We have delivered it. For those wondering why Momonga used his game name, it is a grey area. He cannot use his own name and it's a bit of an identity conundrum since he is in another person's body. Enjoy, you piranhas.

The windows dominated one side of the room, rectangular panes framed by oaken brown, two by eight in the number of window panes. Through them, daylight of the early morn dyed the room, brightening the polychromatic colors through the glass panes. The ceiling and walls plastered with alabaster, a grey-black chalkboard facing the rows of wood-brown desks and chairs and the students in the room. Beside the chalkboard was a dark-green board left and right, some papers were pinned on the surface, either club advertisements or school notices.

So this was what a High School's classroom looked like, thought Momonga. In Class 2-B, Momonga perused the lively environment, taking in the idle chatter and casual faces. While enduring the shameless prattle of the two perverts, Momonga noticed several peculiarities.

One, there was an unequal gender ratio, the number of females surpassing that of males. He did not know why since he could not obtain the necessary information on the school. Two, Motoyama and Matsuda did not recall spending time with Momonga yesterday, allowing Momonga to confirm that there was something wrong with the picture. It no longer counted as Issei lying to everyone's faces. They do not know the girl Momonga saw in that park or remember speaking with Issei at all yesterday.

Were their memories altered? If so, then the person must be powerful to wipe the minds of multiple targets, unlike Momonga's [Control Amnesia]. The Tenth Tier spell was costly to use, and the enemy managed to use it on numerous persons. The suspect was most likely the girl he saw unless there were accomplices in the shadows. Momonga might have to consider formulating countermeasures against them if they learned of 'Issei's revival.'

Third, the schoolgirls' uniforms were too… scandalous. No, that word was too strong. The skirts were kind of short, and sometimes their panties would peek through their pink skirts, showing their panties underneath. Momonga quickly looked away, trying to pretend that he didn't see. However, glancing to the left, right, the perverted duo were actively staring at the female bodies.

Their eyes were focused on two females, one with brown hair wrapped in twin tails and another with combed pink hair touching her neck.

"Yo, look at Katase. I think I can see her panties." The skinny one he learned as Motoyama pointed out. Peeking at him, Momonga saw him pointing at the pink-haired girl. So the pink one was Katase.

"Ehhh, but I almost saw Murayama's panties," Matsuda whined.

'And the brown one is Murayama,' Momonga noted. He wouldn't join them in their activities, though. He would rather stay as quiet as a mouse and avoid social suicide.

He still couldn't believe that they were hunting for the chance to peek at the girls' panties without any regard for the consequences. Momonga had no idea if their well of shame was that dry or if their resistances against shame were that high.

"I think I almost saw it," Motoyama grinned.

"You two, what are you looking at?" The pink-haired girl asked, looking at his way. Momonga quickly buried his head into his arms.

"Oh, nice! I see pink!" The chubby one cheered.

The pink-haired girl was blushing red, inhaling a sharp breath before she pulled down her short red skirt with cheeks as red as roses at this point.

"Perverts!" She shouted at the two idiots.

"They're shameless." Another girl muttered.

Weren't they afraid that they would be slapped? Glancing at the pink-haired girl who Momonga learned as Katase, he saw her marching towards the two perverts and slapping their cheeks, two cracks echoing the room in tandem, catching the attention of both male and female bodies alike.

Momonga sighed as he dodged a bullet. His social interactions with the opposite sex weren't the best, and that slap would not be healthy for his already low self-esteem. While his [Physical Damage Immunity] might nullify the slap, his spirit might suffer. He doubted that even his [Emotion Suppression] could completely smother the shame that would worm its way in his gut if that happened.

Why must Issei make these guys his friends out of all people? Did his parents have to deal with his perversions every day like this? Issei must have quite a good life to be this daring.

"Motoyama! Matsuda! Don't you dare embarrass Katase anymore, or we will punish you after school!" The brown-haired girl with broad twin-tails, Murayama, warned.

"Hehehe, don't underestimate the Perverted Trio, Murayama! Our perversions know no bounds!" The skinny one Momonga knew as Motoyama snickered mischievously.

'Don't count me in,' Momonga begged.

He felt two pairs of eyes burning his back.

"What about you, Issei? Did you see it?" Murayama lased her suspicion at Momonga. He did not want to share their collective penance.

"...wasn't looking." And so, Momonga spoke the truth.

