(I just had a random thought while watching a let's play of a video game, what if in every video game campaign where you respawn, each time you die, a splinter timeline is created where the main character was killed by whatever obstacle kills you in game, it was a very random yet interesting idea of mine, anyways, onto the story)

Chapter 6

Spyro's eyes squinted open as he saw Cynder laying against him once more, it had been a week, and generally each day was the same, wake up, eat food, stay in the cell, eat more food, and rest, each time, Cynder laid herself against Spyro, over the course of time, the two's feelings for one another grew larger and more obvious, Spyro felt so much empathy for her.

"She's suffered so much, she deserved such a better life" he thought to himself as he looked around, not much had changed, but he knew now was the time to come clean about how he felt towards her, she eventually stirred from her slumber as she opened her eyes and sat upright, yawning.

"Another bland day..." she sighed as Spyro smiled.

"Be patient, someone will come for us eventually, I know it" he replied as she giggled.

"I wish I had your optimism..." she trailed off as Spyro figured he needed to tell her now.

"Hey Cynder, there's something I need to tell you..." he told her as she looked at him with interest.

"Yes?" She asked as Spyro sighed.

"Come on, just tell her! It shouldn't be that hard!" He finally mustered up the courage to tell her.

"Cynder, I knew there was something special about you the moment I saw you, all the way back in Convexity, I knew that we were similar in some way, but now I know exactly what it is, and in the time we've gotten to know each other, I get this feeling, I could never place it, but now, I think I can say that it's...love" he explained as Cynder gasped.

"Is he saying what I think he's saying..." she was so flustered by his statement that she was caught off guard when he took her hand and held it tightly.

"Cynder, I don't know what it means to you, but to me, your my everything, and...if nothing lasts forever...will you be my nothing?" He asked her as she started tearing up.

"Yes, Spyro, of course" she replied as Spyro looked up in a shocked expression.

"I will admit that ever since I enslaved you when I was evil, my inner consciousness was probably developing a crush on you, it's probably the one reason I kept you around, and I'm glad for that, Spyro...I love you too" she herself explained as Spyro had probably one of the largest smiles in his life, it was then that the most magical moments in his life occurred, they kissed, it was a quick one, but to Spyro, it felt like it lasted an eternity, as they pulled apart, Cynder rested her head against his chest.

"Ahem!" They were startled as a little glowing light flew into their cell, was that? No, it couldn't be...

"Sparx? Is that you?" He asked as the Dragonfly confirmed his suspicions.

"In the flesh, savior boy, I hope I wasn't interrupting anything..." he trailed off as Spyro and Cynder let go of one another, clearly embarrassed.

"What are you doing here?" Spyro asked Sparx as he explained what happened.

"Ignitus sent me, instead of going himself, he wanted me to try and get you out quietly, and just you..." he gave a stern look towards Cynder as she looked to the ground in shame.

"Sparx, it's different now, she was under the control of the Dark Master, she's herself now, we can trust her" Spyro tried to explain as Sparx sighed.

"Oh please, if I turn my back, she'd eat me and you know it" he replied as Spyro grew defiant.

"If she can't come back with us, then I'm not leaving!" He said sternly as a surprised Sparx looked at him.

"What? Are you crazy?" He asked.

"Not crazy, just loyal, she deserves better, and you know it, I'm sure Ignitus will take her in with open wings, he himself knew of her corruption, we can trust her, I trust her with my life" he explained as Sparx grew more surprised.

"Dude, she's evil, you can't trust her" he responded.

"I do, and we're not leaving without her..." he told him as Sparx sighed.

"Ugh, fine! But if she eats me, it's on you" Sparx finally submitted as Cynder walked up and smiled at Spyro.

"I'll go find a key for the cell" the Dragonfly told them as he flew out of the cell.

"Thank you, Spyro" Cynder said to him as he shrugged.

"It was nothing, I'm not just gonna leave you behind" he replied as Sparx flew back with a key.

"I've got your ticket out of here" he told them as he opened the cell quietly as Spyro and Cynder snuck out.

"We need to get these collars off, they'll slow down our escape by a landslide" Cynder explained as Sparx sighed.

"It's never easy" he muttered.

"Do you know where we could unlock them?" Spyro asked as Cynder sighed.

"I know where they are...in my old room" Cynder's response made Spyro freeze, Ruby was surely occupying her old chambers, there was no question of that.

"Are you sure that's the only place where they are?" He asked her as she nodded.

"I'm sure of it, I was the only one who had access to the technology in this entire fortress" she replied as Sparx looked confused.

"Woah, woah, whose Ruby?" He asked.

"Ruby is the Dragoness who replaced Cynder, she's much more powerful, which is why we need to be especially stealthy if we're gonna get these Collars off" Spyro explained as Sparx sighed.

"Of course, a much more powerful evil dragon, this just keeps getting better and better" he replied as the two dragons were already making their way to Cynder's old chambers.

"Hey, wait up!" Sparx called out as he flew after them, they made their way through the hallway, the ominous lights and dull features made them all cautious.

