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Chapter 42 – Flame Test and the Yule Ball

Harry and Fleur were out in the snowy grounds of Hogwarts once again. Fleur had been the one to cast the Protego Totalum this time, after learning it from Harry. The snow on the ground had been cleared with a simple wave of their hands. Fleur couldn't help but giggle at how excited Harry was to test out his three new knives. The sheer joy in her boyfriend's eyes brought a smile to her lips as she transfigured the ground into a comfortable chair to watch the first tests.

"Let's start with the Dragon Steel knife," Harry grinned as he pulled the knife from the simple leather sheath he'd made for it. "First test will be to determine if the ability to conjure fire was imparted from the Dragon Fang." He directed a small amount of mana into the prototype knife and looked for any visible changes. After several seconds of nothing happening the Artificer decided to change the amount of mana. With a bit more mana -nearly double what it would take to cast a standard Lumos Charm- the blade produced a flame along its length.

"It worked," Fleur noted from her seat with a smile. "Congratulations Harry."

"Not much more than what a lighter would produce," Harry noted as he looked at the flame produced by the knife. "But it's proof of concept." He shared a smile with Fleur at the success.

"You could try adding more mana and see if that works." Fleur suggested as she saw the flame along the blade flicker out.

"That'll be the next test," Harry agreed as he held the knife away from his body. "Test two is Magical Strength, how much flame can it produce when supplied with sufficient mana."

Harry poured more mana into the Dragon Fang knife this time. He quickly blew past the amount that had produced flame last time. The blade of the knife flared with fire, easily comparable to a campfire in size. He tried to add more mana to his creation but felt like he hit a wall soon afterwards. The steel of the blade was blackening from the heat and flames and Harry stopped his mana flow. The flames rapidly shrank down to mere candle-like fires before snuffing out completely.

"That was certainly more impressive than the first test." Fleur remarked at the display from the knife.

"Yes," Harry chuckled in agreement. "It also answered my third question too."

"What was your third question?" Fleur grinned at the joy she saw in Harry's green-eyes.

"If I had controlled how powerful the knives were," Harry rubbed the slightly blackened blade over his robe sleeve. Fleur rolled her eyes at Harry's lack of care for his clothing. "I pretty quickly reached a point where the knife wouldn't accept any more mana. So I can control just how much power my creations have as I make them. That's very good to know." He grinned as the black on the knife blade had come off like soot.

"Do I sense another potential set of Items being offered at Potter & Erdunn Creations?" Fleur teased as Harry sheathed the Dragon Steel knife.

"Possibly, a few more tweaks to them might be for the best." Harry considered as he set the first knife aside and unsheathed the Oulm Dragon Fang knife. The almost bronze-like shine of the blade made Harry grin at his creation.

The Artificer first ran his mana through the knife to get a feel for it. The blade readily accepted his mana and similar small flames appeared along the length of it. Harry noted the ease of the mana flow and how quickly the effect had taken place compared to the Dragon Steel knife. The Oulm's Magical Conductivity was higher than Magical Iron, so that was within expectations.

"Now, how much power do you have?" Harry murmured to his creation as he directed more of his mana into the knife. The flames nearly blasted outwards from the bronze-like metal and Harry jerked his arm to the side. A small wave of fire leapt from the blade and travelled through the air for almost two meters before disappearing.

"Harry?!" Fleur exclaimed as she jumped to her feet after seeing what the Oulm knife had done. Harry was quick to snuff out the flames by cutting off his mana flow to the knife. "Was that supposed to happen?"

"The flames? Yes. The arc of fire through the air? Not so much." Harry shook his head at the unexpected outcome from the knife. "Hmm, is it just the Oulm's natural Magical Conductivity causing this, or is it based on the fang I used in its forging? The fangs were mostly the same though…" He took on a contemplative expression as he ran over various hypotheses in his head.

"Do you think the Dragon Steel knife could do the same thing?" Fleur looked at the previously tested knife hanging on Harry's hip.

