Chapter 1

Blood That Ties

Do gods really exist?

This is a question, mankind always asked itself. A questions which divied humanity into two groups.

Those who believe and not believe.

Some people only believe in the only things they see with their own two eyes, while the others claim that something higher than themselves watches over them.

To believe in something that may or may not exist, sounds preposterous to those who believe rational.

Mankind was always divided by this question.

But nonetheless, this is the story about someone who doesn't belong in this world. A person who defied his fate several times.

A person who was tempered by trials, poison, fire and blood.

Someone who should be, no must become a hero, in this world full of gods and monsters.


Orario, the labyrinth city and the center of the world. A city who lies over an dangerous place, called the Dungeon, where those graced by gods and goddesses, explore its mystery.

Yes, Gods and Goddesses.

Before the Gods and Goddesses came down to the lower world, brave heroes fought valiantly against monsters with the help of Spirits, the strongest race and children of the divines.

Yet the divines got bored of the eternal life in the Upper World, Tenkai, and strived for entertainment.

By discarding their Arcanum, their divine authority, they descended into the Lower, Gekai.

Once the Gods began to come to the lower world, the Gods bestowed the Falna upon their 'children', a process were they grace them with a small amount of divinity called Status, so that they could fight the spawn of the Dungeon.

Familia, a term for a group of mortals who joined together, united and gifted by a single Deity.

This is the story of a certain Familia, a Familia which would shake the foundation of the Lower World.


When somebody would told Arman that, after defeating the Virgin-Born, a Pseudo-Queen-Lost, he would land in another world, like those cheap Isekai-mangas Yakumo always loved, he would have question this person's sanity and well-being. But here he was, together with his lover Io, a female Revenant. Not only this, by defeating the monstrosity, he had absorbed all the relics.

But since he was a blood-sucking undead, living in a dystopian world were immortal ghoul-like beings and existence-threatening Horrors lurked in every corner, he couldn't deny the insanity from his story...

And here he was, sleeping on an old couch in the basement of a rundown-church.

"Time to wake up…." Opening his eyes, he stretched his arms up and yawned. His fangs visible and his bones cracking because of the uncomfortable furniture.

But hey, not that he didn't sleep on under far worse conditions.

"I need to prepare myself," He shifted around "What the….." And noticed that something was clinging on him…..again "Seriously again?" The Revenant sighed and put the blanket away.

What he saw, was one of the reason for many headaches and questions. One of them was, why he joined this Familia in the first place.

A 'young' girl was snoring peacefully and clinging on him. This was the head of this Familia and Patron Goddess, Hestia of the Hearth, Home and Architecture.

Hestia was a beautiful and petite Goddess with a youthful appearance. She had blue eyes and mid-thigh length black hair tied into two twin tails which reach down to her mid thighs. Her hair was tied with hair accessories that feature blue and white petals along with bell shaped ornaments. She had a small frame, which further emphasizes her breasts. Her usual attire was a white mini dress with a blue ribbon around her neck and one tied under her breasts around her arms, and a pair of white gloves. She was usually barefoot, but occasionally wears a pair of white flip-flops.

When he met Hestia the first time, Arman noticed how close that petite Goddess resembled his lover, Io.

Which was also the reason, he was attracted by her, though only little bit, mind you.

When Arman entered Orario, he was in awe. Even though he has visited many cities in this world, Orario was this far, the largest one he has seen. So many people, together, with no fear for their life, except for certain parts of the Labyrinth City and the Dungeon.

Not that he wasn't used to being close to mortals, since 15 years passed after being transported into this world.

He and Io were found unconscious by people from a small village.

After their awakening Arman and Io had a hard time to understand that they weren't in Vein anymore…..Even more so, when they found out, that all Relics were in his body, fused with his flesh and blood.

The villagers were kind to them, as they only found comfort in each other, for losing all their friends.

The elder of the village, took them in and after a short time they finally accepted the hurtful truth and.

But after 15 years have passed, another tragedy followed.

The elder, Arman and Io came to accept as family, despite knowing what they are, died through a monster attack.

In the end, Io was the only hope, Arman had in his life. She comforted him, she gave him strength and she encouraged him to live the dream their grandfather wanted for him.

'Be a hero, be someone you should be, because I know my child, that no one in this world deserves more to be a hero, than you.'

Despite being an old man, Arman loved the stories of the old Heroes of mankind told by his grandfather.

Even on Earth, the Story of Heracles, Siegfried, the Mahabharata and other valiant people came to fill him with joy. Arman was amused, that many Heroes existed in this place as well, but not as Demi-Gods, but as Falna-Blessed.

The only logical answer was, that this world is probably a Parallel-World or Multiverse-Theory. Something he read in one of Louis' books.

But back to his Goddess…

He knew from books, how screwed up Greek Deities are. But to think that Hestia, one of the three Virgin-Goddesses of Olympus, would fell in love with him, was something Arman never expected.

She didn't even care that he was in a relationship with Io!

Nope, the fact that he wanted to accumulate money to bring her here, was used as a chance to 'netotare' him. Her words, not his.

She didn't even care that he was not even alive, that dunce!

Feeling another headache coming, he used his Mist Form to teleport himself into the bathroom.

Yet he could hear the faint voice of Hestia.

"Arman-kun you dummy!"


As he washed his face, Arman looked at it in the mirror.

The Vampire looked, despite being already in his early fifties, quite young. The pros of being undead and immortal.

Arman had messy snow-white hair and skin. He had a handsome face, according to his Revenant-Friends and the Human-Girl Abigail, who visited him and fhis friends several times. Even the villagers and some deities praised him for his looks, to the point where he had to deal with unwanted suitors.

He also once had ruby-red eyes, with a slit-like pupil, similar to reptiles. It was a mutation the Revenant caused due the BOR-Parasite.

But since Arman held the Relics of the Queen, his left eye turned sapphire-blue. Heterochromia iridum, it is called.

Even his fangs and nails became a little bit longer and sharper.

The child of Hestia sighed and finished washing his face.


After Arman put his guild-loaned armor and weapon on, he looked at his mirror and nodded. He put the hood of his coat over his head and went out "I'm going Hestia, I made you breakfast." He received anrising arm as an answer, together with a wave from her hand 'Thank you, I love you….'

The Revenant nodded and walked out.


"You know, for loaning weapons, which should give Scrub-Adventurers security to fight for themselves, they could at least make those weapons a bit better." He scowled whilst fiddling with his armor and weapon. Arman felt uncomfortable with his equipment. The chest and shoulder-armor was uncomfortable and it was made from iron with bad quality "But since Rin is not here and one could maintain my Veils or Weapons from Vein, what should I do…."

