Hey guys, I bring you another short story starring some of my favorite pups. This will be a darker short story but I want to bring awareness to mental health and other anxiety disorders.

*Warning* this series will touch on very serious subjects and themes, reader discression advised.

Disclaimer: I do not own Paw Patrol.

Chapter one: Chase

A German Shepherd laid awake in the dark, paralyzed by a combination of fear and dread. Silently he waited, Listening to the storm outside rage on, the wind and rain peppering his puphouse. He looked over at the clock on his dresser.


'The others must be asleep by now.'

Chase thought rolling over onto his back.

Back to waiting , sleep wasn't in the cards for him tonight. A quite night to himself was even further out of his grasp. He couldn't remeber the last time he had a decent nights sleep. Like a compulsion, he scanned himself for any sudden changes or warnings his body might send him before the cycle repeated. It always did.

Adrenaline spiked into Chase's heart, his eyes shot open and his breathing became constricted. His insides felt as though they were being ripped apart. He curled up into a ball holding onto officer bear for dear life.

He clasped his teeth together as pain shot through his back, sapping the police pup's strength. He let out pained whimpers, his breathing became labored as he desperatly held on, trying to ride it out, silently praying for the agony to stop.

While his body suffered through the pain, his head was fighting it's own battle. Thoughts raced through the poor pup's mind relentlessly. Thoughts he would never openly share with the other pups, he didnt even believe they were his own to begin with. They were more like whispers in his ear. Telling him it wasn't worth it, that it would be easier to give up, but he new better. That wasn't an option for him, Chase could never do that to the others, or Ryder. All the pup could do was keep fighting and believe that one day things would get better, that the pain would eventually subside and let him breath again.

The adrenaline stopped, the pain faded, the anxiety melted away.

'Mabey this time it's really over'

Chase thought summoning up any ounce of hope still within him. But the ordeal had left his body and mind exhausted. He had nothing left.

Chase took a deep breath, rolling onto his stomatch, starring blankley at his door.

Chase took a deep breath as a new feeling took hold of him, sorrow. And with his defenses down and his gas tank empty he was overpowered, soon in a furry ball of tears. When the tears finally stopped he was left with nothing. He got as comfortable as he could and laid down trying to sleep again.

Chase was about to pass out from exhaustion when he heard a knock at his door, it opened to reveal Ryder kneeling down in front of him. Chase was shocked but was overwhelmed with a surge of emotions.

Chase ran to his owner burying his face in Ryders chest as he bawled. Ryder softly pet Chase's head and held him in his arms.

"It will be ok Buddy."

"It hurts Ryder."

"I know Chase. Come on, Marshall might have something he can give you to help you sleep."

Chase has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.