly. She was the first to cast a spell at the armor. Harry wasn't quite sure which spell it was, as it splashed against Sgàilean Rìgh Nathair and did nothing. The orange sparks of the spell dispersing into the air after a moment.

"Something more esoteric, perhaps?" Artificer Claes wondered before he made an intricate motion with his wand and lashed a bright yellow light from the tip. The whip-like spell also splashed against the Basilisk Scale Mail without leaving a mark.

"How about moisture?" Artificer Madsen mused as she conjured a sphere of water and submerged the armor in it. With two flicks of her wand the water surrounding the armor froze solid.

"Freeze it then smash it." Artificer Eder nodded at the idea. A sharp jab with his wand and the ice exploded like it had just been smashed by a large vehicle slamming into it. Still Sgàilean Rìgh Nathair stayed on the, now cracked, stone mannequin without a single hint of damage.

"How is its heat resistance?" Artificer Claes questioned as he focused and a very familiar flame leapt from his wand. The Fiendfyre engulfed the Basilisk Scale Mail and roared as it tried to burn it to nothing. The tongues of flame were contained by the Artificer's focus as he held the spell for several moments. He snuffed the cursed fire out with some effort and the Artificers got close to inspect for damage. Aside from the stone mannequin now being partially melted, no damage had been done.

"Okay, so it's basically spell-proof." Artificer Moretti admitted; the youngest of the panel still had a smile on her face. "Let's see how good it is against physical force." With a few waves and loops of her wand, a large section of the ground was dug up. The dirt was transfigured to stone in a shape reminiscent of a spearhead. With a final flick of her wand, she sent the stone spearhead rocketing towards the armor. A loud clang followed as the stone mannequin shattered under the force. The spearhead shattered and Sgàilean Rìgh Nathair went flying. The armor bounced along the ground twice before coming to a stop several meters from its original position.

"Harry, I'm going to ask you not to get hit with any large physical objects while you're wearing your armor." Sirius looked at his godson imploringly.

"I wasn't planning on it." Harry shook his head. Even though his armor was spell-proof and physically resistant to damage, that didn't mean Harry's body would come out unscathed if he took a massive object head on. Armor, even the Magical kind, had its limits and Harry wasn't about to sit still and hope a large object or a pinpoint spell wouldn't circumvent his Artifact.

Harry watched on as the four Artificers looked over Sgàilean Rìgh Nathair for any damage after the test. Hearing murmurs as they checked over each section for damage, he was still confident that his armor had made it through the test without harm. He was proven correct as the tests continued. More stone was transfigured and then piled on top of his armor. Each of the blocks of stone must have weighed twenty kilograms or perhaps a bit more. But even as more and more weight was added, the armor didn't compress or flatten. That was good to know, he wouldn't have to worry about his armor being crushed with him in it.

The panel convened for a bit, talking in hushed whispers. After several minutes, and what looked like a small argument, Artificer Eder stepped forward and pointed his wand at the Basilisk Scale Mail again. The tip of the man's wand glowed an ominous green color and Harry heard both Sirius and Mukisa gasp.

"Avada Kedavra!" Eder cast the Killing Curse at Sgàilean Rìgh Nathair. The green spell hit the armor with a sound similar to metal striking metal. The green light splashed against the armor and broke apart into sparks. The sparks disappeared near instantly and the Basilisk Scale Mail laid on the ground with only a soot mark to show for damage.

"It didn't break…" Artificer Madsen blinked, her hand rising to her mouth in shock.

"Even if physical objects can block the Killing Curse; they almost always explode when hit by it." Artificer Claes stared at the armor that was still undamaged.

"So we agree now?" Artificer Moretti asked the other three. "It's definitely more than a Minor Grade, right?"

"Yes, I'd say so." Artificer Eder nodded his agreement.

"Agreed." Artificer Madsen also agreed with the assessment.

"Without a doubt." Artificer Claes concurred with his colleagues.

The four approached Harry as a group to give their verdict. After going over the armor's resilience and spell-proof nature, Harry was happy to hear the next words. It was always nice to not only have your work praised, but to know that your own judgement was getting better.

"Your armor is most definitely an Artifact, Artificer Potter. We've concluded it to be of the Median Grade. While it's an exemplary piece of Magical Armor, it is only that as well, just armor. Had it had some form of amplifying Effect, or another ability worked into it we'd have given it the Greater Grade." Artificer Madsen smiled at the teen as she explained their determination of Grade.

"I was fairly sure it would be a Median Grade as well." Harry smiled back at the woman. "I'm glad to see my own judgement is improving, at least when it comes to my own creations."

