Chapter One: Death, Rebirth, Plutia and Lulu

Death. A rather interesting concept. Some claim that death is the end. Some claim that it's only a step on the road of life. And some find salvation in death to end their torment.

This is the tale of a child who found salvation in death and gained something that they thought they would never have, true family.


It was a very cold night in the middle of December when tragedy struck, the death of a child. Something that made the entity simply known as Shinu, or Lady Death, frown. She might only be an aspect of the concept of death, specifically the premature death of children, but it still didn't make her job of either sending the souls of children to the afterlife or (more often) returning them to the river of life for reincarnation any easier or better.

This one was no real exception, other than the fact that that their premature death and eventual rebirth was only a stepping stone towards the child's destiny, and that this was the better path towards their destiny than the path a meddling old man had attempted to set up for the child.

This child was once the boy known as Harry Potter, the boy who died from frostbite because of intentional neglectance. A child who has been suffering from abuse and much worse treatment. A child who found salvation in death. A child who found true happiness in a new life, in another world. In the world of Gamindustri U, also known as the Ultradimension, to be more precise.


In the Basisicom of Planeptune in the Ultradimension, a brand new room was added to the building, indicating that something that has never happened before in the Ultradimension. The birth of a CPU Candidate.

The Candidate was, like all other Candidates and true CPUs, a girl. A roughly thirteen year old girl with long light blueish purple hair. Hidden underneath a pair of somewhat pale eyelids was a pair of dark pink eyes with strange pupils that appeared to be green when the light hit them from certain angles. Below her eyes was a pair of bags that one would normally only gain after a very long period of sleep deprivation, but the candidate had them anyway despite the fact that she had just been born. She wasn't wearing very much when it came to clothing. Correction, she was only wearing a couple of sizes too large t-shirt and absolutely nothing more than that. Meaning that if the shirt was removed, she'd be completely naked. And she had a very voluptuous figure, even though she was only physically thirteen years old, that many women, including the CPU of the nation of Leanbox, would be extremely jealous of.

The candidate appeared to be very comfortable sleeping on top of the bed, something that she could contentedly continue with for about an hour until someone stumbled upon the freshly made room that was hers. And said someone was the Planeptune oracle, Histoire. The oracle was somewhat torn between frowning at the candidate's lack of modesty when sleeping and being happy that it was Planeptune that was the first nation in the Ultradimension to get a CPU Candidate.

What the oracle wasn't expecting to happen when she slowly approached the sleeping candidate was for said candidate to suddenly grab her and squeeze her into the CPU Candidate's large chest when the oracle tried to wake the candidate up by touching her. It took the candidate a while before she finally noticed quite a lot of things. One, she wasn't freezing her ass off outdoor anymore, which was actually quite nice. Two, she was a she and not a he! Not sure how to feel about that, she wasn't really complaining about it though. Three, she had a very voluptuous figure (not that she really knew what the word voluptuous meant)! Four, she was currently hugging someone that was much smaller than herself. Five, said someone was currently getting suffocated in her cleavage. And six, she was currently only wearing a couple sizes too large t-shirt and nothing more than that.

The candidate quickly let go of the much smaller person and sat up on the very comfortable bed she'd been sleeping on and quite frankly wasn't against continuing on doing. Said smaller person was just glaring at the newly reincarnated girl in front of her, who eyes were only opened halfway, leaving them half closed, and the oracle got the feeling that the candidate would probably never open her eyes completely.

"Uhm? Sorry?" Apologized the candidate sheepishly, while rubbing the back of her head with a sheepish and tired expression on her face. "Uhm, where am I?"

"Apology accepted. And as for where you are, that would be the nation of Planeptune in the Ultradimension. Does that answer your question… I don't actually know your name. My name is Histoire." Exclaimed Histoire, while looking at the sleepy candidate with an expression of suspicion.

