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Chapter 44 – Second Task

"I don't get why we have to be split up for this." Fleur had a cute pout as the Champions were being split up to prepare for the Second Task.

"It's so that we can each prepare whatever we brought for the Task without our opponents seeing it, Love." Harry replied with a chuckle.

"She's just being difficult." Tonks rolled her eyes at Fleur playfully. The Veela teen huffed over dramatically at being called out.

"Don't get too caught up in the match," Penny hugged both Harry and Fleur. "We all know what could happen if you two get out of hand with your spells."

"I'm a fount of control and reasoning, my Love." Harry sniffed in a pompous manner. This prompted chuckles from his girlfriends as well as Sirius.

"Sure you are, Harry, sure you are." Sirius ribbed his godson with a cheeky look on his face.

"Et tu, Sirius?" Harry held his right hand over his heart in mock shock.

"I'm afraid so, godson of mine." Sirius chuckled at Harry's expense.

Marius, Appoline, and Gabrielle were encouraging Fleur to do her best in French. Harry was happy with his progress in learning the language as he was able to understand what the Delacours were saying more often than not. Remus had volunteered to be the Professor to get Harry for the Task and was chuckling along with Sirius' teasing. When Madame Maxime came to collect Fleur the two teens shared a quick kiss before separating. Tonks snagged Harry and got her own kiss and Penny gave him a kiss on the cheek for luck.

"I'm assuming we're still using the stadium they built for the First Task since they never removed it, right?" Harry questioned his surrogate uncle on their walk across the grounds.

"Yes, the Ministry is actually being efficient and reusing it." Remus grinned at Harry.

"Ministry and efficient…" Harry pretended to roll the idea around in his head. "There's just something inherently wrong sounding about that."

"Even a broken clock is right twice a day, Harry." Remus chortled as they approached the stadium. Remus led Harry into a private room to prepare for the Second Task. With a nod and wishing his surrogate nephew good luck, Remus left to head up to the Professor's Seating.

"Well, time to get ready." Harry spelled off his Hogwarts robe to reveal his Storage Cloak beneath it. With a flip of the cloth all of Harry's chosen Items and Artifacts were sitting on the ground waiting for him. "It looks like I'll get to show off the Regalia for the first time. I wonder if I should feel bad for Krum?" Deciding a second later that he shouldn't, Harry placed his Basilisk Scale Mail on. He donned his Wind Walker Items on his feet and shins, Aethereum was sheathed at his hip, he placed his Sorcerer's Path mantle over his shoulders, and then he fitted his Spell Ward Gauntlets over his hands before he picked up his Dragon Scale Shield.

All in all, Harry cut a rather imposing figure for a teenager.

It wasn't long before Bagman's loud voice filled the stadium. The former Professional Beater rambled on for a while, apparently liking the sound of his own voice. After a few minutes to introduce the Judges, which Harry felt unnecessary as they hadn't changed from the First Task, the words that he was waiting for came.

"Now, our three Champions make their way to the arena floor!" Bagman declared boisterously.

Harry walked through the small tunnel that would lead him to the center of the stadium. He emerged onto the field to the cheers of the audience at the same time as Fleur and Krum. He swept his eyes over Krum's preparations first. The Durmstrang student had his staff in hand, what appeared to be a padded suit beneath a cloak of a deep-red color. He didn't recognize the padded suit, but it was easy to deduce that it had been enchanted in every way that the material could hold to protect the wearer. The cloak however, Harry did recognize and he couldn't help but whistle at the material.

"Salamander Wool? That's some pricey material." Harry noted of the cloak. Wool taken from a Magical breed of sheep, treated with fire magic, and then enchanted to protect against spells, especially fire-based Magics. That had to cost the Professional Quidditch player quite the pretty penny. "Now let's see that mana level…" Harry sent a bit of mana into his glasses to activate the Scouter function. The reading came back quickly and Harry noted the increase from the last time he'd checked Krum. The last reading had been around 7,000 for the Bulgarian teen. The current reading put the other Champion at 8,264 in total. "Someone has been practicing."

He glanced over at Fleur next, but her preparations were already known to him. She'd donned her own Basilisk Scale Mail, her Sorcerer's Path mantle, and a set of Duelist robes beneath her armor for the protection of her legs. If she'd had a copy of everything that Harry was carrying right now, not only would that look as if they'd teamed up -which was against the rules of the Tournament- but it would interfere with how Fleur liked to engage in Magical combat.

