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Chapter 72 – Life, Grading, and Household Secrets

It was early January now and Harry slowly opened his eyes as he woke up in the Master Bedroom of his Artifact House. He was warm and content, which he always was now that he woke up every day with his three lovers sleeping next to him.

Tonks, Fleur, and Penny had all moved in the day after New Years. It was almost symbolic that they wanted to start off the new year by moving in and starting the new phase of their lives together. Harry would never complain, of course, he loved all three of them beyond measure, and all three of them had been very eager to show him their love and appreciation for the home he'd built for their future together.

Speaking of which…

"Nym… Fleur…" Harry groaned lowly as he looked down to see the two women 'taking care' of his morning wood.

"Wotcher, Harry." Tonks grinned at him before running her lengthened tongue up his shaft from base to tip.

"Good morning, Harry~" Fleur giggled, mimicking Tonks's actions, her tongue tracing up the other side of his cock until she reached the tip.

Harry could only let out a pleasurable moan when Tonks and Fleur engaged in a hot French kiss with the head of his cock between their mouths. Fleur broke the kiss and greedily took Harry into her mouth and then sank down to the base in one long move.

"Woo~" Tonks whistled at the impressive deepthroat. "I have to work my magic to take him to the base that easily."

Fleur pulled back, suckling the entire way, before freeing Harry from her lips. "Pah!" She moaned lowly as she took a breath. "It's a talent." Fleur grinned at Tonks.

"I'll show you talent." Tonks smirked before swirling her tongue around Harry's tip and then taking him into her mouth, she went further and further, not stopping or slowing down in the slightest until her lips were wrapped around the base. She swallowed a few times, making Harry run his fingers through her (currently pink) hair. "Mmph! Gagk! Gagh!" Tonks began to bob her head up and down Harry's cock with eagerness. The sloppy blowjob was building up tons of saliva that clung to Harry's length and Tonks felt a thrill go through her as Harry took control of her movements with his hands.

"Lucky~" Fleur mewled out, one hand resting on Harry's abs while her other hand played with her tits.

Penny stirred in her sleep, still lying next to Harry. "Mmm, noisy…" She slowly opened her eyes and took in the sight of Tonks deepthroating Harry while Fleur watched on while biting her lip. "Really? Didn't you two get enough last night?"

To be fair, it had been quite the lengthy night as the four of them once more showed their love for each other physically.

"Good morning, love." Harry turned his head to gently kiss Penny's lips. "Sorry about the noise."

"Good morning." Penny returned as their lips separated. "But I know who started this already." She looked at Tonks and Fleur, the Metamorphmagus still with Harry's cock buried to the base down her throat. "Hurry up, you two, I want my turn in the bathroom soon."

"Yes, Penny, darling." Fleur giggled at her fellow Scholar, crawling up the bed to give her a good morning kiss as well.

Tonks redoubled her efforts, letting Harry practically fuck her face and throat to his heart's content, her Metamorphmagus abilities making it easy for her and an intense experience for Harry.

"Fuck… Nym!" Harry nearly roared, but Tonks easily pulled her head back until just the tip of Harry's cock was between her lips. She sucked and swirled her tongue around the sensitive tip while her hand stroked his saliva drenched cock to send him crashing over the edge.

"Mmm~" Tonks hummed as the first shot of the day coated her tongue. She swallowed it down, her still moving hand coaxing more seed from Harry.

Harry rested his head back on the pillow and watched as Fleur leaned over to Tonks and the two kissed again, their tongues visible for a second as Tonks shared her 'treat' with Fleur. The Veela moaned low in her throat and gently pulled Penny over by the hand. Penny grinned sexily as she kissed Tonks next, getting her own portion first thing in the morning.

"You girls are gonna kill me one day." Harry sighed as he sat up and threw his legs over the side of the bed, taking time to admire his three naked lovers' gorgeous bodies. With a grin he pulled Penny close and took her into his arms in a bridal carry. "But what a way to go!" Harry carried Penny towards the bathroom, fully intent on giving her what she wanted this morning.

Fleur and Tonks weren't far behind.

It was probably little surprise that Tonks was a couple of minutes late to work that day. Penny was a freelancer and her research had her in a few meetings today, but she'd made sure that they were all late in the morning or in the afternoon. Fleur had shown up just on time to her research group, the smile on her face and the way that she seemed to almost glow told quite the story without her having to say a word.

Harry, for his day, had a few letters to send out with Hedwig. Fleur and Penny had compiled a rather long list of books they wanted to start filling the library with, and needed the order placed. Harry was sending out a letter to Master Trevisan from the Italian Enchanters Guild in hopes of getting an examination and grading panel formed to come to his Artifact House. He was also sending a formal letter to request Drasurd's assistance with Dourfrost so that the cursed Artifact Sword could be graded, along with its scabbard.