"Ehhhhhhhh? Come on, man! Look at her! There's no way you wouldn't ignore the pretty pink silk underneath that cute skirt." Matsuda urged.

Momonga's patients reached a snapping point. He would not endure social ruin at this point.

"Like hell I will look!" Momonga snapped with an uproar.

His response drew a collective silence from the perverted duo. The way they were staring at him was worrisome like they were looking at a strange animal that invaded their habitat.

"...what?" Even Murayama and Katase were shocked upon hearing Momonga's response. Was Issei's reputation as a lecher so profound that his denying the chance to perform lewd acts would warrant suspicion?

"...uh… what?" Momonga asked back.

"...dude, you're actually saying 'no'?" Matsuda asked as if Momonga had committed a taboo.

"I, uh," Momonga thought fast, "I'm quite tired today. Had slept late last night so…" Momonga sheepishly rubbed his hair, awkwardly smiling before he buried his head into his arms, pretending to sleep before class starts.

The girls stared at him with equal awkwardness, sharing the Pervert Duo's shock. The other classmates, male and female, shared their bafflement. Momonga silently cursed Issei for leaving such a terrible reputation behind for him to endure. He could feel the eyes pressing on his back like bricks on a wall.

"...is the world ending?" Matsuda whispered. Momonga could hear him lucidly.

"Nah, he does seem tired, so let's give him a break." Motoyama waved him.

"Ahhhhh…. I wonder what color Murayama's panties are." The chubby one muttered absent-mindedly, shifting their conversation back to their antics.

'Are you serious?' Momonga gawped, his face hidden in his arms. Pererochino would've definitely bonded with them like bread and butter if they met to his sister's chagrin.

"Should we sneak into the Girls' Locker Room and check?" The skinny one asked.

"Let's do it."

'Don't drag me into your antics,' Momonga pleaded. If they somehow asked him to join their quest, Momonga would use [Time Stop] and [Perfect Illusion] to escape, and caution be damned. That was a line he refused to cross, no matter what.

Both perverts slapped their hands together in unison, cementing their unwritten pact to invade the females' sanctuary. Momonga only hid his face in his arms, not wanting any part in their shenanigans. Thankfully, the teacher entered the room and began the class as the bell rang, starting the first period of today's schedule.

"I'm home."

Momonga called out from the front door.

"Ohhhh, welcome back, Issei. Are you going to Motoyama's place today?" Issei's mother asked.

"No. I have some studying to do." Momonga replied as he took off his shoes.

The mother perked her ears upon hearing the word 'study.' She quickly ran from the kitchen to greet her son, only to screech to a halt upon seeing him returning home… with large books in hand.

"I-Issei… w-what are those?" She asked, raising a shaking finger at the large books in his arms.


"Hah?" The mother rubbed her eyes and blinked many times. "You mean they're not porn?"

Her son usually wouldn't study like this. He actually brought home books from school, actual books.

"...no. They're not porn. They're books I borrowed from the school library," he blandly answered.

Her son had never studied until the last moments before as far as she knew if he was failing. The high school semester was still young, and her son was already hitting the books. Seeing her son carrying his books upstairs only made her gawp from a mix of shock and jubilation, happy that her son was taking his school life seriously.

"Ohhh, wait till his father hears about this~" Issei's mother smiled with hearts aflutter as she returned to the kitchen with a big meal in mind.

Momonga sighed as he entered his room, closing the door behind him. He placed the books on his computer desk, sighing as he tossed his bag at the foot of his bed, exhausted. He was exhausted mentally, not physically.

High school education had surpassed his expectations.

Momonga was not prepared for the lessons despite his age reaching past thirty. It was the consequence of skipping Junior High, so he attentively wrote down notes the best he could to study later on. Even so, he held envy for the previous owner of this body as he sat down on his bed to ruminate. Issei had it all, family, friends, and a healthy school life. Part of him wanted to be in Issei's shoes, to experience the happiness his world denied him for so long, but Momonga knew that it wasn't his right to take it. This life still belonged to Issei.

Returning to his current situation, Momonga was glad that he no longer had a need for food and sleep. He could use the time to catch up to the Highschool level as well as use studying as an excuse to stay up all night to explore Kuoh or experiment with his skills. His time in school wrought nostalgic memories of his elementary school, though the contents differed.