"I'll have to test it with that in mind," Harry noted as he patted the first knife. "Before that, I need to find out what the power limit is on this knife." He held up the Oulm blade and Fleur took several steps backwards to retreat a safe distance.

Once again, Harry poured his mana into the Oulm Dragon Fang knife. The blade produced flames again and he continued pushing more mana into his creation. The flames roared, getting more intense until Harry finally felt the limit. The knife couldn't take in anymore mana. The roaring flames around the blade were almost like a miniature bonfire. Harry swung the knife in a wide arc and watched as fire leapt from the blade in a wave. The range reached about three meters before the fire disappeared into the air. Three more swings brought about the same results before, on the fifth swing, the flames guttered out and Harry was left with a blackened and smoking blade in his hand.

"What in the world?" Fleur blinked at seeing the knife suddenly stop working after the fairly impressive display.

"Hot!" Harry grimaced as he couldn't look too closely at the blade just yet. The heat rising off of the burnt knife was quite high. He set the blade on the ground and let it cool, watching it the whole time.

"It burnt itself?" Fleur looked on curiously as they waited for the Oulm Dragon Fang knife to cool off enough to be inspected.

"Yes, but it's made from a dragon's fang, so heat shouldn't be an issue." Harry was perplexed by the mystery of his creation.

After several minutes passed, Harry picked up the knife and looked at the burnt blade. Flowing his mana into the knife for only a second brought Harry to a startling realization. Reaching up with his left hand, he grasped the blade between his thumb, index, and middle finger. With nary a thought, and very little effort, Harry snapped the blade as if it was a cheap prop.

"It's inert…completely burnt out." Harry turned to Fleur with an unreadable look on his face. "Barely anytime at maximum output destroyed it completely."

"But why?" Fleur questioned as she looked at the broken knife. "It was doing so well too."

"Oulm has good Magical Conductivity, but it's also possible to use up its innate Magic and render it inert. I thought forging it with a dragon fang would eliminate that weakness, or at least mitigate it for the most part." Harry exhaled heavily as he looked at his trashed creation. "It seems like I can't remove that natural fact of Oulm without Runecraft after all."

"That's what testing is for, I guess," Fleur gave him a warm smile as Harry placed the pieces of the knife into a small pouch. "It's infinitely better to figure these kinds of things out in controlled situations, rather than in a life or death emergency."

"True enough. That is why I test everything I make." Harry pecked her cheek softly and Fleur returned the affection with a gentle kiss of her own. "I still need to test the Sylvuan Dragon Fang knife too."

"I'll be a few meters in that direction if you need me." Fleur giggled while pointing behind her.

"Coward!" Harry laughed at his retreating girlfriend. He was left chuckling even as he unsheathed the final knife he'd made.

The dull color of the Dragon Steel knife was outshined by the Sylvuan version. The metal was brighter and looked almost polished in comparison to the first knife. This was merely the result of the Sylvuan itself. The magical metal simply had a luster to it that most other metals lacked.

"One more time…" Harry breathed in and then exhaled slowly. He poured some of his mana into the knife and watched as the blade was covered in small flames. Feeding the fire with his mana, the flames were soon crackling as Harry held a small bonfire by the handle of a knife. A few swings of the knife proved the ability to throw fire around might very well be standard amongst his Dragon Fang creations. "Now, what's full power look like?"

Full power took longer to reach than with either of the previous two knives. Sylvuan proved its durability as a magical metal when Harry had a blazing knife powered by a fairly decent amount of mana. It was still not much more than one would use if they cast an Incendio Charm -maybe two or three times that amount- but the amount of fire and heat was far greater then what that Charm could ever hope to produce. The flames arced from the swings of his knife for almost four meters each time at full power. Harry made it past the fifth swing with no changes to the output of the knife. When he swung the tenth time without any noticeable change in fire output, he stopped.

"A little soot-covered, but otherwise it's perfectly fine." Harry mentioned as he let the knife cool off for a bit before wiping the soot off the blade. "I'm sure it has a limit that'll render it inert and broken if it's pushed beyond though."

