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Stirring gently, Lindsay could feel something tickling her face.

She peeled one eye open and as her eyes focused in the dull light of the room, she absorbed the image and then let her eyes flutter shut again.


A smile tugged at her lips as she opened her eyes again and glanced up at him from where she lay, resting against his chest. Grazing her cheek were his wispy hairs, the root cause of the tickling.

She hadn't slept so well in a long time and as much as she hated to admit it, it was definitely because of the arms she was wrapped in. Feeling him stir slightly, she extracted her arm from where it had been trapped between their bodies and prodded his nose softly with her fingertip. He opened one eye before letting out a contented sigh. "Hey."

"Hey." She whispered.

"What time is it?"

She shifted in her position to see her alarm clock. "Nine thirty." She told him.

"Perfect! Thirty more minutes, Montana." He said, turning over so his head was buried in her pillow.

"What?!" She scoffed. "It was me desperate to sleep before? What the hell is this?"

"You said ten… it ain't ten yet." He muttered into the pillow, "and anyway, your bed is too comfy. Go back to sleep."

"But it's our day off! We can't waste it!"

"Sleepin' on your day off isn't wastin' it, Linds. Sleepin' on your day off are what days off were made for."

"Maybe for you." She smirked.

He peeled his eye open and stared at her. "Lindsay…"

"What? What I'd do?" She laughed, turning onto her side so she faced him. "Why'd I get my full name?"

"Because." He yawned. "Come on, I'm tired. I was out gettin' breakfast for a certain girl at five thirty."

"Hey, what you do in your own time has nothing to do with me."

"It does when it's you I'm gettin' breakfast for."

"Touché." she smiled.

"Come on, I thought you were tired?" He implored.

"I was…"

"So sleep then."

"I'm all awake and refreshed now."

"No, the caffeine I gave you earlier kicked in."

"Maybe," she smiled.

"What do you wanna do then?" Danny sighed.

"I've got an idea," she smiled, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. "Get dressed."

It had taken some coaxing but eventually she had managed to drag him out of her apartment and to Central Park. She'd argued that she wanted to blow the cobwebs off herself and was desperate for something to do. She'd then informed him that he lived in one of the best cities in the world and he needed to appreciate his life and how lucky he was a little more.

He'd rolled his eyes but had gone along with it, muttering occasionally about Montana girls. She'd ignored him and he'd only gotten louder with his mutterings. He complained that he didn't like walking. He'd complained that because he was from New York, it meant that he didn't want to do things, like talking a nice walk in Central Park. He'd complained that everywhere was always overcrowded. Nothing had worked though… nothing had gotten a rise out of her. So finally when he complained that he didn't want to find a DOA in the park because they'd have a duty to stop and secure the scene she'd snapped and told him to walk with his eyes shut… and his mouth too.

That's when he realised he'd pushed her a little too far.

They'd been walking alongside each other but in silence for a couple of minutes since her outburst. She'd let go of his hand and no matter how many times he bumped into her or nudged her; she wouldn't budge. She was mad at him.

"Hey, listen… I was only jokin' earlier." He said softly, trying to take her hand. "This is nice, I'm enjoying it."

"I thought we had decided you were walking with your eyes and mouth shut." She snipped. "Heaven forbid you stumble across a dead body."

"Hey, it wouldn't be the first time." He mused.

She stared at him pointedly and shushed him before shoving her hands into her coat pockets. "You do realise I'm highly unimpressed with you right now; right?"

"Oh, I know." He laughed. "It's been duly noted."

"Good." She growled at him. "I thought this would be cute but you've done nothing but bitch and moan like a baby."

"You've gotta remember though Montana, I'm an indoors kinda guy. I like sitting."

"That's absolute bullshit and you know it. You don't sit still for more than thirty seconds. And I'm sorry Messer, but your body is not an I like to sit down and do nothing kind of body."

"True." He nodded as he walked alongside her, he nudged her with his arm, trying to get her to look at him. When she did he locked eyes with her for a moment. "Listen, I'm sorry."

She smiled at him. "I know."

"I know i was giving you hell earlier but this is nice, Linds." He said. "Honestly, you might be right. I never do things like this. Like I genuinely couldn't even tell you the last time I came for a walk in Central Park. I don't think I ever have if I'm totally honest. It's nice seeing New York through your eyes."

"My eyes?" She laughed. "What do you mean?"

"Well a non native New Yorker. Things are shiny and sparkly to you whereas for me they're cockroach infested and overcrowded and overpriced. It's refreshing to see it in a nice light."

"Glad I can be of service." She smirked. "So Statue of Liberty later? The Empire State Building? Coney Island?"

"You can keep dreamin'!" He laughed. "Not a chance."

She rolled her eyes as they followed the path back out onto the street. She glanced around for a moment and then smiled brightly. "Perfect!"

"Perfect? What's perfect."

"I haven't been to one of these in years." Lindsay marvelled as she enveloped his hand in her smaller one as she dragged him towards their intended destination.

"Where the hell are we goin'?" He implored as she dragged him across the street.

