Chapter 1 Rebirth - The New Dark Knight

A Watchful Guardian by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard


In the Year 2040, Neo-Gotham has been without it's Dark Knight or any other Vigilante for the last 25 years, Crime is rampant, criminals rule the streets, and the cops are just as ineffective against the threat as they were 70 years ago.

Apathy. Greed. Corruption. Power.

Hope. Courage. Honor. Justice.

Batman Beyond


Neo Gotham, New Jersey. (The year 2035)

Neo Gotham the City of Tomorrow was running like it was in the old days. Gotham had crime and corruption running around unchecked. Most of Gotham's civilians are running scared, afraid to walk out of their homes at night. They had lost hope. The GCPD has done their best, but they couldn't stop those criminals who were high-up in power from buying their grunts out of jail and just walking away Scott-free, leaving many to no longer trust the cops to do their jobs.

In times like this, the people thought back to an old legend of the Old Gotham. When they had a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight, The Batman. He had put a stop to the high crime rates for a good number of years, but he disappeared 20 years ago, and now Gotham desperately needs the Bat again. Sadly, the Bat has hung-up his cape and cowl but little did Gotham or anyone else know, a new Batman was soon to rise from the ashes of the old. Oddly like a Phoenix of Myth.

1007 Mountain Drive, Wayne Manor, Neo Gotham, New Jersey.

10:47 a.m. Wednesday, February 14, 2035

Within an old stately manor home known as Wayne Manor, the sole occupant, an old Bruce Wayne was taking his medicine for the morning and feeding breakfast to his large black guard dog, Ace; a Great Dane Mix.

Two weeks ago, his daughter Helena and her friend Olivia Lance Queen along with Mari Grayson, Mareena Curry had formed a new iteration of the Birds of Prey and run Selena Wayne memorial animal shelter. They were based in Jump City, the original home of the Teen Titans.

Bruce was sitting in his favorite kitchen chair, drinking some of Alfred's - God rest his soul - favorite Earl-Grey and Honey tea, with a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs and lightly buttered toast. He was also enjoying the peace for the time being anyway. He would have to do a few things later today like board meetings with Luke Fox, Lucius Fox JR, and Fox-Tech company. Later have a finance meeting with that brown-noser named Jordan Pryce, where he would again deny his motion for the Wayne-Power's Merger with Derek Powers running it and then reaffirm sponsorship of the JLU. Later have a press conference with Clark, his old friend and was nothing to worry about for the old man.

Then suddenly, Ace jolted his head up, his ears flipping up then backward, his eyes narrowed and then he started to bark, thus getting his owner's attention.

"What is it, boy?" Bruce asked, grabbing his cane to stand up from his chair and see where the guard dog was looking at.

Ace barked a few times and ran towards the main doors, smelling someone in the front yard.

Bruce walked to the door, opened it and allowing the guard dog to look around for anyone in his yard.

Ace began to smell the ground, walking around the yard to find who was here and nearby.

The ground shook suddenly, it was a small tremor and caused the old man to hold onto the doorframe for support.

Once the tremor stopped, the dog took a whiff, there was blood in the air. Bruce let go of the door and looked up to see Ace barking at him, to get his attention at what he had found. The old man soon saw the body of a young man wounded, dying and laying in the grass of his front yard. He wore ninja gear, had sun-kissed blonde hair and faded whisker marks on his cheeks. His left leg and hand along with his right arm and foot plus the left side of his face and the right half of his hair were all missing or burned, and that was not even the worst of it. The young boy had a gaping hole in his chest, his heart, parts of his lungs, kidneys, and liver were just gone.

Bruce can rule the ninja out of being an unwelcome and/or enemy as he saw an odd purple portal, that was right above the dying boy, closing before his very eyes. He guessed that this young man must be from another world, fighting something before being sent here. The old man had dealt with other worlds before, during his younger days as Batman in the Justice League. Bruce figured he'd never truly known as the boy would not live more than a few seconds.

Wait a minute.

The boy's heart had regenerated, as had his organs had some of his torsi, the bones began to regrow next, Bruce had only seen this in the most powerful of Feral Meta-Human's, the tendons and cartilage came next, then his veins and nerves system. The boy's spine had regrown as had his hair, and skin was re-growing as well.

What was that?

A 3rd circulatory system?

A biological feature of his people?

A part of his Metagene?

Good questions run through the old man's head and thought of a few things but had one thing and was grateful for. At least Two-Face Jr wasn't going to be born on the front lawn.

The damage done to the kid had healed completely, there was as blood-red spiraling Sun tattoo on his abdomen. It was blinking, Bruce counted nine blinks before it turned black and faded away.

He will have to ask the young man some questions about this once he or IF he woke up, but for now he had to get the kid someplace safe so he could rest.

"Easy boy," Bruce ordered, having Ace back down a bit.

The old man took the young man to a guest room and would get questions once his guest wakes up. He just needed to wait until his guest woke up

Time Skip (3 Months Later)

Wayne Manor

Monday, May 21, 2035

The young ninja was Naruto Uzumaki, one of the last great ninjas in the Fourth Great Ninja War and he would have won the last fight of the war, but Kaguya used the very last bit of her chakra to send the young man into wormhole which almost kills him and now was in a new world he was unfamiliar with.

The young blonde woke up and felt a great deal of pain in his body, due to using up a good amount of chakra during the war, the power needed to survive traveling through a wormhole, the power needed to heal up after being spat out of said wormhole, and the three months he'd been in a coma, not that he knew that of course. His chakra may take a long awhile to come back at its full strength, years at best and now the young man could only use a very small amount. He noticed that he was in a room that was unfamiliar to him. He groaned as he rose up from bed, getting several bones to pop back in place. He groaned as he heals up from the pain.