In this time he wished his friends would be with him…..but looking back... the pain for losing his family was still strong, even after 15 years.

The Successor of the Relics needed money for his and his Familia's future, so contacting a smith would only make his purse lighter.

Also it would make other Familias and Adventurers curious about a 'Rookie' who would wield 'living' and blood drinking weapons and armor.

Taking also his strength and abilities …..Many would be, with no doubt, be suspect of him.

'Can't really do anything about it.' Arman thought and shook his head, when suddenly!


The Revenant flinched and looked around, someone or something had his gaze on him and this gaze was something that made his hair stand up.

He looked around, trying to find the source of the gaze and he found it….

Arman looked up at Babel.

Babel was the name of the tower located within Orario that was built over the dungeon beneath it. It was built to stop the monsters within the dungeon from escaping. It was originally the same size as the buildings but was intentionally destroyed when the first Gods came down to earth. Those Gods later rebuilt it as it currently stands.

'Odd….' The Vampire was still on his guard. No matter what, like in Vein, death could await you in every corner, of this city, no matter how careful you are.

Still feeling the gaze, the Revenant followed his routine way towards the dungeon.


Dungeon, Fifth Floor

The Dungeon.

A mysterious complex located under the Babel. Orario was the only place in the world that had a Dungeon and many people of different races gather from across the world to explore it.

Before the Gods and Goddesses came down to the lower world, heroes fought against monsters with the help of Spirits. Once the Gods began to come to the lower world, the Gods bestowed the Falna upon them and gave them a status to better fight monsters.

Against his advisors advice, Arman ventured into the Fifth Floor. For many Rookie Adventurers this was a trial of life and death. Especially since stronger monsters such as Killer Ants appeared and the monster birth time was faster. It's recommended for Level 1 adventurers to have status of at least G in their basic abilities to explore these floors.

Killer Ants are nicknamed 'Rookie Killer'. Normally one Ant is not dangerous, but since it has the ability to call other Ants, many Adventurers lost their life to those insect monsters.

But for Arman, this was nothing.

The Dungeon reminded him of the Depths.

Unknown and lost areas, filled with far more horrible Lost than on Vein's surface.

Many powerful Lost which were killed by him and his friend resurrected there and lived in those deadly caverns.

He felt a slight tinge of melancholy, until…

*Crack* *Crack* *Crack*

But the difference between the Depths and the Dungeon was, that the Dungeon is alive. It was more or less a womb that gives birth to Monsters which would attack all the hazards inside their 'mother'.

Right now, Arman faced three Kobolds, werewolf-like beings, who just spawned in front of him from a wall. The Monsters were just seconds old and already hungered for the taste of warm flesh. They lunged at Arman the moment they saw him, without any semblance of intelligence or rational thinking. In a sense, they were no different from the Lost.

But to him, it didn't matter. The vampire responded to the attack with a single strike from his Longsword.


The wet splatting sound of blood echoed through the halls as the bodies of the Kobolds fell down and dissipated. The Revenant nodded and inspected his sword. He then began to lick the blood on it.

Hey, a snack is a snack!

After he finished his small meal, Arman began to collect the 'Heart' of the Monsters. Magic Stones.

These Stones were the energy source for the City and used for various a machines, similar electricity was used in his home world.

'Those guys are giving us Stones with energy, while our Monsters give us stones which could turn us into Lost with a simple touch…...Louis and Yakumo, would have a field day.'


Feeling that it was enough, Arman decided to call it a day. Yet the moment he turned around he felt it. The air in the Dungeon was different no...odd. Something was happening. But what unnerved him the most was the silence…It was quite...too quite, no other Monsters, no other Adventures….

"Uh-oh…." He walked several meters forward….when the bad feeling became stronger, the Revenant brandished his sword.

Like in the Depths, one mistake and it will cost you more than you think.

The Queenslayer activated his Hunter Blood Code and activated Active IFF, an ability which could detect enemies within a certain range.

A horde, no a stampede of humanoid bull-like monsters is coming up from the lower floors. And there is only one monster that has that kind of appearance…

"Minotaurs, are you kidding me!? On the upper floors!?" With every ounce of strength Arman had, he accelerated towards the end of the fifth floor.


As the Successor of the Blood ran towards the end of the Fifth Floor, he heard a scream.


"Damn, other Adventures!" He stopped, skittering several meters through the force of his running and looked around, suddenly a jolt when through his body. A scent he knew, too well.

'Blood, Elven, WHERE!?' Arman looked around, sniffed around and followed the sweet scent of crimson liquid.


After following the scent of blood and hearing the constant cries for help, Arman finally found the adventures.

It was an elven trio, two men and one woman. The injured woman, was mage since he held a wooden staff and wore a robe, while a male elf, with long golden hair tried to stop the bleeding on her abdomen. He was injured as well, since his left arm was bleeding. Arman looked and saw another male elf trying to protect his brethren, by shooting arrows at the Monsters.

But against a Minotaur, cheap arrows were useless. Even more when there was a dozen of them.

Arman observed how the archer used his last arrow, which was deflected by the horn of one of the ox monsters. Shocked yet resolved the man stood before his kin and tried protect them even though it was useless.

A Minotaur raised his fist, hungry for the flesh and blood from the fairest species of mortal kind, while the injured male and female cried out for him.

The strong and rust-colored arm descended to crush the head of the archer, like an overripe fruit….yet the embrace of death didn't engulf him.



The elven trio, gasped as suddenly a person appeared out of nowhere in a swirl of red mist. They were surprised when that unknown person used the momentum to kick the Minotaur, who tried to crush their fellow elf, with so much force, that a sickening crunch and wet sound echoed through the Dungeon. Even more so when the Minotaur was sent back flying backwards, crushing into the other Minotaurs behind him.

"Huff," The person who just saved them, while also killing several Minotaurs with just blow huffed "Just made it in time." He turned towards them and pursed his lips at seeing their sister crying and bleeding on the rock-hard floor.

He turned towards the archer "You guys are alright?"

The elven trio was stupefied and blinked at each other, yet the archer answered him "Yes…we were surprised when suddenly those Minotaurs came out of the Lower Floor…it…it….." the archer looked at the female elf "Neria….she was hurt…but.."


The four adventurers turned their head back, as the dust cloud settled. The elves gasped again, seeing several red eyes shining through it, enraged through the action of their savior.

"Damn it…." The archer turned his head and suddenly "Here take this." The stranger, not knowing what race he was, through the hood hiding his face, yet his long fangs visible, muttered and shoved the archer a vial in his hand "Heal her and get out of here! Warn others as well, no one should come here and contact the Guild!"

