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Chapter 43 – Reaction, Discovery, more Dragon Items

'This is awkward…' Harry mused as he sat in one of the rarely used meeting rooms in Hogwarts. Nym was sitting to his right, Fleur was on his left, and Penny was sitting across from him. There was a noticeable tension in the air and Harry wasn't a fan of it.

"Was a meeting really necessary?" Harry finally broke the silence.

"Yes." Tonks stated immediately. "You and Fleur had sex, that's something we all should have discussed first." The Metamorph had a pout on her face and Harry was trying hard not to smile at it. She had a cute pout.

"Communication is important in a relationship like ours," Penny spoke up next as she glanced at all three of them in turn. "When steps like these are taken, we should all be in agreement, shouldn't we?"

"I was planning on waiting for your birthday, but then Fleur jumped the line." Tonks looked at Fleur as her hair and eyes turned orange. Not the red that was normally associated with anger, but orange denoted annoyance.

"I'm not apologizing." Fleur stated simply with a shake of her head.

"I'm not asking you to," Tonks retorted with a sigh. "I just wish you'd talked to us about it first."

"It would have been nice to know your plans in regards to taking this next step in the relationship, Fleur." Penny gave the Veela teen an understanding look. She knew why Fleur had taken the next step. She only wished the other girl had been upfront with her and Tonks.

"Yeah, we could've worked out a plan to make Harry's birthday the best night of his life." Tonks grinned salaciously and Penny started -almost choking on her own breath- while Fleur raised a delicate eyebrow at the idea.

"I'm not against that still happening or anything." Harry mentioned with a wide smile on his face.

"Of course you don't mind." Tonks laughed at her boyfriend. Her hair turned from orange to pink, along with her eyes.

"I would not be opposed to this plan." Fleur giggled behind her hand, giving all three of them bedroom eyes.

"Can you three hold back your lusts for a bit?" Penny shook her head with a sigh. Honestly, her family was letting their hormones do the talking already.

"Give in, Penny, give in~" Tonks teased with a flirty tone.

"You're incorrigible, Nym." Penny flicked a ball of mana at her friend.

Tonks let the little mana ball hit her with a smile. She couldn't help but be happy that Penny wasn't dismissing the idea outright. The brown-eyed girl had become far more comfortable and open since this relationship started.

"It's nice being able to talk with all of you at the same time," Harry smiled warmly at his girlfriends. "It's been too long."

"We miss you too, Harry." Penny returned his smile with a loving smile of her own.

"We really don't get enough time with you," Tonks gave him a gentle smile as she took his hand and entwined their fingers. "Work has been busy ever since the whole Death Eater incident at the World Cup. Both Madam Bones and Mad-Eye are running the DMLE like we're back in the Seventies. It's exhausting trying to follow up on any suspicious activity or possible sighting of Death Eaters."

"I highly doubt that any of the Death Eaters hold a candle to your mana level, Nym." Harry squeezed her hand reassuringly.

"Damn right they don't!" Tonks stated smugly making Penny roll her eyes playfully while Fleur laughed melodiously.

"I mean I'm still st-" Harry started to say before being cut off.

"Don't say it!" Tonks snipped at her boyfriend.

"What?" Harry grinned at his eldest girlfriend. "I was just going to say that I'm-"

"Don't you say it!" Tonks interrupted him again with a look.

"I'm stronger than you." Harry rushed out his words and Tonks pouted at him with a glare.

"You said it!" Tonks huffed at Harry with her arms crossed over her chest. "You just had to say it!"

"Yes." Harry grinned while both Fleur and Penny began to laugh at the pout on Tonks' face.

"It doesn't count! You cheated!" Tonks looked away from him, still pouting cutely.

"I don't know…" Harry grinned as he held up a Test Frame with his mana level showing. "It looks like it counts to me~"

"Where did you even get that?" Penny raised an eyebrow at Harry seemingly pulling a Test Frame from nowhere.

"I'm wearing my special cloak under my Hogwarts robes." Harry informed with a grin.

"Please tell me you wash that cloak, mon amour…" Fleur gave Harry a look. She knew how often Harry had taken to wearing the jet-black cloak and just how dirty something could get in the castle. Not to mention Harry's propensity for just wiping things off on his clothing.

"Almost every day, Love." Harry reassured her with a nod and small smile.

"Bon," Fleur smiled back at him. "I wouldn't want to snuggle with a man that can't even keep himself clean."

