Chapter 16 – Final Chapter!

Hi everyone, here it is, the final chapter! Thank you so much to everyone who has read and enjoyed this story over all the months I have been writing it. It has been so much fun to write. I hope you all enjoy this final chapter and how the story wraps up. I may possibly do an epilogue at some point, set in the future, but will see how I go. Anyway, enjoy and thanks again!

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Lessons had started back a few days ago and although Harry enjoyed the classes here at Durmstrang he could admit that he was missing his free time a little bit. He had enjoyed the sleep in's and spending his days hanging out with his friends and Anders. Instead, he was in one of the Herbology greenhouses helping to harvest aconite roots that were needed for potion ingredients. Still, he couldn't complain too much, at least it was warm in the greenhouses and he was able to work with Anders. Harry knew he should be concentrating on what he was supposed to be doing but he couldn't stop his eyes wandering to the other every few minutes. Anders shot him a small smile as he pulled his own plant out of the loose soil and carefully started harvesting the roots. It was delicate work and Harry mentally gave himself a shake before concentrating on his own work. When the class finally ended, he grabbed his bag and started walking back to the castle with Anders and Timur. Snow had fallen thick on the ground, but Anders put an arm around Harry's slim waist and pulled him gently into his side, Harry smiled at the action. They walked back quietly, and Harry's hand subconsciously went to his pocket where the coin portkey that Anders had given him for Christmas now sat. It had become a habit he had picked up since Christmas, carrying the coin around in his pocket and running his fingers over it as he went about his day. Harry found the solid weight of the coin in his hand oddly comforting, reminding Harry of Anders soothing presence.

He sat down at the lunch table with his friends and pulled 'Nordic Creatures' out of his bag. Propping it on the jug of orange juice in front of him and started reading where he had left off that morning. He had officially accepted the apprenticeship with Professor Boden and would be starting work with the man next week. It would be two afternoons a week as well as Saturday mornings. Viktor had been very excited for him when Harry had explained about the apprenticeship and had sent Harry about a dozen different books on animals and creatures. Harry had been very touched by the gesture and support and may or may not have teared up a little when the package arrived. Harry had been embarrassed but Anders had just pulled him into his side in comfort, telling him that he was adorable.

The green-eyed teen looked up from his book when he heard someone calling his name.

"Harry" Lukas and Roman said in unison as they sat down opposite him at the table.

"We just heard from our parents, we're allowed to go and watch Krum play with you!" Lukas finished excitedly, while Roman waved the letter around their heads.

Harry's face broke into a broad smile at the news. "That's great! You two were the last ones to get permission, the game is only a few days away and I was starting to get worried you wouldn't be able to come."

"Who else is coming again?" Roman asked with interest, as he took a hearty bite of the sandwich in front of him.

"It will be, me and you pair, Anders, Timur, Blake, Martin and Axel." Harry said succinctly, counting the people off on his fingers as he went. "Viktor's said he's even managed to get us tickets in one of the top boxes, so we will have a birds eye view of the game."

Harry smiled softly at his friends excited faces.

"Viktor will meet us in the Headmasters office and portkey with us to the game."

They continued talking about the game and Harry noticed some of the students sitting around them subtly listening in. He turned and saw Annika looking at him intently, Harry squirmed a little under her intense stare. He wondered briefly what her problem was now. He thought they had sorted out their issues and had actually been on the way to becoming friends. Harry flicked his eyes back to Anders, determined not to let Annika ruin his good mood.


The week swept by quickly and before he knew it Harry was walking with his friends to the headmaster's office. Viktor would already be waiting there for them, ready to whisk them off to the game. This game was Bulgaria vs Russia and Harry was excited to see the different playing styles and maybe pick up a new move or two that he could try out himself, even if he wasn't playing quidditch anymore. Anders had his arm wrapped around Harry's shoulders and was speaking rapidly to Axel about the game. The pair were actually from Russia it turned out, so were now even more excited to watch the game. Harry wasn't sure if he had ever seen Anders quite so animated before, he'd definitely never heard him speak so much before. The blondes free hand was gesticulating wildly as he tried to explain a move one of the Russian players- Egorov, Harry thought the name was, had pulled off the last time Anders had been to a match. Harry bit his lip to stop himself from chuckling at Anders attempts.

