Vert couldn't believe it, not only is he in the base of the Silencerz, but his own father is the leader of the racing team?! How long as this been going on? Was everything he knew was a lie?

He was still overwhelmed by the revelation and stared at his father in shock.

Jack remained silent, obviously with his son in shock and wanted answers from him to explain what is going on. The major sighed and broke the silence after gesturing his team to give them space. "I understand this is somewhat… unexpected."

"Unexpected?" Vert muttered the word, trying to control his emotions. "What is going on? Why are you wearing a Silencerz suit? And what is going?! Is this what you've been doing all this time?!"

Vert's father could say nothing at first, gesturing the drivers and operatives to remain a clear distance from the confused blonde teen. Facing his son with a solemn look. "Let's go somewhere to talk. There's something you need to know, son."

Decided to maybe take his word and find out exactly what is going on, his father spoke to an operative to wait for them and led his son into a room for the two of them to have a private talk.

Vert remained silent and doing all he can to keep his emotions in check, trying to progress of what was going on and maybe think of a way to contact his friends. If he knew where he was in the first place. Once they were inside a room and only the two of them, Vert broke the silence. "Alright, I want answers, dad. Now."

"Alright, it's a lot to explain, so will keep it simple." Jack sighs and took a chair and offered one to his son. "To start with, my service to the military is true, and no one in our family knows about it as I didn't want to endanger any of you. I was part of a team to monitor activities of powerful threats such as Gelorum and the Racing Drones. Dr. Tezla's research on the Accelerons and historical relics from the previous civilizations of Pangea became vital for us and funded his research."

"So you worked together he said the Silencerz stole from him." At least from what Vert was told while he was not around at the time. But had no idea what was going on and why his father was doing all of this.

"That might be true, but you don't know the rest of the story. We worked together when we realise the Accelerons had a connection to our ancient history of not only leaving clues to find them, but possible knowledge that could be important to give us an advantage against an enemy greater than the Grimm."

"Greather than the Grimm?" Vert had no idea what he meant, but somehow had a feeling this wasn't about the drones. "What exactly are you talking about?"

"That will be for another time, let's stick to the main subject. Tell me, have you noticed Tezla's behaviour suddenly different?" Jack told him and made a reminder to explain what he's allowed to say. "As in paranoid, secretive, or more obsessed than he was?"

Now that Vert thought about it, Tezla had became more obsessive than he was, thinking only about the Accelerchargers and the Accelerons themselves over the drivers when Lani pointed it while Kurt was distrustful of him than ever. Back then he seemed to willing to let the Wheel of Power go to stop Gelorum getting her hands on it. "Yeah… now you mention it, why?"

"I thought so, ever since the World Race we found out that it was just the first stage to give drivers the real challenge to test their skills." Jack explains to him.

"The Racing Realms."

Jack nods his head to confirm it. "Correct, and we knew the drones weren't going to give up so we rounded up drivers and officers with skills to perform. Reversed engineered the technology from the ancients who had knowledge of it, especially from Clovis Bray but kept it classified to only a few for priorities. I never believed it myself had you not took me for a ride in the realm."

Vert remembered and almost chuckled to see the surprised look on his dad's face when they jumped through the portal. He stayed silent as the Wheeler patriarch continued.

"We started to notice his behaviour over time, tried to reason with him that it was too dangerous to go back there. But he was too stubborn to listen, before we could do anything he fled the base with stolen technology and data." Jack shook his head and gave his son time to absorb this information.

"I knew he was a little… obsessive, but stealing from government property is not what I thought he would do just to see their world." Vert had to admit this was unexpected.

"We knew something was wrong with him and the moment we learned the drones were already in possession of the wheel, we didn't know if he was in league or was a pawn so had orders to do what was necessary to stop both Tezla and Gelorum."

Much as Vert was trying to understand it all, but he didn't know if this was a cover up his dad was saying unless there was proof. "If what you say is true, how do I know your not making it up and trying to gain my trust."

Jack could not blame him and somewhat expected a response. "Good to know you took some advice from your old man. And to prove it we have evidence to back up this story. Right now, we should be able to find your friends and hopefully sought things out with their help in the future."

No idea what to expect with what he's been told. Vert can only hope his friends were okay.

No idea what to expect with what he's been told. Vert can only hope his friends were okay. "So is anything else to know about?"

"Well, you might be in for a surprise to recognise some faces. But right now get some rest, son. It's going to be a long day." Jack told him before leaving the room to allow his son to rest up. He can understand his son was mad at him for keeping this from him, but hoping to understand why as there were greater threats than the Racing drones.

But another thing to think about that worries the father, is can he let his son be involved of the dangers?

"Sir? Is everything alright?"

Glances over to one of his team members who asked him a question and releases a heavy sigh. "Well, I can tell he's still mad, but I hope he can understand why I had to be away to keep my family safe. And last thing I needed is to drag him in a war that's coming."

"I'm sure he'll come over this shock sir, but just wanted to let you know we found many Racing Drones and Vehicons sighted in Nowhere, Texas." The operative gave his report.

This surprised the leader to learn about this and was aware of the large horde of Grimm heading towards it. "So our sources were true after all, they're now working together. I'll give my report to my superiors about this. Thank you for the report."

"What about Vert?"

Jack almost forgot about that and made a thought. "If he's like me, he'll need time to adjust to the news. Too much would overwhelm him, believe me, I almost had a heart attack after I found out about his sister's little side-job was tempted to ground her for life." Jack muttered under the last sentence. "Don't worry, I'm sure he'll be happy to see you as well, Alec. His friend will also be fine in a few hours as well"

The operative took his word and watched him leave, but glances back to the door.

"Any idea how we're gonna find Vert when we have only four cars, a monster truck and a Sweeper? Where we have no idea of his whereabouts if he jumped through the portal." Jacob asked the group when they decided to search for Vert.