All three ladies chuckled at Harry's expense, but he could only smile lovingly at them. He wouldn't change a single thing about any of his girlfriends. They were perfect just as they were in his eyes.

Conversation resumed after the laughter and tea was provided by one of the castle's many House Elves. Hearing about Penny's project and the success she was seeing, filled Harry with joy. He was glad his Rune knowledge had been so helpful to her. Tonks mentioned her own work at the DMLE and how much Mad-Eye was pushing her in their practice sessions. When asked about her patrols or any investigations she went on, Tonks had to be vague about them. It was part of her oath as an Auror not to reveal the status of any active cases and Tonks took it seriously.

"You're keeping safe, right?" Harry asked, seeking assurance that Tonks would be okay in the field with Death Eaters being active again.

"I have my Basilisk Scale Mail on during any raid, Harry," Tonks gave his hand a gentle squeeze in reassurance. "Under my Auror robes I always keep my Basilisk Hide Vest on too. Even in the office or when I'm patrolling Diagon Alley."

"Thank you, Nym." Harry exhaled in relief. The Auror profession was dangerous and he couldn't help but worry about Tonks after all.

"You aren't getting rid of me that easily, Harry." Tonks grinned before leaning over and kissing his lips.

"Good…" Harry smiled before leaning forward to catch her lips this time.

"Oh my~" Fleur had a teasing grin on her face and her blue-eyes were alight with mischief. "Are you two going need the room for a while?"

"Fleur!" Penny stared at the Veela intently. "Don't encourage them!"

"I'll take you up on that offer!" Tonks laughed as she moved over to sit in Harry's lap.

"No you will not!" Penny stood from her chair and leaned over to swat at Tonks.

"You could just join us in the fun~" Fleur teased as she gave the bent-over Penny's ass a playful swat.

"Fleur!" Penny jumped from the light slap of her booty. "You stop that!"

"One of us, one of us, one of us…" Tonks laughed as she pulled Penny close and had the dark-blonde girl sit on the armrest of Harry's chair.

"Come here, Penny." Harry smiled at his girlfriend as he wrapped his free arm around her waist.

"I'm the only one that thinks this isn't the best place for this, aren't I?" Penny sighed before leaning down to meet Harry's lips in a soft kiss. "No clothing better come off, or I'm hexing the one responsible."

"Acceptable." Fleur giggled as she sat on the opposite armrest and pulled Harry's lips to hers.

"So just pulling up my shirt is okay?" Tonks teased as she guided Harry's hand to her breasts.

"Why do I even try?" Penny questioned with a faux sigh before leaning into the cuddle pile with a smile.

-January 6th-

"It's Theban!" Fleur declared while practically kicking open the door to the hidden workshop.

"Really…" Harry looked at her flatly, his hand had jerked at the sudden entrance and now a line of ink went across the page of his notebook.

"Ah…sorry, mon amour," Fleur apologized with a light chuckle. "I was just excited to share the news with you."

"It's fine, Love." Harry set his pen down and gave her his full attention. "What's Theban?"

"A type of substitution cipher of the Latin Alphabet," Fleur closed the door behind her and walked over to Harry's desk. "It's been around since the early Fifteen Hundreds! It's also called the Witches' Alphabet!"

"That would explain the 'Witch' and 'Insight' parts of the Runes." Harry agreed as he looked over the book Fleur had placed next to his notebook. "Now we just have to translate it."

"I already did." Fleur looked slightly smug as she pulled a parchment from her pocket and unfolded it. "I'm not sure how to feel about the Second Task though."

"Let's see…" Harry began to read the translated message. The Second Task would be one of the oldest forms of Magical Competition known, that being Magical Combat. They could bring whatever Foci or Armor they wished, the only rules for the Task where the banning of Dark Magics and not to intentionally kill the other Champions. "This isn't a Formalized Duel; this is just an outright battle."

"Yes, the conditions for gaining points are the order in which the Champions are rendered unable to continue and the Judges' determination on the skill displayed." Fleur noted of the last short paragraph at the bottom of the parchment.

"It seems you and I will be sparring with a much larger audience than normal, Love." Harry smiled at her as he took her hand in his own.

"So it seems, Harry." Fleur returned his smile before leaning down to meet his lips for a warm kiss.

"I do hope you enjoyed your Christmas presents too." Harry grinned a little mischievously.

