Jake braided Rose's hair after Haley and one of the faerie healers, Igraine, had carefully bathed, redressed her, and returned her to bed after Jake had gone through the physical therapy with her to keep her from muscles from atrophying. Rose didn't react to any of the attention.

"If this was a fairy tale," he murmured under his breath. "Do you think that's an alternate universe for us, Rose? Are you the princess and I'm the dragon assigned to your tower? Maybe you're the maidservant who falls in love with the prince? Maybe … Who am I kidding? I'm already out of ideas. You were better at it."

He tied off the end of her braid and then laid it over her shoulder, moving the collar of her shirt out of the way to look at her neck.

She'd had no personal effects from the hospital – Jake had checked. She had arrived wearing a tattered black shirt and pants with no shoes – unrecognizable as a Huntsclan uniform. There had been no mask and no amulet. After the first time that Haley had helped bath her, however, the mystery had been solved and Jake believed that was why she was still with him now. Amongst the map of scars with no rhyme or reason to them, there was a very clear pattern that looped around her neck, falling midway to her chest, just as the necklace would have rested on her.

His amulet had protected her life but had it protected her mind? The doctors had detected brain activity; there was reason to believe that she was still in there. But, if that was true, why didn't she come back? What was holding her inside?

"You can smell the cooking from downstairs," Jake said. "That's more than enough reason for you to open your eyes today. Trixie and Spud are here and I think they'd really like to meet you. The Rose version of you that I keep telling them about."

Jake squeezed her hand but she didn't squeeze back.

"We have to finalize our plan. We have a meeting with the current temporary president – who was our last president but re-elections were coming up at the time of the Hunts-pocalypse, I don't know if you remember that – anyway, we have a meeting with him on Monday. I have to have everything ready and organized. Which, isn't my problem, I don't think. I've got a pit in my stomach, dread, right, about being in a building full of humans in my dragon form. Will they try to kill me? Don't know. But prior experience says yes." He poked her leg. "I have you to thank for that."

It occurred to him that he was rambling like Rose used to, sitting on her bed in the cell and chattering away at him. He had listened to every word that she'd said, even when he'd been feeding himself the excuse that she could be giving something away in her ramblings. She never had, not anything useful and, still, he'd listened.

"I want to hear your voice again," he whispered, taking her hand in his. "Please."

He'd been trying not to cry but he was constantly losing that battle with himself. Mostly at night, lying on the couch, remembering why he wasn't in bed, thinking of the sidewalk outside of the Huntsquarters, thinking about the last time that he'd heard her voice. She had been so alive as she'd walked to her death. But there was no begging or pleading that could be done or medication that he could give her.

"Jake!" Haley shouted. "Dad wants you to help set the table!"

He kissed Rose's forehead and descended the stairs, helping Haley set the table and listening to his parents' chattering in the kitchen. Just like the little things used to trip him up when he was missing home, the little things tripped him up when he was here too. Like how he thought he'd remembered everything perfectly but small details had become lost to memory and now he was being reminded of the smells and sounds and sights that had been forgotten. He wondered if that would happen with Rose too, if she didn't wake up. What would he forget? What would he remember?

Gramps was the first to arrive, Fu in tow. Fu removed his leash the second they were inside, hiding it underneath of shoes so that he wouldn't have had to look at it.

"I am a good dog!" he cried. "I don't nose around; I follow the old man at his heel just like if I had a leash on and still! Still they want me to wear a leash! I've forgotten more than they will ever know."

"Well, maybe if you told them that, Fu," Haley said.

"Perhaps, under a new government that recognizes magical creatures, you will be able to tell them so, Fu Dog," Gramps said.

"Well, that can't come fast enough. It's so degrading. It's like I'm a –"

"Dog?" Jake suggested. "Because I have news for you."

"I'll remember that," Fu said, pointing a paw in his direction. As if Jake would ever take a threat from Fu serious, despite what he knew Fu could do.

"Jake!" Trixie called, opening the front door. "We're here!"

"Good!" Mom shouted from the kitchen. "Because everything is done. Everyone, grab a seat."

They organized themselves around the kitchen table that Haley and Dad had put an extra leaf in that morning. Jake was wedged between Haley and Mom; Gramps and Dad sitting at the heads of the table. It was Spud who had drawn the short straw and was crammed in the back corner by the wall, between Spud and Gramps.