"I can't believe I thought this was my true home..." Cynder trailed off as Spyro draped his wing over hers.

"Don't worry, soon we'll be out of this place, how long has it been since you last saw the sun?" He asked as she thought about it.

"To be honest...I'm not sure, it's been so long..." she sighed as Spyro smiled.

"Well, soon you'll get to see it, and the Guardians, our temple has lots of sunshine" he told her as Sparx sighed.

"Just for the record, leave me out of your mushy lovey dovey stuff" Sparx told them as Spyro chuckled.

"never change, Sparx, never change..." Spyro trailed off as they continued down the hall, at one point they almost ran into an Ape guard, but were able to successfully hide as he walked down the hall, and they continued on their way, eventually, Spyro and Cynder recognized the large doors that led to her former chambers.

"Sparx, stay here and keep out of sight, your light might attract Ruby" Spyro told him as he did and exaggerated salute.

"Yes sir" he joked as the two dragons entered through the massive doors, and entered the room. It had changed a lot since Spyro had last seen it: the weapons were all neatly racked, the picture of Cynder was replaced by a picture of Ruby, the corner where Spyro's bed and food bowl had originally been was replaced and turned into a small little prison cell, the only things that hadn't changed were the war-room, and the bed.

"Where do we start?" Spyro thought in confusion, it seemed as though Cynder almost read his mind, as she spoke his thoughts aloud.

"This place has been entirely redecorated, who knows where Ruby put the remote that removes these collars" she told him as he nodded.

"It's gotta be here somewhere, let's start looking, but first we should make sure Ruby isn't in the room" he replied as Cynder nodded and looked for any sight of Ruby, but she was nowhere to be found.

"I think we're in the clear" she informed Spyro as they started searching for the remote, they searched every crack and crevice of the room, but couldn't find it.

"I don't see it anywhere, and I've looked everywhere too" Cynder announced as Spyro reported the same thing.

"Do you think she has it with her?" He asked as she shook her head.

"Impossible, I was the only one who knew about the remote, it was a failsafe mainly for me in case I was ever usurped from leadership and had the collar placed on me" Cynder explained as Spyro seemed impressed.

"You had a plan for everything, didn't you?" He said to her as she blushed.

"Well, I didn't have a plan for relationships...wait!" She suddenly jerked to life in a sense.

"What?" Spyro asked as Cynder looked around.

"I think I know where the remote is, I had a secret storage area somewhere here, I remember, no one knows of it, not even the Dark Master" Cynder explained as she rushed over to a part of the wall in her room, and tapped it, immediately a small cabinet opened, and a small white remote was inside, she took it out and clicked the red button on it, almost instantly both of their collars opened and fell off their necks.

"Aw, that feels good..." Spyro sighed as his throat illuminated a bright orange, then yellow, then white, and finally green, his elemental abilities were returning to him, Cynder too had her Shadow ability return to her, but her throat also illuminated lime green, dark blue, and black with a red outline.

"Curious" Spyro thought to himself as he noticed Sparx entering the room.

"Sparx! What are you doing here!?" Spyro asked as Sparx was clearly out of breath.

"I'm sorry, dude, but a big red dragon is coming this way, and I needed to warn you guys" he explained as they both retained fearful expressions.

"Ruby? We need to go!" Cynder exclaimed as Sparx shook her head.

"No, she's too close to the door, she'll see you!" He told them as Cynder turned invisible.

"What in the-!?" Spyro was shocked, as well as Sparx.

"It's part of my shadow ability, and I can also do this!" Cynder grabbed Spyro's hand, and he turned invisible as well, leaving only Sparx.

"Well, that's great, I'm a lone wolf here" he groaned as Cynder face-palmed.

"Sparx, fly into one of the lanterns, you blend in just fine" she snapped as Sparx realized this and flew to one of the lanterns, and entered it, and just in the nick of time too, as Ruby had entered the room, she appeared to be more focused on other matters, so she didn't notice Sparx slowly leave the lantern, as well as Spyro and Cynder shifting towards the door as it was still open. Thankfully they made it out with little to no trouble, and Cynder kept them invisible as they moved through the halls, all the Apes appeared to also be stressed.

"Why are they so concerned?" Spyro thought to himself, then he realized that they probably caught wind of their escape.

"How is no one noticing me?" Sparx whispered to Spyro.

"Your a dragonfly, they probably don't care for such creatures" he replied as they continued trekking through the halls, eventually, Cynder recognized the exit to the upper balcony, as they exited, Cynder released Spyro's arm and they became visible again, they immediately took flight and flew away from the fortress, only to be intercepted by a Dreadwing.

"I've found the prisoners!" The Ape riding it announced as the Dreadwing was prepared to attack, but Cynder wasn't having any of it, her throat illuminated lime green as she spewed something from her mouth as it hit the Dreadwing and sent it tumbling down into the clouds.

"What was that?" Spyro asked as Cynder looked at him.

"Poison, come on, let's go" she replied blandly as Spyro shrugged at Sparx and followed, finally leaving Concurrent Skies, and onwards to freedom...