"Sparky could only speak a few words he knows, so that be no good." Monkey stated and had to get some idea to help Sparky say more words.

"Motor Ed said he asked for anyone but no sign." Dutch told them, knowing he couldn't stick around due to needing to get to Nowhere to stop the Grimm, but would keep an eye out for any sign of Vert. Earlier on he wanted to get Lani and Karma's number, taking a liking to them but backed off from Lani when told about Monkey's crush on her, and gain a swift punch by Karma. Instead of n

"But where could he have ended up in?" Lani asked them, having to join up with them and found out Vert was missing which concerned her. As usual, Tezla remained silent and not said a word or asked about the Accelechargers, which caught most of the drivers' attention.

Mike and his team, alongside Red were the only drivers with their own cars to spare while the others lost theirs back in the Racing Drones' base. Kurt and Wylde told them about what happened, especially to Kadeem becoming a cyborg. It was unfortunate they could not have saved him in time.

Wylde only got his arm replaced, but least he could make use of it like he did against the drones.

They had no sign of any Racing Drones or the Vehicons. Least there's some good news.

"Gotta be something to figure out where he is." Mike still in his Acceleracer outfit, hears his tablet from the car vibrate and picked it up to answer an incoming message. He opened it up that read.


Unsure how he got this text or who sent it, but if it meant Vert was found it could be either good or bad. There was no name of who sent it so he can't trace it "Guys, check this out!" Mike held his tablet out to show them. Each shared a mutual surprise and shock

"It could be talking about Vert." Nolo thought of it.

"Wait, Vert's found? Is he okay?" Lani asked. "We should find him now."

Wait a minute." Tork held up a hand to get their attention before they do anything drastic. "How do we know this isn't a trick set up by the Drones?"

"He's right, we must be cautious about this." Tezla gets up on his feet, a little slow with his biosuit due to Gig's control.

Chuck and Taro got him by the arms from pushing himself further. "Easy, doc, your suit is still need a bit of a fix." The Maniac advised.

"Maybe, but we gotta find out and help him if he's in trouble." Mike decided to take the chances with the screen showed where to meet up. "I'll go, but if anything happens you know what to do if it turns ugly."

"If it's one of those Silencerz we have to watch out for them." Nolo said.

"Least we only have five cars and a Sweeper, they can't mimic that." Porkchop said.

They didn't like the idea but decided to take the risk and let Mike go by himself, they remained at a certain distance using radio. Mike had no idea what he was getting into, they had no Accelechargers but the wheel, doubt the drones had seen it so far. The drivers were ready and took Tezla's advice due to his experience with the Silencerz if it is their doing.

Mike pulled the breaks, waiting for whoever it is he was to meet until right beside him on the left was one of their cars appeared, able to tell by the white and purple paintjob. "Okay, it's here guys.

"Watch your back kid." Tork spoke through the radio and disembarks the Mutt. As he stood on his feet, the driver emerged, wearing the helmet and white suit.

"So you must be one of the new Acceleracers I presume?" The operative spoke with a distorted voice, certainly male by the sound of it. "That's a surprising event, always assumed there be one winner. Nice outfit and congrats."

"Yeah, well much as I like to accept your compliment, I wanna know why you wanted to talk to me out here? And do you know where Vert Wheeler is?" Mike questioned the operative, keeping his staff weapon close to his hand.

"He's safe, though we didn't expect him to drop in on our base but nothing bad happened to him."

"Sorry if I don't sound so convinced when you guys tried to turn us against one another." Mike stated of one of their tricks.

The operative nodded his head to confirm the facts given. "Noted. But we did save some of you in several realms. We only had to win to stop Gelorum from getting all of the Accelechargers. With a crackpot like Tezla, we couldn't risk it after he went rogue or let his obsession over the Accelerons cloud his judgment."

That may have been a fact given how much Mike knew of the old guy and also how much Jacob described him as paranoid. "So why ask me to come alone then? What are you after?"

"Getting to the point. I like that. We consider to perhaps off the three of your racing teams to work with us."

An offer that caught Mike by surprise that the mysterious Silencerz want to work with them, not sure the others would agree to this and had the radio on to listen.

"Work with them? Yeah right!" Wylde yelled but was shushed by the others.

"Cool it, they say they have Vert. We need to know more before they do anything." Tork told him, while the feeling was mutual but seemed something was off if they wanted to work together with the other teams.

"You want to work with us? Sounds to me like you guys must be desperate or got a screw loose." Mike retorted.

"It's a fact when we know the bigger situation than any of you realise. You may have weakened the drones, but their generals are still active and no doubt be regaining their strength while also have powerful and dangerous allies." The operative told him, referring to the Fallen as their former enemies from the past now working together. "Plus your skills against the Grimm would be a great asset in the future for when the time to protect this world and beyond from the armies of the Grimm. The Wheel of Power, the Accelechargers, and the artefact you won are not the only thing our enemies will come after."

Mike remained silent while caught off guard of how they knew about the artefact he brought back, meaning they have all the Accelechargers if Vert somehow ended up in their base. "So you have them all and that's where he is. But I'll ask again, why should we work with you guys."

"We may have different reasons but we're both on the same side and a mutual goal to preserve our future and some of us were not in the idea of using tricks on you when we had to assume Tezla wasn't a pawn or went rogue on us."

'So Tezla wasn't as truthful as he is… or maybe they're just trying to get me to listen.' Mike pondered through his mind to understand.

"I know what your thinking, no doubt about if I'm lying or telling the truth. But I have some you will want to see, especially the answers of the Fall of Detroit."

"Wha?" Mike did not understand of what he meant by that.