"Uhm… my name is…" started the candidate, searching through her memories after a name, only to find practically nothing except for a few flashes of her previous life. And then, suddenly, something provided her with a name. "Lulu. I think that's my name at least. This is just weird."


"Well, the last thing I can remember is that I was freezing my butt off in the middle of winter and everything turning into black. The next thing I know I'm here, sleeping on this very comfortable bed… not that I'm complaining *yawn*."

"Hm… it seems that your soul is a reincarnated one."

"Reincarnated… soul?"

"Yes. How much do you remember before waking up here?"

"Not much really, just flashes mostly."

"That means that it was either an incomplete reincarnation or a complete one but most of the memories are mentally sealed away, or at the very least highly suppressed… maybe repressed."

"Right." Exclaimed Lulu before yawning and falling asleep again, to which Histoire just rolled her eyes while smiling fondly at the young CPU Candidate snoozing away as she stealthily left the room, catching a glance of the candidate smiling contentedly in her sleep.


Inside a tower of a school of a castle somewhere in Scotland, a large amount of various tracking devices either exploded, simply stopped working or went kaput in some other fashion. The only ones that didn't were the ones that were tracking souls. The uncountable amount of headaches would not make themselves known until it was far too late.


The following day Lulu was still asleep and showed no signs of having any intentions of waking up. Her nation's oracle used this as an opportunity to get a read on the candidate's power and was pretty much mortified and relieved at the same time once she got the read. The candidate's power reading was off the charts! In fact, most of Lulu's stats were either EX-ranked or A-ranked! Meaning that she had the potential to be the most powerful entity in the entire Ultradimension! And she was only level one! Meaning that it was only her laziness and preference of sleeping over doing pretty much anything else really that was holding her back!

The new candidate of Planeptune finally woke up when she heard Histoire talking to someone who's voice she didn't recognize, though it sounded more like the oracle was trying (unsuccessfully) to scold whoever she was confronting more than anything else really. She was still wearing the oversized t-shirt and only the t-shirt when she walked in on the one sided lecture Histoire was giving another girl who looked a lot like Lulu. The most noticeable difference between the two being that Lulu was physically older and had a more buxom figure than the other girl, who easily could have been her little sister.

"Histoire, who's that? She looks a lot like me, why's that?" Asked Lulu while yawning, unintentionally revealing that she wasn't wearing anything more than the oversized t-shirt she was currently wearing. Which caused the two other girls to blush and the oracle to sputter some nonsense until she was finally able to say something comprehensible, which was…

"FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! PUT SOME CLOTHES OR AT LEAST SOME UNDERWEAR ON!" At that Lulu just tilted her head sideways, not understanding what the problem was, until she realized that she wasn't wearing anything other than the t-shirt and promptly entered her room and put a pair of panties on before returning. The oracle and the other girl were still blushing when the candidate came back, but seemed less upset than earlier over Lulu's unintentional lack of modesty.


"Never mind I guess. Now where were we?"

"You were giving that girl a lecture until I walked in and asked for her name. Then you told me to put something more than the t-shirt on, by screaming out of embarrassment." Deadpanned Lulu in her by now usual sleepy tone, before yawning again as she finished her sentence.

"Right. Anyway, this is Plutia, the CPU of Planeptune, and your older sister." Exclaimed Histoire while pointing at the girl who was apparently supposed to be Lulu's older sister, even though Lulu was the physically older one. At that, Lulu's left closed completely while her right eye opened a bit more, now being two thirds opened, an action that Histoire and Plutia interpreted as the candidate's way of raising an eyebrow. "She's been around and the CPU of Planeptune for longer, therefore making her the older sister, despite the fact that she is physically younger than you, as she is chronologically the older one."

"Oh. Okay." Exclaimed Lulu as her expression returned to its previous state with a shrug.

The two newly acquainted sisters about an hour or so to get to know each other… until they both fell asleep and spent the remainder of the day sleeping, and neither one of them were complaining about it. It seems like the beginning of a very small, albeit happy family.