For one, his elementary school did not serve meat and vegetables. The cafeteria he knew served artificial consumables, nutrient pastes, and supplements due to the worldwide pollution. Kuoh Academy, however, provided quite an assortment of options for the students to take, well-cooked meat and vegetables usually reserved for the wealthy back in Momonga's depressing world. He did make sure to avoid the perverted duo on his way to sample high school cuisine, though they were persistent as hell in trying to convince him to sit with them.

After his classes ended, after successfully avoiding any conversations with his classmates, especially the perverted duo, Momonga decided to go to the library for the sake of self-study and catch up, but he got lost trying to find the right books to take home. Unfortunately, there wasn't a book on the history of Kuoh Academy in the library, so he had to borrow a textbook for math, English, literature, etc. He couldn't find a simple study guide, so he must resort to the undiluted text for study.

Even though the size of each book is less than half a meter thick, Momonga found them surprisingly light. On his way back, he attracted a few curious stares his way. At this point, he wouldn't be surprised if the students that knew Issei found him carrying big books home for studying strange, miraculous even. Even if he was before ten years of age, Momonga had to fight to keep up with his lessons due to him partaking part-time jobs while he was still at school, so he tapped into his childhood experiences to guide him once more.

"Now then, time to get to work…" Momonga sighed as he got from his bed and seated himself in his desk, taking the math book first. There were many terms Momonga wasn't familiar with. He could calculate things well due to his occupation as a salaryman, but he was unfamiliar with some of the mathematical terminology. After that, there was also history and literature, Momonga's most significant weaknesses. His occupation did not deal with Japanese History, and Momonga never took time to memorize the fine details of the Japanese language.

After studying in his room until six after twelve, the twilight hours, Momonga rose from his chair, having another matter he must attend. There was a suspicion he must confirm around this hour alone, away from prying eyes. After returning home just when the sun was starting to set, Momonga used [Greater Teleportation], warping back into the park where he rose as Issei Hyōdō behind an alley a street away and walked towards the park to inspect the state of the crime scene. After looking around for any public response to the blood in the park, making sure no one was present, he walked towards the fountain, not to scavenge for clues but to confirm the public response to the crime.

Once Momonga arrived at the scene, he found not a single crack or drop of blood stained the flat asphalt of the road surrounding the circular fountain. There was no presence of law enforcement cordoning the scene of the crime. That should not be possible. Looking around, he saw not a single police vehicle parked around the area. That amount of blood should've caused an uproar. Did the murderers cover it up? But how did they clean the blood without leaving traces of their presence?

Walking to the place he woke up yesterday, Momonga knelt a knee and placed his hand on the abrasive floor. He inspected stone to see if there were any traces of chemicals used to clean his blood, but he found none. The murderer used supernatural means to clean the scene of the crime.

Did the murderer know he was still alive? Yeah, who else could've cleaned this place other than the murderer? This was why Momonga wanted to wait until past sunset when the darkness overcame the daylight sky, to shake off anyone that might tail him. Momonga clicked his tongue when he learned they were targeting him already.

Digging into his pocket, Momonga pulled out a feather, a black feather bearing the color of a crow. It was a feather Momonga scavenged to scan via [All Appraisal Magic Item] in an experiment to verify whether or not the spell could divulge the history of its owner. He did not learn of the name, however, only the species.

"Fallen Angel…" Momonga muttered.

He could not learn the woman's name since the feather was not crafted by any means. It was strange, though, being able to learn about the owner of the feather but the owner's species. What was the line between growing something like hair and crafting?

"Didn't think Fallen Angels could mingle with Humans, though," Momonga muttered to himself as he continued staring at the feather.

In Yggdrasil, a Fallen Angel was just a term for angels that turned into demons once they fell from grace, cast down from heaven, and thrown into the bowels of Hell. According to Yggdrasil lore, angels that wish to reject the grace of God were exiled from the plane of Heaven into Hell where they would be reborn as a member of the Demon Race. It was the reason why there were Demons that bore a resemblance to the Angel Race.

Because of this, Momonga confirmed that the woman wasn't a Player like him. No Player had the option to become a Fallen Angel unless they wished for Fallen Angels to exist in Yggdrasil via Ouroboros, which he doubted the shitty devs would allow. Whatever world he was in, Momonga was confident that it might not follow the rules he knew.

As he stared at the feather, he felt a strange shift in the air. The air warped and contorted around Momonga, colors melting into strobing waves. A strange sense of isolation rattled Momonga, a feeling he could not explain.

