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Reminder - All of it has happened in the past ….The present Harry is Fifteen.

And also, the first 2 years happened just like in canon, except Harry revealing that he is a parselmouth. So, I won't be writing to much for them, 3rd and forth years aren't different either, but there will be some changes(not in the main plot, the changes are minor)

I do not own Harry Potter, or Detective Conan...if I did, then Sirius and Akemi would both be alive.


"different language"




=Hogwarts Year 3=

Year 3, the best year so far. The summer before 3rd year, Harry stayed at the LC, and went to Diagon ally in disguise everyday. He bought some new books from 'F and B' and some others from the muggle world. In 1st and 2nd year, he had heard many remarks abut him not being as powerful as his parents, and even he noticed that his magic was weaker than most other students in his year. He visited Gringotts, only place where you could get an all in one inheritance test, and found something that shocked him to the core.

Name- Harry James Potter-Black

Parents- James Charles Potter and Lillian Serena Potter nee Evans

Adoptive Father and Godfather- Sirius Orion Black

Godmother- Alice Celine Longbottom nee Blake

Magical core- 60% blocked

Titles - (Accessible at age 15)

Lord of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter

Heir of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

Lord of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Gryffindor

Lord of The Noble and Most Ancient house of Slytherin(By conquest)

Lord of The House of Evans


Potter Manor - Unknown

Potter Island - Unknown

Potter Cottage - Godric's Hallow

Black Manor - Unknown

Black apartment - London

Hogwarts - 2/4 %

Slytherin Castel - Unknown

Gryffindor Castle - Unknown


Potter Family Vault

Potter Trust Vault

Black Family Vault

Black Trust Vault

Slytherin Vault

Gryffindor Vault


Parseltounge- 85% blocked (paternal) (Blocked by APWBD)

Parselmagic- 100% blocked (parental) (Blocked by APWBD)

Metamorphagus- (parental) (Unblocked- age 7)

Familiar Bonds- 95% Blocked (Blocked by APWBD)

Potter Family Magic- Blocked, (can be accessed at 15) (blocked by JCP)

Evans Family Magic- (can be accessed at 15) (blocked by JCP)


Loyalty- APWBD

Love- GMW (Very small doses(not noticeable))

Loyalty- HJG

Loyalty- Molly Weasley

Hate- Slytherin

Hate- Anything related to Dark

Note- Potions are not working as they should.*


Horcrux- Tom Marvolo Riddle ( Lord Voldemort)

The Goblins, upon seeing the results, agreed to remove the blocks for a fee of 50 galleons, it was done in just under 20 minutes. The removal of the horcrux, however, was painful, and the news that there were at least 6 more, made the goblins in charge of the ritual red with rage, to make even one of the soul containers was against the law of nature, but to make 7 was the worst crime ever.(They removed the horcruxes from the other items through a ritual, this happened at the end of Harry's third year, as the ritual takes a lot of time to be set up.)

The rest of the holidays went without incident, though he did find out that his Godfather, Sirius Black, had escaped prison and was assumed to be in LV's inner circle of Death Eaters. He was also said to be the one who betrayed the Potters and killed one of his friends along with 12 muggles.

When asked, the goblins revealed that Sirius Black never had a trial, so he was never officially convicted. hence why Harry's title was Heir Black and not Lord Black.

After discussing a few other things with the goblins, Harry made his way to LC and retired for the night. A few days later, while he was wandering in Diagon ally, he felt a pull on his magic. Following it, he reached the Magical Menagerie (MM), he followed the pull until he reached a tank that had a very beautiful snake. It had black scales with an occasional red scale here and there. It had emerald eyes, just like Harry's.

'Hello speaker, My name is Emerald**. I've been waiting for you for quite a long time.' she said.

'Erm, Hi there. What do you mean you've been waiting for me?

'The pull on your magic was the familiar bond, it seems you have 2 of them, one with me and another with your owl friend'. Emerald replied.

'Huh? I never felt a pull with Hedwig. I'll have to read some books on this subject to understand it better' Harry muttered, not realizing he was still speaking in Parseltounge.

'Yes, your owl and I will also help.'

After discussing about a few other things, Harry bought her and went back to his room in the LC. (The bond with Hedwig is different from the one with Emerald, with Hedwig, she communicates by projecting thoughts that Harry receives, and Harry talks to her in human language.)

The school year was better than the last two, at least, as good as it could be with dementors and an assumed mass murderer running around. Harry, again, kept his work average, even though he chose divination and Care of Magical Creatures, he did study the other subjects offered(in secret of course) and practiced as many spells as he could.(He found the ROR in the start of third year, so he practiced all he could, whenever he could(without causing suspicion of course).

(AN- the rest of the year is like cannon, including peter escaping and all)

Year 4 and Year 5-

(AN - This is also fully cannon, and so is year 5, I'll only include the things that are different in my version of the story.)

Year 4, the TWT is still on, only this time, Harry loses his trust in Ron, and unlike in cannon, Sirius and Harry keep in contact through the communication mirrors, becoming almost as close as they should have been had Dumbles not interfered. Harry overhears his 'friends' (Ron, Hermione, Ginny,) and Dumbles discussing about their plan to get his(Harry's) money, and setting him up to die.(Not knowing that all the horcruxes are gone and the only reason Voldy is still alive is because he made Nagini a horcrux AFTER they destroyed the previous ones, (Voldy doesn't know of this,))(He hears this when he is wandering in the halls after Cedric's death). Since Dumbles now knows that Voldy is back, Sirius uses this to fake his death with Harry's help, and move to Japan upon his godson/son's suggestion(He learnt Japanese because he liked the genre of the manga books Harry recommended.)

For his OWLs, Harry takes all the subjects he studied, both in school and secretly, and gives it his best.

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* I made it so that the loyalty potions worked, but given Harry's childhood, I thought I'd make him act a little bit like Moody, but not full on Paranoid, just, not trusting anyone without a reason to trust them...

**I know, very unoriginal, but I couldn't think of any other name...

I am having Harry hide his actual intelligence and power as I plan on him and Shinichi take on Dumbles and Voldy(and another character who will be revealed later) and it is better to be underestimated in duels with these characters.

The Elena Miyano thing will be bought up later on, as I forgot to include what happened. (Don't worry, she is safe.) (She is British, if I am not wrong, and as I wanted the Miyano family to be Pure-blood Magicals, they have a safe house, and manor, in Britain.) I don't know what her maiden name should be and if she should be related to anyone in the Hp universe, so please help me with that and leave suggestions.

BTW, could you guys give me some suggestions on which cases I should include in this fanfic? Cuz it has been ages since I last watched Detective Conan, and I need to re-watch some episodes to write anything about them, and if you want me to include something that was in the manga but not the anime, I will try to do that too( but no promises)

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