"Did he say he knows what nearly destroyed Detroit?" Texas thought he heard him wrong. "Wasn't it caused by the Grimm years ago and brought anarchy?"

"Some thought it was caused by accident when miners were drilling for Dust, others thought there was a rare moment of an earthquake that led a horde through." Lani stated, given how much she knew about some of the historical records.

"Except some of us who were there to remember which I don't think a quake caused it." Jacob stated. "Some thought it was caused by a villain but couldn't find any evidence at the time."

"No." Karma stated. "It wasn't the Grimm. Not with little activity in one part of the state."

The others had no idea why she thought it wasn't them, but continued to listen to the conversation between them.

"Wait, if it wasn't the Grimm then what caused it? How could you know it?" Mike questioned the Silencerz standing before him claiming to know what happened.

"Simple. Because I was there when I was about your age and saw them with my own eyes." The operative answered, surprising Mike to hear this. "They were digging an area near the city in believe to have found something old and artificial, determined to dig it out in believe to be some ancient vault… but instead unleashed a new threat to this world. And caused enough damage to draw the Grimm to our city to cover their tracks since they first activated."

Mike didn't know exactly who it was that could have caused the near destruction of the city, it was always assumed the Grimm were responsible but if not them then who… then it hit him when the operative said 'activated' like some sort of machines… It couldn't be, but somehow he had a feeling it had to be.

"Wait… are you saying that-"

"You got it. The true culprits were the Racing Drones themselves. After causing a lot of damage to draw the Grimm, they used the chaos to cover their tracks well, led by Gelorum to form the CLyp Agency."

"Wait-What?!" Jacob couldn't believe what he just heard. "So it was actually the Racing Drones this whole time that caused it?!"

Even Tezla never speculated such thought but perhaps it was possible. "Maybe… it could be. How else could something happened to the city that was suddenly thriving as normal then fell into anarchy?"

"So it was because of them, Detroit became what it is now." Kurt thought as much when it had to be Gelorum's work for sure.

"Could have been worse. It would have been like Citiesville." Wylde crossed his arms, getting a questionable look from the others. "What? Everyone knows that place is a dump. Least Detroit got better."

"Well, he's not wrong there." Monkey had to admit he was right. "I heard they don't use Dust."

"Before we continue this, this will be a private chat."

Suddenly the transmission was cut off. "Damn it! We lost the signal!" Tork tried to get the signal back but having trouble, he wondered what was going on.

"What did you do?" Mike couldn't get a signal from the others.

"Relax, I wanted this to be private between us." The operative explained. "Indeed it was the drones that caused it, and also thanks to the Silencerz that helped rebuild Detroit as it is when we dug up ancient preserved tech, not like Clovis Bray, but also from others. And it was their help that brought order back to the city and allowed Abraham Kane to lead it, trained the next generations to protect the people of Detroit. You've proved yourself to be a worthy candidate fir the job."

"Kane had help? So he's working with you guys?" Mike stepped forward towards the operative. So your saying the Silencerz built it? Who are you?"

"One day, you'll understand. But a word of advice, kiddo. A war is coming and you must be prepared for when the day comes. You became an Acceleracer, don't let them make a mistake for choosing you as well. I can see you have a lot of potential." Operative told him and decided to turn around to walk to his car.

"Tell your friends, especially those Maniacs and Teku they need to be ready as well. The Racing Drones are not the only ones they should worry, but the Fallen when the war comes." Climbs into his car and drives through the desert to leave the Burner behind, receiving a transmission and answers it through audio.

"If you think that will scare me or the others, then you have no idea who we are. Not just Burners, Metal Maniacs, or Teku. We're now in this together, to live fast, live free. And We'll fight to make sure them or the Grimm don't take over Earth."

Taking his word and remained silent, the operative gave an nod to him as if to approve his choice. But not leaving a tablet and a memory chip.

"Did you spoke to them?"

"Sure did. Told him what happened to Detroit and gave the offer to work with us. Taken it to a shock, but gave him the data to know what they be facing." The Silencerz operative responded.

"He'll know when the day comes, but I'm concerned what we should do with Tezla."

"According to Gig's last report, he's removed the nano chip that was inside Tezla's head, leading to the cause of his sudden change of personality and obsession to the extreme. If its removed he should be his normal self soon."

"Least we have one less to worry. What about our guest Wheeler's kid?"

"Young Wheeler seems to be doing alright, we're studying the Acclechargers and need the artefact to study."

"Not to worry, I know Chilton will make the right decision. Hell, he'd probably fight than let it fall in the wrong hands. After all, I trained the boy myself." His helmet retracts itself into a collar, revealing to be none other than Abraham Kane himself. "Need to return to Detroit Deluxe, I only did this cause to make the drones pay for what they did to my city years ago.

Mike had no idea what to make of it, either they were now allies or somewhat associates, he had to becareful with them around. Now knowing where Vert is they can only hope he's okay and get their friends some new cars just in time.

"Mike, you there? What happened?"

Tork's voice drew his attention and answered the response. "It's me, no worries. I'm coming back now, and I think you be in for a surprise of what I found." In his hand was a drive and curious to why they were willing to hand something of importance to him. If they knew he has the artefact and not made any attempts to steal it, maybe that be a first step to gain their trust. But he learned to follow his instincts and hoping they keep their end of the bargain.

He has no idea what's in stall for them, but after everything they went through, the three teams are more stronger together and no longer rivals.

Meanwhile nearby the burning remains of the Acceledrome, a group of armed soldiers wearing black armored bodysuits, wearing hoods over their helmets and yellow visors. They scouted the area and found wreckage of Racing Drone parts a sometime after its explosion, reached the location but remained distant to avoid being sighted. They crept through the desert until they halted when the captain of the team received an incoming transmission, the gauntlet beeped and answered with the holographic image of General Skarr.


