Disclaimer: I take no credit for the Loveless poems, the words for the various original translations which I have drawn upon.

When the war of the beasts brings about the worlds end

the goddess descends from the darkest skies

Wings of light and shadow spread afar

she bears a gift that leads us to bliss everlasting

Abyssal in mystery is the gift of the goddess

We seek it thus, and take to the skies

Incessant, the desolate soul wanders

From the heart's depths dreams emerge

like swelling ripples on the water's surface

Dreams of the morrow shall shatter my soul

A consequence of pride

Flight is no more, for my wings have broken

There is no hate, only joy

As a Hero who heals the world

you are beloved by the goddess


My friend, do you fly away now?

To a world that abhors you and I?

No matter where the fickle winds may blow

a harrowing morrow is all that awaits

Even if the future bears no promise

Unfailing, I shall return to your side


My friend, it is your reckoning

Your dreams and honor are no more

The arrow has left the bow of the goddess

Scarred by your vengeance

my soul hath endured torment

to find my own salvation - and your peaceful slumber.

Through your desire, my friend

the gift of the goddess fosters life

Legends will speak of your sacrifice at worlds end

Like the winds blowing over the secret water's surface

gently but surely.


Even if the future bears no promise

Unfailing, I shall return to your side

To become the hope for the stars

to quench the earth and spare the seas

I offer thee this silent sacrifice.



This is a resource for myself but I wanted to share it with the fandom. If you have any questions about why I chose to phrase something a specific way you are free to discuss it it with me. You are free to use it as you please, and if anything comes of it, please share it with me. :)

Anyone who has read fan translations of the original game scripts will know that much is lost in translation. The translation of the original game Final fantasy VII's translation is very different in quality from the original Japanese script . Crisis core is no different, the fight with Sephiroth, Genesis and Angeal In the VR-room, being a prominent example (source 1: psp/ 925138 -crisis-core -final-fantasy-vii /faqs/ 50377 ;sours2 post/ 171170647984/ i-just-started-watching-the ) It speaks a lot for the story that it is so loved in spite of the things lost in translation.

If simple dialogue is so hard to translate, realize translating poems is one of the hardest things out only do you need a good mastery of both languages. The original language to understand it's full depth and the language translated to to be able to express yourself correctly (I'm a native speaker and it is still difficult at times) But you pretty much have to be a poet yourself in order to phrase it eloquently. The official translation of Loveless is without a doubt a good translation and fits the requirement of bing able to fit in to a bell animated game. However, it is more ambiguous at times than what the original Japanese loveless (that would be very clunky if translated word for word in English) seems to be.

Though I am by no means a poet and definitely do not understand Japanese. By checking various translations and cross checking with the official English translation and a bit of google translating, along with using a does of my own contextual understanding and wording, I have cobbled up with my own interpretation of how the Loveless poem could be expressed in English. This is a result of many people's work so I will not take credit for it.