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Chapter 34 – Quidditch World Cup

"Portkeys…suck." Harry breathed out as he picked himself up off the ground.

"Having a problem there, Harry?" Tonks teased her boyfriend. The Metamorph made sure to run her fingers over her Ever Balance Talisman belt buckle.

"Ha ha, Nym, very funny." Harry waved his hand and the dirt left his clothes. He only got a pleasant smile from his girlfriend in return.

"Sorry about that Harry, but all travel to the World Cup has to be done by Portkey. It gets very hard to keep this many Wizards and Witches hidden during a big event like the Quidditch World Cup." Sirius explained as their group of Tonks, Penny, Fleur, Harry, Remus, and Marlie made their way towards the tired looking Wizard stationed next to the Portkey arrival area.

"Name?" The Wizard asked the group. The man even sounded like he'd been run ragged.

"Black." Sirius informed the man as he took Marlie's hand in his own.

"Right, let me see…there it is…Black, you're seven hundred meters that way." The Wizard pointed down a long path. "You'll need to speak to Nigel Wright; he's been put in charge of that area."

"Will do." Sirius nodded and their group began walking down the path.

"The fog spell is interesting." Harry remarked as the group walked down the long path. The teen Artificer was looking at what was almost a wall of fog that blocked the stadium in the distance from view.

"Ministry patented," Tonks chuckled at Harry's curiosity. "It keeps large areas from being seen, so it's good for big events like this."

"This is a Non-Magical campground, isn't it? How are they hiding the Wizards and Witches that aren't so good at blending in?" Penny asked as she noticed a spell or two going off in the sea of tents. Many of said tents looked rather Magical in nature themselves.

"The higher-ups at the Ministry argued about it for a while, from what I hear." Tonks turned to face Penny. "They thought of just having the Obliviators running around and wiping memories anytime one of the Muggle workers saw Magic. But it was pointed out that would mean paying the Obliviators a massive amount of overtime. Old Fudge wouldn't have that, the cheapskate. So it was eventually decided to take every Muggleborn at the Ministry and then make them a part of the staff. The Muggle workers have a single Memory Charm applied to them, instead of being Obliviated a few dozen times a day."

"Obliviation on that level would addle their minds!" Marlie looked repulsed by the original plan to deal with the campground workers. "I know most of the Ministry doesn't seem to care much about Muggles, but that's just criminal!" The Healer was obviously incensed by the lack of care shown to the Non-Magical folk.

"Well, the Muggleborn get a bonus for doing this, the campground workers don't get their minds fried, and all monetary transactions are kept in Pounds Sterling so no Galleons, Sickles, or Knuts are seen by Muggles or end up outside of Magical Circulation." Tonks exhaled, clearly trying to see the silver lining of the situation. It was better than focusing on how badly the event could have been bungled if it was fully left in the hands of Purebloods that didn't know anything at all about the Non-Magical World.

"Greedy little monsters." Harry muttered under his breath about the Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts. He was almost certain that was another part of the treaty that gave the Goblins control of Wizarding money.

"How can I help you?" A Wizard, if the badge bearing the Ministry Insignia was any indication, asked them as they walked towards the stone cottage that housed the campground office.

"Mr. Wright?" Sirius asked the younger man.

"That's me." Nigel gave the group a smile.

"Black, I booked about six days ago." Sirius informed the Muggleborn Ministry worker.

"Black…Black…there we are." Nigel nodded as he found the name. He held out his hand for the Pounds Sterling. Sirius dug in his pocket for a moment before pulling out a pouch. Pulling a roll of Pound notes from it, he handed the other man a couple large bills. Nigel quickly and efficiently made change and handed Sirius a campground map with their spot marked on it. "Enjoy the Match; the betting pools are really heating up if you want to get in on the action!"

"Maybe, maybe…" Sirius chortled as he waved back at the man. "Let's be off!" He proclaimed as their group marched into the sea of tents. With the map it wasn't hard to find their spot and with only a few wand waves Remus and Sirius had the tent set up. Entering the large tent Harry found it to resemble a comfortable house. It had four bedrooms and a full bathroom with a good-sized common area/sitting room.

"I have got to start learning Space Expanding Charms." Harry grinned at the inside of the tent.

"Come, mon amour, let's pick out a bedroom." Fleur grinned at Harry as she pulled him towards the doors.

"Take the biggest one." Tonks joined in as she took Harry's other arm. "We'll need the space." She teased as they opened the first door to look at the accommodations.

