Chapter 4

Von and Nelson arrived to see Charlotte by the door of Terri's office, yelling coming from inside.

"Charlotte, what's going on?" Nelson asked.

"Julia's in there with Terri, she's telling Julie about her decision to quit if Von isn't placed in emergency."

"This is ridiculous?" Von said.

Von placed her hand on the handle of the door, getting ready to enter, when Charlotte grabbed her wrist.

"Don't you dare Von."

"She can't resign." Von stated.

"Listen, Julie Archer is a bitch, end off. There's no other words for her, all she's interested in is saving money, she doesn't give a damn about the people who work in this hospital, or how they'll cope when she fires them. You're not the only one who's been handed a letter of redundancy. Wards 12 and 8 have too. Terri is the only one who is willing to fight for her staff, the others are going quietly, which is what Julia wants, she doesn't want fuss, she doesn't want a scandal. If Terri keeps on at her, she will back down from this you'll see."

"Charlotte's right Von, she wouldn't want any of this getting in the papers, it wouldn't be good for her reputation."

Von just sighed before she walked away to the stairwells outside for a cigarette.


"I know Charlotte, I'll go and talk to her."

"This is ridiculous Terri, you're really willing to risk your job for Von Ryan?"

"She's a damn good nurse and there's not many of them around any more. Letting Von go would be a major blow for All Saints, not to mention for you."

"And how exactly do you figure that one."

"Well it wouldn't do your reputation any good would it, your name in the papers about your unfair treatment of long term staff. Nurses who have risked their lives on more than one occasion. Von has already lost her home because she dared to stop and try and save a woman's life, do you really want her to lose her job too, she doesn't deserve that, no one does. If I had enough fight in me for wards 12 and 8 I would but I just don't. Von Ryan is one of my best friends as well as a colleague and I will be dammed if I'm going to sit back and watch you do this to her."

"You'd rather lose your job?"

"I should have mentioned, Nelson Curtis has also said he'll resign if you don't place Von in emergency with us."

"What, oh for god sake. You're all being ridiculous."

"It's up to you Julie, personally I think keeping Von would do your career a lot better than letting her go, after all, the papers would eat you alive if they got wind of this."

"This is blackmail Terri?"

"Yes I know, and believe I'm not proud of myself for doing it, but needs must."

Nelson found Von on the stairwell, looking over the balcony, as she inhaled her cigarette.

"Thought you'd quit?"

"Yeah well, now seems like the perfect time to start again, doesn't it?"

"Von." Nelson looked on, judging her.

"Oh fine." She said, shaking her head.

She stubbed out the cigarette and put it on the ground, before looking back at Nelson.

"Happy now." She said.

"A little, are you okay?"

"Oh please stop asking me that, I'm getting sick of hearing it."


"No, no I'm sorry. I know you're all just trying to help, I'm just not used too it."

"There's a lot of noise coming from Terri's office, I think she's winning."

"Or fighting a dead end."

"Do you want to take redundancy?"

"Of course I don't."

"And you don't want to be on the children's ward, do you?"


"Then what else is there to do but fight this?"

"I know you're right, I just don't want everyone losing their jobs for me, I'm not worth it."

"Yes you are, you are Von."

She looked so defeated, as Nelson moved closer and put an arm around her shoulder, bringing her close to him. She felt him place a kiss to the top of her head, before she looked up at him. He smiled down at her, genuine affection in his eyes, before he leaned in and kissed her.

"Nelson." Von said as she stood back.

"Sorry I…sorry."

"Why did you do that?"


"Of course the truth."

"Because I wanted too."

"Nelson I…"

"Have dinner with me?"


"Dinner Von, you and me, anywhere you like."

"Are you serious?"

"Well I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't would I."

"Look, maybe moving in with you was a mistake. I'm not really sure what's happening here but I?"

Nelson silenced her by kissing her again, this time she didn't move away, but instead she felt herself kiss him back before the need for air claimed them both.

"You kissed me back?" Nelson smiled.


"I'm still waiting on the answer to dinner?"

Von really didn't know how to handle this situation at all, she wanted to say no, but yes came out of her mouth instead.

"Good, 8pm. Come on, let's go and see how Terri go on."

Von didn't say a word, just followed him back inside.

To Be Continued…