They entered the headmaster's office to find Viktor already waiting for them. He was sipping from a teacup and looked to be having a wonderful time catching up with the older man.

"Ah Harry you're here" Viktor said, standing and enveloping Harry in a big hug, subtly pushing Anders off to the side as he did so.

"Viktor! I've missed you" Harry said honestly, wrapping his arms around the muscular older teen. "I want you to meet my friends, this is Timur, Lukas, Roman, Blake, Martin, Axel and finally Anders," Harry said pointing to each friend in turn as he said their name. He finished with Anders and lead Viktor over to the blonde teen. "Anders is my boyfriend" Harry said shyly, his cheeks flushing a soft pink.

Viktor's eyes narrowed at the declaration. He remembered Anders from when he was in school, they were in the same house after all, so he had come across the younger teen in his time at Durmstrang. He remembered him as a quiet boy, though not much else.

Viktor stuck out his hand for the other to shake.

"It's nice to meet you Anders" Viktor said briskly as they shook hands. "I hope you won't make the grave mistake of daring to hurt my Harry, will you?" he finished, his voice dropping low and dangerous.

Harry's eyes popped open at the undercurrent of threat in the words.

Anders took it all in his stride though, shaking Viktor's hand and answering seriously, "I wouldn't dream of hurting my Harry." Causing Harry to blush all over again. The handshake went on for longer than was perhaps necessary, the two teens sizing each other up before letting go.

"Alright, who's ready to go?" Viktor asked, looking around at the rest of Harry's friends. He was met with a resounding chorus of "me, me!" that left him chuckling.

"Goodbye Headmaster, I will return them all safely to you at the end of the game." Viktor said seriously, as he pulled out a rolled-up newspaper from his pocket.

"Alright, everyone grab hold."

The teens all gathered around, each putting a finger on the paper as Viktor said the phrase "Bulgaria rules" activating the portkey. Harry felt the usual tug behind his navel, before he was swept away in a swirl of bodies. He landed heavily and flew into Anders who was at his side, causing them both to stumble, but thankfully Anders got his feet under him and righted them both before they toppled to the ground. Harry helped Lukas and Timur off the ground, who hadn't been so lucky as to stay on their feet, before looking around.

The room was remarkably like the one he had been in for the quidditch world cup. A large room with chairs lined in rows behind a huge glass window. The only difference this time was that there was tables of food and drink along the back of the wall.

"These are your seats here" Viktor explained leading them over to the front row. "There will be others to come later, but I had to pick you up a little early so I can go and get ready for the match now. Help yourself to the food, remember do not leave this room under any circumstances, OK?"

All the teens murmured their agreement. Harry gave Viktor a quick hug and wished him luck before Viktor had to hurry off and get ready.

"Well, who's hungry?" Harry asked heading towards the large table covered in food. There was a huge selection, some he recognised some he didn't. He decided to be on the safe side and just grab a couple different sandwiches. The other boys filling up their plates before they all trooped back over and took their seats.

"I've never been in such good seats before" Axel said in awe, looking out over the crowds that were starting to form in the stands below them.

"I have once before, it was amazing!" Harry exclaimed, "you nearly feel like you're part of the match when you're this high up. It was probably the best quidditch match I've ever been to" Harry said, though he didn't elaborate on which match that was.

This got everyone talking about the best matches they've ever seen.

"There was this one match our dad took us to" Lukas explained. "France vs Romania, France was winning until someone jinxed them to only fly upside down. It was hilarious! Come to think of it they still only lost by 30 points though." Lukas finished, scratching his head in amusement.

Harry chuckled at the idea of a whole quidditch team flying around upside down and hoped nothing similar happened to Viktor tonight.

Harry sat in the middle of the row, between Anders and Blake. He peered over the edge to look down as the two teams started to make their way onto the pitch.

Harry cheered and clapped as Viktor walked out, the other boys clapping along, though Harry laughed when he realised Anders stopped after a few seconds. Obviously, his loyalty to his Russian team ran deep. This should be a great match.

