Chapter 2 New Red Hood

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Before chapter two, I should explain more or someone misses it, my bad. Naruto's charka was used to heal the wounds he gained from coming to Earth 12 and will take 20-30 years to or might return, being a long shot.

Also, Naruto will be tactician first then detective second like a certain Dark Knight. He is learning and will show his skills in action as the story goes on. Now enjoy chapter two :)

Batman Begins (2005) Training

Wayne Manor (Naruto's Room)

The light shines from the sun blast through the room, hitting the young man's face and waking him for the day. Naruto groaned as he covered up himself with the blanket.

"Bats are nocturnal," Naruto said through the pillow and blanket with a small groan.

"Bats maybe but not young man done with high school and finishing his online college classes. 10:00 pushing in," Bruce said with Ace coming in and got pat on the head.

Naruto uncovered himself with a sigh, knowing the old man was right and should get up for the day. He rubbed his eyes with his right arm and needed to get up for the day.

It has been a few months since Naruto became Batman and started his training on learning the technology of now instead of the old toys he used. His normal was doing good as he graduated high school while keeping in touch with his friends that are still in high school and started online college classes to balance out his hero and normal life. The hero's life was starting slow for now and was for the best as Bruce wanted Naruto to take it slow to get training and learn a few more things before going out again.

Word was coming fast and starting to kick up for the blonde. The kids at school, mostly the girls were wondering about the hero that saved them and wonder what's he like. Gangs and thugs were starting to be scared because Black Mask II was taken down by the Bat but mostly push it aside as they don't believe in the legend and will soon learn the hard way. Other people wonder the same thing about the Dark Knight returning and some not so much as they don't like vigilantes running around in their city.

Bruce handed Naruto a cup of coffee to help get his day going and newspaper to see the headline that was talking about Dark Knight showings. Not much has seen Batman after the Black Mask's heist and wonder if he was real which he is and the girls at schools spoke the truth.

"The stretch art is still not better," Naruto commented, putting the paper down and got up out of bed before doing his morning pushups to start up the day.

They have no photos for Batman and the old ones were outdated, so they used a stretch art that looks like a black clothing humanoid bat with wings and fangs. It can't be helped and moving on.

Bruce rolled his eyes as it can be helped and said, "Indeed, but many would believe what they want to believe. And do five more."

"Right!" Naruto painted as he did five more pushups and was done. He patted Ace and took a sip of water.

"Any meetings we got today?" The blonde asked.

"Nope, Luke has it covered for the time being and pushing Powers back. The company is on hold until the CEO is picked through votes and ratings to the end of the year. Lucius has finished our request and will be handing the updated suit in tonight for a look," Bruce answered.


Naruto had met the Foxs after finishing high school and set college up, getting a good friendship in for the three. The blonde had been aiming to have the Wayne Enterprises stay in the right hands either Bruce's or Luke's. The old man had signed the ownership to two people he can trust, being Helena Wayne and Naruto Uzumaki.

The blonde had a close call hearted attacked that day or maybe fainted but kept his cool and will do his best for elder Wayne. He had taken company lessons and learn more about Wayne Enterprises to the goals that will share for everyone.

However or before taking the company, Derek Powers of Powers Techonaly wanted Wayne Enterprises and merged the two companies to a big one. The greedy members of the broad agreed but the overvote ruled them out and have the company on hold until the CEO is picked.

Headline: Wayne's Future in Uzukmai or Powers, become the big news to this very day and the votes were going in the blonde's favor. He had great goals for helping the world and other cites with the ideas of clean energy to power the city with Fox Tech helping the Wayne on every step of the way, being safe and not at a high price which got the large broad and many people wanting him to be the CEO.

Derek had been pushing forward with military updates and deadly weapons for mass destruction but Naruto had to counter the ideas and saying they were out of place. We can just say that the two won't and never get along, racing still on.

"Good, I hate going in meetings with Powers. He makes my skin crawl," Naruto said before getting some clean clothes and headed for the showers.