Honestly, Harry could've waited for however long it took for him to get strong enough to wield Dourfrost himself before having it graded. But the title of Master Artificer was just too tempting for a young man like him. He really, really wanted it as soon as possible. Not for bragging rights, or anything so mundane, but simply for the fact that such recognition for his creations was another bit of love that he could offer to the work that he'd dedicated himself to and the legacy that he was continuing for his family.


Dumbledore sighed heavily as he once more entered the large delegation room. Every member of the International Confederation of Wizards had their delegates here again today, voicing their grievances with the fall of the Statute of Secrecy, reporting their success or failure at the integration process, and often reporting another conflict (even if small in scale) breaking out somewhere in the world between the Magical and the Muggle. The old Wizard was certainly feeling all of his years each time he stepped foot into this room nowadays.

"Order! Order in the chamber, please!" Dumbledore amplified his voice with the Sonorus Charm until all of the talking had stopped. "Thank you." He looked over the various gathered Witches and Wizards for a moment before continuing. "As stated in today's itinerary, the Ministry for Magic of Japan has a new report that pertains to the fall of the Statute of Secrecy." Dumbledore looked over to the edge of the stage he stood upon, seeing a Japanese Wizard and Witch waiting. "They will have the floor for the first portion of today's time."

The two Japanese Ministry workers walked over to the podium as Dumbledore moved aside. A flew flicks of their wands and multiple large graphs and charts were floating in the air for everyone to see. Folders with individual copies of all of the graphs and charts, as well as the overall findings of the Japanese Ministry were quickly distributed by magic to every member in attendance.

"Greetings, my fellow Witches and Wizards of the ICW." The Japanese Wizard spoke. "Today, I'm afraid that we bring unsettling news to you all." The Witch with him made one of the levitating graphs float forward and enlarge further. "This should be the first parchment in your individual folders. I'd like you all to look at it as we begin."

There was the sound of parchment moving about in the large chamber for a moment.

"My fellow Witches and Wizards, Magic is fading from the world, and we're dying out with it." The Japanese Wizard stated without any hesitation.

There was a heavy silence for a moment as the various delegates in attendance looked at the graph in their folders, all of them conveniently translated into their native languages so that they could understand and follow along. What the first graph showed was a downward trend in Magical births among both Wizards and Witches, as well as many Magical Beings and Creatures. Starting from almost four-hundred years back. The worst part of this shocking information, however, was that the downward line was only getting steeper the closer they got to the present day.

"Over the course of our research, and looking through all of the records we could, we've found a noticeable decline in birthrates of magical children, beings, and creatures over the last four centuries." The Japanese Wizard continued. "By cross-referencing this birthrate data with magical aptitude scores from seven of the eleven largest Magical Schools in the world, we've come to the conclusion that Magic has been waning for those four centuries, at the very least. It's likely that this could've begun as many as five centuries ago."

The Witch with him moved the first graph back and had a chart floated forward next. Her professional demeanor didn't falter, even as talking and murmuring grew louder in the chamber. Demands for more evidence, outright denials, and even those that looked like the world had crashed down around them, none of the reactions stopped her from continuing on.

"It's not just birthrates or magical aptitude that has been falling." The Japanese Wizard said, using the Sonorus Charm to be heard over the gathered delegates. "Magical Plants have declined greatly as well in the last four centuries. This isn't just in population, but also in potency. Old Potions and Alchemy texts all show different ratios of ingredients for well-known potions, elixirs, draughts, and tonics. A potion created just three-hundred-twenty years ago only needed a single sprig of Dittany, but today it now requires six sprigs, despite our advancements in Herbology. The plants, even grown perfectly, lack the potency they once had just a few centuries ago."

Dumbledore looked through the folder that had been given to him with wide eyes. The information gathered showed a very shocking trend that he'd only seen one small facet of in his many decades as an educator. 'I knew that we'd had to adjust certain tests and subjects, as recommended by the Wizarding Examinations Authority, when the students were having far too much difficulty in getting N.E.W.T.s in the said subjects. But this… This shows the entire issue in nearly every metric, spanning across the globe!'

"Supreme Mugwump Dumbledore?" The Japanese Wizard spoke to Dumbledore directly.

"Yes?" Dumbledore tore his eyes away from the parchments within the folder to look at his colleague.

"Could you confirm for us the rough population of Magical Britain today?" The Japanese man requested politely.

Dumbledore searched his memory for the number that had been reported in the Wizengamot early last year. "Right around three-thousand total, give or take a few." He nodded to the Japanese Wizard.