The players lifted off into the air and began warming up, flying some laps around the pitch and throwing a quaffle amongst themselves. This continued on for a few minutes until a referee walked onto the pitch and a horn sounded. Both teams flew to the ground, lining up in front of the short balding man. Harry couldn't hear what was being said, but a coin was thrown into the air and the referee was pointing to the Russian team, who took the quaffle into their possession. Another whistle sounded and the players lifted gently into the air.

Harry felt excitement coursing through him as he waited for the game to start. He was practically vibrating in his seat, Anders cast him a fond look, wrapping his arm around Harry's shoulders as the players took off at the sound of the siren. Harry leaned into his side, placing his hand on Anders knee as he watched the game start.

"Just a little bit excited are you, love?" Anders asked with a grin and Harry being the mature person that he was, simply stuck his tongue out in response, earning a soft chuckle from his boyfriend.

Harry was so caught up in Viktor and the match that he failed to notice that the other members of the box had arrived and were now sitting in the chairs behind him. It was about 15 minutes in, and Harry had turned to pick up his drink from the ground beside him when he caught a flash of blue robes and dark skin. He looked back again, and to his immense surprise came eye to eye with none other than Order of the Phoenix member, Kingsley Shacklebolt. Harry froze in complete and utter shock and horror at finding himself in such close proximity to a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Harry quickly spun back around, cursing his luck. Of course, he knew that Kingsley had taken over as Minister of Magic, but what were the chances that he would be here with the Bulgarian minister on the same night that he was watching Viktor. Harry let out a small sigh, pretty bloody good actually considering just how Harry's luck ran.

"Harry?" A deep voice sounded behind him.

Harry felt his heart stutter in his chest, his mind frantically trying to come up with a way out of this mess.

"Harry? Is that you?" The voice asked again.

Harry kept facing forward determined to ignore the voice, even as his words started to catch the attention of his friends.

"Ah Harry," Anders said uncertainly. "I think the man behind you, knows you."

"No, no he doesn't, must just be some kinds of mistake" Harry squeaked. Anders brows furrowed in concern at the fear that laced Harry's words.

Harry felt a firm hand grip his shoulder and turn him around, once again finding himself face to face with Kingsley. Dark eyes widened in surprise, Harry could feel them tracing over him, taking in the differences but also the similarities.

Harry noticed that all of his friends had turned away from the match and were carefully watching the strange man who had grabbed his shoulder.

"Harry! It is you! We've been looking bloody everywhere for you; the whole order has been going spare wondering what happened to you." Kingsley exclaimed shaking Harry slightly in his excitement. Harry flinched, not sure whether it's at the words or the contact.

Suddenly Anders is on his feet beside him and grabbing Kingsley's hand, pulling it not so gently off Harry's shoulder.

Kingsley looked at Anders in surprise, like he'd just realised there were other people in the room.

"Where have you been Harry?" Kingsley asked, and this time Harry can hear accusation in his words. "We could have used you these last few months, the wizarding world has been in upheaval, but instead you've been off who knows where doing who knows what."

Harry's eyes narrow slightly in anger, who the hell does Kingsley think he is!?

"Ah, I think there has been some kind of mistake" says Martin seriously, from down the row of seats.

"What?" Kingsley asked confused. "No, there is no mistake. This is one Harry James Potter, defeater of He who shall not be named. He has been missing since last June, but now that I have finally found him, it is time for him to return home, to England."

Everyone seemed to freeze at the words, Harry could practically feel the cogs turning in Anders head as he processed the words. Harry felt panic start to set in, oh gosh his friends knew the truth now, what if they didn't want to be his friend anymore? And Kingsley wanted to take him back to England, no, NO, he wouldn't go back without a fight.

"Harry, is this true?" Anders asked quietly, and Harry was heartbroken to see such uncertainty in Anders eyes.

Taking a deep breath and steeling his nerve Harry nodded. He backed up a few steps and looked at his friends. He knew the time had come to finally be honest with them.