"The base is completely destroyed, general, no sign of anyone but the debris of scrapped robots." The soldier gave the report to the general.

"Seems Gelorum had a little fun no doubt, we've received no contact from her or the generals yet to know what happened. If Tezla is not found, he must have escaped." Skarr surmised. "Collect whatever you can find and bring back for research, I'm sure the drones would not want anyone to exploit any weaknesses. Return to base within 3 hours for the preparations. Carne will want all his forces to be ready when the Grimm arrive at Van Kleiss' base."

"Sir!" Following his orders to continue their survey and remain alert for any forces such as the GJ, hunters, or heroes that took notice of what has been going on.

"GAH! I can't believe it! After all that work those meatbags took the Accelechargers and destroyed our drones. What's worse, is you two let the Wheel be taken!" The battered and almost torn Aero Drone Jetstorm was held in an operating room, cables latched on to robotic body while repairing the damages from the blast. Beside him were Thrust and Tankor who also took the damage.

"it would never have occured had it not been by Bray who somehow broke free of our control." Strika retorted, not regrettting ending his life after foiling their plans and allowing the Silencerz to infiltrate their base.

Thrust groaned while being repaired as well. "I knew it was a mistake letting him remain a converted drone, we should taken his brain for the knowledge and ended him."

"A little late for that, wheels?" Jetstorm gave a snark reply to the cycle drone general.

Thrust ignored him and had other things they needed to think of. "But without Gelorum, who's in charge of the drones? Without the Wheel of Power none of us or the Fallen can gain access to the Accelerons' world or their resources."

"Not to worry." Obsidian entered, followed by a pair of Racing Drones and an RD-01 unite with them. "I have discussed this with Samael, who shared a mutual disappointment to hear of her demise. But after gaining some files as her generals we now have control over the drones and the technology, including useful allies I have back in my days in the Gaia Union."

The Vehicons glanced at each other and realise what he was saying. "Your saying we now control an army of drones?" Thrust pondered.

"If we are... can I have Gelorum's Racing Drones?" Jetstorm asked without hesitating

"We have already decided to allow the Drones to have their own commander, with simpel upgrades to make them more equipped alongside our vehicons." Strika told them.

Obsidian turns to face the commander drone. "How does a promotion sound to you... Raider?"

The drone commander, now given a new name appears to accept this offer. "I WILL NOT FAIL. TO LEAD IN HONOR OF GELORUM, GELORUM WILL BE AVENGED AND THE ACCELECHARGERS WILL BE OURS."

"Indeed, but not yet. Soon we will regain our strength and take our revenge on those who brought her defeat." Obsidian stated. "Let them have this victory, but the war is not over. Prepare our forces to begin relocation, they now know where we are could strike any moment in our weakened state." Thinking of several locations he can think of beyond Earth's reach with the use of the Space Bridge technology. The generals agreed to prevent the same incident from before.

"What would we say to Sammael?" Strika asked.

"We shall report to him of the incidents and be on a look out for the drivers and also these Silencerz. By now he will be on his way to confront Van Kleiss and his growing army." They became aware of the scientists' plots from Sammael spying on him, somewhat disturbed by they have learned and was vital to stop him before his plans could not only disrupt fabric of realities, but become an even greater threat than they could possibly imagine. Certain upgrades would be absolute necessary to stand a better chance against powerful foes.

And with the available requirments, it should not be so difficult to recover soon.

The Lord of Chaos was frustrated to have witness one of the potential players of chaos be defeated and now the Earth has not only one, but Acceleracers that could pose a threat to the forces of chaos in the future. Canaletto tempted to send his familiar to finish the boy off to prevent his return, but something alerted his awareness of outside forces at work and focus on the main matter.

For something else that interested him of the coming events.

An intergalactic fighter seeking those worthy of his challange and leave nothing but destruction.

In one reality which had diverged from its counterpart of a boy who has become the so-called king of the spirits.

The rifts of reality grow ever so stronger by the meddling of the mad scientist Van Kleiss, the cracks would cause such damage would inflict further chaos and fuel his power. And begin his plans to remake the realities into his image once he has dealt with his rivals, starting with several.

Wether he will do it or not, chaos can never be stopped.

And speaking of, the opening of the rift was drawing near and the conflict within Nowhere drew his attention. Potential deaths and chaos would reign, and soon his plans will begin to seek his revenge and finish what he started. "They have no understanding... that this is only the beginning."

Some sort of otuside pressence that has been... observing, no... watching.

A figure with a large cranial head with a cape and glowing pair of eyes that observe from another reality. The Watcher had observed the actions of this universe and the two racers who had prevented Gelorum from obtaining the powers of the Accelechargers, defeating one player but her legion remains.

He was aware of the imprisoned Lord of Chaos Canaletto, tempted to change the affairs with limited powers he had but had failed, but did not mean he will not give up his plans. Indeed very much so like the alternate version of himself who instead of becoming the Lord of Chaos, he won the Great Race of Ōban 20,000 years, but abused his power to for his crusade in the name universal purity to destroy all life and create in his twisted image. Only to lose the title of Avatar and ultimateyl defeated by a human to safe the galaxy.

It appears this one had a different manifestation, but the same desires. And appears to be biding his time patiently to continue where he left off.

"They've done it. Another evil has been vanquished, but they and all of this world, among others have a greater role to play in the future. The future of all realities rests on the heroes to stand against the forces of darkness that is rising from this world." The Watcher saw the possible future that was presented of an army would spread across the galaxy, not just the drones, the Glorft, Vilgax, Sarkon, the Witch, HIM, GOLB, Bill Cipher, but other forces such as the Fallen led by Sammael himself.

He had seen the future that they could spread across the many universes with the powers of the Spiral Gems in his hand and bring untold chaos to countless worlds.

