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Chapter 73 – Master Artificer, Business, Wedding

"Harry, stop fidgeting." Penny said as she fixed up his dress robes.

Harry went still, but grumbled under his breath. He wasn't a fan of formal dress, but it was necessary in this case.

"You don't see us making a fuss, Harrikins." Tonks teased him with a smirk. She looked rather lovely in her black and purple robes that were modified from normal dress robes to be more form-hugging and flatter her natural curves.

"You look dashing, Harry." Fleur gave him a smile, filled with temptations of what she'd give him later. As always, Fleur looked spectacular in anything that she wore. For this celebratory gathering to mark Harry's new title of Master Artificer, the Veela wore a sky blue and silver lined dress that wouldn't look out of place in either a Magical or Non-Magical venue. It hugged her curves and the dress showed off a tasteful amount of her cleavage without being too risqué.

Penny finished with his dress robes and pulled back with a smile. "You do cut a handsome figure when you're all dressed up, Harry." She complimented with a cute giggle. Penny's dress robes were a soft champagne color with the accents done in a darker golden color, the robes were also cut in a similar style to Tonks's as the garment hugged Penny's figure and showed off her waist and hips.

"I'll take the compliment, even if I still don't like the dress robes." Harry conceded with a short sigh. His dress robes were slate gray in color with the few accents on the robes being Prussian blue to stand out a bit without being bright.

Tonks snorted out a laugh at Harry's distaste for formal dress and Fleur just shook her head with an amused little grin on her lips.

The four of them entered the hall of the Italian Enchanters Guild when prompted by one of the members. The Main Hall of the Guild had high vaulted ceilings, columns of immaculately carved stone, a marble floor that was so perfectly polished it was almost reflective, and was lit by multiple crystal chandeliers.

"The man of the evening has arrived!" Master Trevisan announced with a Sonorus Charm amplifying his voice so that everyone that had gathered for the celebration turned to look at Harry and the girls. "Fellow Enchanters and Artificers, I present the first Master Artificer of the modern age: Harry James Potter!"

A loud applause rose up, along with a few cheers, as Harry gave a short bow to the gathered Artificers and Enchanters.

The four of them walked across the marble floor to greet Lorenzo and then began to mingle with the gathered Witches and Wizards. Tonks stuck close to Harry, only knowing a bit about Enchanting and Artifice from listening to Harry over the years. Harry loosened up a bit as he got involved in conversation with some of the other Artificers about ideas and current projects. Fleur and Penny went off to mingle a bit and chat with some of the other Enchanters and Artificers in the hall, mostly to get ideas and thoughts on things they were either trying to work out (Penny) or to talk about Magical power in relation to input and output through varied mediums and Foci (Fleur).

It wasn't any surprise to Harry that both Fleur and Penny were very well received by the gathered artisans.

"Master Artificer Potter, good to meet you." A man with dark graying hair and a few wrinkles on his face shook Harry's hand. His face was a bit square-shape, and his trimmed beard matched his hair in color, but it was his eyes, a deep blue that shone with wisdom, that caught Harry's attention the most. "Silas Blackthorn, Artificer with three True Artifacts to my name."

"Good to meet you, Artificer Blackthorn." Harry returned the greeting. He noted that the man's English was slightly accented, but couldn't tell where the older man might be from because the accent was so slight.

Silas gave Harry a nod and a polite smile. "I was hoping for just a few minutes of your time to talk about what you might be doing next now that you've become a Master Artificer."

Harry had already had this conversation twice now, but each time it was different, so he went along with it. "At the moment I'm planning to get back into my Enchanting business with my Dwarven partners and my lovely Penelope."

"Not trying for a Legendary Grade Artifact now that you've made a High Grade?" Silas asked with a faux shock in his voice and a grin on his face.

Harry chuckled at the older Wizard's joke. "I'm afraid not, Artificer Blackthorn. I've been away from the creation of new items for a bit too long already." Not to mention just figuring out an idea to surpass Potter Manor would be a long process in and of itself.

"Could I get a sneak peek of what new items may be available for purchase in the future?" Silas asked with a chuckle. "Your items have been world-changing before, after all." That was obviously in reference to the Scouters and Test Frames.

"I suppose just an idea wouldn't hurt." Harry agreed with a shrug. Not like he'd explain any kind of inner workings for the things they were working on, and he'd keep some projects completely under wraps for now. Not mentioning them was the best way to keep anyone else from trying to get the jump on Potter & Erdunn Creations, after all.