"So that is a Fallen Angel feather in your fingers. Whose feather you're holding? Raynare's? Miltelt's? No, judging by its tone, it is Raynare's most likely." A voice called out from the shadows behind Momonga.

Emerging into the street lamps, a man came into his view. The stranger was a man bearing the appearance of middle age, his dark blue eyes staring at Momonga through the thin stranding locks of his dark-grey hair under his black fedora. His pale gray trench coat covered his white dress shirt above his black pants and shoes, his matching ascot tie peeking through the opening. He removed his hands out of his pockets, showing the black gloves hugging his hands to his wrists.

Mid-walk, wings of dirty black sprouted from the man's back, revealing themselves to Momonga to his surprise and leaving a trail behind. The man wasn't human, a Fallen Angel like the girl he saw after his awakening.

"Although I find it strange. The last time she was active was when she killed the boy with the Sacred Gear. I thought we erased all memories of her afterward." The man walked towards Momonga but stopped in his tracks. His eyes dilated, his gaze growing more focused at Momonga's visage.

"Wait," he scrutinized Momonga, his gazing licking him from head to toe. "You look familiar. Ah, I remember now." The man muttered under his breath. "But you should've been dead. To think that Raynare failed to finish a mere human off properly."

'Eh?' Momonga stared at him, baffled. Did he encounter a lead already? What's with that guy spouting all of the information on him like some lousy script?

'Wait...' Momonga silently cast [Mana Essence] to check the man's Mana capacity. There was a blue bar hovering above his head, the amount akin to a Level Ten Mage.

"To think I would have to clean up after her. You may have more luck than the other lesser humans, but I am afraid that meeting me has ended your streak of fortune."

In his right hand, a double-bladed spear formed, tightly gripped. Momonga blinked as he silently cast [Life Essence] and checked the man's health during his monologue. His health…

'It's just… so… damn low. Why is it so low?' Momonga couldn't phrase how pitiful the man's HP was. It averaged his worth to around Level thirteen.

'Wait, what if it's a trap?' Momonga's paranoia set in.

In Yggdrasil, misdirection and deception was a crucial tool to victory. Earlier this morning, Momonga hid his HP and MP with [False Data: Life] and [False Data: Mana] in case he was caught by a Divination specialist. However, he did not expect to receive a surprise encounter this early on. He didn't even sense the guy coming up to him. He needed to test the limit of the man's HP using one Spell he knew would bypass whatever magical defenses he had. He had his Death Knights prepped and [Explosion], the Spell not the Skill, ready to knock him back. Even if he was a Fallen Angel like the woman he named Raynare, Momonga had a Spell just for evil beings stored in his left arm as well.

[Maximize Magic: Reality Slash]

Momonga threw his arm obliquely, throwing a distorting blade of sundered space-time at the man as the surprise attack hit him from the man's right side to his left clavicle. Without delay, Momonga leaped back, cycling through the Spells in his repertoire. The ability to pick Spells from memory was more effective than actively having to select a Spell to slot in for later use.

"Now then…" Momonga paused upon seeing blood splashing from the diagonal cut he made.

"Eh?" Momonga uttered in surprise. The man's HP went from green to nil in an instant.

"Eh?" The man uttered with equal surprise, albeit with a hint of terror laced in his tone, slowly looking down at the bleeding gash strewn across his chest.

He suddenly lost all feeling in his left arm and his legs. Why was he bleeding? When he placed a finger into his wound, the man watched with mute horror as he found himself sliding down from his lower torso, dropping to the floor as his eyes wandered to the bleeding half that was his lower torso. He watched as his lower half fell to its knees before falling flat, spilling blood and intestines onto the asphalt.

"I'm… possi… ble…" The man uttered with what little breath he had left.

Momonga could imagine the terror that swelled within that man's eyes when the man looked down only to see his liver and lungs slowly falling out. He was dead, cleaved in half from a simple Spell, albeit the highest damage-dealing one, Momonga threw at him.

"...huh." It felt quite anticlimactic like all of his worries wasted for naught - the Villain of his story appearing only for him to die the next second early in the 'Prologue'.

The space around them reverted back to normal, all distortions ceased as the starry night returned with the view of the buildings around them. The strange sense of isolation disappeared within Momonga when they did.

"Well, at least I got some answers out of this," Momonga muttered as he watched the spear in that man's hand dissipate in a sparkle of light as all color in his eyes faded when his life finally bled out.

