Scene Stealer

I've done my share of mimicry,

Fooled unsuspecting company,

Pulled rabbits out of hats,

And won at poker

Every time.

Locked doors present no barrier,

And safes are not a mystery,

And pockets can be picked

So quick,

It really is a crime.


I've disappeared in seconds,

When pursuers have been after me,

I've conjured up an alibi;

My story...

Water tight.

And certain items vanish, reappearing

Where they should not be,

And vital codes go missing

In the middle

Of the night.



Despite my vast experience,

Achieving the impossible,

I've witnessed a performance

Which I truly can't


A stunning demonstration

Which has taken place in front of me.

An instant metamorphosis,

I try to match

In vain.


It's truly disconcerting

When a mate transforms so easily

From cheerful, rambling innocent,

To mad,

Gestapo chief.

Soft words become shrieked orders,

And mild manners change instinctively,

As startled and intimidated


Come to grief.


One moment he's a hesitant,

Good natured liability;

A source of mild annoyance,

Chatting gaily

At my side.

The next, an evolution,

So explosive in intensity,

That foe are rendered speechless,

As worst nightmares



The change in personality

Inhabits him so utterly,

That even those who know him

Often fail

To recognise

This sergeant from the barracks,

With an easygoing temperament;

A sudden revelation,

As he masters

This disguise.


Long years of harsh captivity,

Will take a toll, undoubtedly;

Relentless fear and tension,

And the endless,

Grim routine;

But one abiding image

Tends to cheer me up, unfailingly;

The faces of the enemy,

When Carter

Steals the scene.