"Champions, prepare yourselves!" Bagman called out and the stadium became quieter as everyone waited for the Second Task to begin. "3…2…1…Begin!"

Krum slammed the butt of his staff onto the grassy ground and muttered something that neither Harry nor Fleur could hear from the distance separating them. The ground rippled before a dozen forms tore their way out of the earth to become a pack of wolves. Six of the transfigured beasts headed for Harry while the other six dashed towards Fleur. The opening spell was undone before the wolves even crossed half the distance towards their targets. All twelve of the canines fell apart back into dirt without a word or motion from Harry or Fleur. A Finite of enough power to undo a Transfiguration that had no protection against being undone merely took a glance and their will to direct their mana.

"Catch." Harry smiled as he raised his right hand –the one not holding his Dragon Scale Shield- and a reddish glow enveloped it. With a wide swipe of the glowing appendage, a wave of red light emerged and flew towards Viktor.

"Protego!" Krum cast with his staff and the off-white magical shield took the modified Stunning spell without issue.

"Do not forget me, to squabble amongst yourselves, gentlemen." Fleur smiled pleasantly even as balls of electricity sparked into existence all around her. The swarm of ball lightning was sent towards both Harry and Krum all at once. The widespread move was then followed up by Fleur opening her mouth to emit a melodious tone.

Harry moved to avoid the ball lightning while Krum refocused his Protego. The sound of Fleur's voice came a split second later and Harry felt something brush against the immense mass of mental brambles that made up his Alternate Occlumency. He wondered what the Spell Song was supposed to do before he saw Viktor's Protego flicker and the Bulgarian's eyes become unfocused. The rain of ball lighting knocked him out of the trance-like state even though the Salamander Wool took the brunt of the damage for him.

"Clever girl." Harry chuckled as he cast the Similitudo Charm repeatedly. In short order there were almost a dozen Harry's spreading out across the field. All of the copies had a Vocalization Charm weaved into them as well, so that they could make noise and further confuse his opponents.

"Doing that again, mon amour?" Fleur rolled her eyes at the horde of illusionary Harrys. "Let's find the real you." She focused, her blue-eyes becoming sharp as she moved her left hand into a circle. In the area with the most Harry copies one Harry stumbled as gravity temporarily increased in the designated area of Fleur's spell.

Viktor was confused as he'd been dispersing any copy of Harry that came his way, only for all of them to suddenly stumble. The Bulgarian waved his staff and a strong Finite made the illusions in his range disappear. With the illusions gone, he focused and waved his staff while incanting his next spell. A series of chains were conjured and sent towards both Harry and Fleur in a wave of writhing metal.

"Well…if you two just want to stand around…" Harry grinned from his kneeling position under Fleur's spell. He placed his free right hand on the ground and pulsed his mana into it. Each pulse was a spell that travelled through the ground and stopped at specific places beneath the soil. Seeing the mass of chains slithering towards him while he was under the effects of the increased gravity, Harry had to commend Viktor for trying to take advantage. The wave of chains stopped dead in their tracks before vanishing as Harry wandlessly and silently cancelled the Conjuration. He did the same to the gravity spell a second later and stood up.

"Not bad, but I'm not as distracted as you think, Mr. Krum." Fleur noted the chains headed her way and a wave of her left hand saw them vanish. "Oiseaux de Cendre." She whispered even as flames leapt from her arm and quickly formed into large, eagle-like birds made of flame and cinder. The flock of over a dozen birds winged their way towards the wide-eyed Viktor.

While Viktor was beset by flaming birds and valiantly destroyed one after another, Harry quickly pulled water from the cool Scottish air. He rapidly formed spheres spinning discs, and even arrows from the liquid and sent all of them towards Fleur. While she was distracted by the barrage, Harry gathered up a large amount of water -easily enough to fill a standard swimming pool- shaped it into a long serpentine dragon just for aesthetics, and then sent the liquid beast at his girlfriend.