"It…It's true. I was born Harry James Potter. However, Viktor blood adopted me over the summer, so I haven't lied to you, my name really is Harry Krum." Harry let his head drop, waiting for the anger and rejection from his friends, instead he felt strong arms wrap around him and pull him into a warm chest. Harry looked up to see Anders blue eyes looking down at him with nothing but love shining through.

"I don't know why you didn't tell me this Harry, but it makes no difference. Having had a different name does not change what I know about you. You Harry Krum, are kind" Anders said as he dropped a small kiss on Harrys cheek. "And loyal" he said, continuing to drop kisses as he spoke. "And strong, brave, smart, fierce, funny. You would do anything for your friends and God help the person who dares to harm them. The fact that you were born with a different name, does not change the way I feel about you." Anders said sincerely. "I'm sure you had a very good reason for doing what you did." Harry could feel tears welling in his eyes as Anders finished speaking. He had been so afraid of what would happen when Anders and his friends found out he had been lying about who he really was, it felt better than he ever could have imagined being accepted for who he truly was.

"This actually explains a lot" Martin said with a chuckle, "we always knew there was something from your past you were keeping hidden, didn't expect it to be quite this big but still I agree with Anders, none of that changes who you are Harry."

Harry gave Martin a watery smile, throwing his arms around his friend, before slowly turning to looking at the other boys, all who were nodding along in agreement.

"That's wonderful that you've made some friends Harry, but it doesn't change the fact that you will still need to be coming home with me. Right. Now." Kingsley said and started to take a step towards Harry.

The atmosphere in the top box turned tense as Harry shifted away from Kingsley's reaching hand. Harry drew his wand and saw out of the corner of his eye his friends doing the same. The Ministers with Kingsley looked around confused, trying to understand what was happening.

Kingsley also looked confused as well for a moment, before raising his wand and casting his patronus. "I have found Harry." The patronus took off before Harry could even think of a way to stop it.

"Shit" Harry groaned, running his hand wearily over his face.

"Kingsley, I am not going anywhere with you. I have a new home now and I am very happy there, I have no intention whatsoever of returning with you." Harry said firmly, making it clear to Kingsley what he wanted.

As he expected Kingsley ignored everything that he had said.

"Everyone at Hogwarts has missed you Harry, I know Ron and Hermione are very keen to see you again, as is Ginny." The older man said with a grin, like he and Harry were in on some inside joke.

Harry just rolled his eyes exasperated but not surprised by the Ministers attitude.

"You are just confused at the moment Harry; I don't know what has happened to you, but we will get you back home and right as rein in no time."

Anders growled at the implied threat in Kingsley's words, that Harry wasn't mentally capable of making his own decisions. The large blonde subtly shifted so he was partially blocking Harry from Kingsley's view, while Harry continued to scowl.

"For the last time Kingsley, I'm not going anywhere with you!" Harry said angrily, he was really starting to lose his temper now.

Harry felt Blake and Martin move up closer to him on his right side.

Kingsley scowled, and before Harry could even react had shot a stunner at the small teen. Blake who must've been expecting the move flicked his wrist, causing a shield to appear and absorb the stunning spell.

"What the hell Kingsley!" Harry yelled. "I said no! Nothing gives you the right to try to take me anywhere without my permission!"

Kingsley didn't respond, just shot another stunner, this time Harry was prepared, as was Anders, both casting strong shields around their whole group. Axel, Timur, Roman and Lukas, coming up to stand at their backs.

Kingsley looked frustrated and started firing spells at the shield, which thankfully held under the onslaught of magic.

The Russian and Bulgarian Ministers looked horrified as Kingsley started firing spells one after another at a group of underage students. They quickly cast their own shields as the rebounding spells flew around the room hitting things indiscriminately.

A plate of sandwiches exploded, and a hole was gauged out of the wall. Everyone flinched when a spell hit the viewing window to the pitch and exploded in a shower of glass.

The crowd below had begun to notice the disturbance and more heads turned away from the game to look up at the top box.

Harry looked around the room trying to find an escape when the door behind Kingsley burst open and a group of people barrelled in. Harry felt his heart begin to sink at the sight before him.

Ron, Hermione, Mr & Mrs Weasley, Remus, Sirius and, of course Dumbledore.

