Author's Note: Some dialogue is borrowed from the Season 3 episode "The Return of Optimus Prime Part 2."

Remina went to fetch Daisuke while the others joined Morikubo at the window. They looked out into space to see a large grey rocket approaching them. On it's side was a red emblem of a robotic-looking face.

"That's weird. I've never seen a ship like that before" Daisuke mused. "No idea what that logo is either."

"How are they going to get aboard?" Yumeno wondered. "This isn't a spaceship. We don't have an airlock."

Before anyone could reply a beam of blue light shone from the rocket. A moment later the bunker rumbled slightly. They felt it begin moving in a new direction

"Tractor beam" Daisuke realised. "It's pulling us in."

Everyone waited with baited breath as the bunker was drawn towards the rocket, which they now realised was far bigger than any they'd ever seen. A hatch opened to reveal the interior was painted a warm orange.

"Never heard of a cargo bay being that colour before" Daisuke mused. Despite his usual optimism he was getting suspicious. Something was off here somehow.

As the bunker was drawn into the cargo bay everyone was surprised when they suddenly dropped down and their feet touched the floor. After being weightless for two months it was a little strange to feel the effect of gravity again.

"No way! They have artificial gravity" Iwai exclaimed. They all took a few steps around to readjust to walking again.

"Well, I guess we should go and greet Mr. Prime and his crew" said Remina.

Daisuke opened the door and they all stepped out. Looking around curiously at the orange walls and floor they walked around the bunker…

And promptly froze in disbelief at the sight that greeted them.

Standing there were four giant humanoid robots. The first was smaller than the others, yellow in colour with two small horns. Another one was bright red and grey with a lighter grey face. A third was slightly smaller than the red and grey robot, with fins on either side of their head, no mouth and some kind of cannon mounted on their right shoulder. They were mainly white and grey with some red and green on its legs and chest. The fourth robot was bigger than the others, coloured blue white and red with a grey face. Their lower face was covered by a plated mask and on either arm was a white pipe. All of them had blue optics and each wore the same emblem as the ship. The two that had mouths were smiling benignly.

"Greetings. I am Optimus Prime" said the biggest robot. "Is everyone all right?"

Daisuke stepped in front of the others. "Everyone get back inside" he said grimly.

"Wait" said Remina. She started walking towards the robots.

"Remina!" Daisuke exclaimed.

"It's okay" she said reassuringly. She stopped in front of Optimus and bowed politely. "I'm Oguro Remina. Thank you so much for saving us Mr. Prime."

He chuckled softly. "A pleasure to meet you Miss Oguro." He pointed to the others. "This is Bumblebee, Ironhide and Wheeljack."

"Hi" said Bumblebee with a cheery wave.

"Nice ta meet ya" said Ironhide.

"Hey there" said Wheeljack, his head fins flashing blue as he spoke.

"And there's one more" said Optimus. "Omega Supreme, introduce yourself."

"Name: Omega Supreme" said a new voice that seemed to come from all directions at once. The humans all looked around in bewilderment.

"Omega is the ship" Bumblebee explained. "He transports us through space, isn't that right Omega?"


The other humans also introduced themselves. Once they had finished Daisuke asked, "so uh, what are you guys exactly?"

"We're Autobots" Bumblebee replied. "Haven't you heard of us? We've been on Earth for years."

"Uh, no. None of us have heard anything about giant robots."

"I've got it!" Wheeljack exclaimed. "Optimus, I've been checking Omega's scanner logs. I think the wormhole sent us to another dimension, a parallel reality different to our own. In this reality we never landed on Earth."

Even as he listened to the scientist Optimus noticed Remina wince on hearing the word "wormhole."

"One moment Wheeljack" he said. He crouched down in front of her and asked, "is something wrong Miss Oguro?"

"I'd better start at the beginning" she said.

The Autobots listened as she told them about the planet her father had discovered and named after her, and the horrible truth of that planet's nature. All of them were disgusted by how the people of Earth had behaved towards Remina and her father.

As she described her father's murder her voice started to tremble. Bumblebee stepped forwards, a sympathetic look on his face.

"You don't have to tell us anymore" he said gently.

"N, no, it's okay" she replied. She took a moment to regain her composure and then continued her tale. When she finished they could barely believe what they had heard.

An entire solar system destroyed… Billions of lives lost…

"That's… that's terrible" said Bumblebee, well aware how much of an understatement that was.

"It's a miracle you all survived" said Optimus.

"Yeah that's what I said" Daisuke agreed.

Ironhide punched a fist into his left palm. "Ah say we find this thing an' we kick its aft!"

"Have you blown your main processor Ironhide?" Wheeljack asked. "That thing eats planets! Even Omega Supreme isn't powerful enough to fight something like that."

"Affirmative" Omega agreed.

"Maybe there is a way" Optimus mused. He opened his chest cavity and took out a metal shell with a handle on either side. Inside the shell was a glowing blue crystal.

"Whoa what's that?" Daisuke asked.

"It's beautiful" Remina commented. She stared at the glowing crystal in awe.

"This is the Autobot Matrix of Leadership" Optimus explained. "It holds the knowledge and wisdom of all of our ancient leaders. If any way to stop this creature exists then they must know it. I must commune with the Matrix."

He placed the sacred artefact back inside his chest cavity. His optics dimmed slightly as he sent his consciousness into the Matrix.

Optimus felt a brief moment of disorientation as light filled his optics. The light faded to reveal he was now floating in a seemingly endless grey void with countless points of blue light all around him. He knew that this was the inner world of the Matrix. Here it was possible to speak with the great leaders of the past.

A familiar face appeared before him, that of Alpha Trion. Despite the circumstances it warmed Optimus's spark to see his creator again.

"Optimus? Why are you here?" the old Autobot asked.

"A group of Autobots and I have found ourselves in a parallel reality, one that has suffered greatly. The planet Earth of this reality was destroyed by a monster that devours entire worlds" he explained. "I seek a way to stop this creature before more lives are lost to it. Can you help me Alpha Trion?"

"Hmm… ancient Cybertron legends do mention a creature similar to the one you describe" Alpha Trion replied. "But I'm afraid I know nothing of any specifics."

Optimus nodded. "Then I must journey further back."

"Be careful. If you travel too far you may become lost and never find your way back" Alpha Trion warned.

"I understand but I must try."

Alpha Trion disappeared and another former leader appeared in his place as Optimus began to travel back through history.