The table groaned with the amount of food that had been piled there but that wasn't an issue for anyone. It was a meal that was anticipated for the year to come and it quickly disappeared between the group.

Haley and Gramps were quickly involved in a spirited conversation about politics, something that Jake quickly turned out. Today was not a day for work talk. Today, was his true holiday, to celebrate with his family. Mom was asking Trixie about her new job and what she was going to do now that Dragon's Wing was coming to an end.

"If it is," Trixie was quick to say. "We don't know what will happen with magical creatures or what kind of restrictions will be put on them. There could be the need for a whole new kind of resistance."

"Yeah, the letter writing kind," Spud said. "Are you going to go to law school next?"

"Maybe! Why the hell not?"

"I like seeing you and law school takes up a ridiculous amount of time!"

"Whatever," Trixie said. "You're dumb but not forget what I look like dumb."

Jake nearly choked on his chicken.

"She loves me, Jake, really. I promise, she did agree to marry me."

"Ring and all," Trixie said, flashing her hand briefly. "And, now that you're back, we can finally pick a date for the wedding."

"You really didn't have to hold out for me," Jake said.

"We couldn't have gotten married in a world like that," Trixie said firmly. "I refused to."

"Not that I put up much of an argument," Spud admitted. "How could I?"

"What," Haley said loudly, interrupting all conversation as she pointed upward, "is that?"

Jake looked up. There, bobbing along the ceiling, was a bubble, softly changing from one colour to the next. The second he laid eyes on it, it popped, chiming like jingle bells.

Like it was the start gun for a race, Jake threw his chair back, not caring as it tipped.

"Kid!" Fu shouted, "wait for me!"

Jake couldn't have waited for anything. He sprouted wings just to lift him up the stairs in one gust rather than running up the stairs. He fumbled into his room and then stared at her, sitting up, studying the restraints around her wrists. Every worry that he'd had and heard about her not waking up herself flooded him and he asked, "What's your name?"

Rose turned and looked at him, her blue eyes so familiar. It didn't feel real that she was awake, looking at him like that.

"My name is Rose Dawson and I fell in love with you."

Jake breathed a sigh of relief. "I was so scared I lost you."

Rose adjusted herself on the bed, looking around. "Where … Where am I? What's going on? I … I was going to die. I was supposed to die. Did it not work? Did I fail?"

"No," Jake said. "You didn't fail. The Huntsclan is gone and you're the only one left with the Mark. We're at my house, with my parents. You made it again. You get to live!"

She blinked at him. "I get to live?"

Whatever Jake had been about to say died on his lips as Fu came panting into the room.

"Don't run from me like that," he huffed.

"Hello, Fu!" Rose said brightly.

Fu shook his head. "No, not going to be charmed. How are you feeling?"

"All right."

"Arms, legs, can you move everything?"

Rose shook out her limbs, the chains jangling. "I thought we were passed these. Can't you take them off?"

Jake reached for them.

"Wait," Fu said. "How do we know she's not a threat?"

"My name is Rose Dawson. It's the new year, which means I'm now twenty-six. I betrayed the Huntsclan and banished them from existence, using the secret of magic, which I betrayed to Jake before I did so. He trusted me, for the right reasons. Now, I'm asking you to, because I am really tired of being tied down. And, I don't have a headache, I am thinking clearly, nothing hurts, I'm just sore. And hungry. It's going to be really tasteless to say this but I would kill for real food."

"Definitely tasteless," Jake agreed.

"Please," Rose said, turning her eyes to Fu. "Let me out, please. I'll be good."

"I don't see anything wrong with letting her out," Jake said. "She seems to know what's going on."

Fu took a penlight from the bedside table.

"Let me do an exam while you're still pinned down. For my comfort."

"All right,' Rose agreed. "Go ahead."

Fu clambered up onto the bed and flashed the light in her eyes. Rose squinted at him.

"Are you still having premonitions?"

"Yes," Rose said. "Jake can't let Lao Shi talk on Monday because Lao Shi has too big of a temper. What's going on Monday? It's a big room, lots of stuffy looking people in it."

"And you made a bubble again."

"I always could," Rose said to Fu. "I thought Jake explained that part to you."

"No …" Fu said, turning to stare at Jake. "He hasn't explained a lot."

"The Huntsclan has always used magic and Rose had a natural predilection for it and she could always do that. Look, we're all caught up –"

"None of that was in any report."

