Today is the big day for the students of Big Hit Magical School, today is the day they try to summon their familiars. For some of the students, it's their first time trying to summon their familiars, for others it isn't the first time. For Min Yoongi, it isn't his first time, no, it is his eight time trying to summon his familiar, and because of that the other students in the school ridiculise him as no other student before have ever had to do more thant three summoning before they got their familiar... But today, he knows it will work, he doesn't know how he knows that but he can feel it and it scares him a little but he isn't going to back down !

Min Yoongi POV

What is this feeling ? It's possible for me to know that it's going to work for sure... But why does it show now ? I mean, it's technically not possible because of that... I already know I will have a shitty day... Maybe I could skip the summoning and just go back to my room and sleep for the rest of the day ? Hmm that's actually not a bad idea... But now I want to sleep for real, meh I'm not staying for the summonning, bye fuckers and hello the love of my life aka my darling bed !

"Min Yoongi ! Where do you think you are going !" shit that's the teacher, let's get a run for it ! "Oh no you aren't going anywhere !" fuck he just iced me on the spot, fucker... "Honestly, it's like that every year with you !"

"Yeah well if you didn't force me every year into doing the summoning, I wouldn't try to get away, you asshole" I know I probably shouldn't have said that but I can't stop myself.

"The only reason why i'm doing this is because of who your parents are, you're already embarrassing them enough, no need to embarrass them even more ! And because of how you have insulted me, you are going to be the last one to go !" Why does he looks like he just created the plan of the century or something ? I honestly could care less about what others think about me, because yes his plan is to humiliate me, but like I said, I couldn't care less... And I seriously hate that shitty teacher...

Let's wait and see what's going to happen then