Chapter Two: Memories, Wizards and Politics

As the years flew by in the Ultradimension, nothing truly chaotic happened. That is if you don't count those days of April fools. What happened on the first April fools since Lulu was born was that she awarded the first of her two forms. That's right people! Lulu doesn't just have one transformation! She has two! Making her a rarity among CPUs, let alone CPU Candidates! In addition to the Hard Drive Divinity, or HDD for short, Lulu also has access to the legendary Chaotic Energy Drive, also known as the CHAOS-form.

Much like the HDD, the CHAOS-form causes a variable amount of changes to the CPU or CPU Candidate's personality. In Lulu's case, her CHAOS-form turns her from a constantly sleepy and borderline asleep person, into a hyperactive trickster, a practical opposite of her usual sleepy personality. The first time Lulu entered the form dubbed, Iris CHAOS Sister, was on her first April fools in the Ultradimension.


(Start the Flashback!)

The four nations were facing something of a minor yet global crisis. Nothing dangerous but still something that affected all four nations. All four CPUs of the nations had been the victims of pranks. The pranks themselves were harmless and mostly annoying but the strange thing was that all of them were the victims… and that Plutia hasn't seen her little sister at all during the day. She wasn't in her room sleeping like usual! And none of them had any idea of who the perpetrator could possibly be! They had however caught glimpses of a mechanical tail and have been hearing giggling, just before springing one of the many (relatively) harmless traps scattered throughout their respective Basisicoms.

It was roughly around noon when the CPUs, including Plutia, whose face was covered in cream, finally managed to catch the perpetrator and said perpetrator wasn't someone they expected (but WE surely did!), inside the Planeptune Basisicom, specifically the mess hall. Lulu. But she was in a form that they didn't recognize but somehow knew wasn't her HDD-form.

Standing in front of them on top of a massive pyramid of tables was Lulu, but it was pretty obvious that she wasn't in her human-form. For starters, she was basically wearing a bikini that was definitely showing off her figure. Attached to the sides of her hips was a pair of mechanical wings that had a somewhat demonic design. Attached to the CPU Candidate's lower back, just above her very attractive butt, was a mechanical tail with what could probably be best described as a vaguely heart-shaped spearhead. And said tail was swinging behind her in a manner that matched the candidate's mischievous grin. Hovering just above the candidate's shoulders were a pair of devices… which had nine gun barrels, each of which had what appeared to be a rocket sticking out of the barrel… each. Gatling Rocket Launchers. Completing the look was a pair of horn-like devices attached to the back of the candidate's head, more specifically horns similar to the horns of a goat. All of the mentioned features had a color scheme similar to Iris Heart's. It should probably be noted that Lulu didn't look as tired as she usually did in this form, lacking her by now signature bags under her eyes.

"Lulu, is that you?" Questioned Plutia wearily.

"It's Iris CHAOS Sister in this form big sis." Exclaimed the now named Iris CHAOS Sister, in a mischievous tone, which set off several metaphorical alarms amongst the true CPUs of the Ultradimension.

"Iris CHAOS Sister? I've read about the legends about the Chaotic Energy Drive, but never truly believed that it actually existed… until now at least." Exclaimed Blanc in a somewhat worried tone.

"Do you know anything about these pranks that all of us appear to have been victims of?" Asked Noire in a demanding tone, earning a mischievous giggle from the Candidate.

"Oh? Did ya like my little handy work?"

"WHAT!? That was you!?" Exclaimed a very surprised Vert, who was covered in green glow-in-the-dark paint, before adopting an expression of anger and she wasn't the only one. Both Blanc and Noire was staring daggers at the Candidate, who had started cackling.

"Now, listen here ya little brat-" started Blanc, who intended to lecture the Candidate, but didn't really manage to get started due to being interrupted by getting a cream pie in the face. Once the pie fell off her face she saw the perpetrator, Iris CHAOS Sister. "That does it. THIS MEANS WAR!" And with that, Blanc picked up the pie from the floor and threw it in Iris CHAOS Sister's general direction.

"Heheh. YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS RIGHT!? FOOD FIGHT!" Exclaimed Iris CHAOS Sister in an excited tone as she started bombarding the true CPUs of the Ultradimension with various kinds of food.