"Thank you, Supreme Mugwump." The Japanese man nodded before a parchment from the podium was levitated into the air and then expanded so that everyone could see it. "The total population of Witches and Wizards in Magical Britain is roughly three-thousand, currently. The United Kingdom's total Non-Magical population as of 1995 is 58,000,000! This means that Witches and Wizards only account for 0.005% of the population. The entire Magical Population of the country is less than a rounding error that wouldn't even be calculated in a modern, Non-Magical, census!"

That got many loud exclamations from several members.

Dumbledore noted almost all of the delegates were writing quickly with quills on blank parchments. If he had to guess, it was probably notes and reminders to check their own countries' current population compared to the Muggle population. He was certainly shocked to find out just how massive the disparity in the two was in his homeland. Sure, he understood that the Muggle population was many magnitudes greater than their Magical counterparts, but to not even make up one hundredth of a percent? 'The population truly has fallen to almost nothing in such a short time.'

The truth was like a punch to the gut, and it only got worse as the presentation of the Japanese Ministry for Magic's report continued on.

Finding out that Magicals used to make up between one to three percent of the total population and had now been reduced to 0.005% was nearly irrefutable proof that something had drastically changed in the last four or five centuries across the world.

"What can we do then?!" A loud voice from near the back yelled out during a brief lull in the presentation.

The Japanese Wizard looked thoughtful and placed his hands on top of the podium. "In our efforts to hide Magic away when we enacted the Statute of Secrecy, we forced any Magical Beings or Creatures whose very existence would break the Statute into hiding, or we locked them up in reserves. But those were just the ones that we didn't outright kill." Several delegates flinched, knowing the extreme measures some of their own countries had taken for the Statute of Secrecy. "We didn't know it at the time, but this near genocide of so many Magical Creatures and Beings further depleted the Magic of the world. We failed to understand how things were connected and how Magic renewed itself." The Japanese man looked at his fellow delegates. "The only thing we can do is try to fix what we damaged."

"Are you saying that we should just throw open the doors of the various reserves all over the world?!" One of the delegates stood up from his desk and looked at the other man like he was insane. "You want us to unleash Giants, Dragons, and all manner of other dangers upon the world? In the current climate between Muggles and Magicals, that would assuredly be seen as an open act of hostility!"

That got several calls of agreement from other delegates that had such reserves within their borders.

"If we don't stop restricting the Magic within the world and its other beings and creatures, then the Non-Magical won't have to worry about dealing with us for too much longer, because there won't be any of us left." The Japanese Wizard stated plainly, bringing to light the true direness of the situation. "We don't have the luxury to wait and hope that this situation just fixes itself. As the first graph shows, we went from being close to two-percent of the population just a few hundred years ago, to being barely over one thousandth of a percent today. Within roughly five, or perhaps six, generations, there won't be any Witches or Wizards left because we won't have enough Magic to successfully have Magical children."

Dumbledore felt like his heart had just dropped into his stomach. There would be none of them left in just a handful of generations from now? No more muggleborns coming into the Wizarding World, all of the Halfbloods and Purebloods only having Squib children… It truly would be the end of the Magical World. Everything that they'd ever known would be relegated to history books, and eventually to nothing more than fairy tales told to children.

It was both a terrifying and dismal thought.

Unseen by anyone as the delegation hall nearly erupted into shouts and frenzy, a Witch slipped outside and was quickly gone from the building. She crossed the ward line only a minute or so later and vanished with a near-silent Apparation.

-Unknown Location-

The Witch from the ICW reappeared in what appeared to be the backyard of a random suburban house. She wasted no time in entering through the backdoor and tapping a blank spot of the kitchen wall. The wall swung inward, revealing that it was a door, and the Witch went inside the room beyond. The door swung closed automatically behind her. The woman sat on a chair with a side table next to it. On the small table was a rotary phone. The Witch picked up the receiver and started to spin the dial to make a call.

"Four-two-four-two-five-six-four…" The Witch mumbled as she waited for the rotary to spin back around after the last number.

A click was heard as the line connected.

"Hello?" Another woman's voice spoke through the receiver.

"Anna, it's me." The Witch said simply.

"Marissa, it's been a little bit." Anna sounded like she had a smile in her voice.

Marissa, unfortunately, didn't think this was the time for pleasantries. "The ICW knows about the loss of Magic."

Anna went silent on the other end of the line for a long moment. "They finally figured it out, huh?"

"Yes, the Japanese Ministry for Magic had a large report. I've got a copy in English if you want me to send it to you."

"Go ahead and do that, I'll make sure it gets to the relevant people." Anna said while making plans to go through it herself first. "Can you summarize it for me?"