"Wha….." Again being astonished by the sudden action, the archer looked at his brethren, who had a look of unbelief on their face as well.

"GO!" The archer gasped, as the stranger shoved him towards his brethren, his face now visible. He turned around and ran towards the Minotaur horde.

"Wait!" The archer wanted to go after him but….

"Ilen!" The other male shouted at him "We have to get out of here! Neria doesn't last any longer! Quickly, bring the Potion here!"

"But…" Ilen looked back at the valiant stranger who began to fight the Minotaur horde to protect him."


Ilen bit his lips, his elven honor and pride told him to help the stranger, but he was just a Level One. With regret he apologized to the brave stranger before joining his brethren and running away like cowards.


'At least they are gone.' Arman was relived has he finally sensed that the elven trio was out of harm.

Now he could concentrate on the monsters before him. Equipping his Fighter Blood Code he felt his body shifting and changing.

Arman then looked at the Minotaur Horde, this monsters were at least on the same level as Normal Spear-Wielding Lost.

So no problem for the High-Revenant. As his Aura changed in something more threatening, the Minotaurs stepped back in fear. But after several seconds, their instinct took over and they attacked him

One Minotaur charged at Arman and tried grab him. But he evaded it, by slithering under the ox monster and palm-strike him on the back, the crackling of red ichor and lightning hearable and visible.

Of course it wasn't pleasant. The Minotaur howled as it spat a glob of blood from its mouth and shortly it turned to dust.

The strike destroyed its Magic Stone.

Having no time to enjoy his kill, Arman jumped up, evading two Minotaur head-butting him and to his amusement, they hurt each other.

With a groan, the monster stepped back, holding their head, before they exploded via two Sonic Arrows, and their headless bodies fell on the ground.

Landing on his feet, he looked at the rest of the Minotaurs, his eyes glowing red like theirs.

The bovine monsters cried in fear and panic and attacked him.

He answered by activating Lighting Weapon and enchanting his cheap weapon, with fierce electricity.

From his guild advisor Eina he knew, that these monsters are strong against heat and cold, but weak against lighting.

Also the vampire had to enchant his weapon, since its quality was too bad to cut any of this hard-muscled monsters in front of him.

Each and every one of them fell with a single slash in a brilliant purple light, as the dungeon floor was flowing with crimson liquid and the scent of burning flesh.


With grace, speed and power a certain girl was running towards the Upper Floors. Her name Aiz Wallenstein of the Loki Familia, one of the strongest Familia in Orario next to the Freya Familia.

Aiz was a very beautiful young woman with long golden hair, gold eyes, and a slender body. She usually wore a white and black battle cloth, black arm covers, and long blue boots. She also wore her armor over this consisting of a headguard, breastplate, arm guards, hip guards, and knee guards.

And currently she had to clean up a mistake her Familia had caused. Being too lax and easygoing they caused a whole horde made of Minotaurs fleeing from 15 floor up towards the Upper Ones.

Splitting up with Bete, a male Werewolf and fellow Familia member, they killed every Minotaur, which came on their sight.

As Aiz went up towards the Upper Floors, she noticed that no one of the beginner adventure died, since there were no bodies in sight.

She was relieved… least for now.

*Crush* *Splatter* *Slice*

The Kenki, her adventurer title she gained from the gods, stopped "A battle." She muttered with her soft voice. Was she too late? Did people die through her mistake? Aiz didn't hesitate and draw her trusted blade Desperate as she accelerated herself, ready to end the monsters and save the helpless….


Before she knew what happened, the Sword Princess was covered from head to toe in warm and stinking liquid. Aiz was not stupid, she knew that smell and feeling after years of killing monsters and fighting in the Dungeon. Monster blood.

Nonetheless this was surprising…she was also quite perplexed…

When Aiz opened her eyes….she saw a single person standing among several mangled and bloody Minotaur corpses, together with many magic stones.


"Phew," Arman sighed "Last one….." But before he could sheath his weapons, the vampire sensed someone close to him and when he saw that person, his eyes widened "Oh….."

A girl…..completely drenched in blood…..Minotaur blood…..Minotaur blood he just spilled…..

"Ehm….." Arman raised his hand "Sorry….you…" He twirled his hand "You got something…..on your….you know…."




There was an uncomfortable silence between the duo and before the Revenant could say anything…..

"Hey Aiz, already done over there!?" A male voice called out to Aiz, she turned around to hear Bete's steps. He was running towards her position. Nodding she turned back to talk to the stranger who easily defeated the Minotaur horde, only to blink into emptiness. He was gone, the stranger disappeared and Aiz couldn't sense him. She looked around….yet…

'How did he…..?'

"Hey Aiz," Bete shouted "All is good, no dead weaklings here." Bete had gray colored hair, along with amber eyes, as well as a sleek tail. He had a blue tattoo on the left side of his face and a very lean muscular physique. Like Aiz, he was a first-class adventure at Level Five. He was now in eye-contact and stopped "Are you….wow…what happened to ya!?" The werewolf held his sensitive nose as answer to the still blood-soaked girl. He turned around and whistled "Well you did quite the number on them…." Grinning he then turned towards the Kenki who suddenly pouted and turned around "Hey wait Aiz, what's up!?"


Meanwhile outside the Dungeon, Arman sighed. While he could no doubt cleared that misunderstanding…no scratch that he would probably cause more problems than ever.

That was the Loki Familia he just dealt with. From Hestia's ramblings, he knew that the small goddess despises the trickster deity to the bottom of her heart.

The reason….well the reason was so banal that he didn't even think about it anymore than he wanted.

The undead's problem was now, that through his heroic deed, people would no doubt ask themselves who he was.

The basic info, like Familia and Level, could be asked by anyone at the Guild.

'Well…I wished I could say that it was a mistake…..' But that would mean Arman would lie to himself.

Never would he hesitate to help people in strife and for regret was no time.

He looked at the sky and just hoped that this encounter with the Kenki and her Familia was the first and last time.

The vampire nodded and walked towards the Guild, his bags full of magic stones.

Unfortunately his encounter with the Loki Familia will not be the last time….


After his little mishap, Arman decided to pay a visit to the Guild and exchange the Drop Items and Magic Stones he gathered.

Naturally the Child of Hestia wouldn't lose a word for what happened several minutes prior in the Dungeon.

After walking for a certain time, Arman finally arrived at the Guild.