Before Naruto could do much more, he stopped when he saw a dog nearby.

Ace was sitting by the bed, guarding the visitor and growled a little bit too.

"Nice dog," Naruto said, speaking in Japanese, getting the dog to stop growling and title his head in question.

Naruto had seen dogs before thanks to a few friends of his, like Kiba and Hana, but he had not seen a mix-breed one before. He could also tell that the dog didn't understand him.

Before anything else could be done, Bruce entered the room to see his guest was finally up and that Ace has shown his welcome. Good Bat-Dog, indeed.

"Hello, my name is Bruce Wayne. How are you feeling?" Bruce asked as he took his sat in a chair by the bed.

"What did you say? I don't know what you said, but need to know, where am I?" Naruto asked.

Bruce hummed for a second, knowing Japanese and said, "Hello, my name is Bruce Wayne. What is your name and how are you feeling?"

"Alright, I guess. I'm Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki. But I still need to know, where I'm at?" Naruto asked.

Naruto was taken back by how the old man knew his language, but he was happy that he understood him and could get some answers.

"You are in Wayne Manor and I guess you are not from around here," Bruce answered the young man.

Bruce knew he'd have to get the boy to trust him and so he began to talk to the kid.

"To start with, the language we are speaking in is Old Japanese or J┼Źdai Nihongo, the oldest attested stage of the Japanese language. Japanese is the language of the country of Japan in the Continent of Asia to the Far East of here or the Short west I suppose," Bruce informed.

Naruto now knew how the old man knew his language as well as that other one and started to think. He nodded his head he turned back the Information Man, err Bruce.

Bruce seeing the boy nod his head continued his explanation, "Right now, we are currently in my home, Wayne Manor, which is located on the Mountain Bluff on the Northern sector of the Island known as Gotham City. Gotham is a small part of the State of New Jersey, which itself is 1 of 50 States of the United States of America on the Continent of North America."

As Bruce said fifty states Naruto's eyes widened. Wind Country was the largest of the Great Five but the place was a Giant Desert so there were only 5 Cities/States there. Earth Country was next with only 30, then Fire Country with 20 and Lightning Country with 15, and the ONLY reason Water Country had 40 States - despite being the smallest country - was because those 40 states were all Islands. What Bruce said next nearly broke Naruto's mind.

"And this is just planet Earth. There are thousands of planets and hundreds of galaxies with almost trillions

Naruto blinked once, and only once, as steam shot out of his ears and then fainted by the news of being in a new world.

Bruce chuckled at this and kind of saw this coming. He will have to have Naruto relax a bit here in the manor before sending him to school as the young man was around the age. He also will need help with the young man out after getting some information form the blonde first. So, there was that and moving on.

Wayne Manor

One Day Later (Noon)

Naruto woke up thinking that he'd had the weirdest dream in his life. Only to look around to see the same room with the same dog. Suddenly, the old guy just came in with a tray of food.

"Ah, good, you're awake. I brought lunch," Bruce said.

"Ramen!?" Naruto said excitedly.

"You're recovering, so no junk like ramen, understand?" Bruce said, using his legendary Bat Glare.

"Yes, sir," Naruto squawked, feeling scared from the glare. Bruce then placed the tray in front of Naruto, revealing that it was a bowl of chicken soup with chopped carrots and celery and two bread rolls.

"Good. While you are here you will eat what I tell you too. By your reaction, I'd say the only thing you eat is ramen, that stops now. Understood?" Bruce said with a stern look.

"Yes, sir," Naruto said.

He did not know what it was about this old man, but he reminded him of both Hokage-Jiji, Danzo-Teme, and Mifune-Taisho of the Land of Iron.

"Good. Now, do you remember what I told you about yesterday?" Bruce asked, which caused Naruto to nod. "After you eat, I want to know how you got here, where you're from and what you are exactly."

Naruto nodded and thanked him for the meal, eating it with gusto.

After eating his lunch, Naruto listened to Bruce about how he appeared in the manor and how long he's been unconscious.

"Three months?" Naruto asked in shock.

Bruce sighed and said, "Yes, you arrived here on February 14th. Today is May 22nd. Ace discovered you on my lawn, under a rapidly closing purple portal. You were severely injured, your left leg and hand along with the right arm and foot were all missing. The left side of your face and the right half of his hair was burned off completely showing off your skull. And that was not even the worst of it you had a gaping hole in your chest, the spine, heart, parts of the lungs, kidneys, and liver were all just gone. I thought you were dead, but then you began to heal, in minutes you were fully regenerated, and the portal had closed. So, I brought you in here, to rest and recover. I've had my doctor looking in on you every day, so tell me, what happened?"

Three months was what went through Naruto's head and could think a few things now he was here and not at home.

They were all dead by now, his friends, people he cares about, gone. The blonde thought of Shion, a young woman he loves and happened to be pregnant with his baby. If they are gone, so is she and their baby was dead too. He started to cry, having tears coming down his face of thinking and knowing what happens back home.

Bruce put a hand on the boy's shoulder. He could guess at what he was thinking but he would not assume, although he presumed that all the kid's friends and family, maybe even a girlfriend, were most likely dead.

Doing some research, he discovered a Japanese comic called Arashi, about a boy who looked remarkably like Naruto, but his name was Arashi Kazemaki.

Bruce gives Naruto some space to gather up himself, to calm the emotional turmoil. Once he was finally calmed, Naruto gathered himself up and told Bruce about what happened before arriving at the front of Wayne Mansion. About the Fourth Shinobi War, about how his village leader tricked him into hiding, mastering the Nine-tailed Fox's chakra, which made him explain about how his father sealed the beast inside him, how he joined the war and then to climatic battle between him, the revived Ten-Tailed Beast and the appearance of the Moon Goddess Kaguya and their fight.