Marissa nodded absently, even though Anna couldn't see her. "Sure, it's basically just the data on the declining birthrates, the loss of aptitude for magic, how fast the overall Magical population is dropping, and the causes that they've been able to identify, such as the near genocide of various creatures and beings back when they started enforcing the Statute of Secrecy."

"Well, color me impressed. They actually managed to figure out most of it, and that it's their fault." Anna nearly snorted into the phone. "Send me that report of theirs and we'll need you and a few others to sit in on their future meetings to determine if they'll actually do anything that interferes with our plans."

"I'll send it in just a bit." Marissa confirmed, inwardly hating that she'd have to sit in on the ICW even more. The place was a shitshow when even the slightest thing went wrong. Truly a testament to just how fragile the Magical World had become over the centuries. "Hopefully, the next time we talk, it'll be for longer and about a better subject."

Anna chuckled through the phone. "Here's hoping."

The two Witches hung up and Marissa sealed and protected the folder containing the report with Magic before getting up and leaving the hidden room. She needed to get this sent off as soon as possible.

-Potter Home ~ Mid-January-

Harry, Fleur, Tonks, and Penny stood just outside the boundary of the ancestral Potter lands, waiting for their guests.

A distinct popping sound caught their ears and Harry smiled as he saw Drasurd and Drad appear before them.

"King Erdunn, Prince Drad, thank you for granting my request." Harry gave a short bow to the two Dwarves.

"Don't mention it, Brother Potter." Drasurd waved Harry off with a chuckle. His tone immediately made this meeting casual, rather than formal. "You just need me to play with that cursed icepick of yours for an audience. That's a small favor to ask."

Drad laughed and slapped his belly once. "It's good to get out and about every now and then with our friend."

The two Dwarves greeted Penny, Tonks, and Fleur politely, shaking their hands gently (especially by Dwarf standards) and starting up a light conversation about the Potter & Erdunn business and how Penny's communication hub was coming along. The Dwarves were eager to start selling the new Communication Mirrors, knowing just how much of a profit they stood to make from the revolutionary items. Neither the Potter Family, nor the Erdunn Dwarves, would need to worry about money for the foreseeable future, that was for sure!

Almost thirty minutes later and the odd swirling light of a Portkey appeared a safe distance from the edge of the Potter Lands. A group of five people landed on the grass and took a moment to reorient themselves.

Harry smiled as he recognized the oldest Wizard among them. "Master Trevisan, it's good to see you again."

Lorenzo Trevisan, Head of the Italian Enchanters Guild, looked at Harry with a bright grin on his old face. "Artificer Potter, always a pleasure." He shook hands with Harry and politely greeted the women, and then the two Dwarves.

"I didn't expect to be seeing you again so soon, Artificer Potter." Simon Eder, from the Austrian Ministry for Magic, greeted the young man with a polite handshake.

"I've been rather busy, dealing with a Dark Lord and some other issues, Artificer Eder." Harry replied with a strained smile. "I'm afraid the long-standing issues forced my hand into delving further into my Artifice to deal with them."

"It's been a while, Artificer Potter!" Rosa Moretti smiled brightly at Harry as she greeted him. The Italian Artificer was a member of the country's Enchanters Guild and worked with Lorenzo quite often because of it. "I can't wait to see what you've come up with this time!"

Harry couldn't help but like Rosa's bright personality. "Thank you very much, Artificer Moretti. It's good to see you again."

The next woman stepped forward with a smile and warm amber eyes. She was older, her brunette hair beginning to gray. But only a faint few wrinkles on her skin. "I'm Gitte Madsen, do you remember me, Artificer Potter?"

"Of course, Artificer Madsen." Harry smiled at the woman and politely shook her hand. "You were on the panel to examine my last two Artifacts."

That seemed to please Gitte as she gave Harry a nod.

The last Artificer was also familiar to Harry, as he'd also been part of the panel that had examined and graded both Sgàilean Rìgh Nathair and Umvikeli Wempilo.

"Good to see you once again, Artificer Potter." The next man stepped forward to shake Harry's hand. He was fairly tall, with fair skin and light blonde hair. His blue eyes were alight with curiosity. "I'm Mathis Claes, from the Belgian Ministry, if you recall."

Harry gave the man a firm handshake. "Yes, Artificer Claes, I hope you haven't been having too many issues with all that's happened, recently."

"We're certainly much more hectic than usual, but integration has been mostly smooth in Belgium." Mathis gave Harry a nod and a smaller smile.

With greetings done, Harry smiled at the gathered panel of Artificers. "If you have any spells that you need to cast, please do so now, you won't be able to once you enter the ancestral Potter Lands as my newest Artifact will not allow you to use Magic."

That got some raised eyebrows and interested murmurs going from the other Artificers before they followed Harry beyond the boundary and into the area of effect of the Artifact Home.