The Guild is an organization that manages Familia within Orario and provides services to adventurers. The main building of the Guild was called the Pantheon. Aside from that, there was also library area. The main goal of the Guild was to manage the monster threat created in the dungeon. Aside from this, the Guild buys magic stones, drop loot, and adventurer created maps of the dungeon. The Guild also provides weapons and armor to new adventurers who are just starting out.

The Guild staff also took the position of advisors for adventurers, often suggesting at what depth an adventurer should go in a dungeon in accordance to their level and skills, as well as warning them of any special dangers of certain floors and how to prepare against them. A staff member may be in charge of one or more adventurers. But since most Adventures were males, most of the Guild Adviser were women, pretty ones more specifically.

By the way, talking about pretty guild adviser, Arman could see that his own one was out of the Guild building.

"Hey Eina!" He called her out, which earned him a smile when she looked back at him and greeted him back.

"Hello Arman."

Eina was a beautiful Half Elf with a slim body, pointy ears, shoulder length brown hair, and emerald colored eyes.

Arman was quite happy receiving the advice of such a kind young woman. While he was twice, if not thrice as old as her, he didn't know much of the Dungeon or Orario as well.

That was until he saw her hidden side, when it came to work.


"The Fifth Floor!?"

Arman groaned when the Half-Elf adviser yelled at him.

Unfortunately Eina was passionate about her job as she doesn't want any adventurers under her care to die in the dungeon. She had a particular stance when it comes to advising adventurers; in addition to the usual Dungeon-prowling advice and regular meetings, she would also summon her adventurers to private lessons, where she crammed as much Dungeon knowledge into their heads as possible. It was to the point where she gained a scary reputation among many adventurers, as she would often demand her pupils to perfectly draw out maps and monsters strategies from memory, with the threat of extra work if there were any mistakes. No one had lasted all the way to the end of her course, most ran away halfway through, and the only one known so far to be able to endure her lessons was the white-haired Revenant.

"Didn't I say that you shouldn't go any further than the Third Floor!?" She hammered her palm of the table in front of her "Yet again you didn't heed my advice!" And again there was that bulging vein on her forehead.

"Look," Arman put up his hands in defense "I am not happy with it as well by not heeding your advice, but I need that money and the excelia, I am hitting a stone wall in my progress."

"Progress!" She got louder, good that there were in an Advice Box "You are a Level One, the first three Floors should be enough!"

"Well," He shrugged "Apparently not enough."

"Argh!" Eina sat back on her chair while putting her hands on her face in frustration, suddenly a wink of anger graced her beautiful face and she faced Arman "You know I could give a ban for going any further with this?"

Arman's demeanor didn't change at the threat "You wouldn't…."

"Damn right I would!" Again that vein appeared "There was a Minotaur Horde today in the Upper Floors and when I remembered that you probably didn't heed my advice I thought…."

And now there was an uncomfortable silence was between them. Arman knew that someone had to break the ice and since he was older than her, so the vampire did the only right thing "I apologize, I will be careful." He bowed his head and apologized.

Feeling that his apology was real Eina sighed and smiled "Okay, I take it as it is."

The Revenant raised his head and took his hood off, his face now revealed "Thanks." A smile graced his handsome face.

"N-no problem!" Suddenly her face flared up and she looked away, gosh every time she saw his face Eina couldn't help how pretty his spotless alabaster skin was, whilst his eyes looked like a ruby and a sapphire. Rather, he looked like as if he was handcrafted by the gods themselves "By the way," She adjusted her glasses "Is there something else you want to ask?"

"Ah, right!" Arman nodded and drew his sword "I need a new…."

*Crack* *Splitter*

"Sword….." Both Half-Elf and Revenant blinked simultaneously, Then they looked at the hilt in his hand which once held the blade...

Eina pinched the bridge of her nose whilst she asked herself how she earned this headache of 'Human'.


'Eina got angry again, even more than ever….' Arman thought. Eina yelled again at him for breaking his sixth guild weapon he bought from them. When she asked why he didn't go to a smith, Arman answered that he needed the money for his Familia…..

But hey, he was at least relieved when he asked if someone died at the Incident on the Fifth Floor.

There was only an injured trio made of elves that alarmed the Guild about the incident. Of course they didn't hesitate and informed everyone, especially the low-ranking adventures.

After some time it came out, that the incident was caused by the lax behavior of the Loki Familia.

The high-animals of the Guild weren't exactly happy about a raging Minotaur horde that fled towards the Upper Floors and punished the Loki Familia with a hefty sum, much to their patron goddess chagrin.

After exciting the Guild she demanded who ratted her out, only to be dragged away, in protest, by her executive members.

'Hestia will have a field day hearing this.'


As Arman entered the church, he and his goddess inhabited, he could smell the faint scent of food.

"Huh guess, she came home with some leftover Jagamaru-kun." The vampire opened the wooden door of the basement and descended into an illuminated room.

"Hestia I am…."


"Welcome back Arman-kun!"

With every strength the petite goddess had, she used him to body-tackle-hug him.

"Heh…." Arman laughed "I am home."


"So how was your day Hestia?" Both of them sat on the old furniture/bed of Arman and began dinner.

Even though the Revenant didn't have the need to eat solid food, Hestia still wanted him to do so.

"Well everything was good, despite this old man groping my butt…"

He stopped eating and looked at her "Wait what?"

"Nevermind," She took another Jagamaru-kun from the dish, her mood suddenly became sour "No one wanted to join our Familia as well…." Her big blue eyes became slightly mostly "I am sorry, Arman-kun that you have to deal with a useless goddess as me…" Hestia sighed and pursed her lips in sadness.

"It's alright" The goddess of Hearth snapped her head towards her only child "You did as much as you could and I am proud of you, Hestia. " And received a heartwarming smile from the vampire.

"Guh!" The little yet busty goddess felt a twinge in her heart and suddenly gone were her sadness and her tears of disappointment turned into tears of joy. Overcoming with happiness she opened her arms "Arman-kun I am happy…" and tried to hug him but.

"Hey is that a letter from Io!?"


"Mugyah!" Fell flat on her face on the couch they were sitting on.

Meanwhile her child was now glowing in happiness for receiving a letter from his lover "It is a letter from Io!" He then turned to his goddess who held her nose in slight pain "Why didn't tell me before?" Of course the Heir of the Relics knew why, jealousy.

"Guh, I just wanted to have a night for us….." She then turned her face around in pout and muttered thinks like 'Stupid', 'Idiot' 'Coward'.

"I heard that."


Sighing for the he-don't-know-many-times again he took the letter "Oh at least not opened and sealed back, we are making progress." Arman turned back to his patron deity who just huffed and looked away, whilst crossing her arms under her large bust. He began to read the letter's contents.

