Just a little story about how I imagined 3x22. I was pretty upset when they found out Jane was never pregnant.( thinking about writing more chapters)

Kurt's heart started to beat faster when Jane didn't respond through the comms. He left Reade handle the situation with Crawford's daughter, and made his way to Jane's position.

"Jane!" still nothing. If Crawford or Roman got her...

He was running down the parking lot when he saw Jane, lying motionless on the ground. He turned her on her back, looking for signs of injuries but found none.

"Jane, love, please wake up." he stroked her hair, but she was still out of consciousness. "Patterson, call an ambulance!" asked her through the comms.

"On it, is she okay?"

" I don't know, when I found her she was already out."

At this moment Jane started to show signs of waking up. She barely opened her eyes, when she tried to sit up, but Kurt didn't let her.

"Stay down. The EMTs are on their way." said Kurt.

He saw the desperation on her face, but he was concerned about his wife's wellbeing too much to let her do anything.

"Did you get Crawford?" she asked.

"No, we got his daughter, but right now I don't give a damn about him." was Kurt's answer.

"I'm fine, Kurt, really. But please, just let me sit up."

He helped her and they sat there for another five minutes, then the medics arrived. They load Jane to the ambulance and left.

"Hey man." called Reade behind Kurt. " The others took Blake to the NYO, I'll take you to the hospital.

"Thank you."

He was sitting in the waiting room, an older nurse said him to wait here, because they were still examining Jane. He started to get nervous, when the nurse who worked on Jane appeared.

"Kurt Weller?" asked the nurse.

"Yes, it's me. What's going on with her? Is she OK?"

"Yes, everything is fine. Her blood sugar level was lower than it had to be, that's why she fainted. We keep her here for another 30 minutes to make sure her blood sugars will increase, which is important in her condition." she explained.

" What do you mean by 'her condition'!?" now he was more than a little confused.

The woman smiled and gave him a photo. He couldn't believe what he saw.

" Is that..." he started.

" Yeah. Congratulations, you're gonna be a father in 8 months. Your wife said that she will tell you what you need to know."

" Thank you so much doc." and he started to make his way to the room where Jane was.

He entered the room and he smiled. Jane was lying on the bed, she was facing the door, her eyes closed. They put an IV in her arm which helped them give her fluids. "She must be exhausted." he thought. As he sat down to the bed, she opened her eyes and smiled.

"Hey, I suppose the doctor already told you what happened. I'm afraid I can't wipe that smile off of your face for the next 8 months." said Jane and she sat up.

" Woah, you need to take it slow."

" Kurt, I'm only at six weeks. I can... move and I can continue my activities." she said calmly.

" I think we will have a long conversation about that. Anyway what did the doctor say? Everything's alright?"

" She said I should get some rest when I'll get home, but we both doing great." said Jane while she caressed her flat stomach.

" I'm glad that you're both okay. You really scared me out there, you know."

" I'm sorry." she said. " I hope this won't happen again."

" Me too." he kissed her forehead and said " let's go home."