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Author's Note: Normally when writing fan-fiction for anime/manga I include suffixes as they are an important part of Japanese culture and language. I will make an exception in this case since I'm using a scan of the manga as a reference source and there's no anime adaptation.

Oguro Remina stared out of the window into the blackness of space, the emptiness broken up only by bright points of light that she knew were distant stars. A small smile appeared on her face as she recalled her father teaching her about astronomy. He had always made the subject fascinating and his enthusiasm when he explained it to her had always made her happy.

Her smile faded as her thoughts turned to her father's murder by a fear-crazed mob, his last act being to plead for her forgiveness. Her boyfriend Yasumi had also died, taking a knife in the back for her.

"Dad. Yasumi" she said softly, just as she had soon after first arriving here, at the Mineishi family's underground bunker.

It had been about two months since she and a few others had survived the destruction of Earth, the planet having been consumed by the monstrous creature her father had named after her, leaving them adrift in space inside an airtight bunker. At least they thought it was two months, it was hard to tell without a regular day and night. In that time the marks and bruises she'd gotten while fleeing from the mob had fully healed and she had replaced her tattered blue dress with a new one. Physically she was completely recovered. The emotional wounds however would take longer.

"You okay?"

Remina turned around to see Daisuke, the hobo who had saved her life and brought them all to the bunker. He looked concerned.

"I'm fine" she replied. "I just miss my dad and Yasumi."

"It's only natural to miss them" he said gently. "But you shouldn't dwell on what happened. That'll only make you miserable and they wouldn't want that."

"I know" she agreed. "And I won't."

Dad and Yasumi would want me to be happy she thought. I need to focus on the good times.

She closed her eyes and thought again about her father teaching her about the stars. Her smile returned.

Daisuke grinned. "That's the spirit!" He knew that it took time to recover from losing loved ones, but it was still a good start.

Heck, after everything she went through it's impressive that she can still smile he thought.

She opened her eyes. "How is everyone else?"

Besides Remina and Daisuke the other survivors were another young man named Kentaro Iwai, a woman named Yumeno and two kids, Morikubo and Koichi.

He frowned. "To be honest they're not so good. They're all getting kinda tense. Cabin fever's starting to set in. I mean we've still got plenty of food, water and basic essentials, but there's not a lot to actually do when you're floating around in space and we can't exactly go outside to relieve the tension."

"Maybe I can help" Remina suggested.

Weightless in the zero-gravity environment, she floated over to the living area where the others were gathered around the table. No-one was speaking and all of them looked frustrated.

"I'm bored" said Koichi.

"We're all bored" snapped Iwai. He glared at the boy who glared back. Remina hurriedly spoke up before things could get worse.

"Um, would anyone like me to sing?"

They all turned to her, their faces lifting.

"Sure that would be great!" Iwai said enthusiastically.

"Yes please" Yumeno agreed, clasping her hands together excitedly.

Remina had been a little uncomfortable around the two fans at first, not wanting to be reminded of what fame had ultimately brought her. After a while though she had realised that they were not like the false fans who had so quickly turned on her. Iwai and Yumeno had respected her as a person, giving her time and space after what she'd been through, and had been genuinely sympathetic. At one point while telling them about her father and Yasumi's murders she had started crying and they had both hugged her tenderly while whispering words of solace to her. Since then they had become good friends. It now gladdened her heart that at least some good had come out of her time as a celebrity.

She took a deep breath, composed herself and began singing a song that she'd learned from her mother. Her voice was sweet and clear, the words flowing smoothly and easily. The depth of emotion she put into her singing touched the hearts of everyone in the group. When she finished they were all smiling.

"That was beautiful" said Yumeno, her eyes shining brightly.

"Thank you" Remina replied shyly.

"No, thank you" said Iwai. "I feel much better now."

"Me too" added Koichi.

Remina smiled. "I'm glad I could help."

The next day Remina was idly wandering around the bunker. Fortunately it was spacious enough to give everyone room when they wanted time to themselves and exploring it helped ease the monotony a little. True, it was still a bunker but the walls were lined with various paintings and artworks which at least provided something to look at.

Eventually she came to a door. Unlike the other doors in the bunker this one was a bright red. She remembered Daisuke telling her about it. He had found the red door soon after they had arrived here. It was the only door in the entire bunker that was locked.

On a whim she tried the door handle and to her surprise it opened. She looked inside cautiously.

The room was filled with banks of machinery that sported numerous dials, buttons and switches. On one wall was a console with a microphone and speakers.

Remina recognised the equipment at once. Her father had brought her to the observatory a few times and had explained to her how it all worked. She heard his voice in her mind's ear.

Now this is the radio room. It allows us to keep in touch with the astronauts while they're in spaceā€¦

She turned and hurried out, eager to tell the others what she'd found.

A few moments later they were all gathered in the radio room. Daisuke took a moment to examine the lock.

"Hmm, looks like my attempts to force the lock worked better than I thought. I gave up just as it was about to go and Remina finished it off. Oh well." He turned to the others.

Yumeno pointed at the console. "Can you operate this Daisuke?"

He shook his head. "Not a clue. My studies never got that far" he said ruefully.

"I can" said Remina hesitantly. "My dad taught me how."

"Well give it a try then" said Daisuke. "Maybe we can contact someone."

"What's the point?" asked Iwai unhappily. "Even if there is anyone else out there how would they be able to help?"

"But it couldn't hurt to try at least" said Remina.

"Exactly" said Daisuke with a grin.

Remina began to operate the console slowly and carefully as she tried to remember what her father had told her. After a moment she spoke into the microphone.

"Hello. Hello. Can anyone hear me, over?"

There was no reply. She waited a moment and then tried again.

"Hello. Hello. Can anyone hear me, over?"

There was a crackle of static and then a voice came from the speakers. It was deep and firm, but also kind. Something about it made her feel secure.

"This is Optimus Prime. We hear you, over."