"You are not the only one," Bruce said, knowing what the blonde meet and the background the pair have to dig up from Powers' closet, not liking the man anymore and other reasons to keep Derek from getting Wayne Enterprises into his dirty hands.

Soon enough, Naruto finished his shower and got dressed up for the day. He wore some workout clothes, being a white shirt, black pants, and white running shoes. He was going to work out some more before heading out into Gotham and see a few friends of his that are still in school.

"Got some training for me, Bruce?" Naruto asked, knowing the answer.

"Yep, weights, boxing, and some runs for the morning. We'll go over more tonight and see the suit updates," Bruce replied.

"Nice," The blonde said with a smirk and headed downstairs for the gym with Ace following him to get breakfast which the young man will happily get for the good bad dog.

Just another day.

Time Skip

Hamilton Hill High School, 2:30 PM

Naruto signed at the front office for a visitor pass and started to walk around the school he graduated. He always had time to see his friends and what they are doing. The blonde had talked to Max and Chelsea, catching up on old times and learn some interesting things that have been going around school.

The girls had told the blonde that things were finally coming back to normal somewhat but the fangirls were going crazy and wanted to find the Dark Knight.

Naruto coughed at that and felt a cold shiver in his spine. Damn fan girls these days, but moving on.

Chelsea had told Naruto that something was going on with Blade as she had been acting different and no blames her from what happens as that can change a person, but she slowly changing. She had been getting her grades up, taking some news class to become a journalist like Lois Lane-Kent back in the days, and took some gymnast as well. Odd and very strange but at least she is acting like a normal high school student and building up to something.

"That's strange," Naruto commented.

"Yeah, it is. Blade seems normal but is changing and I think it's cool in a way," Chelsea said.

"I agree as to when I was at school and remember that Blade and no offense, a bitch. I'm glad that her friends are helping her out and she is taking a different leaf of things. Gotham could use journalists these days," The blonde said.

"Okay, treehugger," Max commented, getting the three to share a laugh.

The three kept hanging until a cellphone ring, being the blonde's and he answers it.

"Naruto here."

"Come back to the manor, the suit is here and time for a test run," A voice said, being Bruce.

"That soon. Interesting, I'll be there to wear the new suit," He said, before ending the call and sighed as his hang was putting aside for the time being.

"Call for Minster Money Man," Max joked, knowing that Naruto was named as one of Bruce Wayne's heires and possible CEO of the company.

"Something like that. I brought a new suit and need to try it out," Naruto said.

"Guys needs the suit," Chelsea said.

"You have no idea. I'll call you girls when I can and maybe go out for lunch next. Take care girls," The blonde said, taking his leave.

"Bye Naruto," The girls said their goodbyes watching the blonde leave.

Naruto waved as he took his leave for his ride. As he took his leave, he heard something was going on being his friend Terry getting into trouble again. Oh boy here we go again and it can't be helped. He sighed and hoped that one day his friend could pull himself out of the dirt. Anything can happen and somethings have to handle themself.

Naruto left the school grounds for his ride, being a blue sports car with orange and started driving towards home to see the new suit that the Foxes made for him.

The blonde started to think back on how he wanted the change to come about to the suit. The full black suit had little protection while good gadgets and tools to use, but again the protection was needed as a good number of people will shoot him a lot.

So, Naruto had a talk with Bruce about updating the suit with different and same updates that some suits have. They went back and forth with the suit a couple of times until finally coming down to the final design. The Fox brothers seem interested in the suit and agreed on handling it which seems like they are done and the suit is ready to try out.

The drive was good, a little long, but safe and easy to get by, having Naruto drive to Wayne Manor and see the suit.

Wayne Manor, Batcave

The Batcave was clean up and online, having Naruto and Bruce getting all systems running again. The pair were out at the work table to see the new suit.

"Wow," Naruto commented, seeing the suit on the table and ready to try out. He checked out the gauntlet, pushing a button to have three razor blades come out.