He barely remembered some of the fights, since he got knocked around so much that he probably blacked out a lot. He did remember that near the end of their battle, Kaguya did something and he found himself inside the wormhole.

Bruce Wayne knew the rest of the story; it had been at that point that Ace had found him comatose and how he had brought the boy into his home to get him nursed back to full health in only three months.

He then left to leave Naruto in his thoughts. He could tell that he was still hiding something, but he respected it since he has a few secrets of his own.

With no place to go, he might let Naruto stay in Wayne Manor, seeing that he has more than enough room.

Time Skip

September 10th, 2038

It had been three years and a few months since Naruto woke up here in this strange new world and one month later, he felt normal at least. His charka was almost gone due to the Ninja War, surviving a wormhole and later heal the damage that was done on him. He now could only use at least 5 to 10% of his charka which will return within twenty to thirty years or more.

At least Naruto had his Uzumaki Natural Abilities such as a good young look and to sense emotions from others. He was fine with that and thought of starting a new normal life for a change with little abilities, leaving the ninja life behind and live a new life here.

Things happen fast and quick for our blonde-haired hero. Naruto learned a lot form, Bruce, speaking in different languages, learning the world he knows and was now going to school. Yes, high school, because it was the law and Bruce wanted him to have a proper education.

The old man was a great help for Naruto and gotten a good life so far, much better he had in his old home. He started to look at Bruce as a good man and maybe see him as a father or grandfather figure, so much more than the Fourth Yondaime, who made his life hell in the village. Of course, Ace was fine with him as he does take care of him. He was told by the old man of his daughter, Helena Wayne, who moved out sometime before he shows up and wonders what she was like. The blonde feels that the old man was hiding something, but he decided not to push it since he was also keeping secrets.

Naruto was eighteen and a half years old which he will be nineteen this year. He kept his hair the same length and ocean blue eyes. He wore a red shirt with a black coat over it, blue jeans, and carries a black back bag with him that carried his school items. He was happy for this life and started his new life in high school as 11th Grader at Hamilton Hill High School in Neo Gotham.

Wayne Manor

October 31st, 2039

A year went by fast and Naruto was doing great at Hamilton Hill High as this was his last year of high school. He plans on finishing up and gets started with online college classes as he feels he can do a great job with then set at a disk for five hours doing nothing but write notes. The blonde planned to stay in Gotham as he feels like he could help, knowing he can do little, but he wasn't going to stay by and do nothing. He didn't like the corruption in such a once-great city. Someone had to do something and was only a matter of time.

Naruto shook his head and stood up, started to rethink high school as he was finishing up with his homework. He got straight A's being the top student, great at spots of his pick, and many have different thoughts of him. The guys hate him, a good number of girls loved or wanted him, crazy fangirls these days, and the teacher are happy to have such a top student at Hamilton Hill High.

The blonde also met a few kids at school who were now his friends and one stood out to him. Naruto had helped a troubled kid from getting jumped by some muscle heads, named Terry McGinnis and did his best to help the young teen out as he was going through some hard times. It was a lot for the moment part and had met a few more friends as the school year went by.

Terry seems grateful for Naruto's help and was a good friend to be there for him, but he still went his own way and could go down to more trouble. The blonde did his best to help as he had a feeling to help the young lad out and saw the teen as a younger Bruce for some odd reason. Odd and weird but moving as something got the blonde's attention away from his work.

As Naruto walked to the kitchen, he heard some sounds going through the hall. Looking around, he saw something moving inside the grandfather clock.

"A bat?" Naruto asked, rising himself and walk towards the grandfather clock to see a bat stuck inside. The blonde grabbed the glass, trying to open it and not break to free the trapped creature of the night.

"Don't worry little guy, I'll get you out of there," Naruto mumbled as his hand hit the hand which landed on something and heard a click.

Soon enough the whole grandfather clock opens before the blonde and leads down a stairwell towards a cave.

"What the hell?" Naruto said as he started to walk down the stairs to see what's down here and felt calling down there.

Naruto climbed down the dusty stairs as he climbed down the secret passageway. As he climbed down, his heartbeat on his chest, feeling nervous as he never saw this part of the house before. It didn't help that it was so dark in here.

When Naruto almost reached the bottom, what he saw made his eyes widened in awe.

It was a huge cavern, with the top full of stalagmites and stalactites, with hundreds of bats in the air. But what got his attention was the objects inside, which were mostly covered in white tarps.

Naruto cautiously walked through the dusty cave, going towards the nearest tarp-covered item. He grabbed the dusty tarp and pulled it, revealing it to be a glass pod full of outfits.

Naruto stared at the first costume, a gray suit with a black bat symbol on the chest, black underpants with a utility belt, black boots, and gloves with talons and a black cape with a pointy cowl. The rest of the suits were in order, Robin (s), Batgirl, Nightwing, Catwoman, Red Hood, Red Robin, and Orphan. All of this belongs to one legendary hero back then and the blonde knows very well.

" this...the Batman?" Naruto asked in surprised.

Since staying in Neo Gotham, Naruto learned of the legendary Batman in history, a hero who was a founder of the Justice League as well as the protector of Gotham before his disappearance years ago. The history and adventures of the Dark Knight were a great interest to the blonde as he got A+ on a history report. But moving on.

"" He asked and spoke, "If all of this is under Wayne Manor...then Bruce Batman?"

"I was Batman," A voice said, being a defeated tone caused Naruto to jump and turn to see the old man walk towards him with Ace beside him. Bruce stared at his outfit, a look in his eyes before turning to the shocked Naruto.

"You're...You're Batman?" Naruto asked in shock to the old man.

"Yes, but I'm retired," Bruce said as he walked to the case, looking at his old uniform.

