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Chapter 45 – Planning and the Ministry of Magic

-Saturday, February 26th-

"I'm a bit surprised that you're still up for this, Love." Harry chuckled as he and Fleur made their way to the Prefect Baths together.

"Well," Fleur gave him a warm, loving gaze that was heavy with desire. "It's also for me as well, mon amour."

It hadn't been too hard to find the hidden Prefect Baths. Tonks had happily told them where they were after the Second Task. Penny had simply sighed and shaken her head in defeat when no one seemed to care that these baths were supposed to only be for the Prefects. Tonks had managed to weasel the location out of a Prefect that had been trying to woo her in her fifth year and had never forgotten where they were, even though she couldn't get in after the password had been changed.

Of course, that particular conversation had only come up after Penny had swatted both of them lightly over the head for going too far in the Second Task. Madam Pomfrey had been agitated with how long Tonks, Penny, Sirius, and the Delacours had kept Harry and Fleur awake after the Task. The Matron couldn't do anything to remove them legally, so she'd simply had to wait for the group to finish.

"Here we are," Harry noted as he and Fleur stopped in front of the disguised entrance. "Good thing we don't need the password." He shared a chuckle with Fleur before slipping his mana into the door. Much like a Locksmith didn't need the key to open a lock; Harry bypassed the password by directly undoing the Magic that kept the hidden door locked. "After you, my Lady." He gave Fleur a bow.

"Merci, Harry~" Fleur giggled as she walked into the large Prefect Bath.

Harry followed her inside and used his own Magic to seal the door behind them. No one would be able to open the door, even with the password, unless they could overpower his spell. Not likely to happen, given that they were both skipping class to have their shared bath in the middle of the day while everyone else was in classes.

"Not bad," Harry whistled as he looked around the Prefect's Bath. It was softly lit by a splendid candle-filled chandelier, and everything was made of white marble, including what looked like an empty, rectangular swimming pool sunk into the middle of the floor. It was surrounded by golden-colored taps, each with a differing jewel set into the handle. There had to be a hundred of the faucets surrounding the pool-sized tub. "I think I see why the Prefects put up with the extra responsibilities now."

"It'll do." Fleur commented in a faux unimpressed tone. Harry couldn't help but chuckle and Fleur grinned at him.

In short order the tub was being filled by almost a dozen of the faucets. Different colors of pleasant-smelling waters poured from the taps and even some bubbles from two of them. Harry and Fleur both stripped down without issue. They'd seen all of each other when they'd made love after the Yule Ball. This wasn't anything to be shy about. Harry happily ran his eyes over his girlfriend's body. Taking in Fleur's loveliness would never get old.

"Absolutely gorgeous, Love." Harry complimented and Fleur preened a little under the praise. She did a little pose for him, showing off her curves and her buxom breasts for him.

"You look rather handsome yourself, mon amour." Fleur ran her blue-eyes over Harry's form appreciatively. He was still in the middle of his growth spurt phase. She could easily see Harry standing 178cm when he was full-grown, maybe more. The musculature he'd built up from his Artificing was certainly eye candy for the Veela teen. "I have to get as much time with you this year as possible, Harry. I don't think Nym and Penny will allow me to monopolize your time like this during the summer."

"You may be right," Harry chuckled, knowing that Tonks would most certainly be taking every opportunity to get him alone that she could. Penny would most likely be less demanding, but she'd also be the one making absolutely sure they couldn't be interrupted too. He was definitely in for a busy summer, in the best way!

The two slipped into the large tub together once it was full and relaxed. The pleasant smell of the soaps and bubbles made for an enjoyable air. Fleur had happily washed Harry's back, pressing her considerable bust into his back while kissing his neck, his cheek, and then capturing his lips. Harry returned the favor by washing Fleur's back and then her long, silvery-blonde hair. Fleur was humming contently as her love eased his fingers through her locks and massaged her back and shoulders.

The couple rose from the tub after a relaxing soak only to wrap their arms around each other and kiss deeply. Towels from the nearby cupboard were yanked out with a silent and wandless Summoning Charm. With nary a thought, the towels were spread out into a rectangular shape on the marble floor. Being piled four layers high made the impromptu bed rather soft. The two teens sat on the towels and continued to kiss.

"Harry~" Fleur mewled as she straddled him. He was practically worshipping her tits and playing with her nipples. She could feel his hard length pressing against her and she moaned.