After several seconds of reading Hestia smiled in a smug way "What's the matter, does Miss Girlfriend finally got sick of this long-distance relationship and found someone other?"

Hearing this caused Arman to roll his eyes and he then turned around "It's only two weeks and no there was the annual festivity in our village and she writes how she missed me to dance with her and she also asked how I am doing right now." The vampire folded the letter and pointed at Hestia "Try at least to more subtle."

"Humpf!" Again she pouted.

He should really make a record for how many times he already have sighed today "Look Hestia," Arman then sat next to her "I want you to know how much I appreciate your feelings and I want you to know that I love you…"

Suddenly a big smile appeared and yet before Hestia could say something….

"Like a mother."



After hearing that the Virgin Goddess pounced on him with unjustified divine anger which would have made even Athena proud.


"Mumumu!" Even after trying to 'smite' her child with, in Hestia's opinion, justified womanly anger she finally understood that she overreacted a tiny winy bit "You can put me down, Arman-kun."

Whilst her child raised his hand to make his raging patron goddess levitate in the air, while having a bland and judging look on his face "Really? Because the last time didn't end well, for you." The vampire raised a brow "You know the garbage can?"

Hearing about the Garbage can incident, caused Hestia to flush in embarrassment "We promised to never talk about it again, period!"

"We also talked about what I feel when you try a night visit on me."

Grunting and letting her head hanging in defeat, the goddess nodded and pointed with a finger on the ground.

Her child understanding that signal. He nodded and moved his palm down, which caused Hestia to be placed gently on the floor.

"Do we have terms?" The undead asked.

The goddess sighed and crossed her arms under her ample bosom "Yes, we have terms."

"Good!" He smiled, causing his goddess to blush and murmuring something like 'cheap' and 'unfair'. Arman turned around and took a Jagamaru-kun from the table "Because I really had a long day, especially with the Minotaur horde and Loki Familia Incident."


Ah…..He shouldn't have mentioned that.


"Seriously what is with you women in this world for yelling at me about the smallest things?"

Whilst Arman tried to find his hearing, Hestia held her hands on her face in frustration.


"Arman-kun" suddenly Hestia's demeanor changed, her face was now serious, and causing Arman's to straighten up.

"Hestia, I will not regret helping those elves." He sat down next to her "They were in danger and needed help.

His goddess of course pursed her lips, she then turned around rubbed her eyes and faced him "Did someone see you aside those elves?"

Arman's face turned impassive "Yes, the Kenki saw me tearing the Minotaurs apart."

Hestia's face paled "This….is not good…."

The goddess greatest fear showed up. Arman was not a Human, well at least not anymore.

The moment they met and talked about becoming a Familia, the Revenant told her everything about him.

Of course she found it unbelievable but not impossible. Messing with space and time was the métier of some deities, but not in so grand scale as dimensional traveling.

And hoo boy Hestia was surprised when Arman was not one of the children she and her fellow deities created.

Even more, when she heard about a dystopian world that made the times when monsters plagued Gekai, before the gods descended, looked like a sunny weekend.

Her first child was a vampire or how they are called a Revenant. A reanimated corpse.

Of course several gods could control death and corpses as well, like Hades, Pluto, Ereshkigal and Erlik Khan.

But a parasite which inhabits the heart of a corpse to reanimate them and living in a symbiotic relationship which could turned from bad to worse, according to the info about the monster called Lost.

His inhuman appearance, existence and powers were also noticeable.

Hestia feared, feared for her child's safety, since a manmade monster would be hunted down, not literally, but for the sheer pleasure of some greedy gods or for thirst of power.

Of course a Revenant could be killed by completely destroying their heart, but Arman was a special case. Technically he could be killed, but due the Relics, he became a true immortal.

At first, she was terrified of him...something she wasn't proud of...but shorlty she understood, that Arman was a good child, who just wanted a new and better life for his lover and himself.

Hestia's heart broke when she heard how much suffering he had to endure.

No memories of his human life and not knowing who he was. His origins, unknown his family probably dead, if he had one.

And when he found himself another family, the Vampire lost it again because he wanted to save the world.

She didn't care what he was and what he had to do in order not to go insane...even though it was to drink blood.


Being broken out of her thoughts, the goddess looked at her undead child….'Thinking that, is certainly weird.

"Yes…..I just fear…."

"She didn't saw my face, because of my hood."

Hestia shook her head "Nonetheless, it isn't good. According to the Guild and my Blessing you are still a Level One." The virgin goddess said "Looking at your progress…well it is slow through your already existing strength and power. Which is immense."

Arman looked away, his face void from emotional traits…. almost impassive as ever "I will be careful."

The goddess nodded "Please, especially around that idiot Loki. If that Wallenwhatever is reporting about today's incident, she will be no doubt interested in you."

Nodding in response, Arman faced his goddess "Got it," Suddenly a mischievous smile appeared on his face "By the way, since we talk about Loki Familia…"


"They are now officially broke, want to hear the story?"

Hestia's face turned from worried to wicked and amused "Tell me more."



Arman Silva

Level 1

Strength: I8

Defense: I5

Dexterity: I10

Agility: I7

Magic: I8


Blood Code Gifts Falna Error

Suryal: Enchantment and Enhancement Magic, Wielder coats himself with corrupted blood. Heavily increases the user's attack power against the living, massively increases the user's attack power against human races. Effect rises based on the wielders bloodlust.


Blood Code Gifts: Falna Error.

Vrykolakas: Neo Irregular. Falna Error. Anima Erosion.

Queenslayer: Wielder of the skill becomes more powerful and deals also more damage against female enemies and wielder of royal titles.

"There you go, your Strength got up with one point and Dexterity, Magic and Agility got up two points."

"I see." Pursing his lips, the Revenant shrugged his shoulder and burned the status notice with a small flame "Already know that my strength hinders me from getting more powerful."

Hestia shrugged her shoulder as well "Come on let's finish dinner."


Twilight Manor

It was quite the day for the Loki Familia, especially after coming back from a failed expedition in the Dungeon.

As the sun was set and the darkness of the night took over the city, the Patron Deity and her three highest-ranking member sat in the captain's office, discussing today's events.

"Ah man, what a day." Loki groaned as she poured another glass of wine down her throat "Y'know when I knew that I have ta endure so much mania, I wouldn't want ta woke up today, sheesh!"

Loki was a Goddess with light red hair and red eyes. She was well-known to dress up in tomboyish or male attire, mainly jeans and a shirt that show off her stomach. She acts very tomboyish whilst also very much enjoys living up to her nickname, trickster, and shows a lustful side toward females, mostly her favorite Ais Wallenstein. She also had a breast complex and tends to get into fights with a certain lazy goddess over breast size.