"I love the Storage Cloak, Harry, even if the name is a little plain." She teased and Harry rolled his eyes at the ribbing. What was with Magicals and wanting things to seem Magical through both name and looks all the time? "I was surprised by the Dragon Leather pants though…"

"Tonks liked them." Harry chuckled while Fleur gave him a teasing grin.

"Why did you make them for us?" Fleur questioned her lover rhetorically.

"For reasons…" Harry looked her straight in the eye with an unrepentant smile.

"Would one of those reasons happen to be, to see our lovely bottoms in them?" Fleur purred out her question.

"Perhaps…" Harry shrugged nonchalantly.

"Good, I'd hate to think that these skintight pants would go to waste." Fleur giggled as she undid the spell that had hidden her actual outfit from view. She went from wearing the Beauxbatons standard blue uniform, to the skintight Dragon Leather pants and a tight, white turtleneck with long sleeves. Needless to say, but the outfit hugged her body in all the right ways and flaunted her amazing figure.

"Beautiful~" Harry murmured as he took in the sight of his silver-blonde girlfriend with a bright smile.

"Why thank you~" Fleur grinned as she turned around and let him see her from the back.

"I out did myself…" Harry gave himself a little praise at seeing the tight leather pants accentuating Fleur's amazing ass.

"Now that we know what the Second Task is," Fleur leaned forward, pushing her leather-clad bottom towards Harry. "Why don't we celebrate, mon amour?"

Fleur quickly found herself bent over Harry's desk. A quick slap of her ass was followed by Harry leaning against her back. She turned her head only to meet his lips with hers. Not to be outdone, the Veela girl ground her shapely ass into her lover's crotch as his hands came up to play with her breasts.

-January 8th-

Harry grimaced at the heat from his forge. If the heat rose too much more, then the very stone it was made from would start to melt. Even flax could only do so much when using Magical Materials. But he was bound and determined to make this work! He just needed to find a way to actually manipulate the material! That or he needed a way to generate even greater heat to soften and shape it.

"Who knew that working with Dragon Scales would be so difficult?" Harry muttered to himself as he looked at the blazing forge and the large Dragon Scale sitting within. The large scale had barely changed color from the heat.

Harry's current goal was to fashion a shield from the Horntail's scales. With another nearly spell-proof layer of defense added to his Regalia, he'd be closer to ready for whenever Voldemort made his move. At the moment though, Harry was still figuring out just how to use Dragon Scales in Creature Craft. They were insanely durable and resistant to heat. The inherent properties of the scales were making the task of actually crafting with them ridiculously challenging.

"All the better for a strong shield, I guess," Harry wiped the sweat from his face with a towel. He kept the heat high and hoped that extended time within the forge would soften the Dragon Scale inside. "If this doesn't work I'm going to have to find another way to come at this problem."

-January 10th-

"Is something wrong with your forge, Harry?" Fleur questioned as she saw Harry taking his tools to the stone that made up the forge.

"It's not strong enough," Harry answered as he carefully etched another Rune into the sequence he had going. "I need to be able to get it to much higher temperatures if I want to work with Dragon Scales."

"I see, so you're adding in a Runic Array to allow for that?" Fleur noted his already complete work.

"Yep," Harry smiled at her brightly. "I'm starting on the outside and then I'll do the inside. With any luck I'll have upgraded the forge enough to work with most any material."

"Is your plan still to take your O.W.L.s this summer?" Fleur asked as she watched him work. "It seems a waste to go through all this work if you're not going to come back to Hogwarts next year."

"I'll just take the forge with me, no big deal." Harry shrugged a he started on the next Rune in the sequence. "That does remind me, I need to perform the same upgrade on the forge in my smithy at Wood End Cottage too."

"I suppose with your Storage Cloak you don't really have many limitations on what you can carry with you." Fleur chuckled with a grin at her lover. Trust Harry not to leave any tool behind when he vacated an area. "I believe you'll need to expand your smithy to fit in a second forge."

"Magic makes for easy work, Love." Harry laughed as he etched the next Rune into the stone of his forge.

Hours later and Harry was lying inside his forge, on his back, as he etched more Runes into the stone. Fleur was reading an interesting book that Madam Aveline had recommended to her. The Veela teen would look up from her reading every now and then to watch Harry work for a short time. His focus on his task was admirable and she couldn't help the smile that came to her face. Looking towards the clock on the wall, Fleur noted the time.