"Down you two." Penny rolled her eyes at her 'sisters' and their antics. "We aren't here for that and you know it."

"Says the girl that'll definitely be cuddling Harry tonight." Tonks stage-whispered to Fleur. The French Witch giggled and nodded at the Metamorph's assessment. Penny's cheeks had a dusting of pink as she pushed all three of them into the bedroom.

"I'm perfectly okay with that." Harry chuckled as the bedroom door was closed.

"Don't encourage them… But I will take you up on that, Harry." Penny smiled as she gave him a short kiss.

"Hey! No calling dibs!" Tonks joked as she pulled Harry into her arms, purposefully shoving his head into her bust.

"Now, now…" Fleur grinned at her 'sisters' and her boyfriend. "There will be time to decide sleeping arrangements later. We should get settled first and then we can go explore a bit. I'm sure Harry's curiosity is close to bursting by now.

"She's not wrong." Harry's muffled voice came from Tonks' chest.

The next several minutes were spent getting settled into their room. It would be good to prepare for tomorrow, since they'd be leaving bright and early. Once everyone was settled in the group met up in the sitting area. Sirius and Marlie were going to walk around and see what was for sale at the various stands that had been set up. Sirius promised to get a set of Omnioculars for everyone while they were out. Harry, Fleur, Penny, and Tonks were going to do much the same. While also letting Harry observe any Magic he saw and found interesting. Remus was planning to watch the tent while everyone went out.

"That's kinda boring, Moony." Sirius quirked an eyebrow at his friend's choice.

"I plan to chat with our neighbor, Sirius." Remus waved off his friend's comment. "He seems to be 'house sitting' as well."

"Well then, thank you for watching the tent, Moony." Sirius gave his fellow Marauder a deep, exaggerated bow.

"Get out of here." Remus chuckled as he shook his head.

Sirius and Marlie headed out together, arm in arm, first. The group of Harry, Tonks, Penny, and Fleur left next as Remus sat up a chair just outside their tent. The Werewolf Professor started up a conversation with the man doing the same at the tent next to theirs. In no time at all their tent was lost in the sea of other tents and Harry was trying to take in all of the sights and Magic he could. It was fascinating for the teen Artificer to see so many different Wizards and Witches from all over the world.

Harry saw a tent with a spangled banner and the words 'The Salem Witches Institute' a few minutes into their walk. There were several Wizards and Witches cooking over campfires as well. Including a trio of Egyptian Wizards, if the Egyptian Flag hanging on their tent was any indication, that were sitting around a purple campfire cooking what may have been a rabbit. Harry could admit to being curious about the purple fire especially.

"This is amazing!" Harry grinned brightly at seeing so much Magic and so many different people.

"This is one of the largest gatherings of Wizards and Witches in the Magical World, Harry. Enjoy it while we're here since it doesn't happen often!" Tonks chuckled as they walked around.

"Ah, I know that name!" Fleur's bright tone got the group's attention. The Veela was pointing to a stall with a small line in front of it. The smell of various foods was filling the air as the foursome walked into what had become a miniature restaurant stall market. The stall Fleur was now animatedly pulling the other three towards was selling crepes.

"I've never had a crepe before." Harry admitted as the four got in line.

"They're sweet and delicious! Most certainly the ones from Café du Sucre! I didn't know they'd have a stall at the World Cup!" Fleur was practically bouncing in excitement.

As they moved forward in line, Harry watched the three patissiers make the crepes with Magic. Ingredients were levitated, sauces were made, all with skill as treat after treat was made and sold. Looking over the menu Harry figured a strawberry crepe couldn't be too bad. When they got to the front all four orders were given to Fleur so that she could order from the Witch behind the counter that seemed to recognize her. In quick French, Fleur ordered a Strawberry crepe for Harry, a Chocolate one for Penny, Blueberry and Chocolate for Tonks, and Strawberry Cheesecake for herself.

"Hmm, sweet, but not too sweet, I like it." Harry nodded as he finished his first bite.

"You can't go wrong with chocolate." Penny smiled as she happily ate her sweet crepe.

"We should fill up before the match in the evening." Tonks smiled at the others, a small bit of chocolate on the corner of her lip.

"Uh Nym, you've got a little…" Harry tapped the side of his own lips. Tonks grinned; Harry saw the gleam form in her eyes, as she licked the chocolate off the corner of her lips as sultrily as she could.

"Thank you, Harry…" Tonks purred at him.