"Well it couldn't be helped, Loki." Sitting on a large and expensive desk, was the Captain of the Loki Familia, the strongest Pallum in Orario and probably the entire, Finn Deimne, alias 'Braver'.

Finn had medium length scruffy blonde hair and blue eyes with a fair skin tone. He had a small body, but is still strong and looked like a young Pallum, despite being over 40 years old. He also wore a yellow vest over a purple long-sleeved shirt and trousers.

"We were lucky that no one died in the incident in the 50th Floor." Finn sighed as he took a sip from his teat "Those caterpillar monster did quite the number on us."

And now the Vice-Captain of the Loki Familia spoke her mind "Be at it is, we were also too lax." Riveria said "It almost cost the life of several people and our last savings from our expedition in the Deep Floors."

Riveria was tall with jade colored hair tied in a tail that reaches to her waist, same color eyes, and Elf ears. She wore a green outfit with yellow borders, a white cloak over it, a black belt, a yellow sash, black leggings, and long brown boots. The High-Elf-Queen was described to be exceptionally beautiful, stated to be more beautiful than a number of Goddesses.

"I hear ya," The third member of the Loki-Familia Council spoke up in a rough yet gentle tone "That was pure chaos." The Dwarf took a sip from his liquor and huffed "But at least no one died and we came out with a black eye, when the Guild was chewin' us out.

Gareth, a dwarf, had brown eyes and long brown hair along with facial hair of the same color that is long enough to form a beard. He wore a battle cloth and boots, adding a horned helmet and armor onto it when he ventures into the dungeon.

"Still we have to make sure that such a ploughin' incident doesn't happen again, I have to speak with the younglin' about their behavior." The dwarf downed the last bit from his bottle and rubbed the wet remains from his mouth and beard "Time to teach them some discipline again, tahahahahaha!"

The laugh of the dwarf was quite hazardous as Loki and Finn let out a laugh whilst Riveria smiled gracefully.

"Do that, please Gareth." Said the High-Elf.

After a pleasant moment, Finn began to talk about a more serious matter "So about those abnormal monster, what do we think about them," He looked at his Patron Deity "Loki?"

Loki put away her wine glass, crossed her legs and leaned forward "Already send the girls with some of those weird stones to ta guild. There're lookin' and searchin' if somebody know about those bugs, 'sides they will also sell some of the loot ya lot brought."

Everyone shifted uncomfortably at the mentioned by being back at red numbers. Their coffers were almost empty, especially after paying that hefty sum from the guild.

"Well at least we know that Tione will bring some Valis back, she's really good at handling such things.

"Aye." Gareth nodded while stroking his beard "The lass knows how's it goin'." He then turned to Riveria "Oi elf about those brethren of yours, ya know somethin'?"

Loki and Finn turned their heads towards the High-Elf "Indeed," She put her teacup away "Those three were assaulted and nearly killed by the Minotaur horde," Her graceful features went stiff through frustration, probably by having almost killed innocent children of her people "They were also those who reported the incident to the Guild."

"So," Loki then began "Those little…"

"They were almost killed by us, even though indirectly and without their warnings they prevented that innocent blood was spilled, Loki." Riveria glared at her patron goddess' unjustified anger.

"This is the Dungeon, ya should know ta make a livin' with it." Countered the goddess with a shrug.

Riveria shook her head "And if the roles were reversed?"

That answer caused Loki to purse her lips and look away, whilst Finn and Gareth looked between the females, with bated breath.

After several seconds Loki sighed and put up her hand in the air "Ya got me there Riveria, I rest ma case and shut my trap, happy Mama?" A sly Cheshire grin appeared on her face.

"Don't call me that!"

Both Gareth and Finn laughed at the joke which made Riveria always mad. Since she was technically the oldest member of the Familia, not counting Loki, she was always called Mama, when she chastised others in a motherly way.

"Got it," Loki said "Y'are too tense," She leaned forward "Anything more?"

The High-Elf sighed and nodded "When I talked with my fellow brothers and sisters they told me that they were saved by a human male."

Suddenly the air within the office felt heavier "So the report of Aiz was right, a human killed all the monsters." Finn broke the silence and leaned forward "Anything more?"

"Yes," River took some papers out of her mantle "According to them they were saved by a human with skin and hair white as snow, with two different eye colors. One eye ruby-red and one sapphire-blue."

The goddess, pallum and the dwarf nodded and Riveria continued "According to them, he appeared suddenly out of nowhere within a crimson cloud and kicked a Minotaur into the horde, nearly making its head explode. He then gave them a potion and urged them to go away and report everything to the Guild, while they also should warn other Adventures to flee and get out from the Dungeon."

"Anythin' else?" Loki asked.

Riveria continued "After that, Aiz and I went to the Guild, since the emergency call." Suddenly the elve's face twisted in disgust "Royman…he asked us to make a statement about the incident." She sighed "The rest is known." And looked at Loki, who shifted uncomfortable, since the goddess threw quite the tantrum for two reasons. She had to pay for the incident and worst, she couldn't harass the female members when they were tired and defenseless, whilst also bathing and sleeping. Latter was more the reason for her to be angry.

"Ya know…..ah whatever!" Loki yelled "What happen', happen'." She turned to Riveria "By the way, what's the name of the wannabe hero?"

"Well his name his Arman Silva." Riveria answered, suddenly a smile appeared on her face "He is under Eina's care."

"Oh," Gareth laughed "How's the lass?"

"Good, she has become quite the beauty."

"Ahaha," Gareth laughed and stroke his beard, yet suddenly his face turned serious "What about her mother?"

Riveria's smile turned painful "Same…same as ever."

The dwarf's face turned solemn "Remind me to visit little Aina again, been a while."

The elf nodded "That I will do."

Finn interrupted "I'm sorry but we must return to our subject, this Arman Silva, from which Familia is he?"

Of course they were curious, since without their fellow adventurer, they would have suffered a great deal of credibility and suffering through their actions. A small 'Thank you' was at least reasonable.

"Mmh…." Yet Riveria suddenly hesitated, causing the others to become curious.

"What's ta matter, Riveria?"


"Come on lass, spit it out." Again Gareth urged her.

But Finn noticed that something was bugging her "Riveria?"

"It's complicated."

The three blinked and looked at each other.

"Why so?" The captain asked.

"Something doesn't match up with him."


"Well…..First" Riveria took a deep breath for the upcoming storm "He is from the Hestia Familia."