"Bruce Wayne is Batman..." Naruto said, his mind unable to process that the old man who was watching over him was the same man who people speak about in whispers. It was just hard to imagine this old, graying man intimidating crooks and clowns.

But then again, he can be terrifying if he wanted to.

"But wait...why are all these things covered up?" Naruto asked, looking at the dusty Batcave, which hasn't been used for a long time now.

"Because Gotham doesn't need Batman anymore," Bruce replied in a solemn tone as his right-hand shook, causing Ace to whimper.

But that wasn't the reason. Gotham always needed Batman, but he can't do it anymore. He's gotten too old, too weak. His last mission was proof that Batman couldn't keep up anymore. He shook his head, not allowing that moment come about again and move on.

"Go to bed, Naruto," Bruce said as he grabbed the tarp and covered the glass case, struggling slightly.

"It's a school day tomorrow...And forget you saw all of this."

Naruto watched as Bruce Wayne slowly walked away. He saw Ace beside him, whimpering slightly, causing the blonde to pet his head.

Meanwhile, Bruce was sitting on his chair, sighing tiredly. It just took walking down the stairs to make him this tired. He looked out the night sky through his window, his eyes lingering towards the spot where the Bat Signal would be located whenever he was needed.

The Next Day

Naruto was blankly staring at his cafeteria food, still shocked about last night's events. He didn't get a wink of sleep last night, so his eyes were a little bloodshot.

"Hey man, you feeling alright?" Naruto turned and saw Terry, Max, and Dana walking towards him, who seem to notice his state.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just a little tired," Naruto said, waving away their worries.

"Must be with all the projects they have us doing," Terry said with a shrug as they sat down, joining him.

"You finished that report?"

"Which one?" Naruto asked.

Unknown to them, the air vents started releasing purple gas. By the time they took notice, the occupants in the building started coughing before passing out.

"W-what's going on?" Dana asked as she tried to stay away before passing out.

"Sleeping gas..." Naruto said as he watched Terry and Max pass out.

He quickly covered his mouth and nose with his arm, keeping himself awake, probably due to his enhanced tolerance thanks to the Kyubi's chakra that was left behind.

He suddenly heard the doors opened, so he quickly used the smoke as cover. A group of men wearing gas masks walked in and started picking up the female students, carrying them out of the room. Just as two men were about to grab Dana and Max, there were loud thumps before they fell to the ground.

"Hey, what was that?" one of them asked, hearing the sound. When he got no answer, he grabbed a club from his waist and walked towards the source.

There, he saw two of his men on the ground. Before he could call someone, Naruto, who was wearing a rag around his face, appeared and struck the man on the neck, making him gag, before Naruto got behind him and kneed him on the back of his head, knocking him out.

"Over there!" one of the men exclaimed, spotting Naruto. A few of them pulled out their clubs and charged at him. Using the smoke to his advantage, Naruto managed to disappear in front of them as they blindly swung through the smoke. He got behind one, grabbed him in a sleeper hold and choked him into unconsciousness before taking his club and attacking the men.

"Hey! What's going on!" a voice exclaimed. Surprised, Naruto turned and saw their gym teacher entering, covering his face with a towel.

"Coach! These people are kidnapping the girls!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Is that so?" the coach said as he picked up a club.

"Well, we can't have that, can we?"

Naruto nodded and turned his attention back to the people, and was about to attack again when his skull exploded in pain and he fell to the ground. He slowly raised his head and saw the coach walking towards the men.

"You idiots can't even handle one stupid kid?" he said before saw he saw Naruto looking at him.

"Geez, kid, you're a tough one. As expected from my star athlete."

He then swung the club, and Naruto saw black.


In a white hospital room, Naruto was lying on a bed, his head wrapped with bandages. Suddenly, his eyes slowly opened. He winced from the throbbing ache in his head as he sat up, looking around.

His eyes suddenly widened as he remembered what happened before narrowing his eyes.

"Masters..." He growled as he quickly got off the bed, his concussion slowly healing.

"Glad to see you're up," a voice said, causing him to turn and see Bruce, sitting on a chair. "But I think you should stay in bed. Healing powers or not, that was a nasty hit on the head."

"I can't lie down, not when my friends are in danger," Naruto said.

Bruce sighed before he stood up and walked towards him. In a display of skill, Naruto found himself back in bed, surprised before looking at the old man walking out the room.

"What...happened? What did he do?" Naruto asked.

"Just leave your friends to the police, the Commissioner will find them, trust me," Bruce said before exiting the room.

"Until then, rest well."

Naruto watched his guardian leave the room, before narrowing his eyes.

"Like hell, I'm staying still," He said as he stood up and walked towards the window.

"I'm a shinobi damn it. What's the point of having the skills if I won't use it to help my friends? But I can't rescue them like this..."

Naruto then suddenly gained an idea as a wicked grin appeared on his face

Time Skip

Wayne Manor

Bruce was in his study, staring out the window, Ace standing by his side. He shouldn't be feeling so restless, but he just can't ignore the pit in his stomach.

"I shouldn't be so worried. She's on the case, so I'm sure she can save those girls," Bruce thought.

But still, Bruce felt so useless. All those years of blood, sweat, and tears, reduced to sitting in this room, staring out the sky.

Suddenly, he noticed Ace perking up.

"What's wrong, boy?" The old man asked as Ace stood up, walking towards the door.

Eyes narrowed, Bruce let Ace out and followed him until they reached the entrance of the Bat Cave. His eyes widened before he quickly entered the entrance. He walked towards the center of the Cave and looked to the glass cases and saw that his old suit was gone, and on it was a note.

I borrowed your suit. I'll return it. Be back soon.

"Naruto... and he took the old suit. I can't track him. Hmm," Bruce thought after a deep scowl.