"Harry, it's almost dinner time," Fleur informed him as she closed her book. "Surely you must be hungry after working for so long?"

"I could eat," Harry admitted from within the forge. He finished etching the Rune he was working on and then shimmied out of the forge. "Has it really been almost six hours?"

"Indeed it has," Fleur stood up and stretched. "Shall we go to dinner?"

"Allow me to escort you, my Lady." Harry held out his arm to her with a grin.

"Of course, mon amour." Fleur smiled back as she looped her arm though his.

Dinner was a pleasant affair, as was normal. Fleur and Harry sat at the Ravenclaw table next to his study buddies. Conversation started up about classes, the next Task of the Tournament, what everyone had been up to, and other regular topics. Harry enjoyed some bouillabaisse, a French soup made from seafood. Fleur recommended it and Harry found it to his tastes. Luna was still artistic with her food and that made Harry grin. Hermione still lamented that Harry skipped pretty much every class nowadays with his Champion Privileges.

"I'm just worried you'll miss something important, Harry." Hermione fretted over his education.

"I haven't worried too much about it Hermione," Harry shrugged after taking a sip of his tea. He still wasn't the biggest fan of Pumpkin Juice, at all. "If this Tournament has taught me anything, it's that Hogwarts may not be the safest place for me. As I've said before, I plan to take my O.W.L.s this summer and my N.E.W.T.s in the fall. I have little doubt that I'll secure the grades I need in the core classes for O.W.L.s along with Runes and Arithmancy. I'm planning to specialize for my N.E.W.T.s in Runes, Arithmancy, Transfiguration, Charms, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. That's more than required and I already have a successful business partnership. Early graduation will free up much more of my time to delve further into Artifice."

"We'll miss you at our study sessions," Mandy sighed with a faux sad look at him. "Who is going to help me figure out all my Arithmancy equations?"

"My Runes grade might suffer as well, Harry," Padma got in on the teasing. "How're you going to just leave us like this?"

"I'll miss you too, Harry." Luna looked a bit saddened by the approaching loss of her friend.

"Just because I graduate doesn't mean we'll stop talking or anything." Harry pulled Luna into a side hug. "You can always send me letters and I'll reply. Hell, if you send me the Hogsmeade days I might be able to pop in and hang out for a while too."

"Okay!" Luna beamed at him and he got smiles from Mandy, Padma, and even a small one from Hermione.

"Onward and upward," Fleur smiled at the younger girls. "It is the path we all try and follow, yes?" She was met with agreements from all four of the girls.

-January 12th-

"Now we're talking!" Harry laughed as the heat from his forge was finally high enough to make the Dragon Scale glow a yellow color as it softened. Pulling it from the heat, he added it to the hammered out ingot of Zeclatite that he'd kept at the edge of the forge to maintain its pliability. With his Basilisk Carbon Steel-Rune Enchanted tools, he set about hammering the Dragon Scale into the Zeclatite.

Harry worked for hours, heating Dragon Scales, heating Zeclatite, hammering, folding, hammering, shaping, and molding the metal into the proper shape. Thankfully he'd started right after lunch and Fleur did still attend a good amount of her classes. This gave Harry about six hours of solid work time.

He went for a simple design for this Dragon Scale Shield, a fairly standard round shield for the simplicity of its creation. At about forty-five centimeters in diameter, it would be able to block a good amount of his torso or he could raise it slightly to protect his face. As he finished the base shaping of the yellow hot alloy, he grasped it with his Basilisk Carbon Steel-Rune Enchanted tongs and prepared to quench it in a tank of Dragon Blood. The familiar -and no less foul- smell that came from this process was the same as it always was. Harry pulled the blood-covered shield from the tank and set it on a metal rack to finish cooling.

"Is that going to happen every time I use the Scales of a Conquered Beast?" Harry noted that a very defined scale-pattern was forming on the metal of his shield. It was interesting to watch the pattern form from the center of the shield outwards. The pattern then rose slightly, becoming a textured pattern on the metal alloy. "Huh, didn't expect such a strong reaction," Harry noted of the shield's formation. "Perhaps this is because the Dragon had greater Magical Potency? Interesting, I'll have to test out more with the Scales to find out."

"Harry, I came to get you for dinner-" Fleur cut herself off as her hand flew to her face to cover her nose from the smell of the smithy. "I see you've been working with Dragon Blood again."

"I can't let it go to waste, right?" Harry smiled, his nose already used to the smell, even if it wasn't pleasant. "Wait until I start using the fire sac bile, that stuff smells much worse!"