Ah, Finn and Gareth now understood her hesitation. Hestia and Loki are known to have a bad relationship. Especially when it comes to the poverty of the Virgin Goddess and the jealousy of the Trickster with a flat chest. Even in Tenkai they bashed heads every time they met.

"WHAT!?" And as expected Loki didn't take it in a graceful and quite manner, a goddess should have, but hey it is Loki. A rude individual, a drunkard, a pervert and a major pain in the ass. Nonetheless the three Level-Six love her as she was their own flesh and blood.

"Since when does Itty Bitty have a High-Class Adventurer!?" Loki spat "She is even more of a ne'er-do-well than that lazy-ass of Hypnos and Aergia!?"

"Well," three pairs of eyes focused on Riveria "Silva is not a High-Class Adventurer."

High-Class-Adventure, a term for Adventurer who reached at least Level Two.

Finn's brows rose "Then he is…."

"A Level One." Riveria answered.

That caused, of course, their eyes to widen.

"Oi, Riveria," Gareth began while scratching his head "Either I'm gettin' too old and hear not good 'nough or…."

"Arman Silva is a Level One." She then get up and gave each of them a paper with Arman's data on it, of course only which can be asked legally "Arman Silva started as an Adventurer two weeks ago, his age is not mentioned but looking at him, he must be at least in his twenties. He already made it to the 5th Floor in just one week."

"One week!?" Loki shrieked while looking at the picture of Arman with squinting eyes.

Gareth grunted "Lad has quite the pretty face," He began "Looks like the son of a stuck up noble," the dwarf looked then Riveria "No offense."

"None taken." Riveria smiled and looked at the picture "Though I also thought of him as a fellow noble….yet…."

"Somethin' about him makes ya cutty when ya look at him," Gareth nodded.

Good, the noble elf nodded, she wasn't alone with her thoughts. She then looked back the picture. Arman Silva was quite attractive, she admitted that. But his exotic looks….it felt almost inhuman….more like a beautiful exotic animal which possessed quite the lethal venom.

Also those eyes…..if she looked close to the picture, you could see that they had slits like a reptile.

"Oi, Riveria?"

"Yes Loki?"

"Is the source and information reliable?"

Riveria nodded "Well, according to the witnesses' he wielded guild-loaned equipment and armor. The potion he gave them was also low-quality for beginner, solidifying the theory." Riveria put away the paper "Also, I know Eina since she was born, I know when she withholds information. Besides this wasn't the first incident with Silva playing the valiant hero."

"Really?" The dwarf raised a brow.

"From what I was told, Silva helped several Adventurers who almost lost their lives. Reaching from Mass Spawn to escorting them back to the surface."

"Huh….bugger me sideways. Lad has quite the character." The man nicknamed 'Elgram' by the gods leaned back on his chair.

The High-Elf nodded "Indeed. Which I find a little bit unnerving, since it goes against the adventurer morale code." Riveria then poured tea on her empty cup "But nonetheless I am grateful for him for saving my people." She then turned to Loki.

"Guh!" Loki grunted "While should I thank one of Itty Bitty's children!?"

"Cause he saved our sorry hides and reputation from hittin' rock bottom, ya dunce." Gareth chastised his patron deity "Ya should at least show some thanks, since it only caused us to make red numbers for this month."

"Grrr." The mere thought of thanking one of Hestia's child caused Loki an ulcer, but she knew that it was better to lose money than credibility. The hell she had reputation to uphold and her children causing Monsters to murder other Adventures was not appreciated! "Ya'are right, I already understood. It's the right thin' to do…."

Loki turn to Finn "Oi Finn, you're silent the entire time? What's buggin' ya?"

Gareth and Riveria turned to their captain, who was still looking at the information about the sole member of the Hestia Familia.

"Riveria," Finn called her out "Is he truly a Level One?"

The Royal nodded "Perhaps... Eina once told me, that they wanted him to show his Falna. The Guild already suspected foul play but it was due several gods who confirmed Arman Silva's and Goddess Hestia's statement.

"Hah!" Elgram laughed "Didn't think those silk-pants have ta guts to ask someone again, since the Ishtar accident."

Finn nodded and looked back to Loki "Loki do you think Hestia-sama used her Arcanum on her child?"


The answer came quicker than expected that it even surprised Loki "Itty Bitty is many things. Lazy, naïve, a bad liar, a shrimp, a pain in the ass…."

"Loki." Riveria sighed.

Rolling her eyes Loki ended her bad-mouthing "But changin' a child through our Authority would give her a one way ticket back to Tenkai and 'sides she loves children too much to change them, since it's too dangerous, ya know."

Good that means they could put 'Foul Play' through Divinity aside, for now.

"Yet aside," The high-elf began "We don't know how a Level One could easily defeat more than a dozen Minotaurs. Defeating one at Level One is impossible, but defeating so many….."

"Well," Finn stood up "We will discuss this matter to another date….." The Pallum turned to Riveria "About Aiz…was this also the reason she behaved….more outside the norm.

The queen sighed "Yes, when she heard about the information on Arman Silva she was thrown into a disarray…While I am thankful to the boy, he caused our Kenki to revert back into old habits, even though only slightly."

Gareth sighed as well "Well than we have to hope that those stupid amazon sisters and Leyfia could cheer her up.


The Next Morning

'Another day, another Valis!' Arman thought as he was on his way towards the Dungeon.

Since telling the Grand Tale of how Loki Familia lost a good amount of money, Hestia was in a really good mood. So much that she went to drink with Takemikazuchi and Miach.

She didn't come back, probably having a hangover. Well it doesn't matter, since today was her free day and Arman really wanted her to relax.

Though he felt pity for the two male gods to look over his Patron Deity while and after her drunken state.

He nodded when he was on the Main Street towards the Dungeon when suddenly…


It was as if he was struck by the lightning and ice of the Heir of the Ribcage, Auroria. The hair on his heck was standing up and even though he was not capable of cold sweat, though he didn't even remember how it feels to sweat to begin with, it probably feels that way right now.

The Vampire looked around, trying to find the source of the gaze, only to stop at the Tower of Babel.

He narrowed his eyes and shook the feeling away only to be snapped out of his thoughts by someone.

"Excuse me?"

Arman turned around to see a young human woman in front of him. That woman had bluish gray hair that was tied with a small knot in a ponytail style. Her eyes were the same color as her hair and she possessed a light peachy colored smooth skin. Her clothes were a white blouse and a leaf-colored knee-length long skirt with a slightly long half apron around her waist and a pair of brown boots over black stockings.

Of course being suddenly approached by someone whilst also being in state of slight distress, Arman was absent for a second. But he shook his head and answered "Yes Miss, good morning, what can I do for you?"