Bruce walked towards something covered in a white sheet. He pulled it off, revealing a worktable with a few prototype gadgets. He grabbed an unfinished Batarang and a few tools before he started working.

Neo Gotham

It was dark, with a hint of a storm coming. A lot of people were talking about what happened at school, and some of them were worried. Since either those girls were related to them, or it could happen to them next.

Unaware, a figure was running across the rooftops, the cape fluttering behind him. He pulled out a grappling gun from the belt and fired it, letting him swing across the buildings. Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning, and the silhouette of Batman illuminated the sky.

"Man, I thought this thing would be too big for me, but it fights like a glove," Naruto said to himself as he landed on a rooftop and kept running.

"I'm not buff, so maybe the suit is made with some special fitting cloth. Either way, this cape is cool!"

Naruto grew serious as he ran towards the docks. From what he remembered from fighting those guys, he got the faint scent of seawater, and the only place in Neo Gotham that was close to the sea was the Neo Gotham Docklands.

It was a stretch, but it was the only lead.

Naruto finally reached the docks, landing on a nearby building. He pulled out a pair of old binoculars, which had a scanner, enhanced espionage, and infrared vision. It had other features, but they were outdated in the futuristic world.

As the new Bat looked over the docks, he spotted a big ship loading a lot of trucks. Eyes narrowing, he zoomed in on the ship, and he spotted Coach Masters, talking to a strange figure. It looked like a man wearing a fancy white suit, but his head was covered in some strange metallic substance, looking like a skinless head, with glowing red eyes.

Activating enhanced espionage, he managed to get some part of their conversation.

"Coul-o it ri-fuc-blond pu-," Masters said before he received a vicious punch in the face by the masked person.

"If anyo-inds out abo-rationg, I'm gonna fu-ear you lim-and feed you-our family!" the masked guy then turned to the masked henchmen.

"Get th-e bitches in the ca-o hold and let's ge-these shit ho-!"

"Man, this thing needs an update," Naruto muttered before he pocketed the device.

Lenses narrowing, Naruto slinks to the shadows, using his old training.

Two henchmen were guarding the pathway towards the ship, armed with blasters. Suddenly, there was a clacking noise, getting their attention.

"What was that?" the guard on the left asked.

"I'll check it out," the other guard said, walking towards the sound. He walked behind the crate, kneeling behind it, founding a piece of rock. He picked it up and stood up, unaware that his partner was being dragged behind the crates.

"Just a piece of rock. Probably just some brats-where'd you go?"

He noticed his partner gone. Before he would call him, Naruto appeared behind him, grabbed him in a sleeper hold. He struggled to get free, but Naruto's grip was too strong. Soon, he was unconscious, dropping his weapon. Naruto then dragged him behind the crates, handcuffing him.

The new Bat then fired a grappling hook to the ship, climbing over the rails and quickly walking towards cover, just as a pair of henchmen walked by.

"If I want to find the girls, I need to go to the cargo hold," He thought as he crept through the shadows.

"Now...where the hell is it?"

"Damn it, guarding the cargo hold again," one of the guards nearby complained.

"Why are you so upset about it?" the other one asked.

"I mean, you get to guard those nake girls, and you see the tits they have?"

"But what's the point if I can't have fun with them? I mean c'mon! If I wanted to stare at nake tits, I'd use my phone!"

"Well, if we do a good job, the boss might give us a few bitches to keep," the guard said.

"Hey, that's a good idea," the guard said.

"Well, let's go guard those bitches."

Naruto's eyes narrowed as he watched the two walks away, entering the ship. Before they could get far, he picked up a small tracer and flicked it at them, hitting one on the pants. He looked at them before noticing a vent nearby. He walked towards the vent and quietly pried it open. He crawled inside it, placing the vent back to hide his force entrance.

Through his mask, the Bat kept following the two through the vents, being careful and quiet, going deeper and deeper into the ship. Finally, he reached his destination, a large, secured door. The two guards he was following relieved the two guarding the door before taking their place.

Naruto waited for a few minutes before he pulled out some black pellets from the belt and rolled it through the vents.

"Hm?" the guard on the right said as he noticed the pellets.

Suddenly, the pellets release a thick cloud of smoke.

"What the hell!?"

Naruto quickly kicked the vent off the wall and walked out and attacked. He grabbed the closest one by the front of the shirt and judo-flipped him to the wall. He then charged at the second guard, jabbing him on the throat before grabbing his head and kneeling him on the face, knocking him unconscious.

Once the smoke cleared, the new Bat stood on top of the beaten guards, giving a satisfied nod. He walked towards the large door, seeing that it was reinforced with steel. Even with his strength, he couldn't break it.

The only way to open the door was through the security pad, but it can only be unlocked by a special security card. He tried using the decoder, but it was outdated.

Maybe he should have taken the other suit? Those tools would be more useful than the ones he currently has but he had little clue on how to use them. So, there is that and moving on.

"Hey!" a voice exclaimed, causing him to turn and saw a pair of guards, who looked surprised to see him with two unconscious guys.

Naruto quickly grabbed two batarangs and threw it at the two guards just as one of them was about to call for backup. The projectiles hit the guards' heads, causing them to stumble. He ran towards them, grabbed their heads and slammed them together, knocking them out.

"That was close," He muttered, unaware that one of the guards he knocked out earlier gained consciousness and aimed a gun at his back.

Something small and black suddenly flew passed Naruto's head, hitting the guard's gun, destroying it. Surprised, Naruto saw the guy still conscious, so he quickly charged, kneeing him on the face that sent him slamming to the wall.

"You need to be more aware of your surroundings," A familiar voice said, shocking Naruto. He turned to the source and saw that it was a bigger and bulkier Batarang that was glowing and floating.