The rest of the evening was spent in pleasant conversation with good food and drinks shared by all. Near the end, Harry didn't even hate the dress robes as much anymore.

-Unknown Location ~ Night-

Silas opened the door to a nondescript house and closed it behind him. A flick of his hand and the lights turned on in the entryway. He removed his traveling cloak and hung it up on the coat rack next to the front door. With a sigh he walked over to the kitchen and made himself a cup of tea. Levitating the cup and the saucer it sat on in front of him, he sat down on a plush couch and looked at his guest that had been watching him the whole time. "You didn't have to sit in the dark, you know?"

The woman waved him off and took a sip from her own cup of tea (which she'd made using Silas's kitchen, tea leaves, and kettle). "It's relaxing to occasionally sit in the dark and just think." She had long flaxen hair, a soft face, and green eyes that were filled with both youthful energy and age-old wisdom. "What of the young celebrity?"

Silas took a drink of his tea and set the cup back down. "Potter is no threat." He told the woman with certainty. "He doesn't seem to know anything that's going on and keeps most of his creations solely to himself or his family. He currently has no plans to try and make a Legendary Artifact. We don't have to worry about the young man interfering in the plan, Anna."

Anna smiled and relaxed back into the plush sofa she sat on. "Excellent. I didn't want a sudden new variable popping up when we're only a few months from enacting the plan."

"We'll have no issues from the Enchanters Guilds or any Artificer of note." Silas picked up his cup of tea and took another drink. "What is the ICW up to?"

"Still arguing about how to counteract the damage that has been done to the Magic cycle and the withering away of Magic. Useless bureaucrats, the lot of them." Anna rolled her eyes, which looked just a little silly given her poise and tone of voice.

Silas hummed softly once. "Can't say that we expected anything different."

"Thank you for the update, Silas. I'll make sure that the others know that we're safe on the Enchanters Guilds and the Artificers." Anna stood up to leave, a flick of her fingers cleaning her tea cup and saucer completely.

"Have a good night, Anna." Silas wished her well as the woman walked towards the door. Anna's simple black dress wouldn't make her stand out in a crowd in the slightest, if it wasn't for the fact that it was currently winter in the northern hemisphere and the black sundress offered no protection from the cold by itself. When Anna got to the door, Silas pulled a familiar item from his pocket, a short metal bar that was covered on either side by thin wooden slats with a circular glass lens on one end at a forty-five degree angle, and looked at Anna through the lens.


Silas let out a small exhale through his nose as he lowered the Scouter from his eye. 'Still getting stronger. I suppose it does make sense, given just how much Magical Power she was born with.'

Anna closed the door behind her, seemingly unaware that Silas had just measured her mana level.

Silas looked down at the Scouter in his hand, marveling at how such a small thing had changed the Magical World so much and in such a short time. He'd been one of the very first to buy a Scouter back when Harry Potter had sold them through the Owl Order service. It had just been a novelty at the time, but he needed to look into it as the main Artificer within their expansive group of cooperators. It was the first commercial success of an easy to understand way to fairly measure Magical Power. Sure, several groups over time had their own measurements, but no one had ever agreed on any of them universally.

"But by the Scouter's measurement level, Anna was born with roughly thirty-eight-thousand mana. It's no surprise that she's one of the higher ups, the girl was considered blessed by Magic from birth." Silas muttered to himself, having known Anna and her family since the girl was an infant and knowing the Magic Power measurement method that Anna's family used. Converting it to Potter's mana measurement was just a bit of simple math.

The fact that Anna had only turned thirty-nine this year (not even one-third of the way through an average Witch or Wizard's lifespan) was just further proof that the Witch had spent her years studying and practicing well to reach such a colossal level of power.

Because of their widespread group, they were able to gather those of intelligence, wisdom, and even those that were powerful to their cause. Which was the only reason that a certain ancient Alchemist in Egypt didn't impose his will upon them, aside from a seemingly resigned sense of their plan being a necessity for Magic to survive. With Anna and several other Witches and Wizards, along with a few non-human Magic users as well, that had both great wisdom and magical power, any attempt at force from said Alchemist would be able to be rebuffed. Thus, the group of cooperators had been able to continue their work unimpeded for the last couple of centuries and were now only months away from completing it.