The battle in Nowhere will change the fate of this world and the destinies of the heroes to serve a greater purpose ahead of them.

No doubt others were aware of the meddling of the one known as Van Kleiss when approached by the Guardian of Time and Space gathering individuals for his plans. The Beyonder, Madame Web, and without a doubt, The Pressence. All will watch, but could not interfere directly with the affairs of the multiverse as is the rule they must follow.

Fragments of the possible events from different worlds manifested before the Watcher, many with the horde of Grimm and villains loyal to the Fallen launch their attacks.

In one reality of Dimension N-004, Damon was in his office and trying to find out where his daughter could be after her sudden disappearance when suddenly a flash of light appeared behind him, covering his eyes until he saw what was actually his daughter on the ground.

"Valerie? Oh, thank heavens its you!" He rushed over to pick his daughter up and was relieved to see her, but noticed she seemed somewhat tired out and weak. "Where have you been? I was worried sick-"

"D-Dad?" Val groaned and could not believe to see her father again.

Could it have worked?

How long was she gone for? Days? Weeks?

Is it not too late to change the fate of this world's future she saw because of Van Kleiss?

But she had to warn him, warn this town of the danger would follow her. "Dad! I need to warn Danny! Where is he?!"

"Wha? Val, wait, what is going on?"

"I need to warn Danny before it's too late! They're coming!" She proclaimed and knew only Danny Phantom could help save them, but needed help to protect their world.

Her father had no idea what got into his daughter or what she was trying to say. Was it more ghosts after they just saved the world? "What? Who? Valerie who's comi-" Damon stuttered to see ruptures in the sky opening, and only noticed the paled look on his daughter's face as if this was what she meant when numerous black things came through them and descend upon Amity Park.

"They're here." She whispered with a tone of dread and can only hope to change the fate of her world before it's too late.

"Wh-what are they?" He had no idea why, but the sight of them somehow terrified him more than any ghosts he ever saw.

"The Grimm."

Within the Ghost Zone, the ghost villains surround the portal that appeared before them, believing to be a link to Earth when suddenly they found none other than Skulker who flew in with his upgraded body.

"Skulker?" Technus never thought to see Skulker after his sudden disappearance for a while.

"You're back!" Ember cried out in relief before resuming her none caring attitude. "I-I mean, been awhile."

But Skulker somehow looked panicked and confused. "Wha-where? The Ghost Zone? I'm back! Quick! Where is the ghost boy! We need him and every ghost to be prepared before they come!"

"Uh, did we just hear you right?" The Box Ghost sounded surprised to hear what he just said.

"Who are you and what did you do with the real Skulker?" Johnny 13 did not understand what was going on with the hunter.

"Stop wasting time, you idiots! If we don't warn the ghost child, our dimension will be overrun by the-" But Skulker was too late to finish his warning as a new portal was opened, this one had a black darkness revealed until numerous cold red/yellow eyes peered through, and collective sounds of snarling, hissing, clicks, bestial growls echoeing through the rift behind him, waiting to hunt their new prey.

Skulker became panicked, realising he was too late when they somehow followed him. And were too many for even him to hunt on his own after his experience with the monstrosities. "They're here! RUUNNN!" His scream echoed, startling the ghost inhabitants of a new found danger to their world.

Helicarrier of Earth-12041 was surrounded by Lancers, Ravegers, and Nevermore Grimm, fighting, agents giving their all to take out the Grimm, even the director Nick Fury shot down a Beowulf in the head and kicked it off. He was having a hard time keeping a track of them, gave out orders to find the source of their location when a large Chimera landed before him, snarling at him with the cold yellow eyes. "If you think that's gonna scare me, you're in for a surprise."

Whatever these creatures were, they had never met the Director of SHIELD and he was not going to let them take him down without a fight.

A Sea Feliong swam through the oceans and emerged onto the beaches of Themyscira, blasting a beam from its jaws directly towards the startled Amazons of Dimension D-C92, unprepared for a surprise attack, followed by the Trolls emerging through the portals to launch an invasion upon the shores. Never had they fought such demons unlike the armies of Hades, but their warrior pride would not let them falter and continue to fight to the last Amazon standing. Or in hopes to warn their fellow hero of the unholy beasts that invade Themyscira.

The Glorft armada, alongside the Eliksni forces were led by Vilgax to make the assault on Earth. While also in combat with the Cabal to fight for supremecy and also the Galra Empire.

Dimension O-000, Earth's orbit, Earth Soldiers held their ground inside a space station, but each of them were mercilessly slaughted by the Shadowborg and Grimm manifested from her, those who barely get close were cut down by her lightsaber or charred by her Force-lightning.

Weatherthane flew to the air and caused a terrible snow storm, scaring the locals of Earth-92131, she grinned wickedly to see the terrors of the inhabitants run in fear before the Grimm emerge and the authorities try to help the people, thinking how they are only delaying their demise with no chance of defeating the Grimm.

"But at the times of crisis, comes with the need of heroes."

The next showed Weathervane witnessing an Ursa being shot by a crimson beam and saw woman with a brown jacket flying straight towards her and threw a knuckle punch in the face before she could react in time. Crashed into the streets, recovered from her surprise to meet the defenders of the city. Growls and flew into the air and shoots out lightning at Rogue and Storm.

The Fantastic Four fought alongside the heroes when they recieved an emergancy call of strange monsters pouring through a large portal and New York City, Benjamin Grimm, also known as the Thing stood before the Beuwulf . "My goodness, granny, what big teeth you have." The Thing mocks the Grimm before raising both his hands together and smashed the beast in the head. "All the reason to clubber you with! And stay down mutt!"

"What is this? Rockman learn how to speak?" Boris appeared with his swords. "Don't matter, Boris will smash rockman into smaller rocks. For Boris is strongest there is!"