"Gramps didn't make me file a report for the night the apocalypse ended," Jake said. "And, I thought she was dead. And, then I was too distracted by the fact that she wasn't and I –"

"Missed me?" Rose interrupted. "I feel like you probably missed me. I hope you missed me because you said, you know, before I died that you would and that you'd remember me. I remember that part."

Fu jumped from the bed. "All right. She's as stable as she ever was or wasn't. I leave her in your hands now, Jake."

"We're going to come right down," Jake promised. "There's real food. Trixie and Spud are here so you can meet them properly. My family, you know. You can show everyone Rose."

"I am Rose," she insisted.

Fu left the room without acknowledging that at all. Jake undid the restraints on her wrists and ankles and Rose reached down, rubbing the areas.

"Promise me that I will never be strapped to a bed again," she said. "I feel so tired. My body is so sore. I –"

"Have been in a coma for almost a month," Jake said. "It's all right."

Rose hesitated, like she didn't want to believe him, and then she looked back down at her hands.

"Am I really free? Can I do what I want?"

"Well, mostly. We're trying not to let anyone know that someone from the Huntsclan survived. We're worried that you'll be put on trial and I think … Gramps and I both think, that we have proved that you are someone else now. You've repented, as far as we're concerned, and while the magical community and that of humans are still separated, we're passing our own verdict."

Rose smiled. "I'm glad to hear you say that. It's still January, then, right? It's still –"

"Snowing? Not recently. If you feel up to it, we can go for a walk later. I'm sure you want to be out."

"Yeah, I do." Rose pushed the covers back and swung her feet to the floor. "Should we go down? You said we would."

Jake's hand slid over hers. "Wait a second."

Rose straightened up, swinging to face him.

"You said that you fell in love with me."

"You knew that I did," Rose said. "I told you the night of my second death. Before that, even, on Christmas."

"Was that real?"

"You're the most real thing I've ever had in my life. The most meaningful thing. I say a lot of words, Jake, but I've never lied to you. I meant what I said. I love you and I –"

"Rose, look at me."

She glanced at him shyly out of the corner of her eye and Jake shook her hand to get her full attention and a smile from her.

"I didn't say it that night because I was afraid and I know that I was afraid now. And, then, you were lost, and I kept thinking of all the things that I could have done differently."

"And now here I am, awake." Rose bit her lip and then asked, "Would you still do all of those things differently, now that I'm still here?"

"Yes." Jake drew Rose toward him, resting his forehead against hers. "I love you too."

Rose grabbed him, pulling him down toward her until her lips met his. He kissed her until neither of them could breathe and then, because Rose wasn't Rose without her babbling, "Really? Promise?"

"I promise," Jake said. "I love you."

"I love you too."

He knew that they were missed downstairs and so he took her by the hand. Rose had to stop off in the bathroom, fix her hair and straighten her clothing.

"I'm meeting your mother for the first time," she said. "She already knows of me – you said I tried to kill you."

"On more than one occasion," Jake said, since there was no use trying to deny the past between them. "Once or twice they might actually be mad about. But, I thought you were two separate people: the Huntsgirl and Rose."

"I thought about what you said, about having to know where I came from in order to know where I was now. And also what you said, about you not being bits and pieces of a human and a dragon but a whole thing when you put them all together. And, I think that's what I have to accept about myself. There's no her, there's no other. There's just who I was and who I am." Rose took a deep breath and faced him. "And if I can accept that you're a dragon and a man and love you anyway then why can't I accept that about myself? Right, I agree, no reason why I can't love myself for the good and bad too, especially since I want to be good. It's just easier if I try to accept that sometimes the bad comes out rather than not acknowledging it because in the end, doesn't that make me a worse person? I think it does. Do I look like I can meet your mother?"

"You're a good person because you're trying to be and you've been in a coma for almost a month. If you don't look picture perfect, no one is going to hold that against you."

"I don't need to look picture perfect," Rose corrected quickly. "I just need to look like I care, like this moment matters to me, because it does. I know how much they mean to you and what matters to you matters to me."

"You have nothing to prove," Jake said, leaning against the bathroom door jam and watched her fiddle with her hair. "You're so willing to accept them because they matter to me, what makes you think that they won't do the same for you?"