"We still have another Artifact to test, correct?" Artificer Claes questioned as he looked at Umvikeli Wempilo in Mukisa's hand. "I must say, this is the first time I've been apart of a panel that was testing two Artifacts at once."

"I'm afraid the staff is already bound to Professor Mukisa's Bloodline, so he'll have to demonstrate its abilities for you." Harry informed the panel of Artificers.

"That's perfectly fine, of course," Artificer Moretti shrugged her shoulders. "We'll need to inspect it first, then see what it can do in its Master's hands. After all that, then we'll move onto physical tests."

"Very well," Mukisa held the Artifact staff out horizontally to the group. It was Artificer Eder who took hold of it. The Professor watched the four closely as they went over the staff from end to end. Every feather was looked at individually, the wood was inspected, and Harry noticed that all four Artificers had communed with the Artifact to try and glean its interior properties.

"Excellent craftsmanship, Artificer Potter." Artificer Claes praised the teen after the inspection was finished. "The finish of the staff is smooth and the feathers are all immaculately blended into the head."

"Thank you, Artificer Claes." Harry nodded to the man.

"Professor, if you could demonstrate the staff's abilities?" Artificer Eder handed the staff back to Mukisa.

"Yes, of course." Mukisa acknowledged as he took Umvikeli Wempilo from the man and walked a good distance away. A single shake of the staff and then a point towards the sky sent a bolt of lightning into the air. Mukisa waved the staff through the air in front of him and three balls of electricity formed. With a jab of the staff all three of the orbs flew forward at speed and struck the same spot on the ground dozens of meters away. With a swing of the staff in a complete circle, Mukisa made a ring of lightning and maintained it without visible strain. Letting the ring fade after a few moments. Mukisa then held the staff horizontally, sat on it sideways, and flew back over to the panel, Harry, and Sirius. The four Artificer's eyes widened at the display of flight, having not expected that ability from the staff.

"You'll need something to heal to show that ability of the staff." Harry mused for a second before casting a Cutting Charm on his own arm. Blood flowed from the lengthly cut he now had on his left arm.

"Harry?!" Sirius cried out, his concern for his godson apparent. "Why'd you do that?!"

"I'll be fine in a second Sirius." Harry assured his godfather with a grin. "Mukisa, if you would?" He held out his sliced arm to his Animagus Teacher.

"You could have warned me you were going to do that, Harry." Mukisa shook his head. A muttered 'teenagers' was heard from the Professor before he held the staff over Harry's injury. The flowing blood running down Harry's arm stopped its course. The red liquid reversed its flow and re-entered the cut, a moment later and the skin cleany knitted itself back together without a mark being left behind.

"I knew it wouldn't be a problem." Harry gave the Professor a smile. "It heals even better than I thought. It was just a shallow injury, but it was gone in seconds and even cleaned and returned the blood that was still on my arm."

"Very interesting," Artificer Madsen commented on the amplified healing ability of the staff. "Amplified power and control over Lightning-based spells as well as amplifying Healing Magics? Those are two very different types of Magic."

"I suppose all that's left are the physical tests then." Artificer Eder commented as he looked at the staff in Mukisa's hand. The Professor handed the staff over and the four Artificers walked away to begin. Mukisa still looked mildly worried but Harry was completely calm.

As Umvikeli Wempilo was created by his own hand, Harry was privy to its Destruction Method, the only way that the Artifact could be destroyed. Using the symbolism of Creature Craft, both from the Abada horns and Mukisa's freely-given blood, Harry had pulled off a special trick with his first commissioned Artifact. He'd tied the staff's existence to its Master's. So long as Mukisa drew breath Umvikeli Wempilo could not be destroyed. This would remain true so long as the staff had a Master that had freely-given their blood to it. As it was bound to Mukisa's Bloodline, this was limited to his children and future descendants. In order to destroy the staff, you first had to kill its Master. So long as the Artifact was never misued and causing harm, Harry had no reason to share or apply this knowledge.

Spell after spell was used against the staff as the test was carried out. Fire, explosions, cutting charms and severing curses, none of them so much as left more than a scratch on the staff or some soot. Even the feathers weren't really damaged by the spells. The physical attempts to break the staff failed too. Hitting it against the rocks they'd already transfigured didn't work. Trying to cut it with a saw and an axe didn't work either. Trying to smash it yielded no results, other than covering the staff in dust and dirt.

"After discussing the staff's abilities and testing its resilience we can confirm it as an Artifact." Artificer Claes informed Harry. "Determining the Artifact's Grade was slightly more difficult. It does what it's meant to wonderfully, amplifying Lightning-based spells and Healing Magics. Though through our inspection, we were able to get a rough estimate of the amount of amplification for spells not of those two types. With these factors in mind we've determined the Artifact to be of the Minor Grade. If it had more power, or a broader range of spell types that it could strengthen, then the Artifact would have gained Median Grade without question."