A blast went off at Viktor's location and Harry chuckled as one of his subterranean spells was triggered. They were basically mana land mines and when stepped on went off in much the same way, if not far less lethal for safety's sake. Apparently he'd tried to retreat from his initial position when it became untenable from the fiery flock. The Professional Quidditch player was ass-over-tea kettle on the ground, but the last two of Fleur's flame birds couldn't seem to do any damage through the Salamander Wool cloak that Viktor had on.

"Trying to soak me?" Fleur raised a delicate silver eyebrow at the barrage of water headed her way. The serpentine dragon was a bit much in her opinion, but it was nice to see she wasn't the only one in their family to appreciate aesthetics. She took a deep breath before gathering water herself. She exhaled and the water turned into a thick mist. Into the mist she imbued an overpowered Finite Maxima to cancel the magic that both shaped and moved the water constructs headed for her. The water all splashed onto the ground in a wave and Fleur took two steps backwards to avoid it.


Fleur let out an undignified squawk as she was sent reeling from stepping on one of Harry's hidden spells. The Veela girl landed on the ground with a thud and grimaced at the disorientation and pain. She was so going to get Harry back for this!

"Lata Glacius Maxima!" Viktor slammed his staff into the ground at his feet. A wave of ice spread across the entire field at speed. Multiple blasts went off as all of Harry's mana land mines were tripped, but the empowered spell didn't even slow down. The frozen ground even began to produce small spires of ice as the temperature dropped and the water in the air began to freeze too.

"Huh, double modifiers, neat." Harry stomped his foot on the ground and channeled his mana into the soil. A large wall rose up in front of the approaching wave of ice. The earthen wall didn't even stop it as it froze over and the wave continued to spread. "Time to go!" Harry activated his Wind Walker Item and flew into the air to escape the spreading frost.

"Frost against fire? You must be confident!" Fleur grinned as she blasted the icy wave headed towards her with a stream of flames. When the flames guttered out against the encroaching ice, Fleur blinked at the amount of mana that Krum had to have put into the spell. With a quick application of her mana, her feet left the ground as she made her shoes float. It wasn't perfect, but it got her a few meters into the air and out of the spreading frost that continued to cover the field.

"Damn…" Viktor huffed as he saw both Fleur and Harry dodge his spell. He'd been seriously hoping to get one of them with that. Now he was heavily drained and staring down two Spellcasters that didn't even look fatigued from their casting yet.

"Impressive range," Harry noted from his place in the air. "But you look like you need a break, Krum." He swiped his arm in a wide arc and another modified Stunning spell arced towards the Durmstrang Champion.

"You did well enough, Viktor," Fleur noted from her floating position. "But Harry and I have a score to settle, so go to sleep." The Veela teen began to sing the same lullaby that had knocked out her Dragon in the First Task. The Spell Song travelled towards Viktor and began its work.

"Shit…" Viktor had enough left in him to raise a dome-shaped Protego to block the flying crescent of a Stunner, even though his shield broke a split second later. He couldn't stop the Spell Song from invading his ears though. In a few short moments Viktor fell to the frosted ground in an enchanted sleep.

"Halt!" Bagman's loud voice thundered and both Harry and Fleur stopped and turned to look towards the booth. "Viktor Krum is down, please hold while he is retrieved and taken to Madam Pomfrey."

"That makes sense." Harry shrugged even as he stood in the air without a care.

"Of course." Fleur nodded and continued to float a few meters in the air under the effects of her spell.

Both of the teens realized that Bagman had been commentating on the three-way battle the whole time and they'd simply tuned him out. As they watched a pair of Wizards levitate the unconscious Viktor away, both were already formulating ideas for their next moves. They caught each other's eye and both gave a challenging look to their lover.

"You may resume the Task!" Bagman brought the brief break to an end.

"I want to give my Regalia a good test run, Love." Harry's right hand went to Aethereum's handle and grasped it. "Come at me with all you've got." He grinned as he unsheathed his Artifact Sword and held it at the ready.

"Someone is rather cocky today," Fleur grinned up at Harry. "Where is that confidence coming from exactly?"

In response to his lover's question, Harry raised Aethereum above his head and then swung it downwards as strongly as he could with just his right arm. Everyone in the stadium saw the strange blur that travelled in an arc from the blade and towards the frozen ground. When the blur hit the ground a wave spread out near instantly and the ice that had covered the field shattered into snow before it all disappeared instantly. Every Witch and Wizard in attendance gaped at what a single swing of the obviously Magical Sword had done.