"Mr. Wayne?" He said in shock.

"Don't say my name so loudly," The Batarang reprimanded him.

"Come back to the mansion immediately and give me back the suit. We're going to have a long talk."

"I can't leave," Naruto said as he gestured at the door and spoke, "The girls are behind this door; I just need to open it."

"I've contacted the police; they'll be here soon."

"That might take too long. I need to get the security card to open the door," Naruto said as he started walking.

Suddenly, Naruto fell on his back as the remote control Batarang hit the back of his knee. He groaned as he rubbed the back of his head, looking at the Batarang.

"You're coming home, now," Bruce said in a stern voice.

"And I said no!" Naruto said as he threw three batarangs at the remote control Batarang, but it easily destroyed the three before smacking Naruto on the head, causing him to fall back on the ground.

Naruto quickly jumped back to his feet and tried to punch the Batarang, but it moved, dodging his punches. The Batarang then hit his forehead, then swerved and smack his tailbone, causing him to yelp in pain before the Batarang went and hit his stomach before it flew up to his chin.

Amidst all this, Naruto was thinking how embarrassing it was to lose to a remote-controlled projectile.

"How can you save these girls when you can't beat a toy being controlled by an old man? Just leave it to the police."

"I can't leave, not now," Naruto said as he forced himself up.

"If I leave now and something will happen to those girls...I'll never forgive myself."

The Batarang was silent as Bruce stared through the screen, looking at Naruto. For that slight moment, he swore that he could see himself in that suit.

"...I did some research on the ship; if the one holding the key card is the one in charge would be in the VIP suite. If it's not there, the controls for the lock might be in that room. Follow me."

Naruto looked at the Batarang before he nodded gracefully. He was about to follow it before he remembered the unconscious guards on the ground. He got an idea since he noticed that they weren't that big compared to him.

A few minutes later, a disguised Naruto was walking out the decks, discreetly following Bruce's direction, who was hiding inside his shirt. He spotted a few guards, who nodded at him. He waited for them to pass before he quickly enters the hall, climbing up the stairs until he reached the top floor.

"Go straight and take a left. It's the last door in the hall."

Following his instructions, Naruto found the suite lounge. Using the scanner in his mask, he could tell that it was empty. He tried opening it, but it was locked. Looking behind him to make sure the coast was clear, he pulled out a Batarang and jammed it at the knob, breaking the lock.

The Dark Knight entered the room, which was the definition of fancy, carpeted floors, king-size bed with velvet pillows and blanket, a jacuzzi on the side, a bar with fancy drinks, and a desk with monitors on it. He walked towards the monitor, hoping to see the keycard. He didn't find it, but he did find the controls.

"Okay, this should be simple," He said as he looked over the buttons and the map above it.

The young man saw that they were labeled, showing which button would unlock each room. He looked for the one that would unlock the cargo hold. When he found it, he pressed it, but curse when the screen showed that it required some fingerprints.

"Huh...Any chance you got a Bat Finger Scanner Jammer or something?"

"That's as far as you'll go," a voice said behind him as he felt something heavy touching the back of his head.

Naruto slowly lifted his hands as he stood straight. He looked behind him and saw that it was the man with the metal mask, holding the gun. He was shocked that he didn't hear him sneak behind him.

"You think I wouldn't notice a freak getting on my ship? Who the fuck do you think I am?" The man demanded as guards entered the room, armed and aimed at Naruto, ready to shoot.

"A guy who's into some serious BDSM?" Naruto joked.

"Seriously, how do you breathe through that thing?"

"Is that your last words, Shit Face?" The guy said, raising his hand, ready to give the signal to shoot.

"I have a lot of time before I reach my last words," Naruto said before the Batarang flew out his jacket and smack the guy on the head, causing him to stumble.

Naruto took that distraction and threw some smoke pellets on the ground, covering them with black smoke.


"What the hell!"

"Wait! Don't shoot!"

It was chaos as the soldiers were overcome from the dark smoke, slamming into each other as they try to see through the smoke. Suddenly, the smoke slowly dissipated as they saw the door open. They also saw their boss missing his jacket and pants.

"Damn it! He got my funky security card! Get that asshole and fill him with bullets!" The guy demanded, causing his men to rush out the door.

Unaware of the loose vent on the ceiling, Naruto was safely making his way through the vents with the keycard in hand.

"Now I can get those girls out," He said as he spotted a vent, crawling towards it.

"Not with those men on your tail," Bruce said, the Batarang flying in front of Naruto.

"Hey, who was that guy with the black mask?" Naruto asked as he quietly exited the air vent and took off the guard's uniform, untying the cape.

"He's Roman Sionis III, the grandson of an old enemy of mine. Back in my day, Roman Sionis was known as Black Mask, an almost untouchable crime boss," Bruce informed.

"So...the black mask is a family thing?"

"Roman's mask was an accident that caused the cloth to burn in his skin."

"Damn. What's this guy's story?"

"From what I know, Roman Sionis III was living in poverty due to his family's bad rep. So, he followed in his grandfather's footsteps and took in the life of crime. With money and power behind him, he's one of Gotham's almost untouchable crime bosses."

"You said 'almost'," Naruto noted.

"If we stop him tonight, then we have enough evidence to take him down," Bruce said.



"Never thought I'd hear you so lively."

"...Focus on the task at hand."

Naruto smirked before he sneaked around the ship. He couldn't just go back to the cargo hold; they would expect him to do that. He needed to take care of those thugs before he rescues the girls.
With a grin, he pulled out the various tools and gadgets in his belt, ready to cause pain and mischief to his enemies.


Black Mask II was on his chair, his fists clenched angrily. He was looking at the various screens on his table, trying to find the bitch that intruded on his ship.

