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All of it has happened in the past ….The present Harry is Fifteen.

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"different language"



Sarcastic comment..


A 15 year old Harry Potter was sitting on his bed in the dorm room, thinking about his life so far.



He had been living with the Dursleys since he was an year old. The Dursleys always told him that his parents died in a car crash, and while he didn't believe them, he knew confessing that would only end in extra chores and beatings.

Harry had always known how his parents had died. The Dursleys never told him anything about his heritage, but it is hard to not know when you remember most of what happened in your life from when you were born. He also remembered that he had Magic, the one thing the Dursleys hated with all their beings.

He had realized from a very young age that he was not welcome at the Dursleys household. They hated magic, and they hated him for having it. Why they let him live there was a mystery to him, but one thing he did know was that it was somehow connected to that halloween all those years ago.

Harry had always loved reading books, and the library was also a safe heaven for him, it was the only place where Dudley and his gang never went.

Unbelievable as it may sound, that was also where he had gotten the idea to 'tame' his magic. He had been reading Matilda by Roald Dahl, and decided to try to make the page lift by itself, and after what felt like ages, he finally got the hang of it, he had spent the next few weeks reading as much as he could about magic and trying new tricks at night in his cupboard.

This went on for a few more weeks before he was confident enough to use his new skills to finish chores faster and with more efficiency, and boy did it work! He could have sworn he saw Aunt Petunia's eyes widen when she saw the house practically shining.


As the next few years came and went, 9 year old Harry had become mentally, physically and magically stronger. He could now do almost anything with his magic without straining himself, even teleport to different places without as much as a pop! He had also realized that he liked to read and learn new things, which was obvious to any onlooker who saw him in the library. One can learn soo much from books, after all, knowledge is power.

Being sneaky and having the grace of a leopard was more useful than one could be as useful as sight, more even. Because of this, Harry had taken any money that was laying around in the house without anyone even realizing it was gone. He had at least 450 pounds from the last 3-4 years. The Dursley's sure threw a lot of money here and there. How they still had any money was very suspicious, but Harry couldn't really do any research about it...

Tomorrow, he was turning ten. Yay! Happy birthday to him. Not that anyone actually cared.

The zoo was tomorrow's destination, but it was a litter farther from Privet Drive. Now walking would be a problem for most people, but seriously, was Harry ever most people?

He worked out everyday since the day he was almost caught by 2 murderers..



Harry was walking to the library though an unfamiliar route to avoid Dudley and his gang. He had his Kamen Yaiba Manga in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. Since the manga was in Japanese, Harry first had to learn the basics of Japanese and have a dictionary to read the manga. Not that he complained, learning new things was his favorite pass time after all.

As he turned a corner, he heard a voice talking in Japanese. What a surprise. "Gin, do you think this will work? If we fail, The Boss won't be happy." One of them said. " We will not fail Vodka. That traitor Miyano is not going to see tomorrow if I have anything to do about it. No one betrays the organization, and she will be an example, her daughter Shiho, though, will make a very useful weapon." the other one, Gin, said.

'So they were going to kill a traitor. Heh, by the sounds of it, the traitor seemed to be the 'good guy' here. ' Harry's thoughts were running wild with different scenarios, each one ending with either the woman dying or narrowly escaping these 2 dangerous men.

'I need to find this Miyano person, all I know is that it's a she, and seems to be a young adult at least. Let's not forget that she is Japanese. Hmm, what should I do?' He decided that he was going to find and help her if he could, but as he was retreating, Gin saw him and tried to shoot him. Harry ran as fast as he could, but they were catching up to him... He willed himself to teleport to an alleyway near the library, narrowly missing the bullet.

======== FLASHBACK END ========

Since then, he had changed his appearance to that of a teenager whenever he went somewhere other than school and started to workout in the mornings...

The next day, he went to the Zoo at 7 am, he was feeling very happy, because honestly, who doesn't feel happy on there birthday?

Harry had gotten up later than usual, 6:00am to be exact. Most would say it was early, but really, it was already obvious that Harry was not most people. After a quiet and quick shower, he went to a nearby park to workout,(in secret of-course) invisibility had its perks.

He came back half an hour later, wore his new t-shirt and pants, ones that actually fit him, and headed out to a nearby café for breakfast. (Well, he did transform into his teenager persona before going out.) After a cup of coffee, and some sandwiches, he was ready for the day.

At somewhere around 7:30am, he reached the entrance of the Zoo, bought a map, and started exploring. He went to the Reptile House first, as he had always found them fascinating. The first thing he saw was a boa constrictor, it was hissing angrily at one of the visitors" Arrogant humans, don't know when to leave others alone. When I get out of here, I am going back to my family. If I can find them." it said.

'Wait, I understood that snake, I understood a snake! wow!' Harry thought. "Humans aren't all annoying you know." he hissed to the snake. "You are a speaker! I haven't meet a speaker in ages. Plz free me from this prison." she, well he thought it was a girl, hissed in excitement and desperation. "Ok, but only if you don't bite or kill any human"

"Yes, yes, I won't kill humans, but please get me out first, those muggles will never do anything for me." 'Muggles? I'll have to ask about that.' Harry thought, while looking for a distraction to get the snake out. 'Hmm, a simple push and that bag filled with books falls down, have to be careful not to let any of them get damaged though', he thought.

A quick magic later, while almost everyone was helping the poor girl get all her books in her bag, Harry magically vanished the glass on the snake's cage, setting it free. It quickly and quietly slithered out of the Reptile House, going to who knows where. As soon as the commotion had died down, Harry decided to see if he could speak to other reptiles too, and much to his surprise, he even made friends with a few, promising to come back later.

That day, he meet many stray lizards and garden snakes too, learned what exactly a speaker and muggle was, though the term Muggle seemed a bit rude. No-Maj or non-magicals was much better in his opinion.

'Hmm, if I can speak snake language, Parseltounge, then maybe I can use it to preform magic more powerfully.' he thought.

If only he knew how this thought would change his and the Wizarding world's future.

An year had passed since Harry had found out his ability to speak to reptiles, he had made friends with a few magical snakes. Core, the female snake, was very sarcastic and witty, whereas Levi, the male snake, was serious and mysterious. They taught him parselmagic, a form of magic that only parselmouths could use.

According to Levi, it was dead useful for healing and dueling, heck it could even repair severe nerve damage and block most, if not all, spells that were not in Parseltounge!

Today was Dudley's 11th birthday, and they were going to the zoo. Honestly, Harry didn't feel like going at all, he had been there multiple times to meet and chat with the other reptiles in the Reptile House.

The Dursleys didn't want to take him there, but he couldn't go to , because she had broken her leg. So the only option was to take him with them.

It was overall uneventful, except for when Harry trapped Dudley in the snake's tank for being rude to said snake. (That had been fun, and he had to keep from laughing at his cousin.)