"I think I have a reason to be a little cocky, my Fleur-de-lys." Harry smiled warmly at his lover.

"Aethereum is impressive," Fleur admitted with a pleased grin at Harry using a playful nickname for her. "But if you want me to go all out then I will." Flames danced off the Veela teen's skin as her form was wreathed in a cloak of fire. Most of the non-Beauxbatons spectators once again gaped in shock as Fleur's spell formed fully. The pair of large, flaming wings that appeared on her back made of cinders released burning feathers as they spread wide. "Manteau de Cendre."

"What on earth is that?!" Bagman's voice briefly broke through the focus the two teens had on each other. They could understand his shock though. Fleur had seemingly just conjured two black-feathered wings of burning ash from her back. Ash and embers cloaked her form and the occasional flare of fire escaped her spell as heat radiated from her body.

"Just as impressive as the first time you showed it to me, Love." Harry praised but even he was surprised when the animated wings flapped twice and Fleur rose into the air to match his height. "I see you've even improved it with flight."

"I have many tricks up my sleeves, Harry." Fleur grinned before she flapped the black wings of burning ash and sent a gale of blistering cinder towards him.

A swipe of Aethereum saw the cloud of cinder vanish. Harry raised his Dragon Scale Shield to block the large fireball that had been hidden behind the cloud. The flames dispersed around Harry's form as the spell lost cohesion against the shield's innate properties. Not willing to let Fleur control the pace of their battle Harry used his Wind Walker to move through the air at speed and make distance. A thrust of Aethereum and another oddly transparent blur punched a perfectly circular hole in her left ash wing. Fleur didn't even flinch as the damaged portion flared with fire and then filled in with cinder again.

"Plumes de braise." Fleur flew upwards, taking the high position. From her wings dozens upon dozens of burning, black ash feathers began to rain down on the field. In short order there were hundreds of the faux plumage filling the air and even smoking on the ground as the grass dried out and began to smolder.

"Well, that's both offensive and defensive now isn't it?" Harry grimaced as he used both his Dragon Scale Shield and his Sorcerer's Path mantle to deal with the falling feathers. The mantle sucked the feathers up and Harry directed the Enchanted Item to send them back out at speed to collide with other incoming plumage. The result was smoke filling the air as the feathers both burst apart. "How about we get rid of these?" Harry gripped Aethereum firmly and the blade glowed for a moment. A horizontal swing of the Artifact Sword and a large wave of the transparent blur passed through the hundreds of burning ash feathers. Each one struck by the wave vanished instantly, but Fleur seemed to have no trouble producing more of them.

"Tempête de plumes!" Fleur spoke as she spread her arms wide before bringing her hands together. The hundreds of ash feathers falling through the air began to swirl. They ignored the call of gravity as they danced in the air and swirled about faster and faster. Harry noted that he seemed to be the epicenter of this storm and grinned even as the heat began to rapidly climb as the storm of feathers closed in.

Harry focused his mana into Aethereum and tapped into his Artifact Sword's innate mana. Combining the two, the blade thrummed with power and glowed slightly. With a full three-hundred-sixty degree spin, a ring of the transparent force passed through the swirling tornado of burning, ash feathers and turned them to nothing. A boost to his Wind Walker and Harry shot upwards like a rocket towards Fleur.

"Silly boy," Fleur directed a titanic stream of flames towards the rapidly approaching Harry.

"Shield don't fail me now!" Harry placed his Dragon Scale Shield in front of him as he continued his rush to get close enough to Fleur to try and disable her spell entirely. The tower of fire engulfed him as the innate fire resistance of the Dragon Scale Shield along with its ability to block spells protected him from the flames. The heat was unbearable still, and Harry could feel his lips dry out even as sweat ran down his entire body. He broke through the fire pillar much to Fleur's shock and without even pausing to take a breath of air he lashed out with Aethereum to sever her left wing.

"Are you insane?!" Fleur yelled even as she plummeted out of the air. "You should've dodged the flames!"

"Just eccentric, Love!" Harry called back as he took a breath of cool air that stung his dry mouth and throat.