"Fleur…" Harry groaned out as the beautiful Veela sank down onto his cock. She was so tight, warm, and absolutely soaked. "Damn." His hands dropped down to her bouncy bottom and began to play with her soft ass cheeks.

"Mmm, more," Fleur cooed as she lifted her hips a bit and then dropped down again. Both teens moaned at the pleasure and their lips met as Fleur repeated the motion.

The couple began to move together, Harry thrusting upwards as Fleur rode him. Their lips barely left each other's, only separating to breathe when necessary before going back for more. Tongues entwined and Harry began to use his hold on her ass to bounce her on his cock. This proved to be much to Fleur's liking as she let out an absolutely lewd moan before wrapping her arms tightly around Harry. Neither of the two was aware of how long they'd been at it, but eventually both were frantically moving against each other as they raced for their peaks. With a cry of ecstasy Fleur took Harry to the hilt as she climaxed. Harry wasn't far behind her as he pumped her full of his release.

"I love you…" Harry was breathing heavily as he came down from his high.

"Mmm~" Fleur moaned as she left kisses along his shoulder, neck, and jawline. "Love you too."

"Again?" Harry asked after several moments of sweet kisses. He was ready again and Fleur's eyes gleamed in delight.

"Lay down, lover~" Fleur purred as she pushed him onto his back. The Veela teen turned around, giving Harry a good look at her ass, before she moved her leg over his waist and took him back inside of her. "This is called 'Reverse Cowgirl', mon amour." She giggled as she placed her hands on the towels and began to bounce her hips on his cock.

"Oh hell…" Harry bit out as he leaned back on his elbows and watched Fleur's magnificent ass bounce and jiggle. His hands clenched the towels beneath him and his hips began to thrust up to meet her movements.

"Yes, Harry!" Fleur moaned wantonly as Harry began to match her rhythm. She panted as she rode her lover, feeling his length inside of her, the delicious friction of their coupling. She was enjoying herself so damn much! "AAAHHH!" She yelped out as Harry's right hand smacked her right ass cheek.

"You're such a naughty girl, Fleur!" Harry groaned out as he spanked her ass again and watched it bounce.

"Yes, yes, yes, Harry!" Fleur agreed as she increased their pace. "Mmm!" She cried out in pleasure as his left hand came down on her ass this time. She didn't even know she liked having her ass spanked like this!

"Fleur!" Harry practically growled out a short time later. His hands gripped her hips and his thrusts picked up both speed and intensity!

"Harry!" Fleur gasped as he fucked her harder and faster. "Yes, yes, yes! More! More!" She had little control of her own body anymore as the haze of an impending orgasm clouded her mind.

"Take it!" Harry slammed into her, while pulling her hips down on his pelvis to get as deep as possible inside of his lover.

"Aaaaahhhhh!" Fleur howled in bliss as she shook in an intense climax. She felt the heat of Harry's seed inside of her again, filling her so completely. The love she felt from Harry, the immense pleasure of their lovemaking, she was almost delirious in joy. She was left panting as she came down from her sexual high.

When Fleur lifted her hips, letting Harry free from her stuffed pussy, she mewled at the feeling of his warm seed escaping her. Even as she stopped straddling him, moving over to rest and get her breath back, her left hand went down to her sex to futilely try and stop his cum from leaving. What she wasn't expecting, was for Harry to be ready again so soon!

"Hands and knees, Love~" Harry kissed her deeply, their tongues playing for a moment before he pulled back. Fleur was half-guided into position as Harry played with her slightly red bottom. When he lined himself up, Fleur mewled as the head teased her sensitive sex. When Harry thrust forward and buried himself to the hilt all at once, Fleur nearly choked on her breath!

"HARRY!" Fleur squealed as her lover set a fast and frenzied pace. His hips smashed into her ass over and over again and she could feel his eyes on her rippling booty. "Hah…hah…yes~" She threw her hips back into his thrusts, creating a slapping sound as their skin met. She felt her temperature rise as they continued fucking.

"Shit, Fleur!" Harry wasn't any better. He was panting, sweat running down his body. He couldn't stop though. His libido was in full control and all he wanted to do was keep having sex with Fleur. The teen Artificer leaned against her beautiful back, his hips barely slowing down as he reached around her and captured her large tits as they bounced from the fast pace of their rutting. He kissed her shoulder and neck while playing with her breasts. He massaged and teased her boobs, flicked and pinched her nipples, and constantly enjoyed her voice as she cried out in pleasure.

"Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry…" Fleur panted out repeatedly. Her mind was awash in pleasure as they continued to fuck. She could hear nothing but her heart in her ears and the masculine grunts and groans from Harry as he lavished pleasure on her body. Had she the mental faculties to notice, she'd be embarrassed to find that her tongue was partially lolling out of her mouth and that she was drooling.

"Fleur, fuck…here it comes!" Harry turned her head to capture her lips, his tongue quickly forcing hers into submission inside her mouth. His whole body shook and his vision went white as he slammed himself as deep as possible inside of Fleur's spasming sex and filled her with another load.

"Mmmph!" Fleur's cries of pleasure were muffled by Harry's mouth. The Veela teen felt her arms give out as her eyes fluttered and she collapsed forward. Harry never let go of her and continued to pump her full of his warm seed with short thrusts into her. She blanked entirely, her mind nothing but a haze of white as she trembled in the aftershocks of her orgasm.

The couple stayed joined like that for an unknown amount of time. Simply too high off of their shared carnal bliss to care about anything but each other. It would only be after they regained themselves that the two realized that they needed another bath to wash the scent of sex off of their bodies. As they washed each other again, Fleur noted that it was a good thing she was protected.

"A potion?" Harry guessed as he massaged her back that he'd just washed.

"Mhmm," Fleur nodded languidly as she enjoyed his hands on her back and shoulders. "It's made especially for Veela in the Enclave that my family is part of. This way, we only have children when we're ready."

"I should've asked beforehand," Harry admitted as he leaned forward and kissed her cheek. "I don't think either of us is quite ready for parenthood."

"It's fine, mon amour," Fleur captured his lips for a second. "I was just as lustful as you were. It was amazing~"

"You're amazing." Harry breathed into her ear before kissing her neck softly.

"If we get all riled up again, then we're not going to leave until dinner." Fleur giggled as she tilted her head to the left to give Harry more access to her neck.

"Don't tempt me with a good time, Love." Harry grinned against her soft skin.

They ended up leaving after another hour. Still well before dinner, at least!

-Tuesday, March 1st-

"Okay, this is becoming really annoying now." Harry held another letter from one Dolores Umbridge in his hand. Every single day, for the last five days, he'd received a letter from the woman. Each letter said the same thing, or some variation of it. 'Work for the Ministry' was the overall message in each letter and Harry was sick of it. "She's not even bothering to be subtle with it." He shook his head as he read over the letter again. "This basically states that if I don't work for the Ministry, then I'll regret it. Who sends a letter like this to a Fourth Year student?"

"I'd be tempted to hex her brains out, but it's clear she doesn't have any." Fleur sniffed disdainfully at the letter in her lover's hand.

"I might have to pass these off to Nym and let her bring them up to the Aurors." Harry mentioned with a dark grin. "I'm sure this constitutes harassment of a minor or something." He stowed the letter away to put it with the others in his hidden workshop.

"I'm sure the Ministry will do an amazing job of handling the case." Fleur's tone couldn't have been more sarcastic if she tried.

"Sarcasm is quite a talent of yours, Love." Harry chuckled at his girlfriend.

"Thank you, I practice in my spare time." Fleur giggled lightly along with him.

-Ministry of Magic – Minister's Office-

"Are you out of your mind, Dolores?!" Cornelius Fudge, the Minister for Magic of the United Kingdom, balked at what his Senior Undersecretary had just suggested. He was a somewhat short man, a bit pudgy around the middle, and with a thinning head of hair that had once been a light-brown color, now going grey in his age. "You want the Ministry to confiscate Artifacts from the only Artificer that our country has had in over a century?! Do you know what the papers would do to us if we tried this?" He wiped at his forehead with a handkerchief as he felt sweat bead on his skin. "That's not even going into how the various Enchanters Guilds would react! We could see a mass exodus from Britain of all our Magical Craftsmen if they believe we're just waiting to take their works from them!"