The food fight lasted for about an hour with Iris CHAOS Sister emerging as the victor. The entire mess hall was a mess with food everywhere and at a few places where it probably shouldn't have been able to end up. In the end however, all five combatants were exhausted but happy. Iris CHAOS Sister only managed to exclaim her victory before running out of energy and revert back to her human-form, who promptly collapsed and fell asleep, face planting into a somehow undamaged watermelon. Plutia simply transformed into her HDD-form, Iris Heart, and carried her exhausted little sister to her room with a fond smile on her face.

(End of Flashback!)


The Little Blue Devil, as the other CPUs (with the exception of Plutia) had nicknamed Lulu's CHAOS-form, continued to appear every year on April fools and prank the living hell out of the others. Practically making it into an annual event.

Right now however, Lulu was in her room like usual, sleeping in her bed with a content smile on her face. Her (by now) signature oversized t-shirt lying on the pillow next to her head. It should probably be noted that she preferred sleeping in the nude, and that she only wore panties and her t-shirt whenever she wasn't sleeping, mostly just to avoid getting lectured by Histoire. In her arms was a small green creature that was, sleeping with her. This was Nom-Nom, Lulu's pet Sweet-Tooth. And yes! Sweet-Tooth is the name of Nom-Nom's species (Nom-Nom is basically an Om-nom from the Cut the Rope-series).

Unfortunately for the permanently teenaged girl, she didn't get to continue enjoying her favorite hobby (sleeping) as a sound similar to a small explosion sounded from within her room, prompting her to reluctantly wake up. What she saw when she did so caused pretty much the entire Basisicom to turn pandemonium. What she saw was a very old man with ridiculously out-of-style robes. Being the permanently teenaged girl who was normally rather oblivious of the fact that she had a very voluptuous figure for her age and preferred to sleep in the nude, she did what most girls would have done. She screamed while simultaneously lashing out and covering her modesty. And her way of lashing out was by tossing something that she would normally only use against monsters in the old man's general direction, a pepper gas bomb stylized like a stereotypical cartoon bomb, complete with a sizzling fuse, though where the hell she kept the bomb was a complete mystery.

Once the bomb went kaboom, the old man was throwing a painful coughing fit. In the middle of said coughing fit, a whip was suddenly coiled around one of his legs and physically dragged him out of Lulu's room, complete with the oh-so-classic yell/shout of "GET OVER HERE!". And Lulu was relieved since she recognized that whip. Her big sis Plutia, or more specifically her HDD- or Goddess-form, Iris Heart.



The ridiculously old man known as Albus Dumbledore has been getting very frustrated over the course of the five years since that tragic thirteenth of December the boy known as Harry Potter's soul left this world of the living. It was on a Friday if he remembered correctly. Not that it really mattered now though since he had finally, over the course of three freaking months, completed the ritual that would locate the soul of Harry Potter, or at most give him the location of the soul's residence, since Dumbledore knew that he wasn't powerful enough to summon the soul along with its vessel (the body its inhabiting). As the ancient wizard activated the ritual, the information he saut flooded into his mind… and some information that just straight up confused him. Seriously, why the hell did the ritual provide him with two names instead of just one!? And one of those names was obviously a girl's name and not the name of the boy he was searching for. But that wasn't the only names that confused him. Seriously, who names the capital of a country after said country. The information could probably be best summarized with this:

Lulu (Harry Potter)

Lulu's private quarters.

Planeptune Primary Basisicom.

Planeptune Capital, Planeptune.

Gamindustri U.

In hindsight though, he probably should have settled on using the Hogwarts letter system since it would have saved him the literal headache he got from having the information sent directly into his mind.

"Can you take me there old friend?" Asked the ancient wizard his Phoenix, Fawkes. And with that the two flamed away from Hogwarts to the location of the soul of Harry Potter, Planeptune of the Ultradimension.


Roughly a second later the headmaster of Hogwarts found himself in a very modern room and it wasn't hard for him to find the obvious owner of the room. A young girl with light blueish purple hair waking up from having been sleeping in the bed in front of him. As the girl sat up and her dark pink eyes fell upon him there was a very short period of silence before she screamed very loudly while simultaneously covering her modesty and throwing what looked like a stereotypical cartoon bomb in the old mans general direction, which exploded in a thick cloud of what he remembered was called peppergas.

Due to the coughing fit the peppergas bomb forced Dumbledore into, he didn't notice the whip coiled around his right leg. Until he got dragged out of the room as the obvious owner of the whip shouted:

"GET OVER HERE!" As they pulled the whip, and with it him, in.