"Have it your way, you crazy boy!" Fleur stabilized her fall even as she reformed her left wing. The Veela teen glowed like a miniature sun as heat and fire surrounded her. "Dernier Vol!" Her black-feathered, ash wings broke apart into another storm of burning plumage. Only this time they swirled around each other closely as fire and heat built up within the micro storm. At Fleur's will the burning storm of black feathers exploded in Harry's direction sending intensely hot bullets of cinder at the bespectacled teen.

"Bloody hell!" Harry once more poured his mana into Aethereum and swung the sword towards the incoming spell. The transparent slash destroyed every bullet it touched but the sheer scale of the spell made it a moot point. With nothing for it, Harry hunkered behind his Dragon Scale Shield as the bullets of cinder bombarded him. The shield and his Basilisk Scale Mail negated a lot of the damage and even his Sorcerer's Path mantle absorbed its limit of the bullets. Aethereum was also acting as an impromptu shield as the sword's innate ability to dispel any spell that touched it was used to full effect.

"This is amazing!" Tonks watched Harry and Fleur's battle with pride for her family.

"I literally just told them not to lose themselves in the battle!" Penny decried the actions of her boyfriend and 'sister' as she watched the insane spell that Fleur had just thrown at Harry.

"Ow…ow, ow, ow, fuck…" Harry hissed as he floated in the air after the barrage ended. His hair was singed, he knew he had burns from the sheer heat of the spell, his shield was still holding up, as was the Basilisk Scale Mail, beyond that his legs hurt from the multiple impacts and he was fairly sure he was overheating. "That was more than I expected…"

Unbeknownst to Harry, Fleur was taking the time that Harry was recovering to recover as well. Dernier Vol used up most of her mana in an all-out attack against her enemy or enemies and wasn't something she could do more than once. It was called 'Last Flight' for a reason after all. The silvery-blonde teen was breathing heavily as she waited for the smoke to clear. Harry hadn't fallen out of the sky, so she knew he was still in this match.

"Love!" Harry yelled as the smoke was blasted away from his position by his surging mana. Aethereum was sparking with electricity as Harry channeled the Fulmen Curse through it. "You better dodge, block, or surrender!" The buildup of electricity began to leap off the Artifact Sword like lightning.

"I choose to win!" Fleur focused and raised her hands upwards. Three Protego Totalum shields surrounded her in a triple-layered dome. With a rumble four large spires of earth were pulled from the ground and formed a point where they all met above the shield spells.

"You're amazing, Love!" Harry laughed and with a crack of thunder he swung Aethereum downward. A bolt dropped as if from an angry god! The lightning hit the four spires of earth and lost a chunk of its force from obliterating them. The first Protego Totalum held for a second or two before shattering. The second Protego Totalum held longer but still broke. The final Protego Totalum held the remaining power back until the spell dispersed.

"I'm so going to smack both of them for this!" Penny was not happy with how far Fleur and Harry were taking this! Tonks pulled her into a side hug to help calm her down.

"Well…that didn't really work either." Harry was slowly drifting down to the ground as his own mana became rather low. He couldn't keep the Wind Walker powered and still cast spells anymore. He also needed to work on its mobility in the air. If it had better speed and handling, he could've avoided Fleur's spell instead of having to weather it.

"You look tired, mon amour, why don't you take a break?" Fleur smiled at her lover as she straightened up. Her Protego Totalum had faded from lack of mana and now she could only use the simplest of spells.

"I'd love to get these burns healed up and then slip into a nice bath." Harry admitted with a strained grin.

"If you concede, I might even join you." Fleur tempted him with a playful lilt in her tired voice.

"Tempting…" Harry chuckled before raising Aethereum and pointing it at her. Using the Artifact's mana he cast a Stunner at his Veela girlfriend.

"Is that a 'no'?" Fleur's Sorcerer's Path mantle intercepted the Stunner and absorbed it. In the next instant the red spell as launched back at Harry. The spell was slapped aside by Harry's Spell Ward Gauntlet on his left hand.

"I never said that." Harry grinned as his own mantle rose up and unleashed all of the cinder bullets it had absorbed at Fleur.

Her mantle responded in kind and absorbed the barrage in turn. The Flipendo that struck her in the chest was unexpected but it did nothing to her Basilisk Scale Mail. The two volleyed the cinder bullets back and forth twice more before Fleur removed them from contention by letting them splash harmlessly against her armor and her naturally resistant skin. Her Duelist robes had long since lost their lower portion, leaving her long, beautiful legs exposed.