Rose looked at him, a look of long-time suffering, as if he were a boy that would simply never get it. In one long stride, she was standing right in front of him. Without permission, she yanked his shirt up, exposing the long scar across his torso.

"You said I did that. You said that I was the most painful thing that you had ever experienced. I almost killed you."

"And then you almost killed yourself. Karma says we're even. Let's go downstairs."

He offered her his hand and Rose took it without hesitation.

"No more worrying. Let's go."

She held her head high as they descended the stairs into the dining room. Someone had pulled up a chair between Jake and Haley for Rose.

"Hello," Rose said, nodding to everyone. "It's nice to meet you."

The chirp of cricket would have been deafening in the beat of silence that followed but it was Jake's father that stood up to shake her hand.

"Well, it's so nice to meet you. We've been hoping that you'd wake up. You're the first girl that Jake's ever brought home, you know."

"Dad," Jake groaned but it was exactly what he'd been expecting of his father and it did help break the ice.

"I'm sure you were thinking of a different circumstance."

"Well, yes," he agreed, "but, here, have a seat. Susan's such a good cook, you know. Oh, can you eat? We were worried about you for a while."

Rose took the chair that Jake pulled out for her. "I think so. Everything smells so good that I have to at least try. Thank you for letting me sit down to dinner with you." This was directed to Mom and she put a smile on her face.

"We're very interested to know you," she said and Jake could sense the diplomacy behind her words, although Rose was just smiling about it.

Trixie and Spud were equally uncomfortable while Gramps and Fu elected to say nothing to her. Finally, Haley, with a ruffle of her hair asked a question.

"I'm curious, Rose, do you remember anything about when you were in a coma?"

"Oh!" Rose stared at her. "You want to go to med school, right? You should leave the state, you know, there's a professor in … I can't tell where she'll be by the time you apply but she's not here. You should study under her. Um, Sarah, something … Chambers? Sarah Chambers."

"I –"

"But, I don't really remember anything specific from the coma," Rose continued on. It was something that Jake knew well but he supposed, that the way she didn't pause to discuss any of the information she shared would be annoying. "I remember knowing my body hurt but not feeling it. I remember hearing voices, one that I didn't know and then Jake's and I remember knowing it was his voice. But, other than that, I don't know what was said or where I was or anything like that."

"Nothing specific?" Jake asked.

Rose shook her head. "Why? What were you saying to me?"

"Nothing important," Jake insisted but he could tell by the look in her eye that she wasn't about to drop it.

She was, however, raised with etiquette in the Huntsclan and she let the issue drop at the table, instead complimenting his mother's cooking and asking her about the food. As Jake predicted, his father jumped into the conversation. Slowly but surely, Rose was folded into the flow of things. Gramps and Haley returned to their discussion and Jake chatted with Trixie and Spud. When the meal was over, people were still watching Rose but not with the wary expression of someone watching a ravenous wolf approach.

"Is there anything to do with clean-up that I can help with?" Rose asked.

"You just came out of a coma," Jake said, "you don't have to push yourself."

"I feel fine," Rose insisted. "I feel sane. There's no reason that I can't help clean up when I was allowed to sit and eat. Plus, I've never washed a dish before and I'm curious about it."

"You've never washed a dish before!?" Haley said. "How?"

"There were people who did that for me. I was important; there were bet … other things for me to be doing with my time." She made a face. "In retrospect, they weren't better. They were pretty bad things." She smiled at Haley. "Can you teach me how to wash a dish?"

"Yeah, all right," Haley agreed, a little bemused. "We'll be in the kitchen if you get separation anxiety, Jake."

Jake watched them go and then went to the living room, where Spud and Trixie were stretched out on the couch.

"Listening to her talk is like being on a roller coaster that you can't get off," Trixie said when he walked in.

"That's pretty accurate," Jake agreed.

"Up, down, up down," Spud said, moving his arm to illustrate his point.

Jake shoved their feet from the couch so he'd have room to sit. "Yeah, every other word Rose says is cause for her to go off on another tangent."

"It'd give me a headache listening to that," Trixie said, "but if you're happy and convinced she's not in the kitchen murdering Haley, what can I say?"

"A lot, judging from past experiences," Jake said, not even flinching as she shoved his shoulder. "She's not going to kill Haley and Haley would put up way more of a fight if she was trying to anyway. We'd know."

"And, you're happy?" Spud asked.