"You think so?" Fleur queried as she looked at the Sylvuan Dragon Fang knife. "It looked like it was performing perfectly."

"These aren't Artifacts, just Enchanted Items, so they'll break eventually even if they're not going full power all of the time." Harry reminded his girlfriend as he looked over the knife once more before sheathing it next to the Dragon Steel knife.

"You're going to test the first knife again, right?" Fleur questioned him curiously. "It's cold out," She snuggled into the Charmed Scarf he'd made for her. "If I didn't have this cute scarf I'd be chilled to the bone."

"Uh huh," Harry looked at her flatly even as Fleur giggled. "Says the Veela that can keep herself warm with barely a thought and a little mana."

"That doesn't mean I'm a fan of the cold, mon amour." Fleur playfully stuck her tongue out at him.

"Alright, alright," Harry held up his hands in mock surrender. "I'll get this test done and we can go inside." Fleur smiled in faux victory before making sure that she was at a safe distance as Harry drew the Dragon Steel knife again.

Flame alighted on the blade once more as Harry fed the knife with his mana. This time he pushed it further, feeding more of his mana into his creation. The flames leapt from the blade of the knife by the time Harry hit the tool's magical limit. A quick, wide swing saw flames leaping from the knife just as they did with the Oulm and Sylvuan blades. The range was noticeably shorter though, at around two meters total. Three swings in and the knife was still fine. Six swings and Harry noted soot building up on the blade. On the tenth swing the flames wavered and the blade was completely covered in soot.

"About ten swings then?" Harry mused as he waited for the metal to cool off so that he could clean the blade a bit and check it over.

"Did it break?" Fleur asked as she walked over. She'd noticed the wavering flames, almost as if they were being choked of air.

"No, it still responds to my mana," Harry shook his head. "I think it has a limit to how long it can be used consecutively before the blade is covered in soot and the effect is compromised. It's rather interesting how each material differs in testing. I did forge them all in a similar manner."

"So this one will last longer if it's properly cared for, much like any tool then?" Fleur mused as she looked at the soot-covered knife.

"That's my running theory, right now at least." Harry agreed with a small smile as he looked into Fleur's blue-eyes. "I'm sure there will be a point that even cleaning the blade won't restore the full functionality of the knife. But this one doesn't seem like it'll just burn out entirely like the Oulm knife did."

"I noticed the fire wasn't as strong with this one too." Fleur noted as the blade was finally cool enough for Harry to wipe it off and check it over for any visible damage. "Is that because it lacks in Magical Conductivity?"

"Yeah, Magical Iron can hold Magic, it can channel Magic, but the ease of transfer through it is much lower than Oulm or Sylvuan." Harry nodded as he answered her question. "Balancing out durability and conductivity of materials can take some time. It usually comes down to what exactly you want the Item in question to do."

"You also used your lowest quality, or maybe I should say lowest powered, tools to forge these three knives." Fleur remembered as Harry sheathed the Dragon Steel knife. "I bet I could write my first thesis on your Artifice, mon amour. Just by following along as you test out all of your various levels of creation and forging."

"Perhaps you could," Harry offered her his arm. "I could be convinced to let you watch the whole process." Fleur playfully rolled her eyes as she took his arm and dispelled the Protego Totalum. The snow that had built up on top of the area shield fell all at once, but not a single flake touched either of them. A path opened up for them in the snow as they walked back towards the castle. Such simple Magics were barely more than a thought and a motion from them nowadays.

-Clearwater Family Home ~ December 16th-

"Testing Runic Array Configuration Number One-hundred-sixty-four," Penny spoke to the Dicta-Quill as she looked over the small set of Rune stones that she had been working with almost since she'd graduated from Hogwarts. With Harry's prodigious knowledge and understanding of Runes, she'd made quite a bit of extra headway on this project. The Array could work, everything she'd researched, all the tests she'd already run, everything pointed towards her hypothesis being possible. It was merely a matter of figuring out the ideal placement and structure for her Array to make it happen.

