Min Yoongi's POV

Oh... It's my time... Oh well, it will be a disaster like usual... *walks to the summoning circle as slowly as possible*

'Teacher' "Go faster you loser !" *push me to the ground and laugh*


I get up from the ground and go stand in the damn circle... Honestly, why do they continue to make me try to summon ?... We all know it won't work !... Though not for the reasons all those idiots thinks... All right, here we go for another failure, like usual...

"I, Min Yoongi, summons my life partner !"

*nothing happen*

"See, nothing, I told you it woul-"

*mint and white magic start swearling around me*

"What the fuck is going on ?! The hell is wrong no-ahhhhhh*

*the magic charge at me and enter into my chest making extreme pain erupt into me making me scream*

Jeon Jungkook's POV

Some minutes earlier

Oh shit... He's a Min... But why is everyone bullying him then ?... I don't have the time to think about that right now !... But he's just so beautiful and he has such a beautiful name that fits him so well after all he shine between those idiots with his beauty an- wait why am I thinking all that right now ?! Get a grip of yourself Jeon ! *slap himself on the face* Okay ! Let's get it !

A little time later

Don't you dare touch him !... How can they laugh at that ?! Aren't they realising that it's a human being they are laughing at ?! How can they be so cruel ?!... And Min Yoongi-ssi is just accepting it like it's normal... But I can still feel anger coming from him but it's not a lot, though it's not really surprising with his condition... He's gotten up and is walking to the circle and I still don't know how to help him ?! What do I do ? What do I do ?!... I don't even have the time to panic that he's already in it and doing the summoning... And nothing happens, which doesn't surprise me for the same reason as earlier... Wait... Something is happening ?! What is going on ?!

Unknow POV

'Hobi'-"It works ! Yes ! We did it Mang !"

'Hyung'-*hugs Hobi and kisss his cheeks*-"You did it Hobi ! I'm so so proud of you !"

'Hobi'-*blushing*-"H-Hyung, you don't have to kiss me ! And p-please let me go I have difficulty breathing !"

'Hyung'-*scoff*-"Nonsense, I can and will kiss you as much as I want ! And also, stop complaining ! You are getting a hug from ME, why are you even complaining ?!"

'Hobi'-"C-Can't b-breathe..."

'Hyung'-*let Hobi go*-"Hehe oops, sorry Hobi, I didn't hear you earlier..."

'Hobi'-"It's totally fine Hyung but maybe we should continue to watch the summonning, I mean the light is still around Yoongi-ssi..."

'Joonie'-"Hobi is right, we can't stop watching yet..."

What do you think about that ? Also I wanted to know if you want a picture of what the summons looks like... Anyway, have a good night everyone !