Note: Batman is owned by DC Comics and was created by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane.

Batman was considered to be the best superhero in the world, even though he started wearing purple-tights, which earned him a new nickname, Pony Man. Batman struggled to get along with his sidekicks, so he fired them. After realizing what a big mistake that was, Batman found four new superheroes and became their leader. The team included Super Flyer, a black-haired guy who could fly, Ms. Detective, a blonde detective who's nearly as smart as Pony Man, Super Muscles, a strong guy who has the same type of venom as Evil Muscles, and Mr. Explosives, a guy who can blow up stuff with his hands.

Batman and his four new teammates, Super Flyer, Super Muscles, Mr. Explosives, and Ms. Detective, had been protecting the city well, for the past month. Most of the most dangerous criminals in the city were put in prison, so the five superheroes have been dealing with the less threatening villains, recently. However, they were unaware that a big crime was coming to the city.

Batman met up with Super Muscles and Mr. Explosives. Batman said, "I took care of the Smoking Pelican's recent attempt, at ruling crime with his business. Thankfully, he's back to the prison."

Super Muscles said, "I took care of Evil Muscles. He was stronger than I'd thought he be, but he's back at Arkham, too."

Mr. Explosives said, "Some robbing punks were trying to rob a few stores so I blew up their car which made them surrender."

Batman replied, "Good job, gentlemen. Where's Super Flyer and Ms. Detective?"

Super Muscles replied, "They were working on the mystery of who was stealing the city's ships."

Batman looked at his unicorn watch and said, "They have been longer, than I thought they would. I hope they're okay."

Mr. Explosives responded, "I'm sure they're okay."

A short time later, Super Flyer and Ms. Detective returned. Super Flyer, said "I know we're late, but Ms. Detective found out who was stealing the ships and I flew down and captured him."

Ms. Detective replied, "I had to do some research from years ago, to find out who would steal ships. Only one villain in the city succeeded at that: Professor Bubbles."

Batman remembered Professor Bubbles. Batman said, "It feels like it's been forty years, since I dealt with that bubble-loving freak. Good job. It seems like my city has been safer than usual."

Mr. Explosives asked, "Is that good?"

Batman could hardly believe he had to answer that, while saying, "Of course, but it's also dangerous. It makes me fear, that a way more dangerous villain is coming."

A few hours later, two guards were guarding the city's art museum.

Guard # 1 said "I have been guarding this place, for 10 years. Nobody even tried to steal the paintings."

Guard # 2 replied "We might as well just pretend to show up to work."

The Prankster burst into the museum and responded, "It's time to break that decade-long record, of no art crimes."

Guard # 1 asked, "Who are you?"

The Prankster smiled and said, "I'm the Prankster, your city's most stylish and funny villain."

Guard # 2 replied,"You seem like the Joker."

The Prankster replied, "The Joker has been the villain, long enough. It's time for some fresh crime comedy, which is what I will be. Ha, ha! My first prank involves some unfunny, but very effective knockout gas." The Prankster sprayed knock out gas at the guards. The guards passed out.

The Prankster's sidekicks walked into the museum. The Prankster said, "Take as many pieces of art, as you can. Stealing art will be a stylish prank. Ha, ha!"

The next morning, Commissioner Adam Bale had Batman and the other four superheroes go to his office.

Batman said, "My city has been less dangerous than usual."

Commissioner Bale replied, "Sadly, that nice tradition has been broken. The Prankster and his sidekicks robbed your city's art museum."

Super Flyer asked, "Don't you mean the Joker?"

Batman said, "He's the Prankster, not the Joker."

Super Flyer asked, "Did they steal all of the paintings?"

Commissioner Bale said. "They pretty much stole everything."

Super Flyer tried to calm the others down. by saying. "We have dealt with way more dangerous super villains. I'm sure that we can defeat the Prankster."

Mr. Explosives said, "I could blow up the Prankster's hideout. if I knew where it is."

Commissioner Bale said, "Oddly enough, the Prankster sent me a letter."

Super Flyer asked, "Did you read it?"

Commissioner Bale said "Yes, the letter says that the Prankster is planning on robbing the city's new toy store."

Super Flyer replied, "That's a pretty childish crime."

Ms. Detective said, "I suspect that the Prankster is trying to prove to the Joker, that he's a funnier villain, than him. In other words, both he and the Joker are looney villains."

Batman said, "We will show up to the store, tonight, and prepare a plan to stop him."

Commissioner Bale said, "Okay, but be extra careful. We don't know that much about the Prankster. He could be more dangerous than we think it is."