Dumbledores blue eyes scanned the room quickly, taking in the situation in a matter of seconds.

"Harry my boy, it's so good to see you again. We've all been so worried about you."

Harry rolled his eyes at the sentiment.

Before he could respond another spoke up, "Harry," Sirius croaked.

Harry flicked his eyes to his Godfather, surprised to see genuine emotion on the others face.

"Now what is all this fuss about?" Dumbledore asked in his grandfatherly tone. "Surely you wish to come home, now you have been found."

"Found!? I was never bloody lost." Harry growled. "I made a decision for myself and it was the best decision that I have ever made. I will not be returning with you, I have a new home, a new family now."

Shock seemed to be the prominent emotion in the room at the moment, before the members of The Order of the Phoenix all started talking at once.

"What!? Harry you can't mean that!" Gasped Sirius.

"We are your family Harry, not whoever these people are" Mrs Weasley said with a scowl.

"Oi, what about us?" Ron cried. "Years of friendship, forgotten just like that."

"Surely Harry if we all just sit down and talk, we will be able to work this all out" Dumbledore said gently.

The voices started getting louder, talking over each other to be heard. Someone, he's not sure who fired a spell at the shield surrounding Harry and his friends. Harry took an involuntary step back at the strength of the spell, the shield shaking with the force of it. Fear started to creep through Harry's veins as another spell hit the shield. His heart started pounding and his hands started to shake.

Harry heard a whirring noise and looked around just as Viktor came bursting through the broken window, landing with a crash near Harry and his friends.

"What the hell is going on here!" Viktor snarled, trying to take a step towards Harry but forced back by the shield that surrounded them.

The voices started up again, all fighting to be heard, this time with Viktor yelling louder than any of them.

"I blood adopted Harry; he is my son! God help anyone who tries to take him away from me against his will!"

Harry stood frozen as the shield wavered precariously under the force of another spell.

He looked around the room trying to find a way to help, a way to stop the fighting but he knew it was no use. Dumbledore and the Order wouldn't listen to him, that much was abundantly clear. Harry's hands dropped to his sides in defeat, as his hand fell it brushed against his pocket and Harry felt a solid weight brush his hand.

His coin!

"Quick!" He gasped, gaining the attention of his friends who had been watching the spectacle before them.

"Everyone put a finger on the coin" Anders eyes lit in understanding as he reached out and touched the side of the coin. The others following suit. It was a tight squeeze, not just to all get a finger on the coin but to all squish in a circle around the small object.

Harry looked at Viktor in concern, he knew the older teen would be fine. Could probably handle the situation better without the added pressure that Harry being in the room was obviously causing.

With one final look at Viktor Harry said the password, "summertime."

There was a sharp tug behind his naval and then the group was landing with a loud bang in an unfamiliar room. There was no chance of anyone staying on their feet with how close they had been standing, so the group crumpled to the ground in a messy heap. Harry ended up half under Timur with someone laying painfully on his hair.

He tried to look around as he heard hurried footsteps rush into the room they had landed in, but whoever was on his hair prevented much movement.

"Anders?" A voice said urgently.

"Anders, what's happened?"

Harry heard a groan from somewhere to his left. Everyone started to slowly disentangle and make their way to their feet. Harry felt a strong hand grip him under the arm and pull him to his feet. Harry looked up to find himself face to face with Anders, who had such a look of worry on his face that Harry felt his heart melt a little. Strong hands gripped his face.

"Are you OK Harry?" Anders asked in concern, blue eyes flickering all over him, checking for injury.

"Yeah, yeah I'm OK" Harry said and was slightly embarrassed when his voice wavered. He was feeling weak and dizzy as the adrenaline and fear that had been pumping though him slowly began to abate.

"They were trying to take you away from us, weren't they?"

"Ye-yeah" Harry said before clearing his throat. "Yeah, they wanted me to go back with them. Back to an abusive family, back to people who care more about how they can use me, then they do about me. They don't listen to me, to what I want, to what I was trying to tell them."