"Minister, I realize this may seem extreme, but I and many others witnessed what Potter's Artifacts are capable of first hand." Dolores placated with a tone she'd perfected in her time serving as Cornelius' Undersecretary. "Those Artifacts are too dangerous to be left in the hands of a child, especially around other children. It is for the safety of everyone that the Ministry should take custody of them, at least until Potter reaches his Majority."

"Powerful they may be, terrifyingly so even, but I'd rather a professional relationship with Artificer Potter as opposed to an antagonistic one." Fudge shook his head. "Those Auror Batons he made for the DMLE have increased the approval rating of the Department spectacularly and my Administration by association. I do not want to risk jeopardizing that."

"Cornelius, you must see reason," Dolores insisted as she placed down an already filled out form for the confiscation of Dangerous Magical Objects. "This is only temporary, just until Potter reaches his Majority. It's only a bit over two years. This is merely a safety precaution for the wellbeing of Magical Britain's children."

"Has he really rejected the idea of working for the Ministry when he graduates?" Fudge questioned the pink-robed woman. "We could offer him good pay at the very least."

"He's not answered a single one of my letters, Minister." Dolores shook her head with a scowl.

"I still cannot sign the confiscation order in good conscience, Dolores." Fudge worried as he wiped his forehead again. "Perhaps, if I spoke with him directly, he might reconsider?"

"But Cornelius, he's not of the same political leanings as yourself and your supporters." Dolores mentioned with a glint in her eye. "What would your political donators think if they saw you trying to make in-roads with Potter?"

"But, but, he's still a boy, Dolores, he has no political leanings." Fudge had gone noticeably pale at the thought of losing the backing of many of the 'Traditionalists' of the Wizengamot. The wealthy Pureblood Families had been good to him in his election campaign. He knew he wouldn't have become Minister without their support.

"I dare say he does, Minister." Dolores pressed onwards. "He's involved with that foreign Veela girl from Beauxbatons, from what I saw at the Second Task. That already puts him at odds with your political supporters! Can you imagine what sorts of ideas she's put into his head? We all know Magical France is far too lenient in their laws about non-humans."

"Oh dear…" Fudge wiped at his face with his handkerchief. How could he maintain an amicable relationship with Potter and not lose his political support? He was already fending off a lawsuit from Sirius Black about endangering his Godson, the very same boy he wanted to have work for the Ministry in the future. He felt his options narrowing, like doors closing all around him. He needed to keep at least one door open between himself and Harry Potter!

"Minister, the form?" Dolores pushed the confiscation order towards Fudge.

"Before anything like that, I'll have Artificer Potter show me this dangerous Artifact personally!" Fudge stood to his feet as he felt the proverbial Lumos Charm light up in his mind. This was a solid plan! He wasn't trying to make political ties or anything, merely checking on the safety of Hogwarts and its students. The public would encourage that. Even better, it would look good on him! At the same time, it didn't infringe upon Potter's rights in any way for a mere inspection, especially in comparison to a confiscation. It was the best of both options, he was sure of it!

"As you say, Minister." Dolores nodded and as she took the filled out confiscation form back. She turned away to hide the ugly scowl on her face.

-Saturday, March 5th-

"You've got to be joking…" Harry wasn't amused in the slightest and it showed on his face.

"I'm afraid not, Mr. Potter," Dumbledore gave him a polite smile, even though it was clear the old man didn't like the situation any more than the young man did. "Minister Fudge has requested an inspection of your Artifact Sword for safety considerations."

"What a waste of time," Harry leaned back in the chair across from Dumbledore's desk. "When is he going to arrive, exactly?"

"This afternoon; just after lunch." Dumbledore informed his student with an understanding nod.

"Fine, I have a complaint to bring up to him anyway." Harry scoffed as he thought about the five letters in his possession still.

"Might I ask what that complaint is, Mr. Potter?" Dumbledore questioned with his normal grandfatherly tone and demeanor.

"Don't worry about it," Harry waved off with a huff. "Just one of his employees being a bit too pushy."

"I'm here to help if you need me, Mr. Potter." Dumbledore offered with a calm look. "As a student of Hogwarts, your safety and care is my responsibility while you are within the castle."

"I appreciate it, Headmaster, but I don't believe this matter will require your considerable influence." Harry chuckled and the old Wizard cracked a smile too.