Penny placed her hands on the Rune stone that was in front of her. She channeled her mana into it and watched as it began to glow just slightly. Her mana spread to the two stones on either side of the Rune stone she was touching and they too began to faintly glow. The next stones in the circle glowed next, then the ones after them, so on and so forth until the final Rune stone directly across from Penny began to glow just like all of the others. In a matter of seconds a hazy, distorted field could be seen covering the area that the Rune stones surrounded.

"Field is stable," Penny noted and the Dicta-Quill jotted it down into her notebook. "Charging the Rune stones for testing." Penny poured her mana into the stones until she knew that they'd be able to maintain the field they were creating, for at least the next several minutes. "Charge complete, moving to Wand-based tests." The scratching of the Quill followed her words.

Penny pulled out her wand and held the tip just outside of the distorted field. With a thought she conjured a Lumos Charm. The small ball of light formed just as it always did. She maintained the Charm as she pushed the ball of light towards the field. The light wavered as it came into contact with the haze. It vanished completely when she put the tip of her wand into the field itself.

"Lumos Charm was dispersed," Penny dictated and her magical quill wrote down her words. "Preparing to attempt to cast a spell within the field." Once the scratching of the Quill stopped Penny commenced her next test. With ease she attempted to cast another Lumos Charm. For a split second, just a fraction that she would've missed if she blinked, Penny's Charm lit up the tip of her wand. It was snuffed out in less than the time it took to blink though. "Note: The Lumos Charm failed to cast completely. The field has neutralized simple, weak Magics." The Quill jotted down her words as she prepared her next test.

She used more of her mana this time, along with a more complex spell in the Aguamenti Charm. From the tip of her wand a small amount of water was conjured. It only hit the floor for a moment before the conjuration was undone and the water vanished. She tried to cast the Charm once more, this time using even more mana. The floor was splashed -as if a water balloon had exploded- but even then the conjured water vanished swiftly.

"The field can still be overpowered, but Spells are quickly undone and Conjurations vanish in seconds." Penny noted and she heard the scratching of the Dicta-Quill again. "Even overpowered Spells have greatly diminished effects within the field."

"Knock, knock," Edward Clearwater called out while gently rapping his knuckles on the door. "It's almost time for dinner, honey." Coming out to Penny's 'Research Shed' in December was a bit chilly without a Warming Charm.

"Is it that time already?" Penny glanced at the clock and noted that the family's usual dinnertime was only about fifteen minutes away. "I almost lost track of time with my tests." The young woman stood up and stretched from sitting for so long. A shake of her head sent her dark-blonde locks swaying back and forth.

"How is your project going, my brilliant Scholar of a daughter?" Edward chuckled and Penny smiled at her father.

"I've managed to increase the area of effect, but the field can still be overpowered." Penny remarked as she checked her notebook after deactivating the Dicta-Quill. "Each time I'm able to increase the size of the field I have to rework the Array a bit, tweak it slightly, so that the effect doesn't diminish. I'm still a long way from making this viable on a large scale. Even further from actually making a working spell based on the field."

"I know you'll figure it out, dear," Edward smiled warmly at his daughter. "You're a driven and intelligent young lady and look at how far you've come in the last few months."

It was true, when Penny first started this project she'd barely had any idea of the Runic Array she'd need. Her first successful field had only been maybe fifteen centimeters in diameter, if she was being generous. It also wasn't very hard to overpower back then. Now the diameter of her field had expanded to just over a meter and it was much stronger. It was great progress, but Penny was rather eager to reach the final goal of her project. She had always been goal-oriented and loved completing tasks and assignments to the best of her ability. This project was another undertaking that she couldn't wait to successfully complete.

"Thanks Dad," Penny gently hugged her father and Edward was happy to return the affection with his own hug. "Knowing I have support from you and Mum for this makes it much less stressful."

"Of course, dear, you know we're so proud of you." Edward chuckled as they entered the home through the back door. "The only thing I'm not certain about is the name. You know how some of the more traditional members of Magical Society are."

"It's only a placeholder name for now anyway." Penny shrugged as she went to wash up for dinner.