"Uh huh…" Harry deadpanned and Tonks pouted playfully.

From there the group continued their exploration. They tried food from various stalls crossing multiple regions and countries. Harry enjoyed a kebab of lamb meat with veggies from one stall especially. He was fairly certain the stall used sea salt instead of table salt and it was great. After stuffing themselves with various foods the foursome went on to the vendor stalls and looked at the many things for sale. When Harry bought a pair of Omnioculars from one vendor Penny spoke up.

"Didn't Sirius say he was going to buy everyone Omnioculars before we left the tent?" Penny questioned as Harry was putting away his purchase.

"The one I get from Sirius is for keeping," Harry smiled at Penny with a look in his eyes that she was very familiar with. "This one is for taking apart and studying!" Yep, she was right. Harry was in his 'How does it work and can I replicate it, but better' mode. The poor Omnioculars wouldn't make it a single day once Harry got back to Wood End Cottage.

All in all it was a fun day of seeing all the different people and the Magics they brought to the Quidditch World Cup. When night fell they returned to their tent and had dinner with everyone. Sirius passed out the Omnioculars he'd bought for them and the group made their way towards the stadium in the distance. Harry was slightly annoyed they had to walk up a large set of stairs to get all the way to the top box. They had Magic! Elevators would be beyond simple for Witches and Wizards! Seeing the Malfoys in the Top Box next to Minister Fudge had also been annoying.

"Lucius, how've you been?" Sirius had a grin on his face as he addressed the Senior Malfoy. "Cissa, nice to see you again." He greeted his cousin with formality afforded to a relation, though there was no warmth in his voice.

"Black." Lucius replied with a small nod.

"Sirius." Narcissa Malfoy gave her cousin an equally cold greeting.

"That's not polite, Malfoy, you forgot the Title again." Sirius was enjoying this; getting to use formality to prank the former Death Eater was just too good.

"Lord Black." Lucius nodded stiffly to Sirius. Harry thought it was amusing how red Draco's face was turning from this, honestly. The teen still thought so very highly of himself and his family. Harry had no idea why though. Neither Draco, nor the Malfoy Family, had done anything of real note in Magical Britain in decades. The only accomplishments they seemed to have to their name had been some suspicious business acquisitions and a few motions they supported being passed in the Wizengamot.

Marlie gently nudging Sirius got the Marauder to drop the prank as their group moved to their seats in the Top Box. Harry thought he saw Fudge attempt to get his attention. A look from Sirius in the man's direction had that stopping immediately. It was nice to have such a caring godfather like Sirius. Getting settled into their seats, Harry had Fleur on his left and Tonks on his right. Penny sat next to Tonks, with Remus taking the last seat in their row.

Before the match began both Team's Mascots took to the field for a show to get the fans fired up. Bulgaria's Mascots were a group of beautiful Veela that began to dance and quickly whipped the men of the crowd into frenzy. Fleur sighed at the actions, even as some of the men in the Top Box forced themselves to remain still.

"I bet those women are well-paid." Harry took Fleur's hand in his. No amount of Allure could get past his Occlumency after all.

"Undoubtedly," Fleur gave a chuckle as she squeezed his hand in return. "Veela that perform like this are highly sought after. They may have had to sign over a percentage of the Bulgarian Team's yearly income to retain them. But it does perpetuate some of the less flattering stereotypes about our people."

"People will think what they want. It's best just to ignore the idiots." Tonks gave Fleur a commiserating smile. Her Metamorph ability was the wet dream of a lot of men. She'd had to hear plenty of lines almost as soon as puberty kicked in for her age group.

"We can always burn anyone that wants to mouth off." Penny smiled at Fleur and both young women giggled. Harry and Tonks gave each other a look.

'Pyromancers…' Was communicated through their shared gaze. Harry did find it amusing that during the Veela's show, Lucius' hand hadn't left Draco's shoulder. The blonde teen seemed to be enthralled by the Veela and their dance.

"Leprechauns!" Tonks cheered as the Irish Team's Mascots started flying in formations around the stadium while dropping their fake gold on everyone. The rainbow trail following the small Fae Folk as they flew around was a nice touch in Harry's opinion. Shortly afterwards the Match started and everyone in the stadium was amazed at the skill and speed displayed by the Irish and Bulgarian Teams. Even Harry, who wasn't much of a Quidditch fan, could admit that the skill on display was incredible. Needless to say the rest of the match was just as amazing and when Viktor Krum, the Bulgarian Seeker, caught the Snitch it was to a raucous cheer and applause from the crowd.