"Oh! He's right!" Rosa exclaimed with an amazed look on her face, her wand in hand. "I can't cast any spells!" She flicked her wand a few times and even did a few much more complicated wand movements too. None of it had any effect whatsoever.

This led to all of the Artificers pulling out their wands and trying to cast multiple spells that they knew. Everything from Lumos to much more complex spells, several of which Harry had never heard of before, all failed to work in the slightest now that they'd all crossed the boundary line.

"My word." Lorenzo marveled at the inability to use Magic. "And you say that we're still at the very edge of the Artifact's effective range?"

"Yes, Master Trevisan." Harry confirmed with a short laugh.

Tonks snickered a bit at the stunned expressions on their visitors' faces.

"Shh." Penny lightly shushed the Metamorph, not wanting to do anything that could interfere with the panel.

Fleur just had a proud look in her eyes for Harry's accomplishments, a warm smile on her lips.

From there Harry led them through a cleared out path through the snow that had fallen in the last couple of days. The entire area around the house was completely clear of snow, as Harry wanted to make sure that the panel wasn't hindered in their work. The temperature had even been raised and stabilized around the house for their guests' comfort.

"Well, let's look it over first." Lorenzo smiled as he saw the lovely house.

This was met with agreement from all of the Artificers and Harry smiled as he got to lead another tour through his newest and greatest (so far) creation.

"Is he going to do this every time we have guests?" Fleur asked with a soft laugh.

"Probably." Tonks and Penny said at the same time, both women cracking up a second later.

Even Drasurd and Drad were 'taking the tour' with Harry and the Artificers.

It was only when Harry led the group out into the backyard area that Penny, Tonks, and Fleur discovered something new about their new home.

"And, if we want to go swimming in the winter months, or when the weather isn't cooperating." Harry tapped his foot on the ground next to the swimming pool.

From the ground a metal frame rose up, seemingly transfiguring itself directly from the dirt. The frame melded together seamlessly and the spaces in the framework filled with glass. The previously warm air heated up quickly, becoming similar to a balmy summer day.

"Oh my, how lovely." Gitte smiled at the feature of the Artifact House.

"And if we want a change of pace." Harry snapped his fingers and the area around the pool was suddenly a near perfect replica of a white sand beach, complete with a few palm trees.

"Impressive transfiguration abilities from this Artifact." Simon noted as he watched Harry change the white sand beach into a black sand beach, then into a rocky area with a somewhat tall cliff that one could jump into the pool from. The frame surrounding the pool expanding or getting taller as needed, and even sinking back into the ground, leaving the beach features behind in the open air as Harry showed off the various 'settings' for the pool.

"When were you going to tell us about this, Harry?" Tonks questioned her lover as she threw her arm around his shoulders. Her eyes were a bright purple as she held his gaze.

"Whenever you three asked about going swimming." Harry smirked at her. "Or now, I suppose."

"Cheeky." Tonks narrowed her eyes at him before rolling them and kissing his cheek.

"Is this one of the 'secrets' you mentioned before?" Fleur asked with a whisper, now curious about what else their home might be able to do.

Harry nodded and failed to hold back a smile. "You'll see everything soon enough, after this grading is done." He whispered to the three quietly. Some things about his Artifact House would be known ONLY to family and no one else.

Once the pool had been returned to its default 'setting', Harry looked at the panel for their thoughts so far.

"Well, this would normally be the time that we test for its durability." Mathis gave a small laugh. "But it's kind of a moot point if we can't even cast spells."

"Indeed, makes it a bit difficult." Lorenzo grinned; his wrinkled face clearly fascinated by what they'd already seen.

Harry spoke up, getting their attention. "Lorenzo Trevisan, Simon Eder, Rosa Moretti, Gitte Madsen, and Mathis Claes are allowed to use Magic." He then motioned toward the Artifact House. "Give it your best shot."

"Hah!" Drad barked out a laugh as he and Drasurd moved to the side with Harry and the girls.

What followed was the Artifact House being blasted with every spell the Artificers could think to try. Fire (including Fiendfyre), Lightning, Water, Ice, Earth, Bombarda, Slashing Curses, Glass Shattering Hexes, Oil Conjuration (which was then set on fire again), Acid Conjuration, specialized spells made for demolishing structures were even tried to no effect. The Artifact House was truly as indestructible as Harry had told his family it was.

"Like I said." Harry murmured quietly to Tonks, Penny, and Fleur. "Even I would have a hard time trying to destroy it, and I made it."

The panel of Artificers seemed to be done with their tests, a few of them clearly a bit winded from casting spell after spell with as much power behind each one as they could muster. The five of them gathered together to discuss while Harry levitated some glasses of water over to them to drink.

