Sirius immediately dived to the side his wand falling into his hand as he stood up a silent bone breaker being sent at his older cousin. Harry and Voldemort sat back munching on their Popcorn as the duel got more and more violent.

"$ So who do you thinks going to win$", Harry asked. The Dark Lord stared at Harry with a look of amusement. "$Are you seriously asking that question Potter, my money is on Bellatrix, she may have only just recently come from Azkaban but as you yourself are more than aware she is still a capable duellist…. Plus she's already defeated him once$."

Harry scowled at the Dark Lord. "$Okay the only reason Sirius lost that duel is because he wasn't taking Bella seriously, and he paid the price for it. So say whatever you want, but Sirius has been out of Azkaban for three years, and before he went in he was on of the best Aurors around and a member of the Order. So my Money is on him$."

Tom smirked at his apprentice, "$ Very well ten galleons says that Bellatrix wins the duel$." Harry grinned. "$I'll take that bet Riddle$.""$Damn it Potter you know I hate that name$." Voldemort snarled. "$I know that's why I do it$." Harry laughed as both wizards turned their attention back to the duel.

Bellatrix grinned as her flame whip struck Sirius across the face. Sirius stumbled back, ducking under another curse he straightened up waving his wand in a complex motion shards of ice formed as he hurled them at his opponent.

Bellatrix countered with an area wide flame spell. But was caught unprepared as a small bolt of lightning struck her sending her crashing into the wall. Bella overcame her shock raising her wand she screamed "MAGMA MORTUS."

Both Harry's and Tom's eyes widened at the spell. The older of the two turned to the younger. "$Might as well pay up now Potter if this hits and I've no doubt it will it's over$." Harry didn't answer instead leaning on the edge of his seat and smirking as a shield formed around Sirius and one of the most powerful lightning spells was sent straight back at its caster. "$You were saying Tom$."

Bellatrix dodged the spell, only to slip on a sheet of ice that had formed underneath her falling on her arse a disarming spell connected with her. Bellatrix was sent sliding away as her wand landed in Sirius's hands.

…There was absolute silence before Sirius's bark of laughter could be heard throughout the room. "Oh my dearest cousin, that was an excellent duel. But we all know who was going to win in the end."

Tom grumbled as he placed ten galleons into Harry's waiting hand. "Oi Sirius, Thanks you just won me ten galleons." Sirius smirked at his godson before walking over to Bellatrix who was standing up. Handing her wand over he pulled her into a hug. "I've missed you Bell's." Surprise flickered in the witches eyes at the use of her old nickname. "Sirius it's actually you. But how is this possible." A rougish grin spread on Sirius's face. "Come on Bella. You didn't truly think you could get rid of me that easily." He received a slap on the face. "Ow geez woman okay, I don't actually know, either I must have subconsciously apparated away as I was falling through, or the Veil doesn't actually send people to the other side and instead acts as a portal of sorts."

Bellatrix nodded. "That's plausible I mean come to think of it no one truly knows what the veil is for, considering that everyone that goes through isn't heard from again. Well until now at least."

Sirius nodded. "If it does act as a Portal though I don't understand how no one else has been seen though. Unless it decides what type it wants to be. Like maybe sometimes it does send people to the spiritual realm, sometimes it could send you to an Alternative Universe and maybe sometimes it just spits you out somewhere else within the world."

A knock on the door interrupted the conversation. As Voldemort told them to enter. Severus Snape walked inside. "My Lord I have news. Dumbledore has seen fit to replace me as Potions Professor. And grant me the position of Defence Against The Dark Arts."

Tom's face lit up with shock. "This is an interesting development. Who has he chosen to replace you." Snape nodded. "He did, the Old coot has somehow managed to convince Horace Slughorn to come out of retirement."

"Slughorn." Surprise filled the Dark Lords voice. "That is interesting indeed. What would Dumbledore want with him." Harry's eyes widened. "$Forget that. School is coming up soon, what am I supposed to do about that$."

"$Yes that is a good question indeed. I say just go back and pretend you were hiding out during the summer$." Harry snorted at that. "Right cause Dumbledore is totally going to believe that." reverting back to english dialect

The Dark Lord merely shrugged. "It is technically the truth. You have been hiding out here pretty much. Just say it was close to Diagon." Harry laughed. "So basically give him a half truth, I suppose that could work."

Snape coughed. "That's not all. Dumbledore appears to be dying." Both wizards jumped right up at that. "WHAT." They both yelled. Tom stared at Snape. "How exactly is he dying and try and slow it down. I still have my vengeance to wreak on the old fool before he croaks as does Harry."

The hook nosed man just shrugged. "I don't actually know what the cause is. I've already managed to slow it down. But all I know is he went somewhere and came back sporting a new ring and a black rotting hand."

Tom's eyes widened. "$Damn it. So he's discovered my secret. That's what he wants Slughorn for to find out how many I might have$."

"Very well. I know what the cause is. And no I will not disclose the information. But Harry i'm going to need you to go to the Room Of Requirement. And ask for the room of hidden things. Once there find a Diadem, that bears Ravenclaws saying. And take it down to the Chamber."

Harry just looked at him confused. "$What's going on Marvolo. Forgive me for saying but you sound on edge. What secret could Dumbledore have found that's so severe$."

Voldemort stared at the boy and sighed. "$When you get back to school, go to the restricted section and look for a book called magiks most foul. And look up Horcruxes, there you shall find your answer$."

And there you go folks. Chapter six is done. Sirius won the duel, Dumbledore has discovered Tom Riddle's secret to immortality. And Tom knows.

Speaking of which. I'm guessing you are all surprised that The Dark Lord told Harry to look up Horcruxes. Well that's because there is a reason for it. Which you'll find out soon enough.

Anyway next chapter will hopefully be out sometime in the next week, be on the lookout for chapter seven because it's time to return to Hogwarts.

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