"Forgot how hard the Basilisk Scale Mail makes ending this match of ours." Harry chuckled as neither of them was in much position to cast anything better than a Lumos at this point.

"How about that surrender then?" Fleur asked cheekily with a grin.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Harry grinned right back at her.

"Very much so." Fleur admitted shamelessly.

"Stupefy." Harry barely raised Aethereum as he tapped into the innate mana within the Artifact once more. The red spell struck Fleur's exposed legs and the Veela teen sank to the ground as her consciousness left her. "If you're not too cross with me, let's still aim for that soak in the bath together, Love." He sighed as he sank to his knees while using Aethereum to hold himself up.

There was no sound in the stadium for a few moments before clapping began. Tonks stood from her seat with a bright smile as she applauded for Harry and Fleur. Penny joined her with a small smile and soon it spread throughout the rest of the stadium. Sirius was the first to begin to whoop and cheer and the noise began to grow louder as the rest of the spectators began commenting on the absolutely insane feats of Spellcasting they'd just seen.

"Harry Potter is the last one standing in the Second Task!" Bagman suddenly announced with a roar. It had apparently taken the former Beater some time to recover from his shock.

Harry honestly couldn't care less about the points, but figured he would look for Fleur. Honestly he really just wanted to sleep for a bit after the burns that still stung his skin were taken care of. The Judges appeared to be deliberating and Harry wished they'd hurry up even as the two Wizards that had taken Krum off the field approached him and Fleur.

"The Judges have made their decisions and graded the Champions' on their performance!" Bagman announced as both Harry and Fleur were levitated onto stretchers that were then levitated themselves. "For showing skill and power in his spellcasting, Viktor Krum is awarded thirty-seven points!" The crowd all applauded at the score for the Durmstrang Champion. "For impressive spell work, clever Enchanted Item use, and immensely surprising power, Fleur Delacour is awarded forty-eight points!" The audience applauded louder this time and cheers even rose up from the crowd. Harry was fairly certain they came mostly from the men in the audience and Fleur's schoolmates. "Finally, for impressive Enchanted Item and Artifact use, incredible power, ingenious spell work, and being the last one standing; Harry Potter is awarded a full fifty points!"

The cheering was raucous as most of Hogwarts stomped, cheered, clapped, and celebrated their Champion's victory.

"Took him long enough." Harry murmured as he and Fleur were taken off the field and into Madam Pomfrey's care. They'd be lucky to get out of the Hospital Wing by tomorrow night at the earliest.

Unknown to the teen Artificer, a certain Ministry Official was sitting in the stands during the Second Task. She'd bullied her way into the private box with her position to see just what the Potter boy's Artifacts could do. She hadn't been disappointed either. That kind of power in the hands of a Half Blood was dangerous. He was still a student as well. For the safety of the children, perhaps his Artifacts needed to be held in the Ministry's custody until he graduated? They could certainly be put to better use in the proper hands.

"I believe that fossil Griselda mentioned that Artificer Potter had put in the parchment work to take his O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s early?" The short, squat woman in luridly pink robes muttered to herself. "He never replied to my last letter either. Perhaps I should impress upon him the honor it would be for him to be employed directly by the Ministry? If not, I'm sure Cornelius would be horrified at what Potter's Artifacts could do if he decided to misuse them. Confiscation might just be necessary after all." She tittered out a laugh that made anyone that heard it flinch in disgust.

The woman stood from her seat with plans forming in her head. That creature that Potter had fought was also something to worry about. No inhuman creatures should be that powerful. Perhaps she could use this Task as an example of the dangers that filthy non-humans posed to proper Witches and Wizards? Surely her newest legislation would pass with proof like this?

"Either way, as long as those Artifacts end up in the hands of proper Witches and Wizards, we'll have nothing to fear from the creatures like her!" The toad-like woman nearly spat at the mention of Fleur. She wasn't jealous of the creature's looks! It was all just a show to hide their inhuman nature!

Now that she'd worked herself up into a right, jealous fury; the horrid woman stomped off towards the exit of the castle grounds. She needed a drink and then to meet with Cornelius about all of this.

-End Chapter-


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