A while later, the ancient wizard found himself in what could only be described as an interrogation room. Surrounding him was four people… and a small green creature in the teenage girl's arms, who's room he had teleported into, which she was hugging very affectionately. The other three were also female and of varying age and size.

The oldest one (appearance wise) was dressed in what could probably have been described as a set of BDSM-gear, specifically the outfit of a dominatrix, if he remembered correctly. She looked very similar to the younger teenage girl, who was hugging the creature. Making the ancient wizard suspect some form of familial connection. Mother and daughter? Sisters maybe?

The second one was by far the smallest one of the bunch. She had an appearance that could probably be best described as a fairy sitting on a rather thick grimoire, a magical book. While she was physically the smallest, she held herself with an air of age and wisdom, making Dumbledore suspect that she was the oldest one, possibly older than himself, which was saying something.

The third and last one amongst the new faces was a young blonde girl who looked like she was about seven (maybe eight) years old. She was wearing a sweater with rather puffed up sleeves and a pair of boxing gloves that looked like the paws of a cat. She was probably the one who was the youngest of the bunch.

Normally, Dumbledore wouldn't find himself being terrified of a quartet of girls/young women, but the glares they were sending him would probably have made a more average person wet themselves out of fear, especially the appearance wise oldest one, who quite frankly looked the most pissed.

"You must have a lot of balls, trying and succeeding in sneaking into my little sister's room like that in the middle of the day." Exclaimed the appearance wise oldest one in a tone that made it very obvious she was pissed, the effect was however slightly dampened by the fact that she was starting to blush.

"I don't really disagree with you there big sis *yawn*." Exclaimed the girl, who was now obviously the older girl's little sister. "Please make sure that the punishment hurts big sis."

"Oh puh-lease. As if I intended to go easy on the pervert who snuck into your room." Now that made Dumbledore shudder in horror, and feel more than a little insulted at being called a pervert.

"I suggest that you start spilling the beans before Lady Iris Heart starts venting her frustration and anger on you." Exclaimed the smallest one, the one sitting on the grimoire.

"Or as that soldier said in that comedy show. When the gun is cockin', you start quackin'." Exclaimed the youngest one in a tone that was quite frankly way too cheerful.

"*yawn* yeah. What Peachy said." Exclaimed the teenaged blueish purplette.

"May I at least explain why I'm here?" Asked the ancient wizard hesitantly.

"Sure. But ya better be quick about it. Big sis seems to really start running out of patience."


A hurried up explanation later, that wasn't written out due to the author being too lazy to write it themselves, and the four girls, the ancient wizard and the Sweet-Tooth could be found in a conference room. Oh! And Iris Heart had transformed back into her human form, but she was still glaring at the wizard, obliviously not happy with the fact that she didn't get to punish him. And said wizard still had trouble coming over the fact that all of the girls in the room with him were goddesses, with the exception of the little fairy, Histoire, who was the nation of Planeptune's oracle… or at least something similar. Upon learning that CPUs and Candidates all possess a goddess-form and the potential to possess a CHAOS-form, both of which causing varying levels of change to the true CPU and CPU Candidate's personality, Dumbledore asked worriedly how Lulu's goddess-form changed her. He felt quite disturbed by the answer he was given.

Lulu's HDD-form, Iris Sister, could easily be best described as a stoic bombardier that ONLY spoke in one liners, literally. Meaning that she spoke very rarely, pretty much only when she was about to do something she considered cool or had a one liner she considered appropriate for the situation. And that's without mentioning the fact that her stats gets a rank up, from A to S, the only true exception being the ones ranked as EX, which only receive a minor boost, EX+… and the author sort of just realized that they never actually written out Lulu's base-stats and how her transformations affect them.


Anyway, an agreement was eventually reached. This was gonna be an international and interdimensional joint-operation, meaning that the nation of Planeptune of the Ultradimension wasn't gonna be alone on the project. After a cross-dimensional phone call, it was decided that the two dimensions. Each dimension would send two representatives.

For the Ultradimension, Lulu and Peachy was chosen, since out of all the CPUs native to the Ultradimension they had the most time available, and Peachy didn't technically have a nation to rule over anyway.

The natives of the Hyperdimension was also enthusiastic about the project, since nothing really exciting had happened since the series of shenanigans in the last two games in the main series, VII and VIIR. In other words, everything was peaceful and as a result, everyone was quite frankly considerably bored… most of the time at least. Needless to say, they hadn't decided on who to send… until they eventually settled on letting the fans decide who was gonna go.