Jake nodded, knowing that he wasn't, yet. Not completely. He would be fully happy when he had no fear that he was going to fall asleep and wake up again to find that it had all been a dream, that she was still in a coma or, worse, dead. He was happier in this moment, everyone he loved safely under one roof, than he had been in the past year and Jake knew that the world could only look up from here. The war was over.

"We're going to head home, Jakey. We'll see you later?"

Jake nodded. "Yeah, you won't get rid of me now."

"Good, we missed you."

Trixie hugged him and then went to say goodbye to everyone else while Spud lingered.

"If Rose has never even washed a dish, what else hasn't she done?"

"It's kind of crazy, right, everything we know the Huntsgirl has done but she's never washed a dish. Probably never cleaned anything either."

"Like, I don't clean, but at least I can clean."

"She's never really had any fun either," Jake said, "so when she's healed, we're going to have a lot of catching up to do. Amusement parks –"

"She's probably never even had a corndog!"

"They had gourmet chefs at the Clan. She was eating caviar and drinking Cristal."

Spud collapsed into the couch. "Life is so unfair."

"She just had to senselessly murder to achieve such great heights."

"When you put it like that, it sounds less glamourous," Spud agreed.

"Spud, you comin'?"

"Guess we're ready to go." Spud pulled himself off the couch, as if it were the most strenuous thing he'd ever done. "Thanks for the food, Ms. L!"

"You're welcome."

Jake waved as his friends left and then he went to the kitchen, leaning against the doorway and watching Haley and Rose wash the dishes. Rose was a perfectionist about it while Haley was quick with the drying rag.

"Are you going to help?" Rose asked without turning around.

"Are you kidding? Your volunteering got me out of dish duty."

"You're much faster than Jake ever was," Haley assured Rose. "It would take him forever."

"Because it was boring and there were too many dishes and –"

"What did you do when you were living alone with Gramps?" Haley said. "Don't tell me you made him do all the dishes."

"Do you really think I could have made Gramps do any dishes? No, we were just responsible for our own dishes or mess or whatever. And, then, I was responsible for Rose's dishes. Gramps said I brought her there so she was my problem."

"I'm very good at being a problem," Rose said, handing the last plate over to Haley. "He hated me."

"I think I said you were frustrating and exhausting," Jake said. "With reasons to hate you."

"Semantics," Rose said. "Is that everything, Haley?"

"Yeah. I can't believe we were done that fast," she said.

"Motivation is key," Rose said. "Haley has a date … study date, I believe you call them, right? And, you said we would go for a walk. I'd like to get out and stretch me legs."

"Do you ever have to talk back?" Haley asked. "Or does she just see your responses and keep going?"

"She makes it sound like she knows more than she does," Jake said.

"I know more than I reveal," Rose protested. "The depth of my knowledge would frighten you."

"Yeah, okay," Jake said. "Let's go find you a coat if we're headed out. It's cold."

She followed him around the house as they found her an old pair of his mother's boots, an old jacket of his, and a scarf, hat, and mittens pilfered from Haley's collection.

"It's not even snowing," Rose said.

"Coma. January in New York. I need no other reason." Jake put the hat on her head. "Let me take care of you."

He slid his own coat on and then they were out of the house, walking down the sidewalk. Rose looped her arm through his and cuddled close to his side.

"Jake, what happens now?"

"What do you mean?"

Rose shrugged. "The Clan is gone. Magical creatures are going to be free to walk about but you'll be needed through the adjustment period. There are some humans that agreed with the Huntsclan once they realized that we weren't crazy and that magical creatures were real."

"Is that how it's going to go?"

"It's the most likely course but, as I said, your grandfather's temper will turn off many people so it's probably best you talk."


"And, I don't actually exist," Rose said. "I don't have a birth certificate or anything like that –"

"Fu can get you one. Do you have a middle name? Did you want to make one up?"

"I have to hide my Mark."

Jake paused and tugged the sleeve of her coat down. "I mean, your hands were pretty wrecked by whatever it was that you were doing. I don't know if anyone would see it if they weren't looking for it."

"The answers guy," Rose said.

"What? Not used to it? I do come up with things sometimes, you know."

Rose laughed. "Here's the test because this is the real reason I asked."

"Hit me."

"What about you and me?"

Jake's step faltered and he nearly tripped as he looked down at her. "What do you mean?"