-Late February ~ Potter & Erdunn Creations-

In the backroom of the shop, on one of the large wooden tables, dozens of parchments were laid out. All of them showed various Arithmancy equations, material lists, runic sequences and arrays, and more things that most people wouldn't be able to make heads or tails out of.

"I'm starting to think this is impossible." Penny sighed as she crossed out another failed idea.

Harry grimaced, wondering what else they could do to try and make the communication hub work. They'd tried quartz crystals as the base, but that only netted them six connections between mirrors that weren't made from the same sheet of glass. They'd gone through countless variations of additional materials, revisited the runic sequences and arrays time after time, even tried to rework the Arithmancy to come up with a better way to connect all of the mirrors. Even things like using a bigger piece of quartz crystal hadn't yielded more than six connections total…as if the whole concept revolved around the number six for some unknown reason.

"I've seen the number six so many times lately that it's even showing up in my musings for other items." Harry said as he ran his hand through his hair. "The idea of a hexagon-based item could be useful for something, I think." He shook his head to keep other ideas out for now. They needed to figure out this problem or give up the communication hub as a failure.

Drad looked over a few of the parchments curiously, the Dwarf prince more of a miner and metallurgist than an Enchanter, but he'd offered his help after seeing Penny and Harry's struggles. "Hmm…" Drad looked at all of the crossed out ideas, the various trial and error tests that Penny and Harry had already gone through, and even some of the stuff that he couldn't fully understand, just for good measure. "I'm not sure how much more you can think this over, honestly."

Penny lifted her head off the table to look at Drad. "Tell me about it." She put her head back down on the table with a groan.

"We've tried to redo the Arithmancy, the runes, the materials…" Harry looked up at the ceiling with a long exhale. "We may just have to give it up as a bad job and figure out a way to make a sheet of glass that can be made into millions of smaller mirrors."

Drad looked over the parchments that detailed the current quartz crystal hub and saw the six connections that had Harry and Penny in their current state. After looking at a couple of the other parchments again, the Dwarf prince looked at Harry and Penny. "Can I suggest something stupid?"

Penny and Harry both looked at Drad.

"If the quartz can only make six connections no matter how big you make it, why don't you use five of those connections for individual mirrors and the sixth to connect to another hub?"

Penny blinked.

Harry blinked.

"A network…" Penny said, her eyes going wide. "It's what the Non-Magical did to make their communications work globally!" She shot to her feet. "Why didn't I think of that?! I studied Non-Magical communications technology!"

Harry was on his feet a half-second later and grabbing parchment, a quill shot into his outstretched hand and Harry began to sketch. "Drad, you're a genius!" Bloody brilliant!"

Drad chuckled at the sudden energy of the two. "Well, I don't know about all that… I was just thinking of how the veins of ores and such naturally branch off underground. A lot of those branches come to an end and only lead to more rock, but some of them lead to another vein entirely. That's why I thought it was stupid to suggest." He ran his hand through his bushy beard with a laugh.

"It's not stupid at all." Penny shook her head, her own quill moving across the large parchment that Harry was sketching on, adding words and labels to various points of the expanding sketch. "If anything, we're the dim ones for overthinking this so much and not seeing an obvious solution!"

"So smart that we're stupid." Harry agreed, his sketching not slowing down in the slightest as he designed a rudimentary network for the quartz crystal hubs to link together in an infinitely expandable web.

-Early March-

"Testing mirror number one of hub two." Penny picked up the mirror and tapped the wooden frame built around it, more specifically, she was tapping a keypad they'd made into the wooden frame now built around each mirror.

Harry, sitting on the far side of the room, felt the mirror in his hand buzz. With a huge smile, he hit the top left button just above the keypad and Penny's face came into view in the mirror. "Hello, luv." Harry greeted her with a chuckle.

Penny's smile was radiant through the mirror. "It works!" She cheered with a bright laugh of her own. "We can connect through the network and the individual mirror numbers work too!"

"We still have to test them all and add another hub to the network before we can say that everything is working." Harry was just as excited as Penny though at the success of the test, proven by the fact that he ran across the length of the room to wrap her in a hug and spin her around twice.

Penny kissed Harry the instant he set her back on her feet. "You're brilliant, Harry!"

Harry gave her a smile. "You're brilliant, Penny." He then kissed her this time.

Before they got carried away, the two refocused and separated to continue testing out the new mirrors. With any luck, by the end of the day they'd have another hub or two added to the network and tested successfully.