"Artificer Potter, wonderful to finally meet you." Fudge greeted the teenager with a smile. He was wearing his bottle-green pinstripe suit, his well-known green bowler hat, and a travelling cloak thrown over his shoulders, behind him stood two red-robed Aurors. A toad-like woman in ugly pink robes was standing just behind and to the left of the Minister for Magic. Harry had no idea who she might be.

The Auror on the right -Auror Dawlish according to the badge over his left breast- looked like he'd simply resigned himself to his task for the day. Harry didn't think the middle-aged looking Wizard actually cared about being there. That was still better than the Auror on the left -Shacklebolt going by the badge- who seemed to be a single faux pas or mistake by the Minister away from outright face-palming. Harry wondered how often the tall, black Wizard had to cater to the Minister, and his well-spoken of incompetence, to already look like that upon arrival.

"Minister Fudge," Harry gave a polite nod to the man. "I'm told you have concerns about an Artifact of mine?" Dumbledore was standing behind him and to the right as chaperone for this meeting.

Any meeting like this would normally be held within the Headmaster's Office. But, seeing as Harry's Artifact Sword was involved, Dumbledore had thought it best to use the largest room in the castle. If need be they could also exit the castle entirely just through the large doors and a quick walk down the corridor.

"Yes, probably nothing, but with the safety of the students in mind I thought it might be for the best, you see?" Fudge spoke what sounded like a rehearsed line and Harry had to stop himself from cocking an eyebrow.

"What concerns might you have, Minister?" Harry asked the man. "I'm told it has to do with my Artifact Sword, correct?"

"Ah, yes, indeed it does, Artificer Potter." Fudge nodded while maintaining a respectful tone. It almost seemed as if the Minister was trying to avoid directly offending him. "Would you be able to retrieve it, perchance?"

"That's not necessary, Minister," Harry flicked his Storage Cloak upwards and pulled the sheathed Aethereum from within it in a smooth motion. To the observers it merely looked as if Harry pulled the sword off his waist from underneath the cloak. "I have it here with me."

"Very good, then I hope this will be quick, I wouldn't want to take up too much of your Saturday, of course." Fudge assured with what was clearly a politician's smile.

"I believe I can assuage all of your worries in short order, Minister Fudge." Harry spoke placidly to the man. He handed the sheathed Artifact Sword to Fudge, his left hand gripping the scabbard as he handed it over. When Fudge took it into his hands after a few seconds of staring at it blankly, Harry continued. "Aethereum is an Artifact Sword of the Greater Grade. It's powerful and because of that I've taken precautions against it being misused."

"Precautions?" Fudge looked the, rather plain-looking, sword and scabbard over.

"Yes," Harry nodded languidly. "For example, try drawing the sword first."

"Um, well, alright then, Artificer Potter." Fudge looked like this was the last thing he'd been expecting to do today. The Minister took the scabbard into his left hand and the handle of Aethereum into his right. With a slow draw, he pulled the sword free and held it pointing towards the ground.

"As you can see, it has no automatic ability to conjure anything at all, much less something harmful." Harry pointed out of his sword. "If you'd like, feel free to try and cast with it."

"Cast?" Fudge blinked at the teen. "Like a wand?"

"Exactly, Minister, Aethereum is a Focus as well." Harry confirmed for the man.

"What should I try and cast?" Fudge asked Harry blankly.

"Whatever you'd like, Minister." Harry replied, even though on the inside he was already sick of dealing with the slow-witted politician.

"O-okay then, L-Lumos!" Fudge held the sword aloft and treated it as if it was a large, metal wand. "Nothing happened…" He looked at Harry dumbly when his spell didn't work.

"Exactly, Minister Fudge, because you're not me or a descendant of mine." Harry grinned at the flummoxed look on the man's face. "Aethereum is bound to my Bloodline; it can't be used as a Focus by anyone else." He explained and caught the sour look that the toad-like woman shot at him.

"I see…" Fudge blinked at the Artifact for a few seconds.

"That precludes it from being much of a threat to anyone, wouldn't you say?" Harry raised an eyebrow at the Minister. He took Aethereum and its scabbard back from Fudge and sheathed the sword again.

"Hem hem," The pink-clad toad woman fake coughed and Harry felt a disgusted chill run up his spine. "Wouldn't that make your weapon something of a threat to other people that aren't your family? Don't you think it's inappropriate to have such a powerful weapon able to be used against anyone that your family deems an enemy or obstacle?"

