Chapter 7: Discovered

Gotham City - Penthouse

"Gotham has the legend back, the Batman. Either the old one or a new one taking on the cape & cowl which my guess is the new one. Maybe a grandson or son following in the old bat's footstep or someone that has great admiration for Batman. My search of who is the new Batman is still in the works," Veronica said with a drink in her hand and spoke to record earphones, saving the information she has on about the Neo Dark Knight of Gotham. She wore a pink bra that hugged her breast and matching panties that hugged her ass, relaxing clothes in her words as she works.

Veronica was relaxing in her penthouse before her next big date with Wayne Enterprise's future CEO and one of Bruce Wayne's heirs, Naruto Uzumaki.

"Naruto," Veronica whispered to herself with a smile on her face as she finished her drink and kept on relaxing, waiting for her big night with Gotham's future and somewhat White Knight.

Veronica also was glad that her mother was watching over her son for the evening as she has her date and maybe introduce the blonde to her family. She felt very happy with Naruto and didn't want to ruin it, not in her life.

Veronica then noticed that the time of their date was coming up and should get a dress for their date. She went to her closest and decied to get a special dress for their next date, a dress that her mother offered to wear, and wow the blonde as she calls it which she agrees. She now wore a white dress that showed her figure and beauty.

Down below and waiting for his date, Naruto wore a black dress suit for his date with Veronica and would admit that he enjoyed his time with her, very much. He never felt like this before, strong happiness with a special someone. He didn't get that much as he was in a war and was forced on that more than his personal life. But in this world, he was, at last, happy and given a great life to enjoy.

Does Naruto miss his old home? Yeah, he does but has come to terms with it and knows that he is home here, in this world.

Naruto's attention was brought back when he saw his date and was amazed by her beauty.

"So what do you think?" Veronica asked.

"Y-Y-you look beautiful Veronica," Naruto managed to say.

Veronica giggled at the blonde's reaction and said, "Thank you, Naruto. Now ready for our date?"

"Yes, I am. Shall we my lady?" Naruto offered his arm which the redhead happy took and the pair went to the limbo for the drive to their date tonight.

Time Skip

Wayne Manor

Naruto made it back to Wayne Manor after dropping Veronica off at her place with a kiss to the cheek and blushed face. The blonde took off his nice suit and went into workout clothes to get a warmup before going on patrol this evening. He also got word that Bruce would be coming back soon so Naruto would be alone for a bit.

Before Naruto could work out, he felt someone behind him and knew who.

"Hey Helena," Naruto greeted.

"Hey whiskers, how was your date with Gotham's most famous reporter Miss Vale?" Helena asked teasingly Naruto.

Naruto just smiles at that.

"It was good and we both enjoy our time together."

"Sooooo, you didn't make your move?" The black-haired beauty asked being a little surprised.

"Well, I heard that Bruce had some lovers but never worked while some I'm happy it did. I want to have a little bit of a better life. If Veronica wants to be with me then I will take that to heart and if she does not, I will be happy with her choice," The blonde said truthfully.

Helena smiled at that and will admit that she keeps seeing a big light around Naruto more and more. She even would admit that she might have a hidden crush for the blonde as he was everything someone needs in their life. Calm, kind, caring, a little funny at times, and knows how to help others. And at night he was a lot of fun. Her mother would mention that her father had his moments of being a perfect man. She misses her and a bit of tear came out of her eyes.

Naruto noticed that and took a napkin handing it to Helena to clean her tears up.

"Thank you," Helena said as she cleans herself up.

"It's alright. It is ok to cry. Even the hard can feel" Naruto said as he held hands with Helena who blushed at his kind words and smile.

Helena's face brightens at this and a smile never left her face at the blonde's kindness to her. She can see the pain within his eyes, like her dad but different, and saw the difference in dealing with the pain.

Naruto then noticed how close he was to Helena, blushing a little, and was close to breaking it up but the black-haired beauty did not let him go and silently took them as they stare at each other. He would admit that he has a crush on Helena as she was amazing and incredibly fun to hang out with, both in and out of their suits. He is not sure if their relationship could cross that line and was not sure about entering a bigger relationship in more ways than one.

But both of their primal urges took over as they kissed each other.