"Indeed. Lucius had run tests on the armor of the suit and made sure the equipment is well easy to handle. Luke double-checked the suit for you to be lighter, faster, and agile," Bruce said but stopped as the blonde pushed a button that had the razor blades fire out of the gauntlet to a nearby target.

"Maybe you should read the instructions first."

"Right," The blonde agreed as he placed the gauntlet down.

"Now the suit will protect you from a good number of things, but some damage can be left behind. Like a bullet could enter where the joints connect or the deep in the rip area. Now the most protected area of the suit will be the bat symbol, being the armor's strongest point and will withstand a straight bullet shot."

Naruto nodded his head, taking everything the old man told in and took a look at the utility belt, seeing the tools that will help him in the field as Batman.

"Portal tonight?" Naruto asked, knowing the answer and would be ready.

"Always. Another gang is arming themself from Black Mask's former operation and will start a gang war in Gotham. Stop the gang and destroy the weapon crates," Bruce informed.

Naruto smiled as he started to change into his new suit. Instead of a full black suit, the armor was a little bulk up, not as much. A silver utility belt that carried a good number of tools. The arm and leg pads were placed on, locking in place before the three razor blades pop out. The chest had a red bat symbol like the normal suit did but flex glass before setting in place. The armor locks up fully once the cowl/helmet was placed on with the red eyes and black mask covered activated over the user's mask. It can be deactivated when needed and has an air filter.

"How does it feel?" Bruce asked.

"Like a glove," Naruto or now Batman answered, having his deep and dark. (Christian Bale)

The Dark Knight headed to the landing platform for his ride to come. The Batmobile was in works due to updating and getting some logins in for the new suit link up with it. So, the Batcycle will have to do and works for the new Bat.

Batman climbed in the Batcycle set, powering the engine for taking off. He trun towards Bruce, giving him a node and was ready to launch. The elder Wayne nodded back as he opens the doors and allowed the cycle to take off.

The Batcycle took off and excited the Batcave for the night out.

Batman pushed a few buttons, having the Batcycle at a good speed for him to control and have the cycle in stealth mode. He set in autopilot, thank Bruce for that, and started to see that he was close to his location.

Neo Gotham

After having the Batcycle on standby, Batman landed on a rooftop and saw the gang at work for Black Mask's toys which they are loading the crates into their trucks. He narrowed his red eyes, having the lens zoomed in and saw the crates were weapons. Most likely to start a gang war with those kinds of guns and that's not going to happen, not in Gotham.

Batman jumped off the rooftop before having his wings pop and glide to down in good motion. He then activated his rocket boots, having his speed double and found his first target.

Down below, a thug loaded the next crat in but stopped as a shadow cover him. The shadow as the shape of a bat and brought his attention to look to see fearful coming towards him.

"It's him!" The thug shouted, getting the other's attention and started to turn scared of seeing the Bat himself.

Batman then brought his legs up and drop kicked the thug in the face, sending him flying into the boxes while the Bat land on the ground to see the group before him.

The first thug rushed at the Dark Knight with a punch to the face but was countered and back elbowed in the face. The thug backed away before being kicked in the face and knock out.

The next two thugs rushed behind Batman to double team him but were easy counter and slammed into the ground to later get a punch in the face to knock their lights out. The last thug grabbed a gun to shoot the freak but the gun was knocked out of his hands with a good aim Batarangs to the gun and hand.

Batman jumped the last thug before grabbing his arm to break in two and then punched his lights out.

"It's done. That's one shipment not hitting the streets," Batman said to his radio in his crow that allows him to talk with Bruce at the cave, but the strange thing is that no one is talking back.



Batman hummed, moving to pass that for now and will check back to the cave once he is done here. He grabbed the Explosive Gel from his utility belt and spay the crates to destroy the guns. He walked back before pushing the trigger, causing the crats to explode and destroyed the last of Black Mask's weapons from hitting the streets.

The Dark Knight then heard the sirens, meaning the police were coming and should leave. He pushed the button on his arm gauntlet, having the Batcycle coming to his location and fired a grappling hook to get into the motorcycle. He pulled himself up and entered the Batcycle to leave the area for the cops to pick the trash up.