"You wanna test that?" The Thing challenged the stranger in the barbarian outfit and was with the monsters, crackling his knuckles for a fight. "I'll send ya flying back to Mother Russia before you could say do svidaniya!"

Aquaman leading an army of Atlantean soldiers and aquatic life to attack the Grimm alongside Aqualad, Mera, and a fleet of ships flew in straight towards the great Monstro and a swarm of aquatic Grimm. Fighting for his world alongside many heroes across the world

The Justice League fight off the horde of Grimm, Superman taking out the drones and punched a Sphinx across the jaws. Wonder Woman lassoed a Lancer and hoist it around into the swarm. Captain Atom vaporising the Grimm with his atomic blasts and Hawk Girl clubbing her mace into the Deathstalker's carapace.

"And one day, new forged alliances between heroes will form in the time of needs against this common foe."

Major Glory flew in to assist them in defeating the wave of Grimm alongside the Grimm Slayer Omnimon to assist the Justice League. Two great heroes of justice working togther to stop the Grimm.

Canalleto challenging Doctor Fate and Strange in a pocket dimension, clashing both sorcerers with his powerful magic with theirs, Chaos vs Order.

But then came to a surprise of Nyx who flew in and shoots purple projectiles at him. He retaliates and waved his arms across to create a powerful wave of destruction towards them. They could not hold on against his power until Nyx supported them with her magic create a stronger barrier. Surprising the heroes of her help, but accepted to fight the ancient lord of Chaos.

"Have at thee against the son of Odin, demons!" Lightning struck down on the Grimm in New York in another reality with the Asgardian Thor, a member of the Avengers with Valhallen supporting him with his guitar.

"Tankor, Smash! Fliing lightning bots!" Tankor roared and aimed his cannon at the two, ready to blast them out of the skies.

"How about Hulk Smash you!" A green giant fist pounded the Vehicon and missed his targets. Crashed into a building caused by the Incredible Hulk, dusting his hands with a satisfied smirk. Tankor rose up from the debris, glaring at his new foe with the Aura shimmering around him to take the punch.

"No one knows what the future will bring. "

Captain America threw his shield into the villain henchmen sent by Hector Con Carne, infiltrated their base with the help of Jaun Arc, and Cayde with other huntsmen to help.

"But to some who believe them to be stories,

Dani Phantom and Danny Phantom flew into a city, shooting plasma beams and saving lives, combining their powers against the Grimm and ChaosPiedmon with his own ghost powers. But received the unlikely help of the Ghosts they convinced to defend their Earth and the Ghost Zone, aide of other heroes and Huntsmen to battle the Grimm and villains

Teenage Ben 10 and Rex teaming up to take on the Grimm, EVO villains, and aliens, alongside Beast Boy.

The Shinkalions, alongside Megas and Voltron defending Earth from an alien invasion, fighting alongside the Stellar Alliance, Gaia Union, and other allied forces inspired to fight alongside them for the future of freedom.

Even a possible sight of Gem ships fighitng with the new found coalition of races, casting aside their differences to make a difference.

"They give hope and meaning."

A portal opened on the helicarrier, catching Fury's attention in thinking more enemies came. But he spotted a Blue Jay in black with a rifle, a racoon, a girl with blue hair and a large man with a sword appeared in the middle of the battle.

"Looks like you could use the help, lad!" The man with the thick Scottish accent spoke and fired a machine gun from his leg.

"Are they with us?" Black Widow asked him.

Nick Fury believed so if they are friendly. "Less talk, more carrying out our duty." Resumes the fight as it was starting to change in their favour.

"Inspiration for others to do something for good."

Green Arrow, alongside his protégé Artemis continued shooting arrows at their targets when she brought some friends from her trip. Erika with Doyle, Keanu and Ross, but also brought with them an archer named Hawkeye.

Porkchop gave Nora Valkyrie a boost with his hands to throw her in the air towards a coming King Taijitu with her hammer. With Krunk flew in and crushed the other head with his feet.

"But future generations will be made and inspired by their heroic deeds to follow in their steps."

A young blonde girl in a pink/purple costume with a pick scarf floated beside a large robot with shades, the teenage versions of the Elementals, Kevin in his motorbike gear and outfit, Edd with his battlesuit alongside his friends, Rolf with his cane, Captain Melonhead with Splinter the Wonderwood, Wally, Steven Universe grown much but with a pink jacket and with his shield and Ben 10, Juniper Lee, and many more who have endured the training they received from the academy and ready to take on the trials ahead of them.

"And create their own stories to tell."

Wow! man this took FOREVER than I realised! This was not what I expected to be, there were some tricky parts as I wanted to give some reveals but thought 'nah, make it different and short' give more questions of what will happen to the characters and hints of their future involvments so gave it to Lord Maximus to have a look before I do anything and gave hints of what could happen but gave a few ideas and discussed them. I did manage to read the entir of the phantom king so now know what happened, but as the visions you see are what could be possible futures, plus it is a multiverse and we did see alternate versions of them in the story. So avoided going too deep, hope that's okay for you all but his story is going so anything can happen. For those whose characters from other stories not included I do apolgoies as I didn't want to drag on the montage too long as I have no idea of their future roles will be so made it short as possible.

As for the Racing Drones, they may be beaten but not gone. And the Vehicons could be in charge by the look of it.

I also wanted to add the aftermath of the Ultimate Race when we never got one and gave the idea how Vert reacts, while he would be mad at his father as he would understand the heavy burden this was to stop the drones at all cost and gave ideas for tezla's sudden obsession for the drones.

Well that's all for now, while I have finally completed this story and will focus on Fairy's Blade Chronicles, I will still lend some help and ideas for the stories if I have some.