Batman said, "Tonight, the Prankster's pranks will end."

Batman and his four teammates were near his city's new toy store. They were waiting for the Prankster to come.

Batman was talking to the toy store manager. Batman said, "Thank you, for letting me and my teammates wait around for the Prankster."

The toy story manager replied, "You're welcome, Pony Man, but do you actually think that a super villain would to steal some toys?"

Batman said, "Some villains have less maturity than babies. I have learned that from my villains."

The manager asked, "Where are your teammates?"

Batman said, "Super Flyer and Ms. Detective are guarding the front of the store, while Super Muscles and Mr. Explosives are guarding the back of the store."

Super Flyer and Ms. Detective guarded the front of the store, with effort and determination. Super Flyer said, "People seem to be worried about the Prankster, but I don't get why."

Ms. Detective looked at him and replied, "You assume, that he's a corny goofball, who won't be a big threat."

Super Flyer said, "No offense, but Pony Man has fought plenty of corny goofballs."

Ms. Detective replied, "The Goofer looks like a corny goofball, but he's actually Batman's most dangerous villain. The Prankster could be a sinister villain, who only looks unthreatening."

Super Flyer sighed and said, "You're right. You're probably as smart as Batman is."

Ms. Detective blushed and replied, "Thank you."

Meanwhile, Super Muscles and Mr. Explosives were guarding the back of the store. Super Muscles kept an eye out, for the Prankster, while Mr. Explosives looked like he barely cared. Super Muscles said, "I haven't seen the Prankster, yet."

Mr. Explosives said, "I think he will show up later than he promised."

Super Muscles replied, "That seems normal, for a villain."

Mr. Explosives responded, "Yeah, I used to show up late for school. Fun times."

Super Flyer looked around and said, "I see some oddly dressed people."

Ms. Detective raised an eyebrow and asked, "Are you judging peoples' fashion, again?"

Super Flyer said, "Not this time. These people are all wearing outfits, that have riddles on them. I think they're the Prankster's sidekicks."

Ms. Detective got out her magnifying glass and observed their outfits. She said, "I suspect that you're correct. I'll warn Batman."

The Prankster's sidekicks were about to break into the toy store, but the super heroes started attacking them. The Prankster had an amused look on his face, while saying, "It's fun to finally prank you, Pony Man."

Batman angrily asked, "What are you up to?"

The Prankster said, "I'm going to prove to you, that I should be the new main criminal of the city. It's time for the Goofer to be upstaged by me. Ha, ha!"

Batman said, "Nobody will replace the Joker."

The Prankster replied, "I respect your sentimental connection, to your arch-enemy, but it's time for some new tricks." The Prankster sprayed a chemical, that distracted Batman, while the Prankster broke into the toy store.

Super Flyer asked, "Are you okay, Batman?"

Batman said, "Yes, I think that chemical only distracts people. However, it seems to be effective."

Super Muscles walked up to the Prankster's sidekicks and said, "You have no chance of winning so I'll give you a chance to give up." The Prankster's sidekicks tried to beat up Super Muscles, so he beat them all up. Super Muscles said, "I'm sorry if that hurt, but you should learn that crime is one of the few things, that's worth giving up."

Mr. Explosives said, "Now we only have to stop the Prankster."

The Prankster shook his head and replied, "Stopping me will be harder than you think. Ha, ha!"

Batman tried to punch the Prankster, but the Prankster was able to dodge all of Batman's punches. The Prankster said, "When it comes to being athletic, I don't prank around. Ha, ha!"

Mr. Explosives tried to calm down Batman, by saying, "I will scare this villain."

The Prankster asked, "What can you do that's so scary?"

Mr. Explosives smiled and said, "I could blow you up."

The Prankster nervously said, "But you're a superhero. so you can't blow up me."

Mr. Explosives replied, "But you don't know what kind of superhero I am. I could be the most dangerous type of superhero."

The Prankster said, "Good point, which is why it's time for my exit." The Prankster's sidekicks filled the toy store with fog. The fog made it hard for them to find the Prankster. The Prankster had a special type of fog, that didn't effect him. While the superheroes were distracted, the Prankster captured the toy store manager and left.

Five-minutes later, the fog wore off. Super Flyer asked, "Is the Prankster still here?"

Batman said, "Sadly, no. He escaped. I'm so sorry I failed."

Ms. Detective patted Batman on the back and said, "It's okay, Batman."

Super Muscles said, "We all failed, tonight."

Mr. Explosives replied, "Um, I guess that's cool."

Batman angrily said, "Next time, the Prankster will face my wrath."