It took him years of blood, sweat, and tears to get to where he was. He sold his family to buy the money he needed to reinvent himself. He used his new image to learn what he needed, and once he knew enough of his work started. He started his gang of burglars and drug dealers, then he upgraded to weapons and bank heists and went big with human trafficking. With the money and goods he obtained, he made some powerful friends, friends that help him get the protection he needed to keep the feds and police off his ass. He surgically put this mask on his face to show he wasn't someone to mess with.

And now, all his hard work was in jeopardy because of some guy that had no business in his ship!

"You dumbassses found him yet!?" He exclaimed through the speakers.

"Not yet sir!"

"If you don't find him, I'm gonna rip off your arms and shoved it in your ass until you can taste for shit-covered fingers! So find him!"

He slammed the button with his fist before he stood up, walking towards the bar, grabbing a bottle of vodka.

"Dumbass fuckers can't even fucking find a freak," He said as he took a big gulp, shuddering as he let the strong flavor calm him.

"Fuck, I needed that."

Suddenly, an explosion shook the ship, causing Black Mask to drop the bottle, shattering it on the ground. He ran back to the screens.

"What the fuck was that!?"

The answers he got were panicked screams. Confused, he looked at the screens and saw his mercenaries. And they were looking like a waste of money. He saw a lot of them tied up by tripwires, assaulted by gas pellets, rotten food, boiling water, some very dirty toilet water. Some were even half nude or dressed in girls' underwear.

"What the fuck!?" Black Mask II exclaimed as he saw the confusing mess.


As the guards and mercenaries ran around like headless chickens chased by rabid wolves, Naruto sneaked his way back to the secured entrance of the cargo hold. After he set up the traps, Batarang Bruce left, saying he needed to do something.

As Naruto swiped the card on the security lock, the light turned green and it opened, revealing a staircase.

"So far, so good," He said as he started climbing down the stairs. As he got closer, he heard some grunts and sobs.

Eyes narrowing, the blonde pulled out a Batarang and walked faster but quietly. He finally reached the bottom, which had a lot of big, glass cages, filled with a lot of teenage girls. Seems like his school wasn't the only one that got hit. The grunts and sobs got louder as he sneaked through the cages.

"Squeezed tighter, bitch!"

" more..."

He got on top of a cage and saw the source of the sounds and he felt anger. On the ground was Bobbi 'Blade' Sommer, wearing only a pair of black panties, crying as she held her bare breast together. The one on top of her, with his dick out, was Masters, a smirk on his face as he moved his hips.

"Yeah, this is what you bitch are good for," he said cruelly as he grabbed her bitch, squeezing them roughly, causing her to release a pained gasp.

"I've been looking forward to this all week!"

"No! Let go!" Blade cried.

"Why when I'm so close!" He exclaimed as he increased his pace.

"I'm gonna nut all over that pretty face of yours!"

Just as Master about moved, a Batarang hit him on the head, dazing him. Before he recovers, Naruto jumps in with a kick on the head, sending him off Blade.

Masters landed on the ground, landing on his front, groaning in pain.

Naruto glared at the man who kidnapped so many innocent girls, and now he assaulted on his students. Unable to control himself, he walked towards his ex-gym teacher and stomped his balls.

Masters released a silent scream of intense pain before he fainted, foaming on the mouth.

"That felt nice," The blonde sighed before he turned to Blade, who was looking at him with wide eyes.

"It's okay, I'm here to help."

"W-who are you?" Blade asked, covering her breast.

"I'm-," Naruto said before the ship shook from another explosion.

"No time!"

He then pulled out some explosive batarangs and jumped in the air. He threw the batarangs, which gracefully flew, hitting the locks.

"Back away from the door!" He ordered as he covered Blade protectively.

The batarangs beeped before it gave a weak explosion, causing the doors to open. All the girls rushed out, wearing nothing but their underwear. They all looked at Naruto with shock, confusion, and gratitude.

"Alright, everyone follows me!" The Dark Knight exclaimed as he led the girls towards the stairs. Due to the chaos he caused, the guards were more focus on their safety rather than the large group of half nude girls. They made it on top of the deck, which was slowly sinking.

"Get on the lifeboats, quickly!"

The girls followed his instructions, getting on the lifeboats, which fell to the safe water below. Naruto was about to get on when a blaster suddenly hit his shoulder. He exclaimed in pain, surprised as he turned to the source and saw Black Mask II, looking very pissed.

"I'm going to fucking kill you, you piece of shit!"

"Geez, you need to wash that mouth of yours," Naruto said as he ran towards Black Mask II as the girls got on the boats.

The masked mobster fired, but Naruto kept dodging. He then threw some batarangs towards Black Mask II, who just fired at the projectiles, until he missed one that hit the side of his weapon, causing it to explode and wounding his hand.

"Fuck!" He shouted in pain.

"Give up, Sionis. You have no more help and no girls to sell. And once the police see all of this, you're going to jail," Naruto said as he glared at the mobster.

"You think you can stop me, Shit Face?" Black Mask exclaimed as he removed his suit jacket and shirt, revealing some black patches on certain parts of his body.

"I've built this empire with my bare hands, and it's not going down by a wannabe freak!"

Black Mask grabbed something from his pants pockets, being some black rods and attached it to the patches. Suddenly the patches glowed, as well as his veins glowed, and his muscles bulged.

Naruto watched as the lanky man suddenly bulked up.

"Okay, was not expecting that," He said before Black Mask II roared and charged.

The mobster slammed his fists on the wooden floor as the blonde jumped to the side. He quickly threw some quick punches on Black Mask II's sides, but it had little effect.

Black Mask II swatted Naruto with his giant arm, causing Naruto to slam through the metal wall. He didn't have time to recover as Black Mask II charged and ram him through the wall, busting through it. Naruto groaned as he lied on his back before Black Mask II jumped over him, slamming his fists to the ground, which Naruto narrowly avoided.