-Late March ~ Potter and Erdunn Creations-

"So, these're the new communication mirrors, huh?" Tonks looked at the mirrors and the wooden frames around them. "They look kind of like Muggle phones now."

Fleur looked over one of the mirrors with an interested gaze. "It's functional and with this design, even the Non-Magical wouldn't have a problem understanding how to use them."

"They also don't require a power source like a wire or a battery." Harry grinned brightly at what Magic let them get away with. "They've had the proper Charms work done to them through the runic array, so they'll always work as long as they're connected to the network."

"Which we can connect and disconnect at any time if the owner of the mirror doesn't pay their bill." Penny had a smirk on her lips that all three of her loves found adorably sexy.

Drasurd and Drad both held one of the new communication mirrors with great interest. The Dwarves knew of the profits that they stood to make from this new invention, but they also understood the value of instant communication in the coming conflict that they knew the Goblins were going to bring.

"We'll need to keep these out of Goblin hands." Drasurd said plainly, looking between Harry and Penny.

"I've already built every last one of them with a self-destruction sequence inside." Harry assured Drasurd with a nod. "If anyone tried to open the mirror up, it would instantly burn out all of the runes used to make it work. All they would have left was a random mirror without magical communication abilities."

"Like the rest of your Enchanted Items that we make and sell." Drad chortled at how protected everything that Harry made was. "The Lacrima Lamps are selling well too. But this is going to be wholly and completely different in scale."

Drasurd agreed with a nod as he looked at the communication mirror in his hand. "These don't connect to the one that you gave us previously, correct?"

Harry nodded to the Dwarf King. "They can't. The first set are made and connected by virtue of all being one piece of glass originally. They have no numbers nor any connection to the network. They're basically a secret line of communication between all of us as we speak the name of the one that we want to contact."

"Excellent." Drasurd was glad for the ability to communicate in secret with their Sworn Brother and his family. "Given that, I'm sold on these new mirrors." The king laughed brightly. "How long before we can start selling them?"

Penny laid out some parchment work with a grin. "I thought you'd ask."

"Nerd~" Tonks teased, only to get a nudge from Fleur. The Veela Scholar was very interested in the nitty gritty of how everything worked and wanted to hear Penny's explanation.

"We'll need to create a legally protected branch of the main Potter & Erdunn Creations company first and foremost." Penny began explaining. "It'll need a name, of course, but once it has its own identity as part of the company, it can gain its own legal protections that're separate from the main company. This double layering will keep one branch of the company from harming the other in case of things like lawsuits in the future." Penny flipped to another parchment, but this one was clearly a form to be filled out and filed with the Ministry, beside the parchment was a paper form that was the Non-Magical equivalent. "Does anyone have an idea for a name for this new Communications branch of the company?"

Surprisingly, both Tonks and Fleur raised their hands at the same time.

"Can't it just be Potter & Erdunn Communications?" Tonks asked the simple question.

Fleur lowered her hand halfway; Tonks having asked what she was going to.

"It could, but that doesn't have as much of a ring to it." Harry chuckled and pulled Tonks into a hug. "We want it to be distinct, after all."

"Hmm… P & E Communications?" Drad offered after a moment to think.

"P and E… P and E…" Drasurd rolled the name around in his head.

Fleur perked up a little as an idea came to her. "What about this?" She borrowed a quill and wrote on a blank parchment. She showed everyone her creation a few moments later. "P&E Communications, or Peony for short." The name even had a simple sketch of the named flower at the end of it, almost like a logo.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're brilliant?" Harry asked as he kissed Fleur's cheek.

"Yes, but I do love hearing it." Fleur beamed at Harry and pulled his lips to hers for a proper kiss.

"Peony, huh?" Drad rubbed his chin through his thick beard.

Drasurd was doing the same. "Legally it would be P&E Communications, but the average person would know the company as Peony… That's simple and easy to remember, customers like that." The King nodded as the name was quickly growing on him.

"Where's my kiss?' Tonks pretended to pout. "I got the ball rolling on this name."

Harry swept her off her feet, dipping her as he kissed her deep and long. Tonks had a wide smile on her lips when she was back on her feet and their lips separated.

"Better, Nym?" Harry smirked at her.

"Not yet." Tonks denied, before pulling Penny into a kiss next.

"Mmph!" Penny let out a muffled exclamation before getting into the kiss.

Tonks pulled back with a salacious smile on her lips. "Now I'm almost better…" Her (currently orange) eyes locked onto Fleur.