Being greeted back caused the girl to smile "Yes good morning." She bowed "I just wanted this to give you back." She then raised her hand in which was a small Magic Stone "You just dropped this."

Blinking his eyes Arman processed what just happened 'I thought I exchanged all my Drops at the Guild?' He was diligent in this things, especially when it came to money. He needed as much as possible for his Familia and Lover.

Yet Arman shrugged. Such things happened even the best. He looked at the young woman and nodded his head whilst receiving the Stone from her "Thank you Miss…?"

"Syr," The girl bowed again "Syr Flova."

"Arman Silva, nice to meet you."

"Me too."

There was a comfortable silence and after some seconds "Well thank you for looking after me, farewell." Before he could turn around the Vampire was stopped.

"Ehm excuse me!"


"Are you an Adventurer?"

Arman cocked his brow, not visible under the hood and nodded "Yes." He then smiled "Need some help for something?"

The girl shook his head "No, would you just wait a minute?"

Tilting now his head, Arman was confused. Seriously where is this leading him?


Hearing his positive answer caused the human girl to beam with a smile. She then turned around and walked inside a tavern, probably where is working, since there were also other young woman inside the building with the same uniform.

After some time Syr came out of the building, a small package in her arms "I am sorry for the waiting, Mister Adventurer."

"No problem." He smiled and looked at the small package, which was identified as a lunch box.

"Here take this please." Without any reason and practically gob smacked she now offered food to Arman, who again just turned his head surprise.

What followed was a now awkward silence.

"I beg your pardon?"

Seeing that her bold approach didn't help, the waitress smiled again "It is just simple act of kindness from a cute girl. You shouldn't think about it too much Arman-san." She then forced it into his hands while also smiling in a coil way.

Arman in turn, looked even more confused. Was something amiss? Was this normal?

Since he was resurrected as a Revenant, he didn't have any memories of his past life as a human.

It was the first and only time, such a phenomena happened. Normally a person, after being resurrected by the BOR-Parasite, has a large amount of memories intact.

But not for Arman. While he knew how to fight, how things are called, used and certain such human interaction, he had sometimes problems to understand humans. Doing the right thing, doing things without logic and reason. He did such things, but he did not know why.

Yakumo told him once that is normal for humans to act out of their passion, since it was a human way of thinking, especially for people like Arman, who have strong sense of justice and kindness. Arman was also quite overprotective, when it came to his friends and people he cared about.

Louis told him once, that it was probably the human inside him that was, in a way, still alive.

Yet it took quite the while to understand it.

But back to Syr.

Arman looked at her, her face slightly red and her eyes moved several times, breaking away from him.

It was the same when he first started a relationship with the human girl and now ex-girlfriend, Abigail.

She was hitting on him!

"Are you hitting on me?"

That of course, caused Syr to become bright red, breaking her teasing façade "O-of course not Arman-san!" She pumped her fist up and down.

"Then…." He looked at the lunch box in his hands and back to her "What is that?"

Sighing the human girl gave in "I just saw you walking towards the Dungeon," She then looked as his armor and weapon "From your things I could tell you are from less financial side, the small Magic Stone aside," She then looked at him "And you also looked quite hungry, because of this I wanted to make your day of dangerous Dungeon prowling a little bit comfortable!" A beaming smile followed after her explanation, which turned into a huff "Mou, don't make a girl say such insufferable things!"

Well it was true, the things Syr were right, he was poor, but it was uncomfortable to say, that someone might be poor from just sheer observation.

Speaking of observation 'That girl…..she is quite sharp.' From the outside the girl looked like she behaved, a nice and cute helping young woman, with a small streak of mischievousness.

But there is something that nagged him. A feeling of certain dread….slightly palpable…. almost non-existent.

"Besides," Syr spoke up, earning his curiosity "This is a promise."

"A promise?"

"Yes!" The human girl nodded "After coming back from the Dungeon, you Arman-san have to bring me back this box to eat a good meal at the Hostess of Fertility."

Ah, now he understood it, it was an advertisement under the disguise of a promise.

Of course the Successor of the Relics cannot spend more money on expensive food, not that he really need to eat to begin with.

The only reasonable thing would be to give it back.

But the girl reacted faster "Besides," She tried to be cute as possible "A gentleman would dare to shame a lady, by rejecting a second action of kindness.

This was a scam!

"You're scamming me." He said dryly.

The girl giggled while putting a hand before her mouth "No, of course not." She looked at him "Just showing a man how to handle the wishes of a beautiful and endearing maiden. And you are, by any means, not a brute who reject the kindness of such a maiden, but instead a gentlemen who would happily receive it, aren't you?"

Arman pursed his lips, he was frowning…This girl really was sly, coy and cunning.

He sighed and gave in "Fine."


Before they could talk with each other, a rough female voice came from the inn "Oi Syr, stop dilly dallying and come back in, will ya!"

"Of course Mama Mia!" She then turned back to Arman and bowed "I really look forward to your visit, Arman-san." And ran back into the inn.

Arman blinked several times before looking at the lunch-box. He opened it, only to see a variety of sandwiches in it.

He took one out and bit into it.

'Huh, it's good.'


I'm back!

Yes I took quite a while. Sorry. But since my life got more complicated through my new job, school and my mother's sickness, it took me quite a while. Especially since my health has also started to degrade….

The other reason was also, that I waited for Code Vein and holy shit I am in love with this game even more after playing it.

I plan to write several fanfics with Code Vein.

So now about my new story.

Yes, Bell doesn't exist in my story. The reason? I wanted my OC-Code Vein be the main character. I like Bell, but it took more than 13 Volumes to having him some character development. And besides the whole harem and shy guy is getting old. So deal with it if you don't like it.

My characters name is Arman. It is a multi-national name. It is a german, france, armenian, persian, hindu, turkish, arabian, hispanic, russian and italian name. It means Man of the Army, Perfect Soldier, Strong Man, Great Strenght, Desire, Hope, Wish, Bringer of Luck and Hope but also Calamity and Unhappiness. I found this name in research for a Bloodborne fanfiction I wanted to write about a MC, who was the son of Gehrman. And I searched for a name which was similar to the First Hunter's. I now use it for game purpose since it brought me always luck, when I played games where you can name your own character.

Yes, I plan some romance, but the main girl is of course, our best girl Io. Hands up for those who are with me. Of course Hestia, doting and unbearable she is must accept, that Io is the woman, men and women dream to have by their side!

I also plan, for a Code Vein Crossover with Fate/Grand Order and Granblue Fantasy. My other side projects are Madan no Ou and RWBY, well maybe.

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