Now he was alone with a bisected corpse… wait, he was alone with a corpse out in the open. Momonga threw his head left and right, seeing no presence of people around him. Time to make a break for it before any eyewitnesses caught him in the act, so he teleported back him without a second thought.

A corpse of a Fallen Angel was found in a park.

Alone in the park, several figures stood under the half-moon, looking down at the bisected corpse with interest. In the darkness, crimson locks as soft as silk billowed from the night breeze, the moonlight shining off of the owner's blue eyes while dimly lighting three other faces.

The aftermath of the murder caught the attention of a patrolling Familiar, but as soon as it uncovered the true nature of the corpse, it alarmed its Devil-Master of its presence. Thus, Rias Gremory and her Peerage arrived at the scene, inspecting the stage at the twelve of night.

The leader of the Peerage recognized the location, the same place she found traces of Hyōdō Issei surviving the attempted murder. Her mind drifted to the boy she tried to recruit but failed through unknown means. The young teenager returned to school to her surprise, seemingly oblivious to his surprise encounter with the dangerous element. However, when he returned, there was something different about him. Koneko didn't get the chance to confront him since he was abnormally wary of his surroundings, nearly catching Koneko following him between the periods.

As for the corpse, it was a male Fallen Angel, his identity still unknown since his standing in the Grigori was inconsequential even by his own kind. As for his death, it was blatant, a diagonal separation of the upper and lower halves - from left to right, from waist to shoulder.

"Yūto-kun. Would you kindly deliver your opinion of how he died?" Rias asked, gesturing to the blonde Devil beside her.

Yūto Kiba was her knight, her sworn sword. He was a handsome young man, his blonde hair short, eyes bluish-gray, and his left eye holding a mole beneath it. His attire was the Kuoh Academy boys' school uniform, constituting of a black blazer with white accents over a white, long-sleeved dress shirt and a black ribbon on the collar, matching black pants, and brown dress shoes.

"Yes, Buchō." Yūto walked towards the corpse, knelt a leg, and placed his hand on the bottom of the upper half, inspecting the cross-section of the cut, which was covered in blood.

"The cut is strange, immaculate. It cleaved through him like paper. See the cross-section of the spine? No cracks emerged from the impact, but other than that, I don't know." Yūto gave his opinion.

"I see…" Rias rubbed her chin.

There was a report of a Stray Devil nesting in this territory, but the Gremory Clan had yet to locate the Devil. Rias also knew the identity of the Stray Devil, so she was sure that if that one were to fight a Fallen Angel, there would've been scars of battle strewing the area.

From the face of the man contorting to speechless horror, Rias wondered who or what could've killed him. She slid her sight down from the face to the midsection. He released his wings when he was alive to the killer. She looked behind the corpse, seeing a line of feathers starting from meters away.

"So the Fallen Angel was confronting a person…" Rias murmured to herself.

"Ara ara, so you have already concluded, Rias-san?" Another girl, a brunette with a mature figure and radiance wearing a miko outfit, asked.

"Mhm, you know me so well, Akeno." Rias giggled.

She turned to the rest of her peerage and began the narration of her version of the events.

"The Fallen Angel seemed to have met an unfortunate end. The encounter is either by chance or attempted assassination, but I don't see who would go after a nameless Fallen Angel, so it must be a chance encounter." Rias deduced.

"Hmmm… who… is it… then?" The petite girl with short white hair.

"Koneko-chan, that is… I don't know." Rias, however, confessed. "This is as far as I can go, evidence wise."

However, for some reason, she had an idea who the culprit could be. A Devil from another Clan couldn't do this, she would know, but out of all noticeable individuals, there was one that caught her mind's eye.

"Ara ara, judging by your face, I take it you have an idea?" Akeno asked, giggling playfully as she ran a hand up her breast.

Rias giggled in response.

"Well, it is still a hunch. I just need to confirm it before I jump to conclusions, yes?"

Her Peerage eyed her with mixed responses, one curious, the other interested, and the last in pondering. Rias had a plan. If that person managed to come here again, then Rias had a way to confirm it.

The sun rose and repeated the early morn, marking the beginning of another day.