It was quite a bit longer than Harry was used to as the discussion seemed to be going back and forth a few times, but eventually, the panel came to a decision.

"You never fail to impress, Artificer Potter!" Lorenzo smiled brightly at the young man. "After much discussion, and taking into account all of your Artifact's strengths and design, we've come to a rather surprising conclusion."

Harry suppressed the urge to swallow nervously.

"With the power and varied functions your Artifact possesses, along with its durability resisting everything we could possibly throw at it, we've determined your Artifact House to be a High Grade Artifact." Lorenzo said and the other four Artificers nodded in agreement.

"High Grade…" Harry's eyes widened in surprise. That was very rare for ANY Artificer to achieve! If his own research was correct, the last High Grade Artifact had been made sometime around 1847 in what had been the Ottoman Empire at the time.

Lorenzo chuckled at Harry's stunned look. "Yes, it's an astonishing accomplishment for any Artificer, much more from one so young." The old man nodded to Harry. "Did you have a name for your Artifact House?"

Harry held up his hand, silently asking for a moment, before he walked over to discuss a name for their home. "They're asking about a name."

"Does our house really need a name?" Tonks cocked an eyebrow at the idea.

"Couldn't we just call it 'Potter Manor' and be done with it?" Penny didn't seem to think their home needed some extravagant name either.

Fleur seemed to roll around an idea or two, but she ultimately shook her head. "I can't think of anything better than 'Potter Manor' either."

"Works for me." Harry smiled and kissed each of them briefly before heading back over to the waiting panel of Artificers. "Just 'Potter Manor' will be fine for a name."

"Noted!" Rosa smiled, already writing it down.

Simon looked at Harry with a smile grin. "I do believe you had two more Artifacts you requested a grading for as well, Artificer Potter?"

Harry nodded to the older man. "Yes, though I must caution all of you, this next one is a Cursed Artifact."

All of the Artificers in the panel narrowed their eyes at the new information. Harry had to explain Dourfrost and its creation. After that was explained, he then went on to explain how he'd experienced its cursed nature himself and then explained the death of Umbridge by the Witch's foolish insistence on touching the sword.

Drasurd walked over when Harry politely asked him to bring Dourfrost to the panel. "Careful now, this icepick is unfriendly to say the least." The Dwarf King unsheathed Dourfrost and the blade let off a steam-like mist as soon as it was fully free from its scabbard.

"You can feel something off with it just from being close enough." Gitte rubbed her arms and took a step back from the sword.

Mathis eyed Dourfrost warily as well. "Yeah, I don't think I'm going to be touching that, if no one minds."

Lorenzo, however, took a step forward and lightly touched Dourfrost's blade with the tip of his index finger. "Hm!" He pulled it away a second later and looked at the reddened skin curiously. "Vicious thing, aren't you?" Lorenzo spoke to the Cursed Artifact as he gently rubbed his fingertip to help it warm back up.

The panel of Artificers spoke amongst themselves for a few moments before looking at Harry and Drasurd. "If King Erdunn would be so kind as to demonstrate Dourfrost's capabilities, we'll be happy to give it a durability test and then grade it."

"I was just waiting for you to ask." Drasurd snorted as he tightened his hold on Dourfrost's handle, flowing his mana into it to reaffirm that he was the one in control to the Artifact.

With a single swing of the blade, in the opposite direction of the house, thick ice burst forth from the sword and covered a long swathe of the backyard area instantly. Drasurd motioned for the panel of Artificers to conjure things for him to cut. A sandbag was in two pieces almost as soon as it was summoned. A conjured log was sliced and then frozen by the same slice, before shattering to pieces as the spell failed a second later. Dourfrost proved to have a ridiculously sharp edge as it even managed to cut through solid stone with the aid of Drasurd's strength. Anything the blade cut froze over, and even just leaving it exposed to the open air quickly made the surrounding area chilly and with a lingering unnerving feeling left behind.

"Stand back for this one, I'm actually going to give it some instruction." Drasurd walked a distance away before stabbing the tip of Dourfrost into the ground. A line of thick, jagged ice was released from the sword. Once it was a fair distance away from Drasurd, it rapidly expanded to cover a huge portion of the snow-covered ground.


"Th-That's…" Rosa gaped at what she was seeing.

Simon blinked twice and even rubbed his eyes at what he saw.

Both Mathis and Gitte looked up, craning their necks to do so.

Lorenzo eyed the miniature glacier that now existed in the far corner of the Potter Lands. Just eyeballing it, the old Artificer estimated the immense block of ice to be at least close to thirty meters high and potentially double that in both width and length. The extremely cold ice let off frosted steam even though it was January in the United Kingdom, a testament to just how cold the ice made by Dourfrost's magic was.

