Opening Files: Dr. Peter Tezla

A scientist of remarkable intelligence and found of SCRIM Corporation, well known among fellow scientists and companies in technology and since such as DexLabs, Sanban, Fulbright Corporations, Vist Foundation and Khan Industries. He has often worked with them but has been known to be very secretive for his projects. In truth that only few know was his research in the ancient technologies from the Forgotten Age and Connected Era about an ancient civilization of extra-terrestrial origins known as the Accelerons. In the past he uncovered ruins that hold knowledge about them and how they visited Earth in the past when all sentient species were young and studied what he can find about them with the help of researchers in DexLabs that he could trust.

Most of his history remains unknown, but one day set up the World Race, finding the fastest and skilled drivers in the world to compete for a cash prize. However in truth was to find the Wheel of Power to study and unlock the secrets left by the Accelerons, believed that with secrets could provide them to achieve new knowledge and technologies to benefit the people of Earth and to end the Grimm crisis once and for all. But, knowing the artifact being one of the legendary relics too powerful, decided it be best to hide from the wrong hands such as Gelorum who almost succeeded had it not been for a racer named Joseph "Vert" Wheeler.

However, recently during the Wacky Races event, Tezla was reported missing after a mysterious attack in the labs and went into hiding with no knowledge of his whereabouts. A warrant for his arrest as well as a bounty was put on his head by General Specific when reports of Dr. Tezla stealing several forms of technology for reasons unknown. Current status is unknown.

Close Files

"Knowledge is a powerful tool that helps us grow and understand everything around us, to learn new skills, maybe new ideas unheard of before. When you want to find out something to gain so much, you have to understand there are boundaries and consequences to achieve those dreams." TOM gives a lecture and scrolls through the files. "Could be beneficial for all, like providing clean energy, helping lives to be improved to help. Or something bad could happen that affects everyone and not always end up how you want it. If you want to achieve something to make it a reality, earn it, don't take short cuts. Maybe ask for help and build a group to work together. Team work is one of those important to build friendship and bonds between each other. So go ahead and make something of yourself like how me and SARA managed to keep Toonami going for many years and hopefully more to come."

(Intro begins)

An engine sound is heard just as the intro theme starts to play. A series of cars is then revealed.

(Are you ready for the race of a lifetime?)

The cars are divided into three teams: Burners, Metal Maniacs and Tekku along with Dr. Tezla and Jacob.

(Hot Wheels get set to roll)

The cars are then shown racing through a giant swirling green vortex.

(Rev 'em up, shut 'em down, pass the red light)

They emerge into a new realm that first appears to be floating in the clouds that changes into a swamp, followed by a cavern and then a giant volcano.

(Gotta be the best if you wanna win it all!)

A series of black cars along with machines resembling tanks, jets, motorcycles, copters and heavy assault vehicles appear next to the racers.


The jets fly down from above, morphing into their robots forms, led by Jetstorm.

(Hot Wheels keep you alive)

The Aero-Drones fire on the cars and they drive through the fire and smoke.


Thrust shoots over the leading car and accelerates forward.

(Live to drive, drive to survive!)

Tankor attempts to knock a car off the road but they dodge at the last second.

(Acceleracers, Acceleracers)

Obsidian is next, blasting after the racers.

(Hot Wheels, Acceleracers)

Strika shifts into her robot form, attempting to slam onto a car but spins, dodging at the last second.

(Drive to survive)

The scene then shifts to an underground machine city.

(Acceleracers! Hot Wheels!)

Gelorum is shown on her throne, observing the Wheel of Power.

(Keep you alive!)

The Wheel of Power glows bright, blinding the camera.

(Acceleracers! Live to drive, drive to survive!)

The light fades, revealing a single figure standing before a blue vortex, raising its finger to draw a circle in the air.


The Vehicons and their armies march on Tezle's complex.

(Hot Wheels keep you alive)

The racers gather their cars together.


The cars shoot forward, meeting the Vehicons and the Drones head.

(Live to drive, drive to survive!)

Gelorum screams as her human form sheds, revealing a Racing Drone under the human skin.

(Acceleracers, Acceleracers)

The Wheel of Power is held up by the racers as a light shines over them.