Now as you noticed by reading further it isn't over as there is a bonus after this. Enjoy.

With no clues as to where he is, the last thing that happened was doing his research in his laboratory for a new project on research and all of a sudden found himself in a world vastly different from the one he was familiar with. And the world he saw was unlike anything he ever imagined.

"Einstein's ghost." Instead of being in a city filled with people, cars, robots, and possible cities stretching in the sky. It was nothing but ruins, heavy signs of decay from lack of care, debris lying about from signs of a possible battle, roads cracked and skeletons of various species. This seemed to have been a graveyard for soldiers or civilians, but judging by the architect, the city appears to be decades, maybe centuries but difficult to tell with the amount of green took over.

He wondered about, trying to figure out a logical explanation to all this. He was a tall strong built male, wearing a black bodysuit with his long white lab coat, wearing a pair of goggles and only has a red beard with his head being bald. "Where am I? What happened to this place?"

So many questions that can hardly be answered by his reason of understanding, but stopped walking when he heard strange noises of a living creature, not sure if it is friendly or perhaps hostile, jumped into a broken window and took cover before the sound of footsteps got closer. Peaking out of the edge he sees a group of four-armed strange beings, all armed with knives and guns, strange robots hovering and they were not the only ones, two squid-like beings appeared and spoke in some unknown language. They must be some sort of search party and didn't want to risk being caught, and he was without a weapon or gadgets to defend himself.

"This is not the same Earth I know." He muttered to himself.

"Quite agree with you on that, dear fellow."

They spun around to find a man who appears to be a scientist like him with a pair of goggles and black hair. Offering a small bag in his hand with gumballs inside. "Gum?"

"Who are you? And where am I?" He asked and clearly couldn't be from here being dressed well.

"Apologies, dear fellow. But had to bring someone such as your scientific mind and experience from the 21st Century to see what will become of your Earth." The stranger explained. "You may call me Professor Paradox."

His brain started to work out the idea of what this place could be but a very bad vibe. "You mean this is the future?"

"A thousand years ahead of yours, Dexter O'Reilly." Paradox simply stated. "Give or take a few decades by this time, the Glorft have arrived at Earth with their Eliksni friends to decimating the possible last remnants of the Earth Coalition. Not a pretty sight, believe me."

The two alien groups were now suddenly alerted and started firing at one direction, something alerted them as a shot fired and jumping out of the woods debris was some sort of hoverbike and a green flash of light appeared, out of nowhere a large humanoid lizard, possibly a Mobian but at the end of his tail was a spiked club when he spun around and used it to hit one of the aliens in the stomach and sent two more a few feet across, green skin and white and black armor around the torso and arms. Dodging and slipping past their plasma bolts, and slipped passed a Glorft soldier and swung his powerful tail against its bulky armor.

Despite having the advantage, there were still more that surrounded him.

Dexter realized he was surrounded and tried to figure out what he can do but was stopped by Paradox. "Hold up, I think you are in for a surprise."

"Surrender, reptile *clicks* and we might make your death swift." The Eliksni spoke with a series of clicks in charge spoke.

The male looks around and didn't seem all concerned by the numbers. "Hmm, now let's see. There's about a dozen of you and one of me. Oh, what to do?" Stroking his chin and gave a thinking pose. "Looks like I'm gonna have to make this quick." Without a word he was engulfed by a green flash of light, catching the Glorft and Eliksni off guard and in his place was a hulking board shouldered alien with yellow armor on his back.


The invaders realize who they were up against and looked tense now than ever. "He's the B'Ten'son! BLAST HIM!" They started firing more then they did at their target. But Cannonbolt being an Arburian Pelarota had the advantage and curled up into a ball and started smashing the Shanks to pieces and onto the unlucky Vandals and Dregs like a pinball. The Glorft soldier who brought his soldiers tried to keep track until the giant yellow ball bashed against a wall and caused it to lose balance.

"Uh ho." The Glorft muttered before getting flattered by the broken wall, hands stuck out and twitched in pain.

The alien that turned into Cannonbolt looked satisfied with all the aliens downed and finished off. "And that's how I roll."

This startled Dexter and knew who it was. "Wait… could it be, Ben 10?"

"Well… not exactly." Professor Paradox said and exits the building. "As usual, you Tennysons have this habit of making an entrance. But interesting new alien by the way."

Cannonbolt turned to find two humans. "Wait… I know you, Paradox right?"

Dexter was having a thought and recognized the emblem from his years of researching heroes and their abilities. "I recognized the Omnitrix you possess, but if you are not Ben 10, then who are you?"

"Ben 10? Have you been living under a rock?" He reached out to tap on the badge to tap and engulfed by the same light to change but became a white-skinned human with bright green eyes and white hair. "I'm Ven Tennyson. He's the great, great, great…. Something grandfather."

This surprised the genius to see a white-skinned humanoid to say he's Ben 10's possible descendant. Strokes his bearded chin to understand this. "Hmm, this really takes a surprise. But as you can see I'm not from around these parts and clearly this Paradox must be involved."

The one named Ven turned to him and folded his arms over his chest. "If you're here then that means something's wrong, right?"

Paradox nodded his head. "Right you are, Ven I brought Dexter in the age he grew wiser to be one of those who witness the era of this time period."

'But what happened to the world? You mentioned something about a thousand years from now?" Dexter asked him.

"The Collapse happened," Ven told him. "Centuries ago came the end of the Golden Age. During the time the races of Earth finally prospered after defeating our ancient foes, another threat came and isolated the entire solar system from the rest of the universe, leaving us at the mercy of hostile races like the two you just witnessed."