"Have at it." Drasurd left Dourfrost stuck in the ground even as Harry encircled the base in a ring of powerful flames to stop the creeping frost from spreading any further.

Once more, the Artificers tried everything they could to damage or destroy Dourfrost. Burning it had been the first choice, but that only kept ice from forming, rather than harming the sword. They tried crushing it with large boulders, submerging it in acid, blasting it with explosive spells, rusting it with a specific Curse that could crumble most metals away to dust in only a few seconds, and still Dourfrost sat unmarred by the attempts to destroy it.

"One last test." Lorenzon focused and from the tip of his wand Fiendfyre emerged and wrapped around Dourfrost. The wicked flames thrashed around, seemingly trying to devour the Cursed Artifact entirely.

Everyone watched on, wondering if Fiendfyre would be able to destroy Dourfrost or at least damage it. However, as the seconds turned into a minute, the Fiendfyre noticeably shrank. At two minutes the cursed flames were much smaller. At the two and a half minute mark, the Fiendfyre guttered out, leaving wispy black smoke rising off Dourfrost. The blade was barely marked, only a few small bits of soot from the torched grass clinging to the blade.

The discussion for Dourfrost's grading was much shorter than it had been for the Artifact House.

"The panel unanimously agrees that Dourfrost is a Greater Grade Artifact." Lorenzo said with a short nod. "We'll make sure that its information as a Cursed Artifact is added to its entry within the records."

"Thank you, Master Trevisan." Harry thanked the old Artificer with a short bow. If it was known to be cursed, then most people (even ones up to no good) wouldn't be trying to come around looking for Dourfrost.

Rosa was quickly writing down Dourfrost's information into the notebook that she had with her.

"You said the scabbard is also an Artifact, correct?" Gitte looked over the scabbard, easily able to tell that it had a dragon hide as its outermost component.

"Yes, it's sole purpose is to seal Dourfrost so that it doesn't spread its creeping frost or hurt anyone that might touch the sword by accident in some way." Harry handed the scabbard to Gitte while the rest of the panel crowded around the third Artifact of the day, slowly going over it with their experienced eyes and hands.

Harry watched the examination and the durability test of the scabbard while standing with his lovers. Drad and Drasurd were standing next to them, also watching the test with sharp eyes.

It was a much shorter test than Dourfrost or Potter Manor, given that there was only so much they could do with the scabbard. It didn't have some great power to display and test. It was just a powerful scabbard that could indefinitely detain and control Dourfrost while the blade rested within it.

"It's incredibly well-made, Artificer Potter." Lorenzo handed the scabbard back to Harry. "We can't destroy it through Magic or physical means. And when Dourfrost is sheathed within it, we can all safely touch the handle without issue. It clearly does exactly what you made it to do. However, as it doesn't have anything in the way of a function outside of being a scabbard, the panel has agreed to grade it as a Minor Grade Artifact."

"Thank you, sir." Harry had already been certain that the scabbard wouldn't be more than a Minor Grade Artifact.

Rosa looked up at Harry. "Did you have a name for this one?"

Harry looked thoughtful for a moment. "The dour frost is kept at bay by bright flame." With a grin he looked at Rosa. "I think I'll call it Bright Flame."

"Got it." Rosa smiled as she wrote the name down to complete her notes on the Artifact Scabbard.

Harry flowed a large amount of his mana to his right hand and snatched Dourfrost off the ground, quickly sheathing it before the cursed sword could start trying to freeze him over. Once the blade was sheathed and safe, Harry stopped the mana flow to his hand and exhaled in relief.

"With these three Artifacts to your name, that gives you seven total." Mathis said, shooting a smile at Harry.

"Indeed, it does." Simon also gave Harry a nod and a smile.

"We'll have to start calling you Master Artificer Potter, now." Gitte laughed warmly at Harry's accomplishment at such a young age.

Harry couldn't stop the smile that formed on his face. "I guess so."

"We'll have the small ceremony at whatever location you'd like to host it for you, Master Artificer Potter." Lorenzo nodded to the youngest Artificer with a jovial laugh. "I can have the Italian Enchanters Guild Hall ready for you whenever, if you'd like."

"I'll have to think about it for a bit." Harry admitted, knowing that it probably wouldn't be something extravagant, considering most Artificers were utilitarian in nature. "I'm assuming it's mostly just for the papers to get their pictures and write some articles?"

"And to share drinks with fellow Artificers, chat a bit, have some food, pretty simple and straightforward." Rosa nodded to Harry with a bright grin.

Harry shrugged in acceptance of the simple celebration. "I'll discuss it with my family and let you all know."

With that, the panel of Artificers all congratulated Harry on achieving the title of Master Artificer. The young man could only smile and thank all of them for their time and effort to grade his Artifacts.