It was with great cheer that the Irish Team supporters left the stadium, though the Bulgarian Team supporters were still in high spirits too. Already, late night parties were breaking out and badly sung renditions of both Teams Official Cheers were being sung, horribly off-key, by the Witches and Wizards that were already tipsy from drinking during the match. Thankfully the group made it back to their tent before things got too raucous. Tonks was already laughing about the Aurors probably having to be called in to keep the celebrations from getting carried away.

After a quick round of showers for everyone, it was time to call it a night, or very early morning. Harry couldn't wipe the grin off his face at seeing his three lovely girlfriends ready for bed. Tonks wearing a baggy t-shirt and some cotton short shorts. Penny wearing a flowing night gown that stopped above her knees. Fleur in a lacey nightgown of her own, hers shorter than Penny's, stopping at mid-thigh.

"Bedtime." Tonks yawned and the foursome quickly settled themselves in for the night.

Harry ended up lying on his back, Tonks on his right side, Penny on his left, and Fleur lying atop him with a grin. His Veela girlfriend felt like she weighed next to nothing and Harry realized she must have cast a spell to keep them both comfortable for the night. Harry wasn't going to complain! He was a teenage man with three beautiful girlfriends sleeping in the same bed as him. He was going to enjoy a night full of cuddling and restful sleep.

So he thought, at least.

-Campgrounds ~ Just after Two in the Morning-

"What was that?" Harry questioned dazedly as he woke up after hearing a loud blast.

"Wha…? Penny mumbled sleepily as she was jostled awake by the noise.

"It's too early…" Tonks grumbled as she snuggled further into Harry.

"Est-ce le matin?" Fleur questioned as she opened her eyes; her sleepiness causing her to speak her native language.

"Harry, Tonks, Penny, Fleur! Wake up! There's trouble! We need to get out of here!" Sirius called out while banging on the door to the foursome's tent room.

"What's going on?!" Harry demanded as he and the girls started getting out of bed. A series of explosions and screams were heard and the four of them were quickly awake. Harry summoned his clothes and started to dress quickly.

"A group of Wizards are attacking the campground from what I've heard! They're heading our way so we're getting out of here!" Sirius called through the door. Harry forced his feet into his trainers and with a thought and a spark of mana, they were both perfectly tied.

"Vests!" Harry summoned his Mokeskin pouch and reached in, pulling out a Basilisk Hide vest for each of them. Tonks, Penny, and Fleur were quick to put the protective vests on over their hastily thrown on clothes. The foursome quickly left the bedroom and met up with Sirius, Marlie, and Remus, in the sitting room. Harry was pleased to see that all three of them had a Basilisk Hide vest on.

Sirius and Remus led the group out of the tent, wands drawn and on alert. Tonks followed them with Marlie behind her. Penny, Harry and Fleur emerged last. It seemed they hadn't left quickly enough though. The group causing all of the panic and destruction was already in sight. The masked Wizards continued to set tents ablaze with spells and they seemed to quickly take notice of the group.

"Death Eaters?" Sirius looked confused, but he and any Witch or Wizard that was alive in the Seventies would know those masks and robes anywhere.

The Death Eaters were quick to turn their wands on the group. Sirius, Remus, and Tonks went into action immediately. Sirius and Remus both made the same jab and then a twisting motion with their wands. The ground warped as it rose into two solid slabs of granite under their transfiguration. Tonks added her own Protego behind the granite wall just as the multitude of spells slammed into the stone barrier.

"That barrier won't last under that many spells." Harry deduced as the wall began to shake as spell after spell hit it. With a thought, a Lumos Charm appeared in Harry's hand. The small ball of dim light was sent up and over their barrier. The spells from the Death Eaters stopped for a moment. They were probably confused about the light, but Harry didn't care. With a flex of his mana the dim light suddenly became brighter than the sun! The entire campground around their tent was suddenly lit up as if it were noon and the Death Eater's screams of pain from their retina being overloaded was all that could be heard.

"Well done, Harry!" Sirius praised as he and Remus peeked out from behind the granite wall. With a nod from Remus, he, Sirius, and Tonks moved past the barrier.

"Cube!" Tonks cast her unique spell. The Auror had just locked five of the flailing Death Eaters inside the prison.