Batman decided to head back to the cave and check on Bruce as he had a feeling that something was wrong if he didn't answer him. He usually does, or if something has come up like medication, but only one way to find the Batcave!

Small Time Skip

Wayne Manor, Batcave

The trip back home was quicker than Batman thought which was odd, but moving as he drives into the cave and parks his motorcycle. He saw the main computer was on, but no Bruce to be seen anywhere in the cave and hummed in thought before walking over to the table to take his suit off for the now.

Naruto had taken his costume off, getting into normal clothes and relax for the time being as he walks upstairs to the study. He saw Ace running to him with a bark and tail wagging, being happy to see the blonde and caused him to smile.

"Hey Ace," Naruto greeted as he keeps looking for the old man, but stopped as he saw Bruce sitting on a chair and nearby.

The blonde saw the elder Wayne taking some calm breaths and could guess that something happens while he was gone.

"You okay?" Naruto asked, handing Bruce a glass of water to drink up and relax a bit.

"I'll live," Bruce replied before drinking some sips of his water.

"I see, but something did happen when I was gone, right?" The blonde said, seeing a few things out of place and would point them out soon enough.

"How so?" The elder Wayne asked, testing the blonde's detective skills.

"You didn't answer my call, meaning you were busy and ran into something that came up in the manor to your attention. You are taking stead breaths to calm her heart rate and Ace is by your side. So what happened?"

Bruce smiled a little that the blonde had almost hit the nail on the head. Naruto was a tactician first then a detective second but is learning and building his detective skills up.

"Close but almost there. I got a warning from one of my cameras outside the manor that something was happening. Some Jokerz gang members catching a kid here and I helped him fought the gang but had a small problem with my heart, nothing I can't handle and got some medication. When I woke up, the kid had found the cave and I had Ace chase him out," Bruce explained before drinking more water while Ace lays down for some rest.

"We need to fix those locks. How did he found the cave?" Naruto asked.

"Noted, a little bat told him," The elder pointed out.


Talk about an odd timing. Naruto found the cave when a bat was in grandfather's clock and now it happens again. Again, wow, just wow. But who was the kid that came here and found out about the cave?

"Who was the kid?" Naruto asked, taking a set across from Bruce and relax for the evening as the case was done.

"A friend of yours from school, Terry Mcginnis," Bruce replied.

"Terry, huh. He must have run into trouble again and trouble comes around for him here," The blonde pointed out, guessing his friend most of had a fight with the Jokerz which the chase leads him to here.

"You don't say."

"Yeah. So, should we worry about Terry telling everyone about the cave?"

"I don't think so. From what you told me, Terry is a troubled kid but is okay around and I have a feeling you won't tell anyone of our secret."

"That's good to hear. I was worry that you will have me beat up my friend to keep his mouth shut."

"That might come but not likey."


The pair had stayed quiet for the night but can't help themself feel something dread was coming. Little do they know that something was bad had happened and great lost had come to Terry.

Time Skip

The next day something bad happened and great lost had happened to Terry indeed. Naruto had found out that his friend's dad and someone he somewhats knows at the company, Warren McGinnis had died. He was killed by a gang of Jokerz jumping him and seems like a robbing as the place was trashed, but nothing was stolen which seems odd and moving on.

Naruto was giving his respects and attended the funeral of Warren. He wanted to be at his friend and help him as he knows what it's like to lose the ones you care about. The blonde had lost a lot but he builds himself up and was grateful for Bruce on helping him. Now it was his trun to help a friend.

The blonde did his best to help his friend, but it was quite the whole day and didn't say a word which was respected and move on.

Naruto left the funeral after giving his respects and condolences for Wayne Manor for the day. He sighed as the drive back home was calm and short. During the drive, the blonde couldn't help himself in thinking if Warren's death was right or not. No, he knows that death is death, can't that, but its something.