The sexual tension between them was being unleashed. Their mouths doing everything they could to taste the other. Even their tongues were competing for dominance. As they kissed, their hands roamed around each other's bodies and they were starting to strip their clothes off.

Unfortunately, they could not go any further because of the loud bat alarm that was going off and the pair got themselves together before running to deal with the threat, being the Jokerz gang which Terry growled at when he saw them and Helena just rolled her eyes.

"Even with the Joker dead, there are still people that want to continue his fucking legacy," Helena said.

"The Joker made his impact here in Gotham for good and can't be removed and they will be people that want to follow his legacy," Bruce stated as he walked toward the computer.

"Also, there are over 9,453 active Jokerz gangs all over the world that are divided into approximately 200 separate groups," Naruto told Bruce.

Bruce grunted at this as the Clown Prince of Crime's fear spread throughout the world as he thought with the Joker dead then his legacy will die with him, but Naruto told him that monsters never die even if the monster is dead but the fear, they put into people will still live on and Bruce agreed with Naruto on that.

"So, where are they?" Helena asked.

"They are at the Gotham's Chinatown causing some havoc there," Bruce told them.

"Well let's get going and stop them," Naruto said.

Both Terry and Helena nodded their heads at Naruto as they got suited up and left the Bat Cave.

Gotham, Chinatown

Veronica was out doing a little shopping after her date with Naruto and everything was fine as she was thinking of something and that is the new CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Naruto Uzumaki, and the return of Batman. She put strong two and two together and Naruto Uzumaki was the new Batman, and this made her think that Bruce Wayne was Batman from the past, but decided to keep their identities a secret and be sure it's true. She got something for her little boy, but her little peace did not last long as the Jokerz Gang.

'So much for peace,' Veronica thought.

She decided to hide in the alley, so they will not find her and waited for the new Batman, Red Hood, and Huntress to make their arrival as the wait was not long as the Gotham's new heroes appeared before the Gang and started to fight each other as Veronica watched.

"Well, what we have here gang, a couple of copycats trying to be just like the older heroes," J-Boy said.

"Is that the best you have to say?" Batman questioned.

Huntress just shrugged her shoulders as the three heroes separated and went after different members of the Jokerz gang.

Batman took on two girls that were actual twins with the same hair color and eye color as their hair is orange as their eyes are green as they wore a white hat, red shirt, white short shorts that showed of their bubbly butts and red boots and fought with another man who was spliced into a hyena who they call Woof.

Huntress was dealing with a big man calling himself Top Hat Joker and two girls that call themselves Dottie and Tayko.

Red Hood was fighting their leader J-Man but when Batman was about to fight, he felt a huge Killer Intent and it was coming from Helena herself as he notices her glaring at Top Hat Joker with so much hate as he notices Top Hat Joker was sweating a lot.

You see when Huntress was about to face both Dottie and Tayko, Top Hat Joker was sneaking up behind her but trip on something and felled down as his right hand grabbed her ass, and when she felt that she glared at the man as there is only ONE man can touch her and it was Naruto.

"Did you just touch my ass?" Huntress demanded.

"Hey, it was an accident," He said as he looked at both Dottie and Tayko for help.

"Hey, you two help me."

Both villain girls looked at each other and smile at him.

"Nah." They both said.

"Besides you need this beating as this is your fifth beating again," Dottie said.

"And you need it," Tayko told him.

Huntress looked at the two and said, "Let me guess he did this before with you two and the twins."

"Yep," Dottie said.

"So, enjoy beating the crap out of him," Tayko told Huntress

The black-haired woman then gave Top Hat Joker an evil smile which made the man sweat a lot.

"Have mercy?" He begged.

"Sorry, all out of mercy," Huntress said.

Then she started to beat the living hell out of him as the man screamed in pain and when she was done Top Hat Joker, he was a bloody pub as one of his arms was bent in an angle that should not be bent and now, she was facing both Dottie and Tayko.

"So, do you both want to tango?" Huntress asked them.

"Sure, let's tango," Dottie said.

Both Dottie and Tayko charged Huntress and started their fight.

Red Hood was picking J-Man apart as Terry just found out that J-Man was not good at hand to hand. While Batman was fighting both the Dee Dee Sisters as he took care of Woof already as he used sleeping gas on him.