Harry was lying back on the large couch in the living room of Potter Manor. It had been an eventful day for him and he'd actually ended up nodding off for a nap.

Said nap was abruptly ended as Tonks kissed him awake.

"Hmnn?" Harry made a noise as he opened his eyes to see Tonks, Fleur, and Penny standing over him. "What's up?" He yawned.

"Silly man, you said that you'd show us another secret of our home after everyone left." Fleur giggled at him, leaning down to kiss his lips as well.

"We're all very curious, Harry." Penny leaned down and kissed him this time.

"Make with the secrets, Mister." Tonks laughed as she gently pulled him onto his feet.

Harry shook himself a little and, with a thought, conjured a pair of slippers on his feet. "Follow me then, lovers." He grinned at the three women and led them to the front door. "Fleur, how do you usually get to your parent's house?"

"I Apparate from here and then either use the Floo, or Apparate again. Though if I Apparate, I usually break it up into at least a couple of smaller jumps." Fleur answered, curious about the question.

"That's inefficient." Harry drawled and put his finger on the front door. The girls looked up at the top of the double door and noticed that there was a small, circular decoration that had spun to the side a bit and changed color from the normal brass tone to a soft blue with a flower on it. "You could just open the door." He opened the double front door and Fleur's eyes widened in shock.

"M-My parents'…kitchen?" Fleur recognized the space on the other side of the door as the kitchen in her parents' home. The same kitchen she'd eaten most of her meals in growing up. Given the position, she realized that the front door had opened up through the French doors that led outside to the gardens. "How?!" Fleur gaped at Harry and how their home had literally connected two different points in space.

Harry closed the doors and the circular decoration spun back, taking on the normal brass color again. "Connecting space isn't too difficult if you have a good amount of power and a compatible connection point on both ends." Harry chuckled at surprising his girlfriends. Both Tonks and Penny were wide-eyed as well. "It's sort of similar to the concept of a Vanishing Cabinet, but with those you're only transferring what's in the space within one cabinet into the other and vice-versa."

"Do, do you have my parent's house too?" Penny asked, wondering just how much work Harry had done without anyone noticing.

Harry tapped on the door with his finger again. The brass decoration spun a bit more, now taking on a navy and gold color with the letter 'C' on it. When Harry opened the doors again, Penny held her hands over her mouth. "Right here, Penny."

"My workshop…" Penny knew her father kept her converted shed in good condition in case she ever needed or wanted to use it. "How do I change it back?" She had to know, considering the converted workshop only had the two double doors to get in and out.

"Close the house doors and the normal doors will reappear." Harry said while giving her a gentle smile. "If you need to come back, there's a 'key' that I'll be giving each of you that'll allow you to use this with any set of double doors."

Penny cupped his face and kissed him deeply for the wonderful surprise.

Harry had a grin on his lips when they separated, only for his head to gently be turned and Fleur to capture his lips next.

"You've outdone yourself, mon amour." Fleur praised him as their foreheads gently touched and they looked into each other's eyes.

"I'm trying to figure out where this will open up at my parents' place." Tonks looked incredibly curious since both the front and back doors at her parents' house were single doors. "Care to surprise me, Harry?" She gave him a smirk as her hair turned a dark purple as did her eyes, becoming quite entrancing.

Harry smirked right back at her and tapped on the front doors again. The brass decoration turned once more, a bit further this time, and took on a pink and purple coloration with the letter 'T' on it. "Want to say hi to your parents, Nym?" Harry chuckled as he opened the front doors, only for a very familiar bedroom to appear on the other side.

"My old bedroom?" Tonks blinked and suddenly realized that her old closet was a double door, even if the doors were a bit smaller than the front doors. With a sexy smirk she sauntered up to Harry and wrapped her arms around his shoulders while pressing her body flush against his, her tits becoming larger as she worked her Metamorph ability. "So…Harry~ Are you saying you want to do it in my childhood bedroom?"

"Don't threaten me with a good time." Harry shot back right before their lips met and Tonks let out a happy hum of pleasure.

When the two pulled away from each other they shared a loving look.

"Harry…" Both Penny and Fleur looked at Harry with their eyes filled with dozens of questions.

"Incoming nerd storm…" Tonks declared with a cute laugh.

Harry squeezed Tonks's ass, making her let out a cute growl at him. "Go ahead." He chuckled as Fleur and Penny began to ask questions.

"How many places are connected?!" Penny's first question was expected.

"Is there a limit to how far away the door can transport?!" Fleur's question was also something that Harry would ask first if he had been surprised with the complex Magic of the front door.

'I love these three.' Harry smiled as he squeezed Tonks into his side and looked at how excited and eager to learn Penny and Fleur were.

-End Chapter-


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