"Considering that I apparently have some kind of undead Dark Lord coming after me? No." Harry answered bluntly and was somewhat amused by the way that Fudge's skin paled to a chalky white while the toad woman's face puffed up and became bright red.

"There is no Dark Lord, undead or otherwise!" Dolores stated firmly. "The Ministry investigated the World Cup incident and found no proof of any such Dark Lord." She glared at the teen and then at Dumbledore for a brief instant. "No matter what lies or fanciful tales you spin, no one will believe that a Dark Lord has risen from the grave!"

"Be that as it may, it's a good segue into the next precaution I've taken with Aethereum." Harry turned the sheathed sword around until the handle was within the pink-robed woman's reach. "Try and draw the sword, I'm thinking you'll end up unable to."

"What?" Dolores looked at the offered sword suspiciously.

"Minister Fudge could draw the sword because he didn't fit into the two criteria that would negate him from doing so." Harry informed the woman that he was fairly certain was Dolores Umbridge based solely on her demeanor. "You, however, probably fall into both categories from what I've observed."

"How dare you!" Dolores nearly spat as she reached for the handle of the sword. "Huh?" She stared dumbly as her hand stopped a few centimeters away from the handle. "What's going on?" She demanded as she tried to force her hand closer and take the handle.

"You seek to take Aethereum for its power, that's the first prohibition of the intent-based ward." Harry spoke up with a noticeable, little smirk. "Even my own children couldn't touch this sword if they desired its power for negative reasons." He was clearly implying that Dolores wanted to misuse the sword's power.

"Are you accusing me of something?!" Dolores nearly spit at the teenager, only to shriek and reel her hand backwards as the handle she'd attempted to grab sparked with what appeared to be yellow lightning.

"That would be the second prohibition you just activated," Harry glared at the woman. "You sought to harm me or my family. Anyone that attempts such a thing will find Aethereum not only impossible to hold, but will be harmed by the ward as well." He pulled the sheathed Artifact Sword away from the toad woman with a scowl.

"Dolores!" Fudge turn to stare at the woman incredulously. "What were you thinking?!"

"I'm innocent, Minister!" Dolores denied the accusation. "Potter is clearly lying and has just attacked me!"

"You would accuse an Artificer of lying about his creation just because you don't like the outcome, Madam Umbridge?" Dumbledore questioned the woman as he stepped forward.

Harry had to suppress a snicker as Fudge looked between Dumbledore and Dolores. The man looked a few seconds away from panicking. As much as he wouldn't mind seeing the man stumble over whatever excuse he'd come up with; really Harry just wanted this whole meeting to be done.

"I hope that I've put your worries to rest, Minister Fudge?" Harry spoke up over the squabbling between the three adults. Well, it was more like Umbridge playing the victim, Fudge making excuses, and Dumbledore looking at both of them like an adult waiting for toddlers to stop arguing. "If there's nothing else, I'd like to get back to the plans I had for the rest of the day?"

"Oh!" Fudge looked as if he'd almost forgotten that Harry was still there. "Y-Yes, Artificer Potter, I'm terribly sorry to have kept you so long! You seem to have the safety of others well in mind when it comes to your Artifact. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!" He gave a nod to the teen with a strained smile.

"Good day, Minister." Harry nodded back as he turned and walked towards the doors of the Great Hall. He stored Aethereum back into his Storage Cloak safely and shook his head at the waste of time. He'd go with his original plan of turning over Umbridge's letters to Tonks directly. No telling what would happen to them otherwise.

Dumbledore was polite, but firm, as he ushered Fudge, Umbridge and their Auror escort towards the nearest Floo. Dolores was still muttering about what had happened, but Cornelius was all apologies and platitudes towards the old Wizard. Seeing them through the green flames of the Floo, Dumbledore let out a sigh. It would seem that convincing Cornelius of Voldemort's return would be an uphill battle with people like Dolores around him.

Unbeknownst to Harry or Dumbledore, Dolores Umbridge had mentally declared Harry Potter her enemy this day. The conniving woman was already formulating ideas and plans in her head to make Harry suffer. She would not be denied and the uppity Half Blood would learn his place! She'd see his creations confiscated and destroyed! His Veela whore barred from Magical Britain! Or maybe they could both have an accident?

The vile woman would be a thorn in Harry and Family's side for the foreseeable future.

-End Chapter-


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