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Reminder - All of it has happened in the past ….The present Harry is Fifteen.

And also, the first 2 years happened just like in canon, except Harry revealing that he is a parselmouth. So, I won't be writing to much for them, 3rd and forth years are different but major incidents are same.

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=Hogwarts Year 1=

Harry's first year at Hogwarts was not what he had expected. He was sorted into Gryffindor, and he had made best friends with Ron Weasley during the train ride. Their classes were really good and all teachers, except two, were liked by most of the school.

Professor Snape hated any student who wasn't a Slytherin, and Professor Quirrell stuttered so bad most students had a headache just trying to decipher what he was saying. Harry had a headache anytime Quirrell was near him too. The other teachers, were fair and some were really cheerful. Harry's grades weren't as good as they could have been, as he still didn't know who his enemies were, and/or how dangerous they were.

He had also been chosen as the youngest seeker in almost a century and though he almost fell from his broom during his first match ('Thanks for that Quirrell, and thank goodness I have the Potter family pensive in my trunk. ' Harry thought), he was able to catch the snitch and win the game.

Halloween was the day he befriended Hermione, he and Ron had saved her from a mountain troll, and she in return had saved them from detention. They became really close over the next few weeks while searching for information on Nicholas Flamel, Harry had known who he was, having read about him in one of the books in the library, but didn't say anything for Hermione's sake.

During the Christmas break when he was searching for laws to get emancipated in the wizarding world, he wanted to be able to do whatever he wanted without any restrictions that came with being a minor.

The rest of the year went smoothly, except for the day after exams finished, when Harry faced Voldemort, who was possessing Quirrell. He had suspected Quirrell was up to something all year, but couldn't figure it out.

He hadn't mentioned anything to Ron and Hermione, mainly because of Hermione's need to always be the first one to solve a puzzle, and also because it went against the image he was trying to make in the wizarding world (a weak boy who didn't know self-worth and had a thing for saving people who followed Dumbledore without a second thought). He also didn't trust them, they had done nothing yet that earned his full trust. he had found out the hard way the meaning of not putting all your eggs in one basket.

=Hogwarts Year 2=

Second year was worse than first year, first, an elf comes to his room warning him about a plot, then someone (cough* Lucius Malfoy*cough) slips a cursed diary into Ginny's books, causing her to open the chamber of secrets and again causing many muggleborns to be petrified. Hermione was also petrified, but managed to figure out what the monster in the chamber was. Then Ginny was kidnapped and taken to the chamber causing a chain reaction leading to Harry rescuing Ginny from the chamber.

On a side note, he also managed to free the elf, Dobby, who turned out to be the Malfoys' house elf.

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