"I dont know the details yet, but I can probably guess something has caused this much mess. Not as bad as the the reality I've visited but still dreadful." Paradox explained. "Since then, humanity, Faunus, Mobians, and all other races that struggle in this period of time have fought back with the remaining huntsmen and a group of powerful heroes called Guardians, until they finally received contact with isolated worlds with the help of the Earth Coalition in their war against the Glorft. They allowed a certain officer to steal their most powerful prototypethat was meant ti finish the Coaliton for good, but an accident occurred and sent them into the past."

"Her name was Kiva Andru, I helped her steal the mech from the Glorft, you can easily say they were really pissed off." Ven smiles and frowns with his head shaking softly. "I should've been the one to do it but was caught in a crossfire between the Cabal and Hive on Mars."

"If you did, you would've ended up stranded in the early 21st century like your friend, but risk endangering the timeline of having two versions of the Omnitrix which is the last thing we needed." The professor told him and shook his head. "No, Megas's srrivsk to that century was to happen."

"Megas? You mean the blue robot from Jersey." Dexter brought up a tablet and revealed the image of Megas he knew from his time period to show them. Allowing Ven to have a look at it.

"Huh? Is that Megas? Actually, not bad." Ven gave a compliment and nodded. "Cayde would certainly agree withe paint job, especially the flames."

"If we can focus on the subject, gentlemen?" Paradox asked them. "Now, as you now see, it is imperative to ensure the timeline is preserved and ways to save this world and the galaxy with your assistance among others."

"To prevent the fall of civilization?" Dexter asked and thought he got the idea.

"No, changing history isn't something you can do so easily, no matter how much you try the timeline will reorder itself. If it were, you think someone would have done so already? But some like the Vex will stop at nothing to remake all of reality in their image." Paradox explained to him. "There have been some incidents before, I'd rather not go into it too much to explain unless we can fix this mess."

This did not sit well for Dexter who felt the need to do something. "Then why bring me here to help if we can't change history? There must be something that can be done to save countless lives. Megas itself was from this era so surely it would've been mentioned before? If it were me, I would've had the chance to change mine… and maybe not been such a jerk to my sister." He suddenly slumped down and remembering the things he's done and ashamed.

"Had I not been so blinded by my own ego to be a great scientist like my grandfather… or alienate myself from my sister after she was chosen by my hero. Only if I could have stalled for…" Suddenly he stopped from his sentence and thought of something. "Stalled? That's it!"

"What? What is it?" Ven spoke and wasn't sure what he was thinking until he grabbed a stick and started drawing some lines.

"Perhaps there is something we can do to save the future! Picture this line that represents time." Grabbing a stick and drew a line on the ground to make it simpler. "The past, present and the future with my time era and yours by proximately 1,000 or so years. Imagine, somewhere when you mentioned that this Kiva brought Megas to the past. Even if you try to change history, but and like Paradox explained earlier, the disasters in history or even the smallest of changes that triggered those events will surely happen no matter what you try. Like trying to stop yourself from either choosing a decision you make, or if you did take her place to bring Megas into the target timezone."

"And as he said, I could've rounded up in someplace in the distant past, eh, your era." Ven replies, as he seemed to understand what Dexter was saying. "Is that right?"

Dexter gave a nod. "Right, but, some experts believe that altering the timeline could create a new branch. Making an entire new reality and the other would perhaps exist, or erased from existence." Draws a new line branch off. "That line may be something you wanted or could create something bad."

"Like a disruption in the time-space continuum. That's why there are laws in time travel, you can only observe but never interfere. Especially for a certain group I know of and Time Squad to monitor history of this universe." Paradox told them.

"But, aren't you interfering right now by bringing him here to the future?" Ven questioned him of his so-called oath.

"Touché." The professor had to admit that the young man made a valid point and continued to explain to him. "Yes, but there are some that can happen and in some cases, scenarios can be altered so long as they are not fixed in time or given last resort to change the timeline." Paradox explained to them. "In fact, this wasn't the first time that our history has been altered. You see in our so-called prime timeline, it is in fact a parallel to the once existed reality before a powerful and ancient demon changed his own history, and created the Grimm, and unfortunately, that has become one of those we can't interfere without risk of disruption the fabric of reality."

"But what if instead of fighting our fates, knowing the knowledge of our future we could prepare ourselves to delay them." Dexter theorized. "Give Earth and other worlds connected a possible fighting chance to make a difference."

Paradox nodded and smiled. "And the same thing that is happening now with Ana Bray with her knowledge of the future thanks to Kiva to save this one without causing some damage. Least with the approval from the Azure Guardian. But we should be careful about how to do this, I'll be meeting some friends of mine and return you to your time for now until further notice."

"This is gonna take a lot of getting used to. But nothing compared to that time in summer." Dexter shuddered of the thought of that one time in his childhood. "I should never have made that bet."

"Bet?" Ven inquired.

"Rather not ask." Dexter muttered as it was too humiliating for him, thinking if he had the chance to warn himself but doubt it would have worked anyway. Thinking of his memories and possible events he could've wished to change, but if there was a small chance to do that, maybe provide a bit of advice to his younger self or visit his grandfather to show different of a man he is compared to his past. And prevent the things he regretted that torn his family apart to make a better future.

"So what should I do? Help out as well?" Ven asked them.

"Hmm, too dangerous, I might acquire your assistance sometimes if needed, much as you would want to meet your distant ancestors it might not be wise with the Omnitrix on your wrist when Vilgax, the Glorft or anyone after it." The professor advised him just to remain caution.

Ven seems to understand what he was saying. "Got it, don't want the universe blowing up like those old movies, you squash a fly and everything goes to hell."

With a response like that both men of science looked at each other with a raised eyebrow and looked at him oddly. "Right." Dexter felt an odd feeling that young Tennyson's future descendants may inherit his traits and having growing doubts about this one.

Right now, all he can do is get to work on a new task to save the future and avert this terrible fate.