An: Ladies and Gents I present you another Naruto fic I had in mind. I wonder are any of you familiar with the Species Saga? Do you know the movie? Made in 95. Yes I'm finally going to do a Naruto x Species.

Small or medium Harem.

Starting with Naruto x Sil x Eve.

Hybrid Naruto with Species genes.

On with the Story.

Chapter 1: Awakening the Species.

"Get the demon" shouted the angry mob which consisted of around fifty villagers, ten chunin, and even a jonin.

"Run, run, gotta keep running." thought the nine year old Naruto as he darted across the street, down the alley, that led to a training ground. Naruto slipped through a hole in a chain link fence that surrounded an ominous looking forest.

Naruto didn't give the forest a single glance as he dashed into hoping to get away from the mob that was chasing him. Little did he know that he had just enter the famed forest of death. Nor did he know know that he had entered forbidden sector that even hardened jonin hesitate to go in since that area contained lots of creatures and dangerous predators even unspeakable creatures within that forest.

The mob that had been chasing him stopped at the chain linked fence that surrounded the forest.

"Argh the damned hell spawn got away!" angrily shouted a nameless villager.

"Don't worry the fox will be dead before morning!" laughed the jonin sinisterly.

"why is that?" asked a villager.

"This is the forbidden sector of the forest of death. Even i would be hard pressed to survive in there." said the jonin. deciding they had finnally managed to kill the demon brat, the mob decided to go and celebrate.

Naruto leaned against a tree. He was tired and out of breath. his eye darted back and forth searching for any sign that the mob was still chasing. Something about this place is off.

"It's too quiet. The animals aren't making noise, this isn't natural. It as if something scared all the animals away, but what could scare off all the animals?" thought Naruto. but he didnt dwell on it as he decided it was better to keep moving. so he cautiously started walking keeping his guard up at all times.

He had been trekking through the forest for about a half hour, the entire time feeling as though he was being watched. when he heard a twig snap he swiftly turned around and what he saw was a giant bear and it looked real mean and vicious as it roared at Naruto and charged at Naruto going for the kill. Naruto was terrified.

It swiped at Naruto with its razor sharp claws. the claws missed him by mere inches as Naruto backed away the beast. The creature lunged at him hitting Naruto with its shoulder blade knocking him into hole under the trees, Naruto hit the bottom with thump as he fell deep as everything went black.

One whole hour later.

He groaned as he sat up "ugh what hit me" thought Naruto groggily as images of what happened before he blacked out flashed in his mind. He slowly sat up and noticed he was covered in black substance.

"Yuck! What is this stuffed I'm covered in!" He exclaimed as he looked around to see glass jars filled with green liquids and what look to be organs all over the room. The place looks like a old facility, Then turned towards two liquid-filled glass obelisks set before him.

Widening his blue eyes he saw two girls in the obelisks both blonde hair, lightly tanned skin like his, he wondered who were they?

Walking up on them he saw a old folder as he took it and opened it reading it.

"Test Subjects: Sil and Eve." He said out loud as he looked up at the two blondes they look like identical twins of some sort.

Something told him to free these girls. They looked to be around his age. He saw a red button on a console as he pressed it as the liquid obelisks drained as he walked up.

Knowing they are naked he looks around for something to cover them in, he spots two lab coats and takes them to the naked girls, blushing as he brought both of them out of their tanks and covered them.

He noticed both of them twitched as he flinched slightly seeing both girls crack open their eyes looking around their surroundings as their eyes fell on a blonde haired boy.

"Uh... Hi...?" He greeted to the twins who oddly stare at him as if they are observing him.

Both girls weakly stood up and walked towards him eyeing him in all places. Walking around him getting a good look at him.

Naruto just stood quiet not sure why were they looking at him all odd like that.

As their green eyes look into his blue eyes.

Sil and Eve both exchanged glances at one another before turning their attention at the boy who freed them.

"Umm can you talk?" He asked wondering if they could speak.

"Who are you?" Asked Sil keeping her attention on him as her twin sister was doing the same thing.

"The name is Naruto Uzumaki! And I'm going to be the Hokage of Konoha!" He proclaimed with a grin with both girls tilting their heads in confusion at their proclamation.

"So how are you two down here?" He asked seeing them both frown.

"We cannot remember.." Answered Eve.

"I think we were created by a pale man with yellow eyes... our memory is still hazy.." Spoken Sil.

Naruto himself looked confused when she described that. She and her sister were created? By who? As he looked at the folder that still contained some information on the girls before him.

He saw the name on the folder and said.