"I thought as much," Harry accepted the decision easily. "It was my first time creating an Artifact for someone else, as well as combinding Rune-based Artifice with Creature Craft Artifice. Using materials that I wasn't the Master of limited my ability to infuse my mana and strengthen it."

"I am more than pleased with Umvikeli Wempilo, Harry. It is a masterwork in my eyes." Mukisa assured Harry with a bright smile.

"That is the last part of confirming the Artifacts, we'll need a name for both of them." Artificer Moretti reminded and Harry gave her the name of his armor.

"The Basilisk Scale Mail armor is called Sgàilean Rìgh Nathair," Harry informed the second youngest Artificer there. "Don't worry, I'll write it down." He chuckled at seeing the woman's blank face.

"This I've named Umvikeli Wempilo, the Life Protector." Mukisa smiled at his staff. "I will also write it down for you." The Professor laughed at seeing the same blank look on Artificer Moretti's face.

"If I might ask, Artificer Potter," Artificer Eder spoke up, his gaze locked on Harry. "How is it that in three years of being an Artificer, you've managed to create four True Artifacts? Such speed is unheard of. Not only that, you've made two Minor Grade, one Median Grade, and even a Greater Grade in that time. Your achievements are astounding."

"I'm afraid my creation process is a secret, Artificer Eder." Harry replied evenly to the older man. "We each have our own secrets, my production and creation method is something I developed on my own with much trial and error. I'm sure you can understand my want to keep it to myself?"

"Fair enough, Artificer Potter." Eder nodded to the teen with a small grin.

It was a short time later, after Harry and Mukisa had provided Artificer Moretti with the proper spellings of the two Artifacts' names, that the panel left. Moretti would be filing the appropriate paperwork with the British Ministry of Magic and taking a copy for the Enchanters Guild so they could add Umvikeli Wempilo and Sgàilean Rìgh Nathair to the Book of True Artifacts, the next time it was reprinted.

Harry felt good about this newest accomplishment as well. To have four True Artifacts to his name in three years was record breaking! He felt some pride is his ever developing skills as an Artificer. With these two projects now officially complete, Harry could finish up his last side project that he'd been working on in his spare time. This was the last step, aside from finishing the upgraded version of his Flight Item, and making proper articulated gauntlets, and then Regalia would be complete.

'Well, no time like the present.' Harry chuckled mentally as he made his way to his smithy to finish up the last of the work on the Item in question.

-Voldemort's Hideout ~ Albania-

"Flint!" Voldemort raised his voice and Stephen Flint nearly tripped over himself as he entered the room as fast as he could.

"Yes, my Lord?" Stephen asked with his head bowed low.

"Prepare to leave this hovel." Voldemort instructed his lone servant. "It is time we returned to Britain so that I may start reminding those who serve me of their oaths." The Dark Lord's eyes seemed to glow a brighter red.

"My Lord, are you sure you've recovered enough for that?" Stephen questioned the homunculus-bodied Wizard shakily.

"Crucio!" Voldemort hissed out. Stephen screeched horrifically as every nerve in his body felt as if white hot knives were digging into them. He was freed from his suffering a few moments later. The discarded member of the Flint House laid twitching and crying on the dirty floor of the small stone cottage. "Never question me, Flint. Know your place and do as you're told."

"Y-Yes, my L-Lord." Stephen breathed out as he crawled his way to his feet and stumbled out of the room. He had things to gather to take with them.

'Fool thinks he can question me?' Voldemort thought darkly watching the pitiful Wizard shakily staggering out of the room. 'He should know better.'

Too be fair, though Voldemort himself would never think or admit it, the Dark Lord wasn't anywhere near what he'd been before Halloween night of Eighty One. His homunculus body didn't look like a frail, decrepit old man's anymore. That wasn't saying much though. He was still very thin, his eyes sunken slightly, and though he hid it well that single, brief casting of Crucio had taken a substantial portion of his weakened Magic. While he was recovering, it would still take time for him to return to any semblance of his former power. It could even be another ten months or even a year, in the absolute best-case scenario.

'No matter, I'm strong enough now, the weaker ones that have left me to cling to life will be the first to renew their loyalty.' Voldemort planned his return to Britain with revenge and malice in mind. He'd bleed those fool's vaults dry to speed up his recovery and further empower himself if necessary! They were merely pawns and would act as such!

-Wood End Cottage ~ Third Week of August-

"This is what you've been working on?" Sirius raised his eyebrow at the mantle Harry had over his shoulders.

"I think it looks nice." Penny admired the cloth, mostly black with silver swirl-like designs throughout. It had a certain charm about it that she liked.