Anders pulled Harry close, catching his mouth in a searing kiss. Harry wrapped his arms around Anders neck, fingers curling into blonde hair as he kissed back just as fiercely. Harry felt Anders tongue make its way into his mouth, running over his own tongue in a gentle caress. Harry let himself enjoy the feeling for a moment before pulling back, resting his head against Anders as he caught his breath.

"I thought they were going to take you" Anders said quietly, and Harry's heart clenched at the fear that laced the words. He didn't have any words to respond, but simply held Anders closer, letting them both take comfort from the other as they calmed down from the ordeal.

When they finally pulled away from each other they turned to find a man and woman standing nearby watching them bemusedly.

Harry glanced at Anders to see his whole face lit up bright red.

"Ah, mama, papa, I would like you to meet Harry Krum. Harry this is my mama and papa. Or Sofia and Alek as you may call them."

Harry smiled shyly at the couple before him. Harry could see where Anders got his looks from, both parents were fair with blonde hair and blue eyes. Blue eyes that were both narrowed at Anders in amusement.

"Oh, Harry it's so nice to meet you, Anders has written of practically nothing else since he met you." Gushed Sofia. Anders, if possible, blushed even harder at those words and Harry swore he heard some chuckles break out behind them. "Though I didn't expect to be meeting you under such circumstances."

"Yes, when you asked for a portkey for Harry, I assumed it would be for this summer, not the middle of January. What on earth is going on son?" Questioned Alek.

"Ah, first let me introduce our other friends; Axel you know, this is Timur, Blake, Martin, Lukas and Roman" Anders said, pointing to each boy as he went.

"It is lovely to meet you all" Sofia said graciously. "Now quit stalling son and tell us what is going on. Are you hurt? Do you need some kind of help?"

"It's actually my fault that we're here" Harry said quietly, not meeting anyone's eyes.

"You see, at the end of the last school year I was going through a bit of a tough time. Viktor, ah Viktor Krum that is, pretty much saved me. Adopted me and gave me a whole new life, a life I'm very happy in." Sofia waved everyone into comfortable armchairs as Harry spoke, deciding that this may be quite a conversation and it was best to get comfortable.

"I didn't tell anyone that I had left, I knew they would never let me go. However, while I was gone some people have been searching for me. One of those people was at the quidditch match tonight. He… he tried to force me to go back with him and didn't take it to kindly when I refused. Thankfully I had the portkey in my pocket and was able to use it to get everyone to safety. Though I am truly sorry that I put you all in danger, I understand if you don't want to be my friend anymore." Harry finished solemnly.

Noises of surprise and protest reached Harry's ears.

"Gosh, no Harry! Nothing that happened tonight was your fault. If that first bloke had just listened to you from the get-go the whole incident could have been avoided" Martin protested. The others murmuring their agreement. Harry smiled tentatively and lifted his head to look at his friends smiling faces. He let himself relax slightly as he realised that his friends weren't mad, that they weren't rejecting him, they still wanted to be his friend. He wasn't sure how he got so lucky as to have friends like these.

"If you have been blood adopted by Mr Krum, this other man had no right what so ever to try and take you" Alek said angrily, starting to pace.

"Logically I know that but it still scared me, they just didn't care. It was better that I leave and let Viktor handle them."

"If by handle them, you mean kill them, then yes definitely a good idea to leave Viktor to deal with them" Anders chuckled.

"Is it OK if we all stay the night here mama, papa?" Anders asked. "It has been a trying evening; I think we all need some sleep and can look at heading back to school in the morning."

Sofia and Alek nodded their approval. "Of course, you are all more than welcome to stay. I will send an owl to the Headmaster immediately though, so he can arrange a portkey to take you back to school asap."

The group all nodded in understanding at the words.

"Harry, I assume your family will be in contact, I will let you know if anything arrives for you." Sofia said softly as the group of teens started to drift toward the stairs.

It was as they started walking that Harry had his first chance to actually look around at the room, they were in. He wouldn't have been surprised to find that he was actually in some old Russian castle.