As the circle from before appears the title appears inside it:


He had always known, sooner or later, they would find him and the one artifact that holds the key to finding the Accelerons. The Wheel of Power.

Peter Tezla knew with such awesome power it could change everything for the world, to stop the Grimm, new knowledge to better their understanding and advance science to improve their technology. But he couldn't risk it falling into the wrong hands after almost losing it to Galorum after the World Race. She was not the only one as others like Mastermind, Robotnik and worst of all, the Fallen he couldn't risk letting it out of his sights, even so far as to conceal his location from his allies that warned him about messing with it. He should've listened and now after all this time, the drones have found him.

Using the technology to open a portal to the Accelerons' city to retrieve the Wheel, he had to get it. But encountered several drones unknown to him, stronger and powerful then mindless machines he seen before. They must've been upgraded for the ultimate race and to fight stronger opponents, it has proven his fear just how much he's underestimated her.

'I need to hurry! She must not get her hands on the Wheel!' Pushing his car to the limit, accelerating as fast as it could go to take him straight to the top of the tower. The car ran out of tracks but with the speed, he could reach, dodging the green bolts of energy fired by the drones' weapons. Tezla was almost within reach of the golden wheel hovering high in the sky, ready to reach out… but fate had other plans.

A black jet swooped in and captured it in a tractor-beam, distracted by his failure to retrieve it, the scientist failed to react when one of their bolts got him. Frying the circuits and groaning in pain by the effect of the blast, and also his car's engines no longer work. Taken damage and many more as the car was brought down by gravity, braced for impact when the car crashed into the track but surprisingly intact and flopped downwards with some parts like his front right wheel came off. Landed on it's back and skidded down before it reached the end and made another hard landing in the alley.

This would've killed him but very fortunate to have survived the fall that high, barely.

Numerous heavy armoured cars and purple motorcycles drove through the roads of the ancient city, and the sky above them was dominated by jets, one group were black and the other dark blue with wings curved forward. They were the Vehicons, a new line of drones created by Galorum from scavenged Cybertronian technology to adapt to the new world with a new alliance of former rivals for a common goal. Their plan was to destabilize the Gems' military and cause chaos within the very capital of the Gem Empire, but due to unexpected circumstances the generals of the new Vehicon army were sent through by a powerful force. The portal was fortunate to have been destabilized for now, preventing the blast from further damaging the base.

But not all was lost, she had somewhat suspected that it be too sudden from the time she fought the Gems in the ancient war. Taken advices from her two generals, they were obviously not yet ready until they had full knowledge of the Gems' current strength and limits, but after upgrading the virus and enough time to absorb the data on their current foes, and possibly about the Cybertronians for that matter.

For their true purpose lies ahead and the ultimate prize, to win the Ultimate Race and finally destroy their creators once and for all.

Now, after months of tracking Tezla since his narrow escape from his lab, they finally found him and captured the objective. Using their now strong army to invade and secure it as their new base.

"Jetstorm to all mighty leader, the Wheel is in the bag and gift wrapped for yours truly!"

"Thrust here, the drones just took out Tezla. Looks like he took a nasty fall from where I saw."

"Excellent! We have the wheel of Power! Now destroy Tezla!" All the drones in higher position, including the generals heard her and obeyed.

"At once Lady Galorum." Obsidian's face appeared on screen to a drone. "RD-L1, we are sending you coordinates to Tezla's position. Shoot on sight, no survivors."

"Understood." RD-L1, a drone giving command by Gelorum to the racing drones, though unlike the generals it is a pure machine but giving upgrades for intelligence to command her forces and programmed to obey his leader and the generals. Obsidian transmitted the coordinates and the face of their target and RD-L1 started up the engines. Going so fast and flew from the building and plummeted to the ground without a single scratch or dent to it. Knowing where he would be and landed a few feet away, joined alongside Tankor and Thrust with the drones alongside them.

"No where to run now." Thrust turned to the cycle drones. "Circle around, you see anything that moves in that car, blast it."

While the drones take their position around the ruined alley before the three make their moves. The car the commander was in started transforming, folding plates for the robot to emerge standing approximately 8 feet tall, like the Vehicons it has parts of the car it rode to blend and fuse with, standing with it's powerful legs built in three different parts and end in a giant foot with two giant headlight-like toes, somewhat resemble a two-digit toe. Thrust and Tankor did so as well to switch into their robot modes.