"I supposed you shouldn't waste the blood, but I'd rather not be present when you start using the bile." Was Fleur's muffled reply. "You're covered in sweat too. It's a good thing I came early. You can at least get a shower before dinner."

"I probably should wash off," Harry agreed as he felt the sweat on his skin. "Would you care to join me?" He waggled his eyebrows at his Veela lover.

"Harry, we don't have time to enjoy ourselves in the shower." Fleur shook her head with a chuckle. The sound was muffled by her hand still holding her nose.

"What if we just fooled around a little?" Harry countered with a devilish grin.

"Go shower, Mister." Fleur pushed him towards the smithy's bathroom.

"Alright, alright," Harry chuckled as he walked towards the bathroom door. He opened the door and entered the room only to find Fleur following him inside. "Fleur?" He blinked at her.

"I didn't say 'No' to fooling around~" Fleur purred as she spelled her clothing off and stood before him naked. After letting him get a look, the scholarly teen giggled as she turned and started the shower.

"Minx!" Harry quickly shed his own clothing and practically chased a laughing Fleur into the shower.

They were late to dinner by almost twenty minutes…

-January 15th-

"Japanese?" Harry blinked at the letter that the barn owl had delivered to him at breakfast. Fleur looked curiously at the letter as Harry whispered to the parchment and the Japanese hiragana glowed slightly before English words appeared super-imposed over the original writing. "Oh, it's from Tōshū…" Harry read the translated letter over for a bit. "He sure didn't waste time." He chuckled as he showed the letter to Fleur. "Heard about me slaying a Dragon and is convinced I've made something from it. He wants to see what I've done with the knowledge he provided to me years ago."

"Are you going to make a trip to Japan?" Fleur questioned him after she finished reading.

"It could make for an interesting summer trip," Harry shrugged before a small grin formed on his face. "By that time I bet I could have a few Items made that would get at least a 'passing grade' from even the strictest of Artisans."

"Getting out of Britain -or Europe in general- for a while could also do you some good. What with all this reanimated Dark Lord business." Fleur let her displeasure show at the thought of Voldemort being back.

"True enough," Harry shook his head. "Voldemort never tried to conquer any country other than Britain. I'm not sure he ever left Europe much at all, come to think of it."

"Then perhaps a vacation abroad will be a good thing for us?" Fleur smiled at her lover. The way she said 'us' let Harry know that she was including Tonks and Penny as well.

"Couldn't hurt," Harry looked thoughtful. "He can't try and kill me if I'm not in Britain to attack. With the weird obsession he seems to have with ending my life, I highly doubt he'll try to make any large showings of himself until after he's sure I'm dead."

"We will not give him the chance, mon amour." Fleur's hand sought out his own and gave it a comforting squeeze.

"I know, Love." Harry smiled lovingly at her as he squeezed back. "I'll have more than a few unpleasant surprises for him when he tries."

"Those include three very angry girlfriends, yes?" Fleur grinned at him.

"Indeed, but I think using three weapons of mass destruction might violate some Laws, both Magical and Muggle." Harry laughed and Fleur joined him as they leaned against each other.

"What is your next Dragon Material idea, exactly?" Fleur wiped the tear of laughter from the corner of her eye.

"I'm thinking I'll give a Magical Spear a shot," Harry grinned as his eyes lit up with excitement. "I have plenty of horns after all."

"I fear the castle walls may not be standing by the time you perfect such a weapon, mon amour." Fleur giggled lightly at Harry's excitement to try forging something new.

"Eh, acceptable losses in the name of progress." Harry shrugged with a chuckle that became full-on laughter.

"You just want to make something to show off to this Tōshū on our trip!" Fleur gave him an amused look.

"Maybe..." Harry's grin couldn't have been more mischievous if he'd tried. "I could also try to make another sword too. Everybody likes swords, right?"

"Mhmm, I'm sure, Harry…" Fleur gave him a faux disbelieving look.

"Magic Swords are cool!" Harry retorted with a sharp nod, as if to confirm his own statement.

"Men will always want to measure their swords against one another~" Fleur snickered and Harry blinked at her.

"Hey!" He turned to face her with a grimace and Fleur burst into melodious laughter. It quickly caught the attention of the entirety of the Ravenclaw table. Harry merely rolled his eyes at his Veela Scholar.

-End Chapter-


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