The room was huge, with walls made of a thick grey stone, and tapestries lining the walls, telling stories of various heroic deeds done. Harry's eyes skimmed over suits of armour and a particularly brutal looking axe as they made their way to a spiralling stone staircase. A thick red carpet covering the stone as they made their way up the stairs to an upper level. Harry thought it was beautiful. He could practically feel the history vibrating through the place and Harry instantly felt at home. He knew that Anders family must have lived here for generations for a home to be this deeply steeped in family magic. The idea that this was where Anders grew up brought a soft smile to Harry's face, imaging a young Anders running around causing mischief.

As they continued down the hall Anders stopped and pointed out rooms for different people to stay in, thankfully the place was so big there seemed an endless supply of rooms. After bidding their friends goodnight Anders led Harry to the last room in the hallway. He opened the door and guided him inside.

"This, Harry, is my room" Anders said gesturing around the room before them.

Harry smiled at the walls and walls of books that lined the walls, the broom stick in the corner as well as the huge bed in the middle of the room, covered in thick green blankets. The room practically screamed Anders.

"It's beautiful" Harry said, as they walked further into the room and stopped before the roaring fireplace.

Anders pulled Harry back into his chest, wrapping his arms around the smaller waist. Harry went willingly curling his hands tightly in Anders robes and burying his face in the other teens neck. Letting himself relax as he breathed in the calming scent.

Harry felt Anders fidget a little but was to relaxed to even try to move.

"If you like you could sleep in here tonight. With me I mean." Anders said gently.

Harry looked up at his boyfriend before nodding decidedly, "I'd like that."

Anders seemed surprised but happy with the answer. He pulled away, rummaging through his draws before pulling out a pair of pants and a sleep shirt for Harry.

"The bathrooms just through there if you'd like to get ready?"

Harry nodded, but made quick work in the bathroom. Now that he was somewhere safe he was feeling completely exhausted, and Anders huge bed was looking more and more welcoming. Especially when he came out of the bathroom and found the blonde already dressed and in bed. Harry hovered nervously before Anders smiled at him, patting the space beside him.

Harry taking the hint hurried over and quickly climbed into bed. Feeling relaxed but a little awkward at the idea of sharing a bed with Anders for the first time. He cast a quick glance at the blonde, who was wearing an amused smile. Anders slowly reached out and wrapped an arm around Harry, pulling him gently into his chest.

"Is this OK?" Anders asked quietly.

"More than OK" Harry said back, snuggling in deeper to Anders warmth as he felt sleep claim him.


Harry woke in an unfamiliar room, in an unfamiliar bed. He looked around in a daze for a moment before he remembered the night before. He let out a soft groan and let his head fall back into the soft pillow beneath him. The Order had found him, life as he had known it had changed forever…again. He was scared what the Oder was going to do now they had found him, even if another part of his brain gently reminded him that they couldn't actually do anything. He was a Krum now, there was no way for them to contact him at school or at home and if they tried to do anything any other time, he had the law on his side, as well as Viktor. Viktor had looked downright furious last night, flying into the top box like some dark avenging angel. Harry would be forever grateful to have Viktor Krum in his life.

The warm body behind him started to stir slightly and Harry knew that Anders must be waking up. Harry rolled over so he could watch Anders wake up, the blonde blinking a few times and look around disorientated. Adorable! Harry thought as Anders blue eyes started to focus.

"Well this is a nice way to wake up" Anders whispered, his voice hoarse from sleep. He pulled Harry closer, so they were pressed together from shoulder to ankle.

Harry groaned softly at the feel of Anders against him. Anders hand ran up and down his back soothingly.

"Did you sleep OK?" Anders asked. "I was worried you would be upset about what happened yesterday."

"I slept great" Harry replied. "I felt so safe in your arms" he admitted shyly, eyes darting to the blankets beneath them.

Anders looked pleased by the statement. "Good, I'm glad," he said, placing a gentle kiss to Harry's cheek.

There came a soft knock at the door, followed by a much louder one. Before either Harry or Anders could respond the door burst open and in marched Viktor, Sofia and Alek right behind them.

"Just what is going on in here Harry?" Viktor asked, his voice deep and gruff.

Harry let out a surprised squeak at the sight of Viktor standing before him and hurriedly tried to move away from Anders.