If one were to look inside Penny's notebook, they would see the name of her project.

[Anti-Magic Area]

-Hogwarts ~ Yule Ball-

It was December 25th and the night of the Yule Ball. Harry and Fleur had met at the Beauxbatons Carriage to walk to the ball together. Harry was decked out in tailored Dress Robes with a more modern-cut compared to several of his peers. A dark black with some silver accents for trim and shiny silver cufflinks finished off the outfit. Harry wasn't much of a fan of formal wear, but this wasn't horrible.

Fleur was turning heads the moment she stepped out of the carriage to meet her boyfriend. In a resplendent dress of beautiful silver, the Veela teen was radiant. She'd applied the barest of makeup around her eyes to enhance the beautiful blue color. The dress gave a peek at her cleavage while hiding everything. It formed to her curves and Harry found his eyes following said curves up and down Fleur's body.

"You look gorgeous, Love." Harry smiled at his girlfriend.

"Thank you," Fleur beamed at him, her eyes radiating love and affection. "You're looking rather handsome tonight as well."

"Well I can't be escorting you without looking my best, now can I?" Harry joked lightly as he offered her his arm.

"Certainly not," Fleur giggled as she looped her arm with his. "You might detract from my beauty."

"Now that's just impossible, my dear." Harry shook his head sagely. "No one would notice me on your arm even if I was wearing my pajamas. You're simply too radiant."

"Sweet talker," Fleur smiled lovingly at him before their lips met in a gentle kiss. "Let's hurry a little; we don't want to be late to open the Ball."

The couple made it to the closed doors of the Great Hall where a crowd of students was already gathering. Dates were looking for each other and several pairs were waiting nearby the doors as well. Many heads turned to stare at the Champion couple as they made their way through the crowd. Several students stood aside to let them reach the doors.

"Mr. Potter, Miss Delacour, glad to see you've arrived." Professor McGonagall -wearing tartan robes- nodded to the pair. "We're just waiting on Mr. Krum and his date and then we'll be able to enter the Hall."

The wait for Viktor and his date wasn't very long at all. Descending the stairs together were the Professional Quidditch player and his date. Krum was wearing a formal uniform from the looks of it. Less robes and more suit in design. The Bulgarian actually had a light and relaxed look on his face this evening. It was his date that drew Harry's attention far more though.

Looking lovely in a dress made of a floaty, periwinkle-blue material was Hermione Granger. Harry's study buddy was on Viktor Krum's arm this evening and she was holding herself differently. Her hair was tamed and done up in an elegant style that Harry didn't know the name of but would describe as a knot or bun. She was also smiling -rather nervously- but the smile was genuine and Harry was happy to see it. The Durmstrang Champion and Hermione made their way over to the closed doors and stopped next to Harry and Fleur.

"Good evening Viktor, Hermione," Harry nodded politely to the two of them. "I'm glad you've decided to grace everyone with the beauty you seem to hide so often, Hermione." He smiled at his study buddy even as she blushed from all the attention she was getting.

"Good evening to you both." Viktor returned the polite greeting to Harry and gave Fleur a relaxed smile.

"Hello, Harry, Fleur," Hermione greeted the two with a smile of her own, bashful as it was. "You both look amazing tonight."

"You look lovely yourself, Hermione." Fleur grinned at the younger girl. "You should show this side of yourself more often."

"Oh no, I couldn't," Hermione shook her head and looked down with pink cheeks. "It feels so odd being the center of attention."

"You get used to it." Viktor, Fleur, and Harry all stated in unison. The three blinked at each other before breaking out into subdued chuckles. Hermione couldn't stop the smile from returning to her face at the laughter.

"Very good, you're all here," McGonagall had returned and noted Viktor and Hermione's arrival. "The doors will open shortly and dinner will be had first before the opening dance." The Transfiguration Professor explained and all four of the teens nodded at the schedule.