Naruto was thinking if the Jokerz did kill Warren to get back at Terry for ruining their fun. It's 50/50, but he knows better and felt that something was up. Could it be that someone had killed Warren and made it look like it was the clowns that did it? It's possible and its time to take a look at it.

Once parking and changing his black former suit for some work out clothes, Naruto had to the study room and towards the grandfather clock. By having the pointer hand at 10 and set in place, the clock opens and allows the blonde to head into the cave.

"I had a feeling you will head down there," A voice said, being Bruce who walked down the stairs behind the blonde with Ace tagging along.

"Yeah," Naruto simply said as he trun the lights on.

"Mind telling me what you are doing?" The elder Wayne asked, wondering what's got Naruto down here. He knows that the blonde's friend's dad had died, but to be down there got his attention.

"I want to find out about the murder of Warren McGinnis," Naruto replied, taking the seat on the main computer and typed a few things, being street cameras around Warren's homestay.

"Smart move, but that's my chair and we were work on this case together," Bruce said, getting the blonde to smirk a little and out of his chair.

Bruce then typed a few more command keys for more answers and the pair got to work on the case.

Neo Gotham

Back in Gotham had Terry walking down the streets on where the Jokerz love to hang out for some jokes and laughs. Laughs, his ass and was looking for the clown that killed his father. A part of the young teen was grateful for his family and friends for helping him, but the other part wanted to take action into his own hands. The last thing he did was fought with his old man and felt a big jerk to he is fixing his mistakes by taking the murder down.

Terry's eyes landed on a clown that was hanging by a bar and found his target to start his search for the killer.

"Hey!" He called out.

"What?" The clown asked.

"You know of any clowns hanging out at homestay?" Terry asked, walking close to the clown.

"Get lost kid, go back to school, kiddo," The clown spoke, not wanting to waste his time on speaking a kid.

Terry didn't have that as he was forward and throw the first punch, getting the clown to lose a few teeth and mouthful of blood to which he spites out.

"You fucking kid!"

Another punch was throw but Terry dodged and got the arm to break it, getting the clown to scream in pain and brought the attenion of his friends to see him in danger.

The young man started to make a run of it as he was outnumbered and climbed on rails to be on the rooftops. The Jokerz found him, wanting payback and open the kid up for attacking their own.

Terry was lucky he wore a hood to cover his face, not wanting to the Jokerz to see his face and keep running. He stopped as he was conner but not as much and saw a rooftop across from him. The young teen needed to jump and here goes nothing.

After running back and ran forward for a kick start, Terry soon jumped off the rooftop and onto another which had a weak floor. He grunted as he rolled onto the floor and soon got up to see the clowns give up which smirked that he got away. He was about to walk away but the floor broke and the teen fall in.

Terry coughed in pain and get the dust out of his lungs as the building was very old and no one has been in for a long time now. He got up and heard that clowns leaving with a few bad jokers here and there. He sighed and was in the clear, but took a good look around and saw the discoveries he made.

The whole building was a rundown apartment but something stood out to Terry and made him walk to an old motorcycle bar by the way. He grabbed it and pulled, getting a few gears to spin in action and open up a secret passageway which showed a lot of toys for the young teen to see.

A lot of weapons, being old and new. Brown and black biker jackets, good style. A certain red helmet in a glass case stood out to the young teen as he walked forward and pick up the helmet to see himself through it. At that moment, a new vigilante was born through a tragedy and will show the man that murdered his father, pain. If the police can't find the killer, then he would in his way as the red vigilante himself...Red Hood.


Naruto's Harem (Not in order): Amy, Wonder Woman (Jessica Wayne), Huntress (Helena Wayne), Black Canary (Olivia Queen), Nightstar, Aquagirl, Spoiler (Melanie Walker), Catwoman (Vanessa Black), Nightwing (Dawn Grayson), Max Gibson, Chelsea Cunningham, The Dee-Dee's, Inque (Irene Clay), Black Cat (Blade), and Supergirl (Kara In-Ze).

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