"Don't keep me waiting, lover." Fleur stepped into Tonks's personal space and licked her lips.

"Ahem…" Drasurd coughed after the two women started getting a little handsy with each other.

Tonks and Fleur pulled away from one another with sheepish smiles on their faces.

"Let's take care of the paperwork." Penny steered everyone back on track. "We'll need signatures from everyone as part owners, just like with the main Potter & Erdunn Creations business."

Left unsaid was the fact that this paperwork would need a slight update in a year or two when Harry married the three women and they all became Potter by name as well. Legal paperwork was finicky like that and none of them were going to risk this new family business ever being bought out, taken over, or lost.

-Mid-April ~ Wood End Cottage-

Everything was set up on the grass as the warmer spring weather graced the area with a fresh and gentle breeze. Sirius was with Remus, getting last minute things ready. Marlie was with her bridesmaids and her mother, not to be seen until Marlie's father walked her down the aisle.

Harry moved his hand in a slow wave and the tunnel of Wisteria flowers brightened up a bit as they were magically hydrated to bring out their most vibrant colors. "So many people." He saw the gathered Witches and Wizards that were marveling at all of the spring flowers that colored the area around the venue and across the field that sat on the edge of Wood End Cottage's grounds. "Sirius did good work." Harry mused, easily seeing how much work went into making this gorgeous view for Marlie on her special day.

"You're not kidding." Tonks hugged him from behind with a soft smile. "I didn't think Sirius and Marlie had this many people to invite." She held up the formal invitation they'd gotten at Potter Manor not too long ago and began to read it off in a dramatic tone. "You and your family are cordially invited to the wedding of Lord Sirius Orion Black III and Marlie Anne Reed, to be held on April…" She was cut off as Penny nudged her with her elbow.

"Must you?" Penny looked at her 'sister' with a shake of her head.

Tonks snickered a little. "Indeed, I must!"

"Non." Fleur took the invite from Tonks's hand and put it into her pocket for safe keeping. "This is for the memory book."

Harry smiled as he looked at his three fiancés in everything but name. "You three look gorgeous."

Indeed, all three women were wearing lovely dresses in their favorite colors.

Tonks was in a shimmering purple dress that wasn't overly formal, but wasn't too casual either, a perfect blend for the Metamorphmagus that let her have her freedom of movement without sticking out at the wedding. She'd shortened her hair and turned it a soft pink, it naturally stayed in a 'freshly styled' look thanks to Tonks's ability.

Penny was wearing a slightly more formal dress that was navy blue with bronze designs on it, a reference to her old Hogwarts House. After seven years of wearing the colors it was little surprise that Penny had grown fond of them. Her hair was in an intricate bun on the back of her head, held there with a silver ornamented clip that Harry had bought her recently on a date.

Fleur looked resplendent as always in a soft silvery dress with a light golden sash around her trim waist that was tied off in a perfect bow at her left hip. Her long silver blonde hair was also done up in curls that flowed down her back. Fleur had gone out of her way to carry a small folding hand fan to cover her face in the event too much attention was paid to her over Marlie. Try as she might, some Wizards would stare at her even if she suppressed her Allure as much as possible. Fleur would not allow such things on Marlie's wedding day, it was the bride's special day and Fleur wouldn't let anyone ruin it.

"You look nice yourself, Harry." Tonks grinned, pecking his lips as she looked over his charcoal gray dress robes. They were tailored to fit more comfortably, so Harry didn't mind these as much, and he'd do a lot for Sirius and Marlie's wedding. Wearing dress robes wasn't even an issue for him.

A short time later and everyone began to gather at the chairs set up on either side of the aisle. Many people of note were in attendance today. Dumbledore was here, thankful for the invitation from Sirius and Marlie, thrilled that love was being celebrated, and more than happy to have any reason to escape the ICW and the Ministry for even a day, though that part was left unsaid. Amelia Bones, Kingsley Shacklebolt, every member of the Order of the Phoenix, Appoline, Marius, and Gabrielle, Edward and Diane Clearwater, even several of Harry's friends from Hogwarts (Luna, Hermione, Mandy, Padma, Neville and all of their parents or guardians), given that the ceremony was taking place during the two week Easter break. Marlie's entire extended family had come, including her Non-Magical relatives, now that the Statute of Secrecy was no more.

For a moment, Harry wondered if they would have enough seats.