"Not many people wear a mantle everyday though, any particular reason you chose to knit one for yourself?" Tonks appeared more confused about the choice rather than why Harry had made the item.

"Perhaps Harry is seeking to make his own fashion statement?" Fleur lightly teased her boyfriend with a melodic giggle.

"That's not it…" Harry deadpanned at his French girlfriend. This just made Fleur giggle further, of course. "This is a new item, and technically the final one to complete my Regalia project."

"So, what does it do, exactly?" Sirius questioned his godson. Regalia, according to Harry, was supposed to be a combination of his creations meant to be used to keep him safe should anything crazy happen. Sirius heavily approved of anything that would keep Harry safe, of course, but didn't understand how the mantle was going to do that.

"Glad you asked Sirius!" Harry grinned brightly. "If all of you would send a spell my way, I'd be happy to demonstrate!"

"Are you sure?" Tonks, Penny, and Fleur all asked in unison. Sirius cracked up while Harry stopped just short of pouting.

"Yes, Loves, go ahead, I'll be fine." Harry assured his girlfriends with a smile.

Four spells were launched at the teen Artificer simultaneously. Harry fed mana into his mantle and the cloth seemingly came to life. One end shot forward and turned, leaving the cloth between the four spells and Harry. All four spells struck the mantle and seemingly disappeared. Sirius, Tonks, Fleur, and Penny all blinked in shock when their spells vanished into thin air. Harry grinned at their shocked faces, while noting the four dots of color now seemingly floating within the mantle's multitude of silver swirls. These dots each retained the color of one of the spells that had been fired at him. With a thought and a motion of his mana into the mantle, the cloth whipped around and Tonks, Penny, Fleur, and Sirius found themselves on the receiving end of each other's spells!

"Whoa!" Sirius toppled out of his chair to dodge the spell sent at him.

"Hey!" Tonks, thanks to her training with Mad-Eye, was able to conjure her wandless Protego to block the three spells that had been redirected at the girls. "What the heck, Harry?!"

"Merely a demonstration of my newest Enchanted Item, Tonks." Harry had a smug, little smile on his face. "I call it the Sorcerer's Path. It can capture, hold, and then launch any spell aimed at me, within reason, of course."

"I think I get the naming scheme," Penny looked thoughtful as she ran her warm brown eyes over the mantle. "Just like a Sorcerer to decide what Magic goes where. So it's the Sorcerer's Path that decides the direction of spells, right?"

"See! Penny gets my naming schemes." Harry beamed at the blonde. He received a wink in return from the former Head Girl.

"She tries too hard." Tonks shrugged and Harry, maturely, blew a raspberry at her.

"I like it. It has a certain style to its name." Fleur nodded approvingly at Harry.

"Do we each get one?" Penny questioned with her best rendition of puppy dog eyes. She was quickly joined by Fleur. Sirius then tried to join in and ruined the whole image!

"Sirius, really?" Harry stared at his godfather flatly.

"What? I want one too!" Sirius grinned unrepentantly.

"I plan to make one for you all, don't worry about that." Harry waved off his jokester godfather. "Once you get used to using it, it'll be a good line of defense in addition to your Basilisk Hide vests."

"You worry far too much, mon amour." Fleur gave him a beautiful smile at his thoughtfulness.

"Better safe than sorry, Love." Harry returned with a warm, affectionate gaze to his three girlfriends.

"Hey now, before you try and turn the living room into some kind of debauchery, I have news too!" Sirius teased, making some cheeks go pink. "I've gotten tickets to the Quidditch World Cup! Top Box and everything! It is next week! We'll have a great time seeing the top two Quidditch Teams in the League go head to head!" Tonks was already bouncing in her seat while cheering, while Penny and Fleur both looked interested as well.

"Sirius, I'm not a Quidditch junkie like you." Harry shook his head at his godfather.

"But Harry; Witches and Wizards from all over the globe will be there! Don't you want to see what kinds of Magic they might be doing?" Sirius tempted his godson via is insatiable curiosity.

"From all over the world, you say?" Harry had a wide smile on his face. "Now that sounds interesting!"

-End Chapter-


BAM! Two more Artifacts on the books for Harry! Other Artificers are amazed and curious as to just how he produces True Artifacts so quickly! Unfortunately for them, Harry isn't going to be sharing that secret!

His new Enchanted Item, the Sorcerer's Path, is a defensive item that captures, holds, and redirects spells! Within reason! It can't hold too many spells, or spells that are too powerful. Otherwise it'll fail or it could even burn up from the inside! But still, not bad for a mantle that Harry knitted himself over time!

Voldemort is on the move back to Britain!

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