"We're going old school." Lindsay laughed over her shoulder. She dragged him towards the store and pushed through the door with her free hand. The bell chimed and she paused in the doorway; turning her head to face him. "Oh wait, do you even have a card? Because I don't."

"Maybe." He shrugged, letting go of her hand. He started digging in his pocket for his wallet. He flicked open his wallet and thumbed through some of the cards he had. "Ah, we're in luck!" He said, producing a Blockbuster card. "Probably from when I was a kid but it should work."

"Perfect!" She smiled. She grabbed his free hand and led him to the classic movies. They began scanning the shelves. "What a load of crap." She sighed. "The Notebook? Ugh."

"What's the matter?" Danny laughed, scanning the movies, glancing at her every so often. "I thought you women loved those kinds movies."

She cocked her head and stared at him pointedly.

"Except you clearly, my mistake." He shook his head as he turned back to picking a movie. "Oh man." He said, pulling Jaws off the shelf. "I haven't seen this in years!"

"It's such a good movie." Lindsay smiled. "We should rent it."

Danny nodded in agreement, grabbing her hand and leading her to the checkout with the movie clutched in his free hand. "Snacks?"

"Sure." She nodded. He grabbed an assortment of candy and treats before dumping them on the counter.

"I wonder if there will ever be a time where renting movies isn't a thing anymore." Lindsay pondered as their chosen snacks and movie got scanned by the cashier.

"You're such a goof, why the hell would renting movies become obsolete? Blockbuster going out of business? That is just ridiculous." He rolled his eyes as he handed thr money needed for their movie and snacks. He pulled her into his side. "Here, take this." He said handing her the bag of goodies. "Come on, let's go. We got a date with your couch, some snacks and a shark."

Lindsay took the bag and then accepted the hand he had outstretched towards her. As his hand tightened around hers, she couldn't help the smile that tugged at her lips. A date? She caught his eyes and he smirked at the little smile on her face. As she followed him out, the little voice inside her head told her that he'd chosen the word date on purpose.

And she'd reacted exactly in the way he'd wanted her to.

"No, no, no! You're doing it all wrong." Lindsay laughed as she cleared her throat. "This shark'll swallow ya whole!"

Danny laughed as he bit into a twizzler. "Eh, it's alright." He shrugged, chewing the candy.

"Oh and you can do better?" Lindsay scoffed as she shoved her lollipop back into her mouth. "Be my guest, cowboy."

"Alright, alright, alright. Let me see here." Danny laughed, shifting on the couch. "Ten thousand dollars will get you me by myself and for that you get the head, the tail, you get the whole damn thing!" He licked his lips and smirked as she burst into laughter. "Told ya!" He singsonged at the sound of her giggles.

Clutching at her tummy, Lindsay wiped her tears of laughter away at Danny's impression. "Oh my god," she cried, pointing the remote at the television and rewinding the disk. "Do that again!"

"What?" He smirked; pride at her reaction to him plastered all over his face.

"Whatever that was." She gestured to his face. "That was spot on. Perfect! Again!"

"I ain't your performin' monkey, Montana." He scoffed. "What do you think this is?"

"Please." She batted her eyes at him. .

"Fine." Danny sighed; rolling his eyes. Repeating his earlier words. He watched as her face lit up with laughter. He loved the sound of her giggles, especially when it was him making her laugh.

"You win.., you absolutely win!" She laughed, finally regaining a bit of her composure. "That was amazing."

He smiled at her as she reached for a handful of mms and tossed them into her mouth. "You're cute." He told her.

She glanced at him and smiled as she chewed her candy.

"This has been fun." He said. "Best day off I've had in a long time."

"Same." She smiled. "Not at all what I was expecting for today but it's been a perfect day. Even if it did start a little too early for my liking."

"Perfect?" Danny mused, ignoring her little quip about breakfast. "Wow. That's not bad going is it?"

"Not at all." She smiled shaking her head. "High praise really."

"I'll take it!" He mused.

She shifted on the couch and moved some of the snacks between them onto the table in front. She then stretched across the couch and laid her head on his lap. She settled her face against him, trying to work out his reaction. When she felt him lay one hand on her back and the other through her hair, playing with her messy curls absentmindedly, she knew she had made a move he was as equally okay with.

"You comfy?" He teased a few moments later.

"Incredibly." She sighed happily.

They fell into a comfortable silence and watched the rest of the movie. They'd entered into a new area of their relationship. They weren't messing around but they weren't officially together either. They were in-between something nice and new and were quickly moving towards something incredibly special and unique.

She had loved today. She'd loved waking up with him. She'd loved walking through the park, playfully bickering with one another. She'd loved renting the movie with him and eating a whole host of junk food. She loved spending time with him and whilst she was excited about where they were going, she liked the in-between too.

"You good?" He asked her as she shifted slightly on his lap.

"Perfect." She whispered.

A/N: ok, so every time I've watched like 'water for murder' and always felt like there was something more to their little exchange they have where they're quoting Jaws with each other. I always felt like him saying "we should rent it" meant something more than just him extending a little olive branch so I've enjoyed playing with that during this story! Hope you enjoyed it! Also, a side note? the idea of renting a movie now? Hilarious!

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