Siana immediately began treatment for her addiction. It was tedious and insulting at first because she had all the experience in the world on both sides. However, it was Melset's condition that she prove herself sober if she wanted to be with her son. That was more than generous. Kilana also pushed her to do it, lamenting that she hadn't called out Siana's obvious relapse sooner.

Vedek Laars had left flowers and an old fashioned card wishing her well. He was hesitant when Siana approached him and she spoke very quickly so that she wouldn't balk.

"I may have misjudged you. I have a deep mistrust of so called 'holy men'. I was baited into narcotics by cult members. There are holes in my memory about that time, but that cult leader was typical. He controlled his followers with drugs and exploited their bodies."


"Don't give me that look! I wasn't ever forced. I was just stupid. You are nothing like them and I believe you mean well. I owe you my life so thank you."

"You don't have to thank me. I realize I caused trouble for you and pushed my beliefs intentionally or unintentionally. I was as surprised as you when Jem'Hadar kept returning to my door or to my shrine. This is why I put all control into the hands of the Prophets. Are they the Founders in a different form? I don't know. My fellow clergy are unhappy with me, did you know that?"

"Really? Shouldn't they be overjoyed that you converted so many aliens practically by accident?"

"Some will call what Jasper preaches heresy. It's not my place to say. The Prophets may communicate very differently with aliens for a reason."

"As long as the Jem'Hadar doesn't turn violent, I suppose it doesn't matter what they believe."

They were interrupted when Kilana ran through the halls, crying, "Siana, the eggs are hatching!"

She rushed to witness the event. Twelve little girls were soon swaddled in the same baby blankets that had kept their eggs warm. Que'la was making her chirping noise at them. Each girl seemed healthy.

"Kopesh fathered the majority of them," Kilana announced.

"Isn't he lucky?"

"These precious babies will grow at a much slower rate. More snuggles for me!" Kilana giggled.

As the girls grew, their scales began to take on the colors displayed on their eggs just as Kilana had supposed. Kopesh and Lance didn't try to eat them. Their behavior mirrored Jasper and Jack when Jivan was born. They were nervous around tiny babies, and Que'la preferred they keep their distance, but as they became children rather than infants, they visited more and more often. Que'la began to trust them gradually and admitted she needed help once in a while with a dozen daughters and more batches sure to come. Siana suspected the scent and gender of their offspring helped bring out their paternal nature.

Kilana was playing childish games with her favorite of Que'la's daughters, Katana, when the door chimed. Siana ginned widely at her side.

"You better answer," she urged.

When Kilana opened the door, she almost squealed. Weyoun stood smiling back at her! She threw her arms around him.

"How-" her mouth gaped open.

"I was able to find traces of DNA from Weyoun 2," Siana explained, "thanks to a couple friends. And he has his qualities and memories."

"You know what that means, Kilana?" Weyoun said with his smug voice. "It means that I remember everything."

He brushed his lips seductively over hers. She gasped with delight and her eyes lit up. She squeezed his shoulders and he pinched her backside. She broke from him and ran, throwing a flirtatious glance back at him.

"Excuse me," Weyoun bowed with an impish look. "We have some games to play."

"Enjoy yourselves," Siana winked back. "Maybe you two can pioneer the family unit according to Vorta. I'm sure your species have the most adorable babies in the galaxy!"

Within no time at all, Siana returned to Cardassia with Melset after saying farewell to Kilana. The Vorta woman hugged her close, thanking her for her years of service and her friendship. Lastly, she thanked her for returning her lover to her. Jasper and Jack had never been huggers, but they pulled her into bone crunching embraces. Their entire species owed her so much. Que'la traced her nose ridges shyly and made her distinctive chirping noise.

They returned in time for Jivan's sixth birthday. Garak had informed the boy his mother had been ill and wasn't likely to attend this year. Jivan was sorely disappointed but that meant his surprise would be that much sweeter. His grandparents tried to make it up to him by inviting all of his friends for a celebration. Siana hid in the shadows until his peers dwindled away and her son laid down for a nap after the fun but exciting afternoon.

Siana cuddled him for a while as he slept. She ran her fingers over his brow ridges exactly like his father's. She savored the texture of his fine black hair. She kissed his brow and remembered his birth with nostalgia. When Jivan startled awake, he threw his arms around her and covered her with kisses.

"Mother! Mother!" he cried.

"Jivan, my darling boy!"

She clutched him tight and they both cried tears of joy.

"This is the best birthday ever!"

"Oh? You still don't know the real best part! I'm never leaving again," she promised. "My debt is paid. Finally, I'm home."