"Yes, mum… Right…yes." A Wizard that Harry took a second to identify as Damocles Belby (the inventor of the Wolfsbane Potion for Werewolves), was talking to who was apparently his mother on a Peony Communication Mirror. Damocles had been invited by Sirius since it was the man's creation of the Wolfsbane Potion that allowed Remus a better life and he wanted the two to meet each other. Remus had been surprised to say the least and Harry had gotten a chuckle out of the harmless prank that Sirius had played on his best friend. "I'll be coming over tomorrow, mum, no worries there." Damocles assured his mother. "I need to go now, mum. The ceremony is about to start. Yes, yes, tomorrow for tea, of course." With the conversation over Damocles hung up and put the mirror into the inner pocket of his dress robe before heading towards his seat.

"So soon after we started selling them, yet they're already starting to become common." Penny smiled at their latest creation doing so well.

Harry agreed with a smile. "I'm glad people took to them so well."

"You need to be up at the altar, Harry." Tonks reminded him with a gentle push.

Harry was one of Sirius's groomsmen and had been honored when his godfather had asked him to fill the role.

"I'm going." Harry laughed and kissed each of them on the lips one more time before heading towards the front of the venue.

Several minutes later, Sirius was standing at the altar with Remus (his best man), Harry, Hagrid, and Arthur Weasley (his groomsmen) waiting for Marlie to be walked down the aisle by her father.

Harry noticed that Appoline, Fleur, and Gabrielle were already using their folding hand fans to cover the lower half of their faces. He internally grimaced at the lack of control that some people had when it came to Veela. He knew that both Appoline and Fleur could near fully suppress their Allure and that Gabrielle's was still in the stage of making people think she was adorable and should be protected, but that apparently hadn't been enough as the three Veela women sat together.

The music began and everyone turned to look down the aisle.

Marlie was gorgeous in her white wedding dress, the fabric looking like freshly fallen snow, yet twinkled like stars in the night sky thanks to the embroidery here and there that was further enhanced by Magic. The veil over her face also glimmered softly and she held her father's arm as the man (Non-Magical) walked his daughter down the aisle at a traditional Magical Wedding.

Marlie's father gave Sirius a smile as he gently handed Marlie to him, though there was a brief look of warning in the man's eyes, just like any father would protect his daughter, the instinct never went away. Sirius gave the man a short nod, as if to confirm that Marlie would experience nothing but joy, love, and happiness for the rest of her life.

Harry had a warm smile on his face during the ceremony as Sirius and Marlie exchanged vows. He and Arthur both rubbed Hagrid's back as the large man wiped at the happy tears in his eyes. Remus looked happier than Harry could ever remember seeing the man as Marlie and Sirius put rings on each other's hands and then kissed each other.

"I now present Lord Sirius Orion Black and Lady Marlie Anne Black!" The officiant smiled brightly as the gathered people all clapped and some even let out happy cheers for the couple.

Sirius and Marlie walked down the aisle arm in arm, under the vibrant tunnel of Wisteria flowers to the applause and well wishes of their friends and family.

The reception was more casual as everyone enjoyed food and drinks. Sirius and Marlie cut the cake together and it was the old Marauder that was surprised as Marlie smooshed a piece of cake into his face. The Non-Magical tradition didn't exist on the Magical side and yet everyone laughed at the messy Lord Black, none more than Sirius though who quickly kissed his new wife soundly.

When Marlie was ready to toss the bouquet, many of the women gathered together in a large group behind her. When the flowers were thrown behind Marlie the bouquet was caught and everyone saw Nymphadora Tonks proudly standing with the bouquet held high in the air, a beaming smile on her face.

"Oh Harrikins~" Tonks called out teasingly, showing off the bouquet.

Harry laughed and quickly embraced Tonks, pulling her into a kiss. "I'll get right on that as soon as possible, love."

"You better." Tonks giggled and kissed him again.

"Us too, Mister." Penny laughed as she sidled up to Harry's left side.

"Oui, mon amour~" Fleur purred into Harry's ear, pressing herself into his right side.

Harry felt his heart swell with love and joy for the three most important women in his life. "Anything and everything that my loves' desire." He promised them with a loving smile.

-End Chapter-


Harry goes to the Italian Enchanters Guild to celebrate his new Title of Master Artificer! Woo!

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We see Anna (who was called on the phone by Marissa in the last chapter) and find out that she IS one of the higher ups! With a mana level of 608,000 that's not too surprising though.

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