RD-L1 brought out its metal visor/mask that closes on a "Y" shape and is black/translucent green. The drones slow made their way, storming through the alley, grabbing and throwing scrap metal and debris away to reach their target.

The three drones surrounded the vehicle and scanned for life signs. They detected one and matched the details. He appeared injured, easy for them to take out.

"Doc seems to be a little bruised, what say we do a little… recycling?" Thrust gave a suggestion and turned to the racing drone.

"Tankor SMASH!"

Without needing to be told, the tank Vehicon grabbed the sides and tore a good chuck of it while RD-L1 assisted to prevent his attempted escape, Thrust stood by and held his guns out ready to finish the job.

RD-L1 dug through the car with its hands, reached in to find the driver. Startled and frightened, Tezla could do nothing to escape, but the only way out was a device he installed for emergencies and needed to do it fast before it's too late.

Tankor grabbed the door and threw away and the drone opened it up for them to see him.

Thrust chuckled and ready to fire. "Say good bye."

But before they could do anything, he reached out his finger and pushed the button. A bright light startled them, backed up a little and confused the drones of what happened.

"What the…?" Thrust didn't know what that bright light was, not even the commander knew until Tankor looked inside.

"Flesh bot, gone!"

"What?!" Thrust didn't believe it, until he and RD-L1 found nothing but an empty seat, lights flickering and sparks lid. They just had him and he vanished without a sight!

In a fit of rage, RD-L1 let out a roar that their target escaped and failed to complete their leader's orders to eliminate him. Grabbed the remains of the car they wrecked and threw it across, even Tankor was not happy and used his cannon to blast it to smaller pieces.

"Tankor wanted to smash flesh bot!"

"Cool your circuits, both of you." Thrust came forward and calmed them down. "We got the Wheel of Power and the base, that be enough to make her happy. Besides, after that fall he took from that height, I doubt he could do much for himself." When injured he could do nothing, meaning if he somehow gain access to the realms it would take awhile, and they will have the advantage.

"Gelorum to Thrust, RD-L1 and Tankor, we've detected an energy spike within your location. What is the status of Dr. Tezla." They received a live communication from Gelorum

"Thrust here, along with Tankor and RD-L1. Tezla escaped using an emergency transmit of some sort, but by the look of him he got beat real good."

"As expected, but least we have what we have came for. Return to base for your new assignments and prepare the racing drones for the realms. Our time has finally come."

They might not have the chance to cause some destruction on the Gem Homeworld, but the racing realms and hunt down the Accelerons for power will make up for it. Least they will share what they find with their allies that interest them for their part of the bargain.

Falling from a flash of light, Tezla fell a few feet to the ground on his back. Groaning in pain and found himself in a vast desert. Unable to get up with his spine permanently broken, he was helpless and could only crawl his way back to Highway 35. The area he was in was one of the few places without the presence of the Grimm, but by his pain and emotions could draw their attention. No, he can't afford to die, not when the wheel is now in the hands of a threat to the world and not just the Fallen. He should've listened to the others about finding the Wheel of Power and paid the price, but knew at some point it would've been found when knowing a single person like him couldn't control it.

Tezla needed to get himself fixed and medical help, least able to find help, racers who have what it takes to win and most importantly to stop Gelorum. He knew some who could help him, but only few who can be trusted. That is if he can still get in contact with them.

Reaching out to the post sign that had the numbers '35' on it, he turned over and felt pain in his body. Almost loosing consciousness until he sees a shadow hovering above him, at first he thought it to be a creature, a Grimm maybe? Not, it was sphearoid and metallic, observing him and came closer to help him.

"Gig… we must… stop… Gelorum." Groaning in pain and losing conscious before saying his last words to his faithful robot, can't afford to die now when the world is at stake.

I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter, apologies for bring short but thought to make it like a prologue and a beginning of what's going on. The theme song was made by Maxi and like to thank him for the help. As you know from the theme song, not only will the Racers of Hot Wheels be in it but Burners from Motorcity! *audience applauds* I figured, it had such potential and sadly treated bad by Disney it deserved to be remembered and awesome characters. If you have questions or ideas send them on review or pm me on chat.

Will be working on the first story arc Ignition soon. Until then see ya!