The doors did indeed open a few short minutes later and the Champions led the rest of the students into the Great Hall. The Hall was decked out for the celebration with frost decorating the walls, casting the glow of the lights across the open space. Garlands were draped around the stonework. A conjured snowfall fell over the hall without leaving a trace of cold or water anywhere. A large Christmas tree dominated one side of the Hall and its various decorations glowed and sparkled with lights in a myriad of colors. All in all it was a lovely setting for a Ball.

The Champions were led to a table that had replaced the long table the Professors usually ate their meals at. They would be sitting slightly higher than the rest of the tables that had begun to fill up with students. The three Champions and Hermione shared their table with Dumbledore, Bagman, and -to Harry and Hermione's surprise- Percy Weasley.

"I'm filling in for Mr. Crouch this evening," Percy informed the two when he noticed them looking at him confused. "He regrets that he can't make it, but he's dealing with important legal matters at the moment." Harry didn't miss the way Percy locked eyes with him when he mentioned the legal matters.

Everyone picked up the menus on the table and browsed the selection. There were a few different dishes available and a few that were regional to the students of both Beauxbatons and Durmstrang as Harry didn't know them at all. Dumbledore took the lead on ordering as he looked down at his plate after perusing the menu for a few moments.

"Pork chops." Dumbledore spoke clearly. In a matter of seconds a meal appeared before Dumbledore with pork chops as the entrée.

From there the rest of the table ordered their dinners. Harry went with a steak entrée while Fleur picked a dish called Confit de Canard. Harry saw it was a dish featuring duck as the entrée. As light conversation started over dinner the evening appeared to be going very well for everyone. Fleur teasingly offered Harry a bite of her meal and Harry took it with a smile. It was quite flavorful and he found he enjoyed it. Fleur had almost burst into giggles when Harry returned the favor and gave her a bite of his steak.

After dinner the Weird Sisters made their appearance to much applause. The famous Magical Band began to play for the opening dance. Viktor and Hermione headed down to the dance floor arm in arm. Harry and Fleur followed after them, also arm in arm, a moment later. The two couples began with a simple waltz to the music. Fleur and Harry only had eyes for each other as they danced. Even when the dance floor was opened up to the rest of the students, the couple didn't stop their dance.

"Our practice appears to have paid off." Fleur giggled melodiously as she and Harry began a more complex dance as the music changed.

"Amazing how having a brilliant teacher can make even a total novice into a passable dancer, huh?" Harry joked as he twirled Fleur and then brought her back into his arms.

"I do believe my rewards system was a good motivator." Fleur murmured into his ear before kissing it lightly.

"Very good, indeed, Love." Harry kissed her neck softly as they danced.

As the night went on Harry also danced with Hermione, Padma, Luna, and Mandy. Luna had been asked by Neville Longbottom from Gryffindor and was one of the only Third Years in attendance. Harry was happy to see the small blonde enjoying the night so much.

Watching the Professors dance was its own amusement as well. Dumbledore and McGonagall were very formal in their steps across the dance floor. Hagrid and Maxime were slow dancing when an appropriate song came on. The two easily kept a good amount of space clear around them. None of the other dancers wanted to risk any kind of collision with them. Remus and Professor Sinistra made for an unexpected pair as they danced together as well. Harry was happy to see his surrogate Uncle having a good time tonight.

As the night wore on and the hour became later, some couples notably disappeared. Harry noted Viktor walking Hermione out of the Hall and up the grand staircase towards Gryffindor Tower. Fleur leaned against him with a warm smile as they left the Great Hall and wandered through the garden that had been set up outside. When they were out of sight the couple quickly made themselves an opening in the hedges and escaped the garden area. The two swiftly headed for the Beauxbatons Carriage together and Fleur pulled Harry inside while no one was around. Maxime and Hagrid had still been slow dancing with each other when Harry and Fleur had left the Hall.

"Harry~" Fleur kissed his lips as soon as her bedroom door was closed, locked, and silenced behind them.

"Fleur~" Harry returned her kiss with equal love and passion.