Momonga stretched his arms and legs outside, glad that it was a weekend, freeing him from school as he walked down the sidewalk with a tray of takoyaki in hand, plopping one steaming ball of flour and octopus into his mouth after another. He was surprised that he could even eat despite him being somewhat Undead, a weird fusion of living and Undead. He was having fun experimenting with his taste buds, sampling the cuisine that existed before the ruination of the planet before throwing the plastic tray into a trash bin after eating all of the octopus balls.

He was heading down the street, strolling back to the park to inspect the damages to sate his curiosity. Would the corpse he abandoned remain in place? Momonga started to regret not taking the corpse with him. He wanted to test whether Resurrection was still possible in this world or not with the corpse, interrogate him, then practice a few of his more convoluted spells on him. He wanted to practice his [Control Amnesia] on the idiot after wringing the secret of memory erasure from him.

There was a problem after confirming the man's Level after his death. How did the man manage to erase the existence of the woman called Raynare from the minds of others? His MP wasn't enough to manipulate memories like his [Control Amnesia] could. The mechanics behind the mass amnesia must have some Mana-efficient trick to it. Was it something like [Mass Dominate Species] or mind control? Mass hypnosis?

He wanted to learn more about the one called Raynare, who she was, how she killed Issei, why she killed him… shame. Another reason why he was returning so he could confirm whether he could retrieve the corpse for Resurrection and otherwise. He just needed a right place to hide the body.

'I feel like a crazy serial killer…' Momonga thought to himself.

He was slightly concerned with his train of thought sometimes when he turned on his [Emotion Suppression], though he still wasn't sure how he could turn it on and off unlike before in Yggdrasil. Still, it helped him keep his emotions in check under pressure. As for a place to store a corpse, he had a few locations in mind, his parents' basement included. He just needed to drain the blood first and get rid of the evidence afterward.

When Momonga arrived at the park, he found no corpse in sight, no blood whatsoever. Nary a single trace remained, the scene picked clean — all except for a small pile of black, crow-like feathers.

"Could they be responsible for cleaning the mess up?" Momonga muttered, referring to the Fallen Angels.

How'd they even manage to clear the crime scene so fast? This time, they seemed to have dropped some of the feathers. He couldn't blame them since the man's death was very spontaneous. The feathers could pass off as crow feathers, so he didn't believe any bystander could notice the difference.

He should learn that method if he got the chance.

Momonga walked to the circular, gray fountain again, feeling a strange nostalgia when he remembered Yggdrasil. This spot looked like an ideal respawn point, the start of a journey worthy of eons. He remembered his friends, his Guild… he still has the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown. It was just in the red gauntlet stuck to his left arm like the world item in the stomach of his avatar.

Looking at the fountain in the center of the enclosure of trees, the circular basin filled with water gushing from the undulating pillar at the center that held two flat circular slabs of stone atop one another, Momonga found the fountain to be a recurring theme at this point.

"Still, I wonder if I can locate the corpse with the feathers…" Momonga muttered as he turned around, looking at the feathers on the ground.

It was quite big to mistake it for a crow's feather now that he looked at it properly. Looking around the park, he started to take notice of the people around him. A few early joggers were jogging around the fountain and out of the park, kindly elder standing off the road, sipping his cup of coffee in the morning, and a girl wearing a succubus cosplay outfit…

Wait, what?

"Hello, here." The girl handed him what seemed to be a flier, a black one.

Momonga stared at the flier in his hands as he looked at the woman, blinking in confusion as she left. Momonga had no comment for her. She left as soon as she came. What did she even give him? Momonga shifted his attention to the flier, a paper with a black sigil etched below the following words…

"'Your wish will be granted?'" Momonga repeated the words on the paper, confused. However, in the paper, the additional content was something he couldn't believe.

"Including women, boobs, wealth, a… harem?" Momonga blinked twice.

He looked at the girl, seeing her back. Her hair was short brown, her white skirt barely covered her undergarments, her short-sleeved pink puffy shirt holding two small bat wings behind. What was with her? Was she asking for a boyfriend or something?

Momonga quickly scanned the paper with [All Appraisal Magic Item], wringing the truth of the paper in his hand just in case. He was surprised that the paper was indeed a magic item. It wasn't a wish-granting object, but a summoning item of sorts. The creator of the paper was not on it, but the name of the species intended to be summoned was. He shouldn't be surprised at this point, but seeing the name of the species did anyways.


Momonga had enough on his plate dealing with the Fallen Angels, but demons as well? Momonga looked back at the girl, now highly suspicious of her. He needed to deal with the Fallen Angels quickly before moving onto them.