Both girls widened their eyes at the name of their creator.

Orochimaru was the man who made them!

"Orochimaru?" As Naruto thought more on the name as he recalled on one of his class academy lectures about the legendary Sannin and one of them was named Orochimaru the Snake Sannin.

Both girls were having hazy memories of the time they were created by Orochimaru and experimented on.

"So umm Sil? Eve?" Asked Naruto making both girls break out of their train of thought and stares at him.

"Yes?" They both replied in Unison.

"Want to get out of here and crash at my apartment?" He asked seeing them look confused on the apartment part.

"Yes we would like to get out of here Naruto..." Answered Sil keeping her green eyes on him.

"Okay so let's find a way out of here." He said grabbing both their hands leading them away.

30 minutes later they found a way to the sewers and took that direction back up surface to the village.

Once they made it out the sewer it was still dark, Sil and Eve were both fascinated by the village and its people as they have never been out before.

Naruto led them both to his apartment complex.

(Naruto's apartment)

"Well here we are, I know it's not much but it's still home that my old man gave me." He said seeing the two still have a blank look but followed the boy around

"You guys can Have a seat you know." He said making them instant ramen.

Both girls sat down on the couch watching him make them instant ramen.

( Sil and Eve's POV)

Both blonde girls stared at the boy watching him make them food, something told them to remain close to him, and that they feel indebted to him in some sort of way for freeing them.

Sil looked at her twin sister who is probably thinking on what she's thinking.

They couldn't remember how long they have been locked inside that lab and were asleep.

What concerned them more was Naruto.

It was as if they could look into his eyes and tell that he lived a lonely life. As if they could look into his mind.

While in their deep sleep state they had these dreams or nightmares of becoming something truly terrifying yet they couldn't describe what it was they saw in their dreams.

"Okay Ramen is ready!" Naruto said breaking them out again from their thoughts.

"Be careful it's Hot!" He warned them eating his ramen with chopsticks

Both Sil and Eve looked at one another than at him watching him eat ramen, they blow it to cool off the heat and had a taste.

To them it tasted good as the girls and boy enjoyed their meal.

"Ah that was great! Well time to hit the hay! Maybe in the morning I'll introduce you two to the old man!" He said seeing Sil raise a eyebrow

"And who is this old man Naruto?" She asked curious to know who he was and wondering should she and her sister trust this "Old Man" Naruto speaks of.

"He's the old man Sandaime Hokage the leader of Konoha! He's nice once you get to know him!" Naruto said going to his room putting on PJ's

"Here you guys can sleep on these sleeping mats I stole." He said laying them out for the girls who both looked at the mats then at him.

"And where will you sleep?" asked Eve.

"Oh in my bedroom, well come on time for bed can't wait for the old man to meet you both I wonder could I ask him could you both be my roommates since I'm responsible for finding the two of you." He said going in his room while both girls got in their mats and decided to close their eyes and sleep.

Naruto, however, was fast asleep.

10 minutes later.

Naruto is twisting and turning in his sleep shaking and trembling. Sweating.

He clutched the blanket gripping it.

He himself was having a nightmare.

He couldn't describe what it was as he continued to twist and turn in his sleep sweating more.

In his dream, he was underwater with two humanoid-like creatures and they were both female. Tentacles, clinging on their bodies. Touching them.

What shocked him more was that he was that creature too like those females.

Screeching and roaring could be heard within his dream.

He snapped open his eyes waking from his dream.

Panting slightly he looked around and seemed like everything seemed normal and it was just a nightmare.

He laid back down going back to sleep hoping he'll be in a different dream.

Little did he knew, he wasn't the only one having nightmares.

Sil and Eve are practically in the same boat as he was.

They shook and tensed in their mats, sweating, it seems that they are having the same dream as he.


His alarm went off as he looked ready to yawn and stretch but for some reason he couldn't move his arms or body.

Looking down he looked shocked at two figures clinging to both his sides.

Sil was on his right, Eve on his left.

What were they doing in his bed?

Sighing he tried to get out of their iron grip but they wouldn't budge.

It seems he'll stay in bed for five more minutes then wake them up so that they could meet his old man.

He wondered what was that dream he had last night. He wondered should he tell the Hokage? Maybe not, it's just a nightmare and he probably won't be having that kind of dream again.

To be continued

An: Finally! I had the guts to write this.

I hope you guys enjoy this. I'll be updating Namikaze Anubis soon, since I seen all three species movies. The 4th one I didn't care for just the other three.

Next chapter Sil and Eve will live with Naruto and join him in the academy once they have a meeting with the Sandaime.

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