"Expelliarmus Maxima!" Remus cast and a wave of magic passed through the Death Eaters. The modified spell wrenched wands from hands so hard that some of the Death Eaters were knocked to the ground.

"Stupefy Maxima!" Sirius followed up a half second behind Remus. The wave of red light struck all of the still standing Death Eaters. The ones that had been struck collapsed to the ground like puppets without strings.

It appeared that their show of fighting back had reminded the Witches and Wizards that were previously in a panic about their own wands. The remaining Death Eaters were forced to Portkey away as a barrage of spells came flying at them from between the tents. Faced with so much opposition the Death Eaters had no choice but to run. Unfortunately, the five Tonks had caught disappeared into the swirl of Portkeys as well.

"Right, shite, my spell is inverted shields, it can't block Portkeys." Tonks grumbled as she dispelled the cube.

"We'll let the Auror on the scene tie up the remaining Death Eaters." Remus proposed, looking at Tonks. She was, technically, the only one with authority among their group.

"Bloody hell, this is going to ruin my day…" Tonks huffed as she marched over to the downed Death Eaters and tied them up with Incarcerous. Out of what had appeared to be roughly fifteen Death Eaters, only six had been captured.

"We should do what we can to help." Harry spoke up, getting looks from Penny, Fleur, and Marlie. "You know, put out fires, and help anyone that's injured." To exemplify his point, Harry held out his hand towards some burning tents and clenched his hand into a fist. The flames were snuffed out as if someone had blown out a candle.

"Right, I am a Healer; I'll do what I can." Marlie shook herself and adopted a professional demeanor. She went over to Sirius and spoke with her lover. In the next moment bright lights leapt from Sirius' wand. The lights quickly became writing in the air that spelled out 'Aurors needed, hostiles captured. Healer on site for injuries.'

Penny, Fleur, and Harry stayed together as they started snuffing out flames with their Wandless Magic. People began to show up, most only startled, but a few injured were being helped towards Marlie. The panic and rushing of the masses had done more harm than the Death Eaters had caused directly.

"The Aurors took their time." Penny noted as a squad of Aurors, along with a stern-looking man and a woman with a monocle, came charging over to Sirius' area. Just as the group got to Sirius, Remus, and Marlie's location there was a bright green light that shot into the sky. The spell exploded and formed a dark-green cloud in the shape of a skull with a snake coming out of its mouth. This was followed by a chorus of shrieks and screams. Harry heard the term 'Dark Mark' almost a dozen times in less than ten seconds.

-Flint Manor-

"You failed!" Voldemort roared at the Death Eaters that had made it back. They were all clutching their right forearms and screaming as he exerted his control over them through his Mark. By willingly taking his Mark, they had practically enslaved themselves to him. Now that he was recovered enough to use the Mark to control and punish his pawns, he would soon have his Death Eaters back under his heel.

"M-My Lord! P-pl-please! We were outnumbered! The low-born fought back!" One of the masked Death Eaters tried to plead. He only screamed louder as Voldemort sent pain through his Mark.

"I did not ask for your excuses, wretch!" Voldemort's red eyes were practically glowing. "This was supposed to be a night to announce that Lord Voldemort's power was undying! To strike fear into the hearts of my enemies! Yet you failures couldn't even do that much! I send fifteen of you to make a statement, a declaration of my power, and yet all I get back are nine failures that ran from commoners!"

"M-My Lord, sir, please! Let us appease you!" A different Death Eater spoke up, pleading for a stay of their Master's rage.

"You wish to make up for your failures? Then bring me Galleons, as many as possible. There are things that I must procure and funds are necessary. Surely you all can do this much without failing me?"

"Yes! Yes, My Lord!" The shaking Death Eaters groveled on the floor of the manor.

"Get out of my sight!" Voldemort hissed in rage. The Death Eaters were quick to scramble away and head for Gringotts as soon as they stopped shaking from the pain that had been inflicted upon them. "Worthless pawns, the lot of them." He needed his truly loyal followers back. The loyal Death Eaters, the ones that could follow orders and get things done. He needed his Inner Circle back. But he wasn't nearly strong enough to take on Azkaban yet. The Dementors would not bend to his will on platitudes and promises. They had to be forced to obey.

'A more powerful wand will be the first step.' Voldemort thought to himself as he looked at the best match he'd found from the seven Wizards he'd had killed and cremated to make his Homunculus body. The wand was nothing special, but it worked for him. Lord Voldemort deserved far better though, and with the money that his pawns would bring him, he'd get one.

-End Chapter-


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