"What happens to you and me?"

"You're here when I didn't think you would be. We're going to be lucky if I can stand to let you out of my sight."

Rose smirked. "But –"

"Nope, my turn. We either have to stay with my parents or Gramps for the time being because neither of us have ever had a real job but, you know, there's time for that and for us getting our own place or our own life. That's my plan. And, don't think I forgot anything you said about travelling and living because we'll do that to. Every continent, snow in every country, smoke a pot. Whatever it is you want. There's nothing holding us back."

Rose laughed. "I think you might actually turn out to be a good boyfriend."

"Yeah, I think you're the jealous type."

"Me?" Rose said, tossing her hair. "Yeah, definitely. Best not to let anyone that's not Trixie or family talk to you, just in case. I'm supposedly pretty dangerous."


"I killed the Clan. I did what you couldn't. Just saying."

Jake laughed. "How did you do it?"

"Hold on. My legs are tired."

"Do you want to go in?"


Before Jake could move, she had let go of him and then swung herself onto his back, securing her legs around his waist and her arms around her neck.

"What happens if I say you're too heavy?"

"I would say that you're lying." She tapped her fingers across his collarbone. "Coma diet. Don't recommend it. But, also, biceps like yours aren't for show."

Jake hooked his hands along her calves, meandering along. "It sounds like you've been checking me out."

"I'll admit nothing," Rose said but she kissed the back of his neck.



"It's snowing."

She reached her hand out, past his head, snowflakes gathering on her mittens.

"Where should we go first?" Rose asked. "Anywhere in the world."

"I want to actually see China," Jake said. "We could start in Asia, do Europe, head to Australia, then South America?"

"When are we doing Antarctica?"


"I love the snow," Rose reminded him.

"I am a creature of fire."

"And, so, you can keep yourself warm when we're there." She ruffled his hair. "You said whatever I wanted."

"I don't remember saying that."

"I do."

"You could be lying to me."

Rose rested her head down against his shoulder blade, squeezing him tightly. "I don't do that. Not to you." A beat of silence then, "The city is so pretty at night. The world feels different when I'm not seeing it through a mask."

"You going to miss the mask?"

"Never," Rose said. She hopped down from his back, grabbing his hand and turning him around to face her. "I'm going to love having a life instead."

"I want to kiss you," Jake said.

"Good because I really want you to."

Jake slid his hands around her waist and pulled her toward him. There was no pressure to this kiss, no time line in which one of them would have to walk away. Their lives were stretching out in front of them and, though Rose had more of an idea than Jake did about where they would end up, he didn't want to ask. He just wanted to enjoy the ride, now that they were together.

So, there, in the snow on a New York sidewalk, Jake kissed her how he'd been dreaming of doing during the time that he'd been praying for her to come back to him.

"I knew you'd fall in love with me," she said cockily.

"How long are you going to rub that in?"

"For as long as you'll put up with me," Rose promised. "Which I think is going to be a long time."

"Can't wait to find out."

There were snowflakes clinging to her long blonde hair and her cheeks were a bright pink. Jake looked at her and only saw the woman that she had become, the woman that she had chosen to be, and not the persona of the Huntsgirl that she had been forced to grow into. He reached out his hand.

"Hold my claws."

Rose laughed at the red scaled, talon-tipped hand that he offered.

"If you insist."

Rose took his hand and they carried on down the block, Rose kicking up snow and sticking out her tongue to catch the flakes. Jake stuck his tongue out when she did, letting her happiness infect him and fill him. The war was over, the peace had come, and no matter what happened next, he was back where he belonged, with the people he loved most. Even when the person he loved most was probably the last person that he expected.

"Can you make your hand a hand again? Scales itch. Do you get itchy when you're a dragon? Hey, do you have to bathe your dragon side or is it enough to just clean one?"

Rose continued to talk, pausing every other sentence for him to squeeze in his answers, but this was Rose, this was who had missed, and he could smile and drink it in, because she had saved the world.

"And to answer your question from earlier," Rose said, "my middle name is Elizabeth."


"I always thought that was the name a mother should have."

"Will I ever find out everything about you?"

"I hope not," Rose said, "and I hope I never find out everything about you. I want to keep discovering you; I think that's the best part about people, is that there's always some new part of them to find out about."

Jake wrapped his arm around her waist as they turned the corner and headed for home, together.

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