Viktor shot Anders a positively dangerous look, eyes narrowed in anger, and Harry saw Anders swallow thickly. "It better not be what it looks like."

"No! No it's not. We didn't do anything but sleep. I didn't want to be alone last night" Harry finished quietly.

Viktor let out a deep sigh, running his hands over his face tiredly.

"Fine… fine, just don't be making a habit of it Harry."

Harry nodded quickly and jumped out of bed to wrap his arms around Viktor. The older teen looked exhausted, and Harry felt quilt grip his stomach and twist at the thought that he was the cause of all this trouble.

Viktor hugged Harry back, holding the smaller teen securely against his chest.

Harry pulled back and looked up at Viktor. "Sorry for leaving like that last night."

Viktor just shook his head, "no, I'm glad you did. It was easier on me knowing you were safely away."

"What happened after I left?"

Viktor scratch his head, his eyes narrowing again. "Well, there was a lot of yelling and curses being thrown. The Bulgarian and Russian Ministers were very unimpressed and called security to get the group under control. I provided proof to Dumbledore about the adoption. He did not look happy, but there isn't a lot they can do about it. I simply explained that if they tried to contact or approach you in any way, there would be serious consequences. I think the message got through."

Harry let out a relieved breath. He was safe, he wasn't being made to go back to Hogwarts.

"Some of them wouldn't shut up, wanted to talk to you, know where you were. I just told them you would contact them if and when you wanted to."

Harry's face split into a huge grin at Viktor's words, smiling even more when Anders came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist, resting his chin on Harry's shoulder.

"Come on now, down for breakfast, everyone else is already eating." Viktor said, grabbing Harry's hand and pulling him down the hall, leaving Anders trailing behind.

They walked into the dining room, and Harry was once again blown away. A huge wooden table sat in the middle with a roaring fire nearby. The floor was once again grey stone but covered in a large dark brown mat. Harry's eyes went immediately to a younger girl who was sitting at the table, happily eating breakfast with his friends.

The girl let out a happy squeal when she spotted Anders and jumped into his arms. Anders gripped her hard. "Oh, how I've missed you Faina" Anders whispered, and Harry felt his heart melt at the sight.

Anders pulled back and spun Faina around to face Harry. "Faina this is my boyfriend Harry, Harry this is my little sister Faina."

Harry smiled and gave a small wave to the younger girl who was staring at him intently.

"It's nice to meet you Faina" Harry said and was rewarded with a small grin.

"You to Harry, Anders writes of nothing else in his letters home."

Causing Harry to laugh and Anders to blush. He gave his sister a playful shove, "go eat your breakfast squirt."

Faina laughed, skipping back to the table and her place between Martin and Blake.

Harry sat between Anders and Viktor and began dishing himself up some scrambled eggs and toast.

"So, Harry Potter huh?" Lukas asked, staring at Harry with a raised brow. "Defeater of Dark Lords and champion among men, if the rumours are to be believed.

Harry gasped, choking, as his eggs went down the wrong way. He coughed and spluttered for a few seconds before weakly replying "the rumours are definitely not to be believed."

"Did you really outfly a dragon, battle mermaids and make it through a dangerous maze in the Triwizard championship?" Timur asked, awe colouring his tone.

Harry looked uncomfortable, scratching the back of his neck. "Well, yeah I guess I did do all that."

"Wow" was said a few times around the table.

"Oh, that's nothing, you wouldn't believe half the things Harry's done, even if I told you." Viktor stated. "Though I must say I'm glad those days are behind him."

Harry gave a small self-deprecating chuckle, "honestly, me to. I never felt safe before, not with my Aunt and Uncle, not with my friends, not even at Hogwarts. This is the first time I have felt safe, that I can remember and that is thanks to all of you." Harry said sincerely, looking around at Viktor and his friends.

Anders reached over and took Harry's hand, slowly rubbing the back in comfort.

Sofia and Alek shared a small smile at just how smitten their son was.

"Hurry up and finish breakfast everyone, the Headmaster has sent a portkey and he is expecting you back in his office within the next hour. It's time to head back to Durmstrang."

Harry smiled at the thought as he finished his eggs and toast.

The end.

I hope you enjoyed it!