The wooden floor gave in, causing Naruto and Black Mask II to fall in the maintenance room of the ship. Naruto groaned as he weakly looked around the room before he was roughly grabbed by the cape. Black Mask II used the cape to flung him across the room, tearing the cape as Naruto slammed into the machine that keeps the ship from getting too hot.

"You think putting on a Halloween costume is going to stop me, you sonuva bitch?" Black Mask II said as he grabbed Naruto by the neck and lifted him up, causing Naruto to grab his arm.

"Yeah, I heard the legends, but that's just what he is, a legend, a damn myth to scare children. You think putting that on makes you Batman?"

Naruto gasp as he felt Black Mask II's hand tighten around his neck. He let the arm go, grabbing something from his belt as the brute choked him. He then glared at Black Mask II.

"!" Batman exclaimed before throwing two batarangs at Black Mask II's face, hitting his eyes.

"Agh!" The brute exclaimed as he let go of Batman as he held his eyes in pain, who quickly ran towards him, pulling out a pair of brass knuckles. He started punching the brute at the rods, causing him to exclaim in pain, before smashing his fists on his face, causing a few cracks to appear.

Batman then used a grapple to swing above Black Mask II, using the momentum to kick the brute on the back, sending him tumbling towards the machine, which Batman threw a few explosive batarangs on it. Batman rolled on the ground before pulling out a trigger, pressing it.

The batarangs beeped before exploding, causing ice-cold air to burst in front of Black Mask II, who screamed as he felt the icy pain through his body. He tried to move, but soon his entire body was trapped in ice.

Batman glared at the trapped brute before sighing, holding his ribs.

"C'mon, walk it off," He said as he walked out the room.

"Walk it off."


The NGPD arrived in the docks, seeing a lot of the kidnapped schoolgirls, all draped in blankets, huddled around the fire in a drum, looking shaken but unhurt. Next to them was a cage full of the grunts and mercenaries that kidnapped them, including a passed out Masters and a beaten-up Sionis, who's mask was fractured. As the police helped the girls to ambulances, alone, an elderly woman with glasses looked at the captured thugs before noticing something attacked to the cage.

It was a small disc.

She took the small item and looked at it with narrowed eyes. She suddenly looked up at a building, swearing that she saw a figure on top of it before disappearing.

"Commissioner Gordon," a police officer said, saluting at her and spoke, "All kidnaped victims addressed and accounted for."

"Good, now get these punks in the truck," She said, pocketing the disc and walking back to her car.

"By the way, ma'am. They keep saying that they were saved by a man dressed as a bat," The officer said.

"I see..." She said before continuing to her car.

Wayne Mansion

Naruto was sneaking through the mansion, entering through the window, intending to remove the suit and getting the hell out of the mansion before Bruce sees him. He did steal the suit, so it wasn't within reason that he would expect the old man to be livid with him.

"That's it...nice and quiet," He whispered to himself before the lights were turned on, causing him to freeze. He slowly turned his head and saw Bruce waiting for him, a stern expression on his face, and Ace sitting beside him.

"Um...hey," Naruto said lamely as he removed the cowl, looking sheepish.

"What did I tell you?" Bruce asked in a stern voice.

"N-now I know you're mad-."

"I don't want to hear it."

"-but I couldn't help it, my friends were in danger-."

"And now I got to hear it."

"-and since you weren't using this stuff, I thought I could borrow it. So when you think about it, this is kinda your fault for leaving them unattended."

Bruce and Ace both looked at him as he realized what he just said.

"What did you just say?"

"I-I take that back," Naruto said quickly, waving his hands around.

Suddenly, Bruce sighed as he patted Ace's head.

"You don't understand, Naruto," Bruce said with a sigh, looking so much like his age, surprising Naruto. In all the time he was with Bruce, he never looked so old before, so tired.

"Batman isn't needed in this city."

"...You're wrong," Naruto said, causing Bruce to look at him, seeing the expression on Naruto's face.

"You're right, there are so many heroes out there, some of them having amazing powers, but it doesn't matter, not in this city at least. I've seen so many punks and crooks out there who do whatever they want. You know why? Because they know they can get away with it. This city...this world needs a symbol, a symbol of fear to keep the bad guys at bay, and a symbol of hope for the people who can't do anything but pray." Naruto then looked at the mask, sighing deeply and spoke again, "Jiraiya told me it was my job to be that symbol in my world...but I failed. Maybe here, I can finally fulfill my promise to him."

Bruce looked as Naruto faced him, his eyes filled with a sense of purpose, making something stir inside the old man. It was the same sense of purpose he had when he vowed to keep the criminal society at bay so that no one else would suffer as he did.

"...You were sloppy," Bruce suddenly said, his voice changing, becoming deeper.

"You took too many hits. It took you two and a half minutes to set up those traps and another three minutes to save the girls. You did well against their advantage over technology, but you'll need to learn how to use my technology to get a more even playing field."

"You mean..." Naruto said, his eyes wide and couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"We'll work on that, tomorrow," Bruce said as he extended a hand to Naruto.

"I won't let you down," Naruto said as he shook Bruce's hand, who merely smirked.

"Welcome to my world," Batman said as he let go.

A new Dark Knight is born and Gotham will change.


Naruto's Harem (Not in order): Amy, Wonder Woman, Huntress (Helena Wayne), Black Canary (Olivia Queen), Nightstar, Aquagirl, Spoiler (Melanie Walker), Catwoman (Vanessa Black), Nightwing (Dawn Grayson), Max Gibson, Chelsea Cunningham, The Dee-Dee's, and Inque (Irene Clay). (Maybe two more)