Batman was fighting the Dee Dee Sisters, but he notices that their Olympic-level skills, and they were experts at tumbling while their hand to hand combat is okay, but their teamwork was great. But what got Naruto's attention their fighting style was almost the same as Harley Quinn's fighting style but from what Bruce told him that she died falling into a carven while Batgirl tried to save her but fail years ago.

Batman blocks a kick from one of them while the other jumped over her sister and got behind Bat. She was about to use her taser on the bottom of her energy whip, but she heard a voice behind her.

"Hey Harley Quinn rip-off," a woman voice said.

The other sister looked behind her and saw Veronica who gives her a right cross against her face shocking both the Dark Knight and the other sister.

"Sis?!" Dee shouted.

This gave Batman an opening and kicked the other girl away before looking at Veronica.

"Thanks," Batman thanked.

"Your welcome Batman or should I say...Naruto Uzumaki." She said.

This surprises both Naruto and Bruce who were watching from the video feed from the mask. The retired Dark Knight knows that Naruto knows how to keep a secret and Veronica must of figure it out on her own as she is a reporter and the very FRIST reporter to identify the identity of Batman. This reminds him of how Vicki found out his secret, like mother like daughter.

"Naruto, bring her to the Batcave after this," Bruce orders him.

"Got it," Naruto said as he looked at Veronica.

"We'll talk about this at the Batcave."

Veronica just shrugged her shoulders and nodded her head in a yes as Batman went back into fighting the Dee Dee Sisters.

The fight only lasted only twenty minutes as they finally defeated the Jokerz Gang and tied them up and waited for the cops to arrive and took the gang away while Top Hat Joker went to the Hospital thanks to Huntress.

Batman took Veronica with him while Huntress and Red Hood followed him but they did not notices that someone was watching them, and the said person was female. The said woman was curvaceous as her outfit was a tight black suit with white accents as it showed off her breasts and ass and she wore black goggles as the gloves of her costume form retractable claws at the fingertips as her hair is silver white and violet eyes; this girl is Bobbi "Blade" Sommer aka Black Cat.

Blade got her outfit done and she tried it out tonight and she also watched the fight as she kept her eyes on Batman with lust as she cannot wait to get the new Dark Knight attention when she starts stealing.

"Oh~ I cannot wait to get your attention Batman~," Black Cat said to herself as she purred out Batman.



Naruto's Harem: Veronica Vale, Amy, Wonder Woman (Jessica Wayne), Huntress (Helena Wayne), Black Canary (Olivia Queen), Nightstar (Daughter of Starfire and Dick), Dawn Grayson/Nightwing (Daughter of Donna Troy/Wonder Girl Young Justice and Dick/both Starfire and Donna shared Dick/it is the 1st picture in Yahoo Images when you type in Batman female Nightwing), Super Woman (Kara In-Ze aka former Supergirl and will look like Power Girl with the same outfit that Power Girl wore), Power Woman/former Power Girl (but she will be a little bit more bustier), Mareena/Aquagirl, Spoiler (Melanie Walker/former member of the Royal Flush Gang after she had enough of her family), Catwoman (Vanessa Black), Max Gibson, The Dee-Dee's, Inque (Irene Clay), Black Cat (Blade Sommer), Stephanie Brown/Batgirl, Chelsea Cunningham, Tifa Cain/Black Bat (daughter of Cassandra Cain and she will look like Tifa Lockheart from FF7), Katherine Kane/Batwoman, Jessica Cruz or Jessy for short/Green Lantern, Angela Roth or Arella/Revan (Daughter of Rachel Roth and Damian Wayne/she dress like the Teen Titans 2003 version), Roxanne Todd Wilson/Neo-Ravager (daughter of Rose Wilson and Jason Todd), Lian Nguyen-Harper/Neo-Cheshire (Daughter of Will Harper and Jade Nguyen), Aerith Crook/Neo-Tigress ( adopted daughter of Artemis), Leena (daughter of Talia and will look like Talia from Son of Batman), Christina Alexandrova/Lady Flash, and Superwoman (Crisis on Two Earths)

Terry x Dana

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