"Undress me, mon amour?" Fleur asked with smoldering eyes as she turned and showed Harry the back of her dress. The zipper on the back was slightly hidden, but Harry's fingers quickly uncovered it and unzipped the dress. The silver cloth pooled around Fleur's feet leaving her in lacey, black lingerie that left almost nothing to the imagination. "Do you like what you see, Harry?" She purred out as she turned to let him take in her body from the front.

"I love you Fleur Delacour~" Harry told her with such pure, genuine emotion that Fleur's breath hitched and she felt her heart thump in her chest.

"I love you too, Harry Potter~" Fleur returned his declaration of love as their lips met again. The couple wrapped their arms around each other as they deepened their kiss. Fleur's hands weren't idle as she quickly began stripping Harry of his clothing. Tongues came into play as they pressed their bare skin against each other.

Words were unnecessary from that point on. The couple simply gave in to their love for one another. Their lips only separated long enough to take a breath as their hands roamed. Fleur let out a sexy gasp as Harry unsnapped the front clasp on her lacey, black bra and began to play with her breasts and nipples. The sexy garment falling to the floor and was quickly forgotten about. Her hands travelled over his body as well, one slipping down to pull his boxers off and free his hard length. Harry groaned low in his throat as Fleur began to stroke his cock.

Harry latched his lips onto Fleur's nipples making the Veela teen gasp and moan his name in pleasure. Harry licked and sucked her magnificent breasts while his hands descended and eagerly removed the skimpy, black panties she wore. With both of them naked, Fleur led Harry to her bed and the couple fell upon it. Their lips met again and as their tongues found each other once more, Fleur gently guided Harry on top of her.

"Harry, make love to me~" Fleur moaned out her request as she spread her legs for the one she loved.

"I love you so much, Fleur~" Harry looked into her eyes and both would've sworn they could see each other's souls when their eyes met.

Harry gently guided himself into Fleur's soaked heat sending sparks of pleasure through both of their bodies. Their lips met as Harry moved forward bit by bit until he filled her completely. Harry and Fleur panted, moaning and whispering each other's names in passionate heat as they moved with each other in the throes of passion. Fleur rolled her hips to match Harry's thrusts into her core. The two reveled in their love and their lovemaking. A deep groan rose from Harry's throat as his thrusts began to pick up speed. Fleur kissed him deeply, tongues entwining again as she wrapped her long legs around his waist. They had no concept of time, only the warmth of each other's bodies and the pleasure they gave to each other mattered.

"Inside~" Fleur mewled into his ear as they held each other tight. She wanted this so much, needed it from her lover. Harry sped up his thrusts more, as Fleur's sex fluttered along his length to coax him to completion. Harry gave into her passionate request as he approached his release. He sought out her lips and kissed her deeply as he hilted himself inside of his beautiful Veela lover and crashed over his peak. The two broke their lip lock to moan loudly as they climaxed together.

"Fleur~" Harry panted even as a pleasant haze filled his mind.

"Harry~" Fleur purred back to her lover. The heat of Harry's seed inside her was still sending pleasurable bolts of sensation into her brain.

The heat lingered as they gazed into each other's eyes. The two leaned close and shared a soft kiss as they reveled in their shared climax. Eventually the haze faded from their minds and Fleur unwrapped her legs from Harry's waist. He pulled himself from Fleur's depths and rolled to the side while pulling her close. They cuddled together, enjoying the bliss that came after lovemaking. Sweet kisses were shared as they held each other. Neither had any plans to let the other go for the rest of the night.

"Love you, Fleur." Harry murmured into her ear before leaving a gentle kiss on it.

"Love you, Harry~" Fleur kissed his lips as she pressed herself against him.

Being both of their first times, neither teen had much inclination to try and go for a second round. Fleur made a beckoning motion with her left index finger and her blankets covered the two lovers gently. She purred in contentment as Harry's arms pulled her closer. She couldn't ask for more than to spend the rest of the night sleeping in her lover's arms. She wrapped her own arms around Harry and held him close.

The two dozed off in each other's arms with gentle smiles on their lips. Morning would come eventually, but neither of them could care less. They were content right where they were.

-End Chapter-


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